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  1. prasket

    GoPro Hero7 GPS issue?

    That was an interesting video and I agree with him. I am returning my gopro hero7 black to REI tonight. I just ordered this (https://store.yitechnology.com/collections/action-camera/products/yi-4k-plus-action-camera-with-waterproof-case) for mounting to my EUC, and then will pick up a Insta360 One X in a few weeks.
  2. The OneWheel group leader (Joon) recorded the ride last Saturday on his Insta360 One. He put the video up just last night.
  3. prasket

    GoPro Hero7 GPS issue?

    Thanks for the share @Esper The leader of the group ride I went on Saturday had one of the Insta360 One. First time I heard about them. Good to see others here like them. I should go look through the forums for 'insta360`
  4. prasket

    GoPro Hero7 GPS issue?

    I recently picked up a GoPro Hero7 Black to mount to my EUC and record as I am rolling around town. I have to say I am pretty disappointed in this camera, especially the GPS portion of it. I have seen quite a few great videos on YouTube with the overlay GPS speeds which is pretty neat. My unit even after getting a higher quality SD card (SanDisk Extreme MicroSDXC (UHS-I / V30) A2), re-flashing the firmware, and resetting unit only gets a GPS signal after about 4 minutes of recording. This is ALSO in split videos, ie taking 30 min of footage but GoPro breaks into 8-11 min chunks at 4GB each. So each split has the issue. Anyone else having issues like this? Are there better action cameras I should look at? This is my first one ever and all the marketing GoPro does I assumed it was a solid piece of technology. :sadpanda:
  5. prasket


    deleted wrong area could not see how to remove
  6. I had a great time today on the group ride. Thanks again @JSUN for sharing here. Also it was great meeting you in person as well as @Lucas Alexander Oliver and the others.
  7. prasket

    Automatic folding pedals during turn off

    Now this is a neat and interesting idea. Hmm servos connected to metal rods that can push/pull the pedals when the power is activated. In the mean time I ran across these and plan on printing some out this weekend to test. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3488324
  8. prasket

    How to deal with (and prevent) back ache

    Ive been riding for about 8 weeks now and the only pain I had was in my legs at first that went away after about a week of riding and the muscles getting use to the new thing they are doing. Its important for you to keep your back straight even when bending in your knees. Have you tried yoga before? Its low impact and can help strengthen and condition your body especially core which is heavily used in balancing. Also stretching daily can help. I stretch out every morning using the “daily stretch's” routine from Stretching by Bob Anderson https://stretching.com/
  9. I installed my V10 XL pedals today on my solowheel glide 3. I also had the issue of the pedal not staying up. After chatting with Jason at ewheels and @Jonesq I figured out I was not tightening the two side screws enough. I was worried about stripping them. Tightened them up and then the bottom screw would adjust the pedal drop tightness just like on og pedals. I also had the issue of not quite perfect 3d printed washers. I used an 8mm drill bit and gently made the center smoother so the rod would slide through and after that everything was a-ok with them. After getting these installed I went on my furthest ride today (7 miles, only a month or so in on euc's) , and the pedals were a very nice upgrade. Especially with my larger (11.5 US) shoes. @Kevin Graehl above asked for before and after pics, attached are some I took during the process. Orignal Pedals one of each new v10 XL pedals
  10. prasket

    Inmotion Giveaway Win V10 and V8

    Very nice! No Twitter presence?
  11. I wanted a light armored jacket to replace elbow pads etc and ended up with this. https://www.cyclegear.com/gear/bilt-blaze-2-jacket Ive been pretty happy with it so far and at the lower speeds I go < 15 I think it would provide good protection on elbow, shoulders, and even has a smaller back pad in it. Haven't gotten armored pants yet, nor know if I will. Especially as it heats up.
  12. prasket

    Bell Super 3R Helmet Upgrade

    Nice review and scenery! Thank you for sharing. Want to share this to help consumers. MIPS,while sounds awesome, isn't as proven of a technology as they would like you to believe. I found this out when I was investigating if I should get it in my smith optics cycling helmet. Here is more info if anyone wants some light reading. https://helmets.org/mips.htm https://nsmb.com/articles/mips-equipped-helmet-really-necessary/
  13. prasket

    State of the EUC industry?

    Not 100% but here in Seattle I went from rarely seeing any euc to now seeing one a day or so just around town in the past two years. I do live by one of the major bike paths so i’m sure that helps my odds Ive only been on one 5 weeks or so myself. I picked up a Solowheel Glide 3 based on I stopped someone in town and asked about it.
  14. prasket

    Bulk 3D Printing Services?

    Hi Jason! I am a 3d printing/maker hobbyist and know a bit about commercial services for bulk. What kind of information are you looking for? Feel free to pm if you would like about this.
  15. I bought this arm band and have it mounted on upper part of my forearm fits perfectly in a little space of my wrist guards as well. I can take a photo of it on if you want a visual. https://www.amazon.com/DDJOY-Breathable-Armband-Workout-Compatible/dp/B07FL4FZ84/ https://www.amazon.com/Flexmeter-Double-Sided-Wrist-Guards/dp/B07C2HW2SM The sensors still detect my heartbeat etc if you are looking for that as well