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  1. I am 178 lbs and riding at 120/50 with 35psi in tire. So far so good and my knees are very thankful.
  2. Love InMotion, but not trying to add something this specific to my gear locker I use Darknessbot for iOS and it has Apple Watch app for all of these things, and I can control my music and gps tracking app, even send messages/talk to people from my apple watch. I am working with the Darknessbot team now to get v11 working. I think I might have been first DB v11 user and really miss being able to see my speed as I go along.
  3. Anyone know if they plan on doing anything about v1 bearings? I live in Seattle and ride in the rain 70% of the year. :|
  4. @Duf would beg to differ in your assessment. He has hand tightened his at first and still lost one. I almost lost one as well, it was barely hanging on when I got home from first ride. I now use a pair of channel-locks to tighten it and no more loose cap.
  5. I have first production model. Can confim the cap is alluminum, but does appear to screw onto the valve. Never thought about that.
  6. This ^ I am still getting used to the pedal hight when stopped as they are at highest without any weight so its a bigger hop to mount up, but riding is very nice now. I’ve tried to pedal scrape like I could my 16x and v8 but no go yet.
  7. Marty might have bricked his v11 with this update.
  8. For those waiting on the Darknessbot V11 update, it is going to be a couple of weeks before its in Beta, then two weeks after that before its live. Ilya mentions the BLE module is different in V11 than before so will take more work. If you go the Darknessbot thread you can find a link to get into the the Apple TestFlight betas.
  9. True true Which is also what led me to buy the iPad Pro to edit all the videos. Haha
  10. Here is the video I mentioned. I need to work on my entry level editing skills, but hopefully some enjoy this. Oh as you will see I forgot to close the charging port, looks like a little face. Maybe I should learn how to add a little funny animated face onto the video, ha. Edit: just changed video to 16:9 from what is was before
  11. Fwiw I've ridden mine all up and down hills in Seattle for 57 miles so far and no cut outs. Hopefully its a minor fix maybe a refresh of firmware. Right now I think the “custom ride” setting is the better for me. It feels more response off the line and I for sure feel the tilt back. As of right now I do feel the 16x is a better hillclimber. I feel i’m leaning more than I was before on the 16x when going up. I took a 360 video for part of todays ride on a pretty bumpy segment, hopefully turned out OK. I am going to edit and setup an account online tomorrow and share
  12. M4 0.7 They worked out really well, I think I had another post were I put some black duct tape on the ends to mimic the original ones. Jason at ewheels let me know they are sending out some stainless steel replacements and he would send them to me as soon as he got them.
  13. Anyone know what the difference in “drive modes” for the V11 in the Inmotion App is?
  14. I tried to get to them without this when I was stuck with stripped screws but it was very tight and wasn’t sure if I could even get the pump around the nozzle on top. Without stripped screws its easy-peasy to get to them, 4 small screws on each side.
  15. In the IM Telegram channel Liam suggested 50 psi and check it every couple of months. I also asked them about an updated manual with that info, he was going to check with the product team.
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