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  1. Hello! Can you help me with some info? In what countries from EU the EUC is legal and what are the rules for these? Thank you!
  2. Guys, look at the mainboard temperature when you start to ride, make a screenshot, and when the wheel start to dip/tilt forward look at mainboard temeprature and make a screenshot again. I bet that the problems begins at 110-113'F. Look here:
  3. What is the temperature of the motherboard when he do that?
  4. I'm sorry but can you explain what is/was you problem exactly with the 16X? You pedals dips forward? Thanks!
  5. @chrisjunlee, any news? How is the new controller?
  6. It is a closed KingSong group, you must to be a member. Seems like some users have this problem: @Garrie Lim have the same issue and he can explain better.
  7. How many users have this issue with firmware V1.07? https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingsong/permalink/2442921779117181/
  8. I saw that the problems appears @25 mph or more.
  9. Ok, understood. In fact you have a different problem... Did you applied the bluetooth fix, or recalibrate the wheel?
  10. Ok, very good, but seems like the most of the wheels from the "190815" batch have some problems... Ok, thanks! chrisjunlee: 190815 cyfur: 190815 jiajian77 : 190815 Updated.
  11. Until now we have chrisjunlee: 190815 onkeldanuel: 190815 jiajian77 : 190815 We still waiting for an answer from @photorph, @cyfur and @ArqFG
  12. That's why we debate here, to find the truth, to helping the euc community.
  13. @photorph, @cyfur, @ArqFG, like @stephen said, can you help us with manufacturing date of your wheels? Please!
  14. The response is not very clear... What APP? If the wheel will pedal dip forward or back (even with bluetooth fix applied) more that 2 degrees it has a defective gyroscope? In this case i think the motherboard must be replaced.
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