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  1. Why would you need a country code for email? The bug is that the country code should not even be on the email form. If you are trying to capture the country of user it might be easier to ask for that and set the country code on phone if needed.
  2. I stuck to riding along chain-link fence until I got the hang of it. That was after trying on my own and then watching 10hrs of videos on EUC riding lol. 6months later I love this machine and I am going everywhere on my V8 and my next/bigger wheel (KS 16x) is being delivered today.
  3. I love my fox proframe, biggest win for me was how airy it is for summer months. I am thinking about getting something fully closed for winter months.
  4. Does anyone know if the Kingsong 16x is supported by the app yet?
  5. Figured out what it was, even though I was using email I still had to choose a phone country code. Maybe someone from KS will see this bug and report it. iOS app v1.3
  6. Has anyone been able to register on the KingSong app using email vs phone number? Horrible sign-up process to begin with but I am not getting the email code sent to me to finalize registration.
  7. Sounds like Jason @ ewheels is sending everyone locktight with their rapid chargers. I just updated original post adding that. EDIT: Can confirm Jason did send locktight, I just went and opened up my rapid charger I got yesterday.
  8. Just got a notice from FedEx mine will be here Thursday, I am so excited. I took off Friday to go on a nice long ride. EDIT: FedEx updated to Friday, hopefully early.
  9. I asked Jason and he said the ones that are shipping tomorrow (mine woohoo) are still batch one with only change being the latest firmware being flashed before shipping.
  10. 100% agree with this and we are in same boat with our iOS app at one of my gigs.
  11. I heard back from ewheels these are NOT second batches.
  12. I got a notice earlier that my order (2nd batch?) from ewheels has cleared customs and ships Monday. Email mentioned firmware should be ready in next few days. —— no changes in hardware but new ones will be flashed with new firmware.
  13. I just emailed Jason asking what changes if any are in this batch.
  14. Do you think that includes batch 2? I got an email about an hour ago that next batch for ewheels has cleared customs and ship Monday. I wonder how we can find out if those are batch 2 and/or have CYT tire?
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