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  1. I wanted to add an update to this. Turns out it was a bad controller for my neighbor. Jason sent him a new one and now he says its great. I also wanted to add that I feel like I am hitting 24 Mph (my tilt back speed) MUCH easier on 1.07 than any prior firmware (I've only had 1.05/1.06)
  2. All of these questions and more have been answered in the King Song forums section. I highly recommend checking out these threads.
  3. Jason @ ewheels has some new handles coming in, I am waiting on one as well. They had been delayed due to Chinese holiday.
  4. I just sent Jason @ ewheels a message asking he he knew anything about what @Micheal Shen was talking about on Facebook.
  5. Thanks for this! I have been using EUCGuys widest one for my 16x so far it and wasn't quite wide enough. Going to get to printing this bad boy later today.
  6. I just use my words and tell people when I am passing and on what side. More so than not I get a thank you, or a wave.
  7. I have also been riding my 16x rain or shine just north of BleepBloopBlop in Seattle.
  8. My apple watch w/Darknessbot also was showing 100% until I found out I needed to set the 84V setting in the app. Maybe that will help you diagnose. btw I found this out about 4 hours ago haha
  9. Agreed from speed to battery it is great having it on your wrist.
  10. Ahh I did not know I needed to do that. That did the trick thank you!
  11. I got notice today that mine for the 16x has shipped. Pretty dang excited as this faux carbon-fiber shell scratches much too easily.
  12. Woah where are you riding that you are worrying about cars at 60 Mph? For me it has the same DH certs as my Proframe and I rarely go over 25 or on busy streets. However if I did ride on the road more and longer distances I do think I would go for a motorbike vs dh helmet.
  13. hey @chrisjunlee I actually just decided on the TSG Pass myself and am going to head by Motion Boardshop tomorrow at lunch to buy it. Just called them and they have the last Large in stock currently on hold for me. They do have a couple of mediums they said. I tried doing the googles or wider glasses on my Fox Proframe but just wasnt cutting this morning haha.
  14. If you go back through this thread the V10f has had issues for some time. Hey @Ilya Shkolnik has there been any progress made to fix the battery % not showing correctly on KS16x? I know the official KS app is also broken but I have been told WheelLog works so :shrug:
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