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  1. Nice, that’d be excellent. does he also make anything similar to a charge doctor? I’m in the uk and having trouble finding anywhere that either sells them or something similar. I’m jp for making it myself, just need to know what parts are needed.
  2. Have you got a part no for that voltmeter? Interested in doing something similar. thanks
  3. Has anyone got one maybe in pieces or willing to take the cover off? If you could take a few photos i should be able to suss out whats needed!
  4. Alternatively, if anyone knows what the parts are i could make it myself !! It looks very similar to power supply modules with data readout, just don't know the part no.s req....
  5. I live in uk. I've ordered a v5F, just waiting for it to arrive. I've been trying to find a charge doctor for it so i can look after the batteries properly, but cannot find one anywhere!! The guy that was making them has kinda disappeared as much as i can see but can't see if there is any other alternative other than timing how long i charge it for. Any help would be awesome.
  6. Found some charging info that might be useful? http://hobby16.neowp.fr/
  7. I work on building management systems so come across different types of control boards. Tbh they all seem to have about the same failure rate regardless if they're directly connected or have flexible fly lead connections. Main issues i have are normally down to a poor design or bad installation practice. Today i was replacing 2 valves with actuator control with had been working on an exposed roof for 11 years.They didn't have any reasonable IP rating as they were supposed to be used inside shielded from the elements. If that can work for 11 years i reckon how the board is joined is a matter of preference. I like flexible connections, the kind used similarly to connect a laptop screen with the base, as i feel they allow for any movement that hadn't been expected. Been following this for ages, properly interesting reading. Keep up the good work!!!! Pete
  8. Ordered V5F from Gearbest today , £387. Despite an amazing offer, a Z6, from @Planemo but funds couldn’t quite stretch. Thinking i’ll keep this one for a while and upgrade to a Z10 when people start upgrading to the next wheel that comes out! cheers
  9. I’m in the uk so would have to be working from home as the commute would be a killer! Would it be uk office hours or us office hours? thanks
  10. Bit cheeky but still, Would you consider £400? If you keep the alarm lock and the stand, could sell them separately maybe? i’ve been looking for a V5f but this would be a much better option for me if yhats ok with you?
  11. Thanks for that, i hadn’t seen that one. i’ve messaged to see if it can be clarified. There is another that appears in gumtree, thats the one i was going to purchase but missed out unfortunately.
  12. Been looking at various wheels, reviews, youtube clips, anything i can find and have decided the Inmotion V5F is probably best for me as i can’t afford the V8 even though its the better wheel by far, and it’ll have to be pre loved, just hope its not been so loved the sides are falling off! Had one lined up but it sold yesterday. What have you got? Budget is £400 max. Thanks
  13. I don’t understand? Would you/people normally buy whichever wheel and then a battery or would it normally come as a complete thing with everything you need to charge up and get going?
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