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  1. Unfortunately i need to sell my Black V5F. I love this wheel, its perfect for playing at the weekend or getting around Southampton for work. I have had to change jobs and need transport to the train station and back, also around London but with a backpack full of tools. I’ve tried and i just cannot balance safely with the additional weight, my kids can though!! Lol Need to sell or swop for an electric scooter. It has normal pedal scrapes and some side scratches but not loads. Comes with the padded cover which is as good as new tbh. At this point i’m open to offers,
  2. Sitting down but not quite? Like i’m gonna have a shit? Lmao!! Thanks! i’ll give it a try tomorrow...
  3. The hilarious part today where i was actually moving reasonably straight, thinking awesome!! Finally got it!! Then realised i had absolutely no control, was going way faster than before and was running out of park rapidly! Lmao
  4. How long did it take you guys to be able to balance long enough to actually ride anywhere reasonably? I’ve been trying and still cannot get it really. Today i managed to do a 40ft sprint to the ground, mainly because i completely lost any kind of control and couldn’t stop it from speeding up! Lol Feels a bit like i’m destined to do a solid 4 metres everywhere, gonna take an age to get to work this way! Hahahaha
  5. Just looked at ewheels, $40 postage to uk, makes it unrealistic to me.
  6. Thats pretty awesome. do you remember which module you used?
  7. Lol. Nice. unfortunately i am but a lowly contractor and am not allowed such fortunes.
  8. I work at Carnival Hq in Southampton, if you like i can see what i can find out.
  9. 100A shunt for charging is a "bit" excessive, there seems to be a 0.01-10A version (PZEM-003). Claims 1% measurement accuracy. If i was using an inmotion charger, they’re 84V. How much Amps would it need as a maximum? I work with bms control systems and all that stuff but i gotta be honest, a lot of what you are saying is outta space to me! Lol
  10. Been looking for a random chinese version that might work, and came up with this. Using a PZEM-017 with a 100A shunt - for monitoring the charge levels, amps drawn etc etc, with an esp8266 this can then be connected to a laptop via a small dongle. A two wire display can give a general readout from the pzem017 and the whole thing can be programmed using their own system, they already have a programming interface to use, i think it was modbus but i may be mistaken. Last bit to find is the cutout and should work! If you have a look at your photos and the rear of a pzem017 it does
  11. Could you send me a couple of photos of the internals of the cd? I havent got one to dismantle and, like yourself, i’m pretty sure its simple enough tbh. The chinese meters though, some are ruff as hell but some are actually quite nice!
  12. I’ve been looking into this for a bit, found a few maybe’s but mostly just really expensive off the shelf items. i did find this ⬇️ Which i thought quite interesting. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F232941753068
  13. Nice, that’d be excellent. does he also make anything similar to a charge doctor? I’m in the uk and having trouble finding anywhere that either sells them or something similar. I’m jp for making it myself, just need to know what parts are needed.
  14. Have you got a part no for that voltmeter? Interested in doing something similar. thanks
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