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  1. I looked to control board for Tesla, it has just one fan, it is safe? I saw that the previous version had two fans on the backside.
  2. @mrelwood, the leash is long enough to use my hands to maintain balance. I will use it until i will get enough confidence to ride without it. I don't want see my wheel down, not yet The inner tube seems to have a bent valve.
  3. @Heyzeus, thank for the advices. I already have the knees/elbows protectors, and full face helmet I know that the Tesla's shell it is a little bit fragile and the baby bumper foam is on the way. The Tesla will be wrapped like a mummy Thank you! @RayRay, indeed
  4. Hello electric users! n00b here! After i have watching many reviews and clips on youtube (especially thanks to @Jediah Matthew and @Marty Backe), i have decided to buy a new Gotway Tesla. Soon i will have the euc, and i want to know a few things: - i must to make some settings to work properly? - also i want to buy some spare tire and tubes, maybe better than stock tire, to avoid punctures/flat tire. So, i found this on aliexpress: CTS tire 16 x 2.125 and this one. Any recommendations? If you have any advices, tips and trick, please feel free to share with me. Sorry for my bad english Thank you!
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