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  1. Esper valid points! I’m new to EUC’s and if that’s the best way to connect than that’s what I might have to do, thanks.
  2. I checked out the Facebook group but didn’t join because I like to keep my Facebook private.
  3. I’m in Des Moines. Thinking of doing the 19mile Interurban/Green River Trail loop. I did part of the Green River section yesterday and it was fun but cold!
  4. Weather forecast for next weekend March 16, 17 in Seattle is looking promising! I just got my wheel KS18L and would be interested in riding with some like minded people’s. I’m open for locations if anyone wants to put something out there.
  5. I haven’t been able to recreate this issue which is good! Thanks Fat Unicyclist for the reply.
  6. I’ve had my wheel a couple of weeks now and today after about an hour on the GenV charger set at 3A my wheel started beeping about once every 5 seconds. I unplugged it and waited a few minutes then plugged it back in and it continued charging without any issues. Any ideas why it was beeping?