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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Hope you are still enjoying your Tesla!
  2. Great photo! But what's all that white stuff? Makes me worry I have a dandruff problem. Great to meet and ride with you guys yesterday!
  3. Sorry we missed you. It was the Wednesday night the week of CES. It was posted on an EUC FB group and Vegas Onewheel FB Group. That's how I heard of it. There were lots of people from all over, visiting for CES.
  4. Vegas Group Ride hosted by EUCO.us. Had a blast, met some great people, tried some new wheels, saw some sights, and talked about night riding safety.
  5. I like the idea of a video SECTION. Easier to search. Easier for discussion on certain videos. We could expand the section to include video tips and tricks to help us all improve our videography and editing skills. Let's do it!
  6. I've been helping folks transition from Onewheels to EUCs. I made this video last month that you may find helpful although my buddy got a Nikola as his first wheel just a few weeks ago and is already looking to upgrade!
  7. A big fan tries some of my electric rideables!
  8. This advice isn't so much about what wheel to get. I already covered that in a YouTube video that was shared earlier. I want to share something that helped my son learn how to ride. My daughter picked up the EUC crazy fast... like in less than an hour. My son has dabbled around with my EUC and still struggles but he enjoys pushing around a shopping cart while riding on it. No matter what wheel you get, I think a shopping cart is a great way to get familiar with an EUC and to grow some confidence when learning how to ride.
  9. I like it! Looks like I have a project to add to my list!
  10. Thanks for sharing! If I were to revise this video, I would probably add a blurb on buying used. 3 of my 4 Onewheels were purchased used and it's a great way to save some money. But my EUCs were all purchased new so I don't have any experience with buying a used EUC. Does anyone know of a good resource on how to buy a used EUC?
  11. Yeah, I have to believe that this is not common at all as I could find nothing about it online. But, it does happen. Gotway Nikola. So far so good. Just been too busy to ride it much. My device still balanced, the wheel would have a hard time turning and it made a grinding noise. I was so surprised, I assumed something inside the motor had broken. I could have tried prying it out in the field, but the rock was wedged in there pretty good. Luckily nothing serious and no injuries.
  12. Lucky me ☺️ ... oh well. I had taken it on a lot of trails that week so I just assumed I had broken the motor or something. At least this was a quick and easy fix.
  13. Weird. You're right. It must have been edited out in the YouTube version. Here is the real clip, I think you can see the rock right before I roll over it at the 8 second mark.
  14. I know. So weird. If you slow the video down, you can see the rock coming before I go over it. What are the odds of that?
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