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  1. This is happening to my 18l as well. Has the above fix of disconnecting batteries worked for anyone? It would be good to know before opening up the wheel. Mine seems to do a lot of reconnecting beeps when I slow to a near stop, or stop after a few minutes of riding. It happened to me twice on my ride home today, (which is about a 10 min ride.)
  2. I just got an 18L and I knew it was going to beep... And I thought I could put up with it.. but its so annoying!!! I wish I had gone for a different brand. This thing beeps 9 times just for being turned on. And one beep would still be too many. SO, the sound that is the emergency warning that the wheel may be overpowered and about to send you to the hospital - is the same sound you get when you turn it on and connect to the app. Its like having your smoke alarm go off to tell you that the kettle is boiled. I turned it on at work today and someone though the security alarm had gone off. Its annoying. It disturbs people. It is just bad design! If I go into the supermarket and turn off the headlight BEEEEP! I really don't want to have to open up the wheel to disconnect the buzzer, but what other choice is there? I bought a Kingsong because I thought it would be a safe wheel and don't want to disable an important safety feature. Please tell us this will be fixed soon. Its really taken the joy out of my new purchase. I find myself yelling at it to SHUT UP, but that doesn't work either.
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