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  1. Feeling better, was able to go out snowboarding yesterday and today, so not terrible haha
  2. To answer the hands question, they were out and ready, as seen in the video I just posted
  3. I advise the full face helmet. Ill be getting one now too. Just the top of the head is not enough in this scenario...
  4. It was 25°f outside, sunny, no moisture, flat level road without road blemishes. My weight is 168lbs, with my backpack make that 175 possibly
  5. Ya no problem. I was having a fairly normal day on it, rode it a few miles just before the accident, running errands around town. Dropped all groceries off and was headed into work next, still had 3 out of 5 battery bars left, so 60% or so. I was riding at about 12 or 13 miles an hour, a comfortable pace without the tilt back or warning lady yelling at me to slow down. Was about to start tilting back to slow down as I arrived at work, but it turned off and I felt it roll forward, I didn't have time to put my arms out, so they were by my waist, and the face and jacket hit the pavement really hard and slid for 15 or 20 ft I feel like. About 15 people ran out to the bike lane to help me collect my unicycle and my backpack, and clean up the blood, helped me inside my workplace to clean up a bit, and took me to the medical clinic to get looked at and stitched up. Quite a day. Still love the electric unicycle, just dont know if anyone else ever had it randomly turn off on them while riding.
  6. Riding my inmotion v5f to work today, it suddenly turned itself off and I ended up in a face slide, resulting in black eye, swollen and torn lips and nose, chin is getting stitches currently, arms are cut/road rashed, glasses destroyed( bent and scratched beyond repair), jacket got torn to shreds. Anuone else ever have this issue? I have been riding it for over 6 months no problems yet, this is its first malfunction.
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