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  1. Around 10°c and almost full battery. The wheel is 2 1/2 month old and I had zero problems but I noticed that it says once in a while 4/5 while charging and the charger indicates green light.
  2. The last 10 km was with the V8. On the xl I did 58,95 km from 8 to 2 LED.
  3. I faceplanted yesterday for the very first time. I'm size 12 shoes and around 180 lbs. Accelerated my V8 in the flat, at around 20 km/h it cutted out without any beep (or I didn't hear it). I think it was my fault, but I'm surprised how fast it can go. Didn't try to accelerate very fast. Luckily I had safetygear on me, so nothing happened.
  4. What do you do when you have a flat 20 miles from home?
  5. I don't use the kingsong app because it drains the battery very quick and it starts by itself, means when I don't notice my phone is dead. I started with 8/9 LED and came in with 2/9. I just got the "Your device is low battery, please charge it" warning 200 m infront of my house.
  6. I had no problems with the inmotion app, unlike the kingsong app I have to reinstall for use and then deinstall for not draining the battery. The whobbles go away once you feel confident. I had them in my first week and never again. Now I also have them with my kingsong 18 xl after mounting the bigger pedals. I dindn't had them with the small pedals but I'm sure they will go away. Watch out to not overlean your V8. Did it yesterday for the first time and didn't hear any beep. Luckily I wared safetygear and nothing happend, but could have gone bad.
  7. LOCATION: Germany, Laacher See DATE: 17.03.2019 TIME: 14:00 - 17:30 and 17:30 - 18:00 WEATHER: Cold, stormy partial wet DISTANCE TRAVELED: 58,95 km and around 10 km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: KS18 XL and Inmotion V8 WHO WAS WITH ME: "Wow, what is that?!" TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 18 XL around 200 km, V8 don't know BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: First 50 km were very nice, nothing happened (see below) WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Inability to drive through mud with 18 XL, continuous "Please decelerate" for the last 10 km, no bicycle paths, cars passing me (5 - 10 km/h) with 100 km/h and first faceplant with V8 RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: Try to not overlean, wear safetygear.
  8. Google lens can read and translate text from images.
  9. Mossi

    KS18L firmware

    I did nothing after firmware update but I don't know how the wheel should act because I only drove it once before the update and only up to 20 km/h. I think on flat terrain it drives very well. What me bothers is the inability to drive through mud but I guess this is due to the tire. What means inflatable bed? Not leveled?
  10. I come from an Inmotion V8 and I experience the same. For practice maneuvering I find it helpful to try slalom around some pollars. For me (180 lbs) it was not an issue. On the road the XL drives very well but offroad it's a bit of a nightmare. With the small pedals I can't go up steep hills and when I go down steep hills I can't break, indeed I speed up until it becomes flatter. Although the bigger wheel the offroad capability from the XL seems to be very limited. With the V8 I can go over all kinds of fields and meadows. With the XL it is really difficult to go the same path. On dry dirt road it's fine but mud is almost impossible. With V8 mud is no problem. I have not measured the pedal hight from the V8 but I never had problems with being stuck in the wood. With the XL I just can drive over the forest road (german: Waldweg, google can't translate). If I go across country I immediately hit something with the pedals or with the tip of my shoes (EU 47, US 12) and I crash, respectively the wheel. I always managed to jump off. Has anyone faced the same problems offroad?
  11. I would like to know if more people who got their wheels seized by german police got it back in the end because of my knowledge they are allowed to destroy it since it was used in an criminal offense (no joke). I try to avoid police but I know some day they will catch me and I'm pretty sure they won't let me go. Last monday it almost was so far, they tried to cut off my path. Luckily I went the other way and I could drive around.
  12. Mossi

    KS18L firmware

    I have installed 1.12 on my 18xl and it worked fine. No problems so far.
  13. Firmwareupdate fixed the problem.
  14. Yes I know how to set the sliders but I can't hit the confirm button. As I wrote I rode 20 km and I am using Android. I have this problem with 3.0.6 and 3.0.7. On the older app It says illegal equipment.
  15. I just got my new 18XL and took it for a test ride. Unlocking and calibrating lift sensor worked as it should but I am not able to change the speed limit. Tried it for the first time after 5 km, didn't work. I drove now 20 km with constant tiltback and "Please decelerate!" wich is pretty annoying. I use app version 3.0.7 on android. I can move the sliders but I can't confirm.
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