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  1. myewheel.com is legit seller for all brands on their website. They are very serious and they answer to all my questions. Before I bought from them I asked them a lot of questions about my 16X and they answered me without fail. Very kind. The guarantee offered by them is real and they do their best to solve any problem. I have a 16X from them, my friends from Romania also bought a few pieces of MSP, S18, 16X, V10F, V11, Tesla V2 etc and more. Next will be Sherman, EX...
  2. ElectriQ User

    Gotway RS

    I was expecting more with your skill: D
  3. So, is it true that with 2.02 the range is really lower than 1.07?
  4. Ugly case and outdated design. Seriously? Is that all Gotway can do? I'm afraid that if they don't keep up with the other competitors, they will leave the market.
  5. Thanks for the tips, guys! After i made a little analisys i'll go back to 16X. I'll buy a top wheel from Gotway (an MSuper version, i hope) when they add more improvements, like a better handle and a better lift switch; these are a must for me. The speakers are not so important. Every EUC producer must concentrate to performance, utility and ergonomics. More of EUC users use these vehicles for commuting to work and back home, and i my opinion these must have good front/back lights for night time, good ergonomics for the moments when you must drive the wheel by hand, go at shopping, elevators, inside of buildings etc, must be nimble giving you the posibility to avoid fast unpredictible situations. Of course, the 16X is not a perfect wheel, but at this point i think is better for what i need. Thanks again! Great comunity!
  6. @Seba, thanks for the answer and advice! I will consider your advice! I hope I'll get there someday
  7. I cannot get to Timisoara too soon and unfortunately the Gotway wheels are not very popular in our country, neither KingSong. I'll probably go back to 16X... That lift switch is essential to me and Gotway is struggling to implement it somehow...
  8. Maybe a stupid problem ... I recently sold KingSong 16X and I'm thinking of getting a new wheel and I'm tempted by the new MSP and I don't know if it's worth it. I do not know why but I feel I made a mistake that I sold 16X because I liked all its features, lights, speakers, handle with lift switch ... but I wanted something else ... At MSP I am attracted to the diameter of the wheel, the battery with 21700 cells (longer life than 18650?) strong pedals in strong mode, which is better than 16X (right?) but I think the handle is poorly placed and uncomfortable to use, aggressive pedal angle that can create discomfort . Unfortunately I have no where to test an MSX to give me an opinion; I understood that MSP and MSX are similar. I would like an advice from someone who has run 16X, MSX and especially MSP. Is it worth adding 500$ for MSP or going back to 16X? I mention that every day I drive about 25-30Km. Yeah, I know, maybe I made a stupid decision. Excuse my English. Thanks!
  9. Thank you guys! Thank you @Flyboy10! I have access now.
  10. Can you give access to that document? Please!
  11. I little help from me Thank you for your effort Seba!
  12. Hello! Can you help me with some info? In what countries from EU the EUC is legal and what are the rules for these? Thank you!
  13. Guys, look at the mainboard temperature when you start to ride, make a screenshot, and when the wheel start to dip/tilt forward look at mainboard temeprature and make a screenshot again. I bet that the problems begins at 110-113'F. Look here:
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