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  1. Aneta nice analogy, thanks.
  2. Meepmeepmayer thanks that’s what I was looking for. I currently have my warning set at 30 mph but have gone over a few times and definitely not trying to have a cut out. I always respect the beeps!
  3. I’m curious what others have for a top speed on their Monster V3 84volt? I’ve hit 32.7 mph (DarknessBot) as my top speed and wondering if I can push it some more.
  4. Yes my bluetooth has always worked, I only get a beep when I turn it on.
  5. I’ve never had the startup Gotway sound I just thought that was an update to the V3?
  6. I have about 800miles in my V3 and find myself sitting more than not. Now the only time I’m not seated is in unfamiliar terrain. It’s a great wheel!
  7. Interesting keep us posted. I had another experienced rider take a look at mine and he didn’t think mine was vibrating enough to cause worry.
  8. Nice thats why I will never buy another wheel from anyone else!
  9. Thanks Joe do you have the V3? What kind of range are you seeing?
  10. Seage, We are thinking alike. I’m thinking the Nikola 100volt 1845 would be a great wheel to complete my collection. But maybe if I’m patient the new cells will be in the Nikola and I will have a better reason to get that third wheel!
  11. I just got my new Monster V3 on Saturday and I already have 173 miles on it in three days. I came from a Kingsong 18L so I wanted something with more range. My first ride I only got 50 miles out of it and I was a little disappointed. Granted that ride was at 20 to 30 mph with hills and carving basically enjoying my new wheel. Fully geared I’m about 185lbs. I did a second range test today. This time I tried to keep my speed between 15 20mph to see what kind of range I could get. I had 70 miles before dropping below 20% battery. Stopped at 75.4 but could have squeezed out a few more and got at least 80 miles. Not bad on one charge but I will never go this slow again to get this kind of range! I’m very happy with my new purchase. The seat is back ordered and I can’t wait to try this wheel seated especially when on long rides! Compared to my Kingsong it’s so smooth and quiet. I still luv my 18L and think I’ll keep it for now to ride in the rain and shorter rides. Cheers!
  12. Thanks for the input. At least I bought my wheel from EWheels so I know if I have any problems it will be taken care of! I’m not ready to take the wheel apart at this point but will be paying close attention to any changes. And I’ll take a look at my profile. thanks, cheers!
  13. I hope not! I watched his video before I got my Monster so I’m probably just paranoid. Was hoping someone else with a Monster V3 would tell me minor vibration at idle is normal. Thanks
  14. I just received my new Monster V3 84 volt 2400Wh today and fully charged it. I went for my first ride and covered 50.5 miles. 15% battery on return and I was getting beeps for the last few miles. I weigh 180 fully geared up. Was hoping for a few more miles but still happy with how it performed. I’m coming from a Kingsong 18L and the Monster is so smooth and quiet compared to my Kingsong. The only issue and question I have is when I returned home I noticed the wheel was vibrating slightly at idle and making light noise. The only thing I noticed on my ride was a slight vibration when stopped other than that it was silky smooth. Is this normal? The other very minor issue I had was I pulled off the film covering the Gotway Monster sticker and pulled off a couple letters while doing so. I stuck them back on but I’m guessing all will come off shortly and I shouldn’t have removed the film covering.
  15. I second EUCARMY.com Duf recently started making kickstands and I ordered one. Its stable I’m a bit concerned how it will hold up in the event of a crash.
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