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  1. Likewise, being very fan of my MCM5 800wh for its nervousness, I am interested in having the advantages and disadvantages of this tire modification
  2. Hello everyone, after a complete disassembly and reassembly, my Ninebot makes "grinding" noises. You can hear them in the video below, they appear when I apply front or rear pressure to the pedals. Do you have an idea to solve this problem? Thank you
  3. Hello everyone, after a complete disassembly and winding-up, my Ninebot’s handle is no longer resisting and cannot remain locked in the "high" position as you will see in the video below. Do you have an idea to solve this problem? Thank you:)
  4. F.B

    Msuper X vs. Tesla

    Sorry for my english autonomy =range
  5. F.B

    Msuper X vs. Tesla

    Thank you @Marty Backe Okay, I probably misspoke myself. I don’t like the Tesla so much I think it’s the least fun of my wheels. I know I don’t like high wheels and the Tesla like the 18XL is like that, their balance point is high. Moreover, I find the Tesla very comfortable but a bit «soft» even in hard mode, hence my question regarding the algorithm of the MsuperX. Any idea of the difference in real autonomy between the Tesla 1020 and the MsuperX 1600? Thank you very much
  6. F.B

    Msuper X vs. Tesla

    Hello to all I’m thinking about making room among my wheels so that I can perhaps acquire a wheel with greater autonomy. (I currently own Ninebot E+, KS-16S, Gotway Tesla, Ninebot Z10) Not being attracted to the KS18XL or the Monster (I don’t like "high" wheels) I might be interested in the MSX. Having a Tesla now, I would like to have a comparison with the Msuper X on two particular points; for those who really know the 2 models: - Autonomy: What do you think is the real gap between a Tesla 1020 and an MSX 1600 84V? - Algorithm: I find the Tesla very soft even in "hard" mode, with a "latency" time that makes it very comfortable but relatively "soft" to ride... is the Algo of the MSX different? Thank you so much !
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