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  1. mikemarz88

    Airless tires

    Agreed! I was searching for airless tire topics on this forum recently but only found people saying "Yeah that would be cool". I would imagine that the benefits of less frequent tire changes and zero risk of being stranded with a flat would outweigh the heavier tire and potentially less smooth ride. Plus there's just a cool factor associated with airless tires. Not sure if I like the idea of an airless tire with all the exposed holes like this: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/16inch-bike-airless-tire_60775150938.html?spm=a2700.7724857.normalList.16.17d6476du2fYIr - small rocks could get lodged in there and make for an uneven ride, but maybe something more along the lines of this: https://tannusamerica.com/collections/mountain/products/tannus-armour - basically a piece of rubber that sits between the tire and tube to protect against punctures. Would be great to hear what others think!
  2. mikemarz88

    1600WH GotWay ACM - $1000 OBO

    @Sean May That seems reasonable! Best of luck, but I hope to hear back soon!
  3. mikemarz88

    1600WH GotWay ACM - $1000 OBO

    Hey Sean, This looks like a great deal, what's your reason for selling? I bought a used V5F off eBay in early March and I'm already itching for a faster wheel with more range. Ideally, the next wheel I buy will be my last (for a while) and I don't need the best specs on the market, around 20mph and 30mi of range would do it for me. Would this be a good fit? I also don't want to spend too much on a brand new wheel that would quickly lose its value. As someone new to the EUC scene, I hope this offer isn't insulting - would you be able to let it go for $750? Thanks! Mike
  4. mikemarz88

    InMotion V5F/Glide 2 crack in handle

    Thanks Simone and Rywokast - that's good to know! I'll definitely hold on to this as a beater wheel, and I'm going to start looking around for a lightly used 16" Gotway, Kingsong or Inmotion.
  5. Hello! I bought my InMotion V5F used off eBay about a month ago as my first wheel. Since I started learning, I've only fallen hard off it a couple times, but have had to jump off a lot, sending it skidding and bouncing across the street, so it's definitely seen some abuse. I noticed these cracks in the handle about a week ago, and the casing seems a tiny bit looser on that side of the wheel; I've still been riding it, albeit more carefully. I could buy a new casing from ewheels or the inmotion website, but I don't think the part that cracked is part of the shell. Is this wheel still safe to ride? Or should I use this as an excuse to buy a better wheel? If can give me a good deal on a 16" wheel I'd love to hear about it... Thanks! Mike
  6. I don't have one, but have been keeping my eye out for deals on ebay, and this might be a good learner wheel for you, although it's a 14" inch tire: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kingsong-KS-14C-Electric-Unicycle/392268592876?hash=item5b5507b6ec:g:xzcAAOSwkmJclrNO&frcectupt=true If I hadn't bought a used Glide 2 a month ago I would have jumped on it. Good luck!
  7. mikemarz88

    Solowheel Glide 3 for sale

    Has this been sold?