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  1. Oh, really? That’s interesting. I’m going to test bouncing it, this very well could be the root cause on mine. Would you happen to have pics or be able to describe the location of the Hall effect sensor so I know what I’m looking for?
  2. My MP has seemed a little odd since first run, but nothing obvious- much more in line with your ‘did it happen or didn’t it?’ twitchiness. Nothing noticeable by someone who isn’t hyper sensitive. The overall performance and stability never changed, regardless of firmware. The sudden veering- and now constant spinning- came on suddenly unrelated to a software update. I get the distinct impression that whatever sensors are used for steering have been ‘gracefully’ degrading until a final failure point.
  3. That Gotway photo looks promising. I’m trying really hard not to buy a Pint.
  4. In my case the MP is now spinning to the right without provocation; it’s happening half the time I boot it up without even standing on it. It wasn’t doing that prior to the sudden veering. Could be coincidence, but I doubt it. Ninebot didn’t see anything unusual in the black box data, which is disconcerting. I’m suspecting a hardware malfunction of the steering mechanism.
  5. The first time I encountered this bug it was exactly as you described: a minimal undulation in the sidewalk that’s commonplace and should never cause an issue. The second time I had the bug was just a few meters later on a more gradual ‘bump’ (in quotes because it barely qualified as a bump). If those bumps I rode over are likely to cause issues then the MP simply can’t be ridden outdoors...but I know that’s not the case. The subsequent times I encountered the bug were on perfectly flat tiles AND immediately after powering up. Now, about 50% of the time the thing just spins clockwise upon boot-up I’ll upload a video once I export. —edited for spelling
  6. About 40. I let the unit sit for a few days and tried it again. Worked for a few meters then shot off to the right. Tire pressure is good, knee bar is tight and centered. I did the upside down calibration 4 times and as well as the software, sensor calibration. Now the unit spins to the right immediately after I turn it on, about half the time. It’s thrown me off twice, I was lucky not to get hurt. Ninebot customer service asked me to get a video and upload the black box data, which I did a couple of days ago. Supposedly the data is being reviewed by the engineering team now and I should hear back by the end of the week. -edited to specify “right”
  7. What is the MRN/Angel firmware and how does one get and install it? I sent a message to Swallbot (Alexy?) asking to purchase their mod but haven’t heard back. Also, I’m not so sure I actually want to speed the thing up now after this sudden swerving thing. I can’t imagine a sudden veer-off at 15mph. I was going a third that speed and almost landed in the ER. Both of my sudden veers (henceforth known as SV’s) happened on the same day within minutes of each other. I was on a sidewalk, cautiously moving forward and rolled up and over a “dip”- I wouldn’t really call it a bump, it was like an undulation in the sidewalk. The second SV was also on an undulation- a smaller one. There’s no way the Segway shouldn’t be able to handle those, they’re not acute and pretty natural sidewalk irregularities. After the second SV, the MiniPro was turning in clockwise (right side) circles even after I hopped off and was using the trolly handle to pull it straight on even ground. I emailed Ninebot and they were responsive but didn’t really seem to know the root cause. The service rep suggested that I go through a recalibration process that involves a few steps and actually flipping the unit upside down to do it. I haven’t heard of this before and am really hoping it works, I have a difficult time trusting this thing now and that may end up being a dealbreaker if it happens again. That would be a shame because I love this thing for navigating around San Francisco.
  8. This is a very timely thread. I bought a factory refurbished Mini-Pro (first mistake) last month. Much like you @Rider222, occasionally I’d detect something odd in the ride but figured it was just me. Also, my mini makes a very subtle whining noise when powered on- not sure if that’s normal or not? Anyway, I’ve put many miles on my mini using it for commuting to and from the train station. Just today, I was going slowly- maybe 5mph, thank God- down a declining sidewalk, when I rode over a very minor bump and the mini just shot off to the right. It was terrifying... I thought I must have accidentally hit the knee bar, so I got back on. A few meters later, exactly the same thing happened a second time. Then, once I was too scared to ride it and decided to “trolley” it, it did the same thing a third time. I have no idea what’s going on, but I can no longer trust it, which really sucks.
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