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  1. I have seen quite a few people post about pre-ordering the Ks16x from ewheels on here and youtube.
  2. In my experience bikers are assholes everywhere and think they are the only ones that get to have fun or ride anything. The ones in Seattle are some of the worst I have encountered in all the place I have lived in the US. Video was great, thanks for poster on that! I can't wait to see more coming out about the KS 16x. Does anyone know when the first batch is going to the factory?
  3. I have this about once a week it seems. Always starts up normally second try. I’m pretty sure its only after charging but ill take a note next time.
  4. Just start a new post under the Inmotion forums and ask your questions. https://forum.electricunicycle.org/forum/39-inmotion/
  5. Has nothing to do with what others see of my wheel but what I want to see on my wheel, and faux carbon fiber isn't it. Do not see how that is disregarding the behavior/feel/performance of a machine. From reading I can tell the KS16x is going to be a fine machine, just might not be the machine that gets me away from my V8. Yep at the end of the day I am sure someone else will enjoy many adventures on a faux carbon fiber KS16x if that does end up how they look in the end.
  6. Well I hope they come out with other options, I will probably not get a faux carbon-fiber EUC.
  7. From the photo's I have seen on Reddit and here it looks like KingSong went with the least voted option from us all here. `Carbon-fiber with dark gray side panels`
  8. I am thinking about upgrading my v8 to maybe a kingsong 16x. However I rode my buddies Nikola last weekend and its a beast. From what have read the ks16x is going to be the same size as Nikola. The only reason I want to upgrade is range. As I love my v8 and how nimble it is around town. So now I am wondering if I should just consider getting a 2nd battery for my v8 and swapping out when on long rides.
  9. I personally 3D printed this one from EUCGuy. One for home and one for work. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2860951
  10. There is a new version 2.0 of the InMotion app on the iOS store. The text in the update info is in Chinese so I have no idea what is says. A little hesitant to update it without knowing all the details. Anyone around happen to know what was being planned for the 2.0 application?
  11. Anyone know the latest on the KS16x? Like final color, I heard about a 2200w upgrade on a youtube video. The poster is probably on this forum as they had a screenshot of the forum and a post by @Jason McNeil. Maybe other info about final stats and if first batch are in production?
  12. Woah are you serious about this? Do you know if they will be monitoring users NOT in China as well since the company and data is probably still in China?
  13. There are actually a large number of people in Seattle that wear black or white masks like that. Nothing like in China but noticeable. @tata However I would recommend a full face helmet mostly for safety but also serves to cover your face. I personally wear a Fox Proframe I picked up at Evo over in Fremont. It’s surprising and scary the amount of EUC’rs I come across in Seattle without any head or other protection. Also @tata If you want to do some riding around Seattle with another euc’r shoot me a pm. I have been doing a evening ride after work almost every day since its been nice out. Couple of group rides on Saturdays as well.
  14. I have stretched out every morning for over a year using the "daily stretches" in the Stretching book by Bob Anderson. It has helped me in many ways, and once I started learning EUC I felt it helping with the new muscle movements that I was experiencing. https://stretching.com/30th-anniversary-stretching-book I also meditate after I stretch, but that's for a different thread.
  15. I got to try out another local riders KS18XL a couple of weeks ago. I felt the same getting back on my V8. I am looking at getting an KS16X later this summer if/when they are available.
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