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  1. Last summer I did just over 100 miles on an 18L. It was a long day and included 4 charge stops. I now have a Monster 2400wh and have many 50+ mile days but haven’t broken the 100 mile mark on that wheel.
  2. Bri

    Monster mudguard?

    Speedy Feet put a MSX mudguard on and said it just covers the last light. I just ordered one and going to do the same.
  3. I would use the extended range with this heavy beast!
  4. Another pair of hands would have made it look too easy, but ya I should’ve done that.
  5. Well I got it done today. Guess it wasn’t to bad for my first time taking any wheel apart. Video link below https://youtu.be/lcSJrv2qwvM
  6. I dented my Monster V3 84volt 2400wh rim and was able to purchase a new rim minus the motor through Ewheels. I haven’t been able to find any advice on how to remove the motor to swap to the new rim. Any advice or links would be appreciated.
  7. No but also curious about Eucservice.com. I was checking out the site last week and noticed they sell a monster with the T6 double headlight and a modified MSP they call an MSS that’s supposed to go faster and provide more range. Wish they were in the US!
  8. I live in the Pacific Northwest. Yes our EUC’s are legal to ride in most places. Most cops don’t care and your more likely to get a thumbs up than anything else. I cringe a bit at some of the videos out there and riders disregarding basic traffic laws. This is what is going to get us banned. A cop that sees EUC riders run 100 red lights isn’t going to give a warning to the poor rider he/she finally stops. I’m enjoying these times now and hope I’m wrong and have many more years of legal riding on the roads and bike/walking paths! We have a lot invested in these machines please be courteous to others it will help our cause.
  9. Denny get ahold of Nytarzan on Instagram. I ordered these pads from him for my Monster V3. He’s out of New York. I’m still waiting for mine to ship so hopefully he’s honest but I haven’t met a dishonest person who’s part of this community.
  10. Aneta nice analogy, thanks.
  11. Meepmeepmayer thanks that’s what I was looking for. I currently have my warning set at 30 mph but have gone over a few times and definitely not trying to have a cut out. I always respect the beeps!
  12. I’m curious what others have for a top speed on their Monster V3 84volt? I’ve hit 32.7 mph (DarknessBot) as my top speed and wondering if I can push it some more.
  13. Yes my bluetooth has always worked, I only get a beep when I turn it on.
  14. I’ve never had the startup Gotway sound I just thought that was an update to the V3?
  15. I have about 800miles in my V3 and find myself sitting more than not. Now the only time I’m not seated is in unfamiliar terrain. It’s a great wheel!
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