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  1. Thanks very much Flyboy for organizing it. That was my first group ride and it was a lot of fun. I had a recharge stop afterwards and a cold brew, then rode back home. If I was to make a suggestion for the next one it would be to stop halfway somewhere nice for a coffee. Just checked my app and it says I've done 180 miles now in the ten days since getting my V8 which feels pretty good. Big thanks to everyone on the ride!
  2. We're in LA occasionally so maybe I'll get to join in with a group ride at some point. Not sure she's going to want to get on an electric unicycle any time soon but I'm hoping she'll be up for scootering while I euc. I'll tell her you say hi.
  3. Hey there, I just got my V8 last week and have put over a hundred miles on it so I can give you my perspective. 1.Yes, the app is pretty bad but I find the connecting to be okay. It seems to lose connection quite frequently but it will connect enough for me to change settings on the road. 2. I found speed wobbles went away as I practiced more. When I have a good foot position and slightly bent knees and I'm relaxed and confident. I found when I first started that I'd have a day when it was great and then the next day I'd lose a bit of confidence and I'd wobble a bit again. So for me it was practice and confidence. I find cruising to be most comfortable at around 16-17mph (on a full battery) because it starts to tip back and any faster I feel like I'm fighting it a little.
  4. I should be buying a v8 sometime this week. Then I think it'll take me about a week before I'm ready to take part in a group ride. So does anyone like the idea of a group ride on Saturday March 16th?
  5. Hey there, I'm very interested in buying an electric unicycle but I'd love to try one out first. Anyone interested in meeting up and letting me have a go on theirs? I ride a regular unicycle so I can let you have a go on one of those if that idea appeals. Cheers.
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