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  1. Yeah, I have to believe that this is not common at all as I could find nothing about it online. But, it does happen. Gotway Nikola. So far so good. Just been too busy to ride it much. My device still balanced, the wheel would have a hard time turning and it made a grinding noise. I was so surprised, I assumed something inside the motor had broken. I could have tried prying it out in the field, but the rock was wedged in there pretty good. Luckily nothing serious and no injuries.
  2. Lucky me ☺️ ... oh well. I had taken it on a lot of trails that week so I just assumed I had broken the motor or something. At least this was a quick and easy fix.
  3. Weird. You're right. It must have been edited out in the YouTube version. Here is the real clip, I think you can see the rock right before I roll over it at the 8 second mark.
  4. I know. So weird. If you slow the video down, you can see the rock coming before I go over it. What are the odds of that?
  5. I didn't see the rock at the time either. When I went home, I used a flashlight and could see the rock. The end of the video shows it.
  6. I was having a nice trail ride when my tire seized up. A rock got jammed up inside. How often does this happen and how do you prevent it? I can't seem to find much out there about this problem so I figure it's rare. Lugging that EUC through the forest was a pain. You can watch the rock get stuck here, skip to about 7:16:
  7. Can I tape hand warmers near the battery to keep them toasty?
  8. Sorry I'm late to this discussion. I've taught a lot of people to ride the OW and for some reason, most people get it pretty quickly, but there are a few that just can't get it... my wife included. I don't know what it is. I'm sure if she stuck to it and practiced, she would eventually get it but she quickly lost interest. For the others that had a hard time figuring it out, having me go through the steps and encourage them really helped. Did you have anyone personally show you how to ride and observe you as you ride? I'm sorry it didn't work out. For me, I enjoy my EUC and OW for different purposes. Just because they are both electric and have one self balancing wheel, the experiences are vastly different. I hope to have a video about that on my YT channel in the near future.
  9. Agreed. They can't live up to their name, Future Motion.
  10. I rode around on my EUC and Onewheel on the highest road in North America.
  11. For my YT videos I use the GoPro Hero 7. The results are pretty smooth and it's a durable camera. I've taken multiple falls with it, mostly from riding trails on my Onewheel. I've taken it underwater and it is still holding up. I've just had to replace the lens cover which got scratched on my latest ride on my EUC. It cost less than $20. I also like that I can vlog with my gopro. I got a mic attachment and it does a good job. It's small and discrete so even when I get stopped on for riding my device, i can keep it rolling and capture the whole thing including decent audio. I thought about a 360 camera but the extra time needed to process the footage was not worth it to me and it didn't seem as durable. The current 360 cams have pretty crappy mics too. I have no real world experience with them though, just what I've found during my research.
  12. There's always two sides to every story. I'd like to hear the other side in this case.
  13. Great review! Much appreciated. For me, the Onewheel is more fun in certain ways but also more dangerous. I had several pretty bad falls my first 200 miles on the Onewheel. With my EUC, 200 miles in and no significant injuries to date. The EUC is more practical and once you get the hang of it, the EUC feels more safe to me. The OW is great for going slow. The EUC is harder for me to go slow and I have yet to master idling or pendulum skills on my euc. @Flyboy10 can vouch for that. I rode with him on some crowded beach sidewalks and found it challenging. My son just had a pretty bad OW injury. Both of us ride very conservatively yet it still happened. Onewheels are dangerous. No doubt about it. I can't think of any other device that results in more injuries per mile. Can anyone else? With the Onewheel, it's not "if" you fall, it's "when" you fall...
  14. Great update to your previous review! I completely agree with this statement. The app on my King Song is trash. We have 3 Onewheels and our family has around 2000 miles experience. My son is the second most experienced on the OW in our family yet he had the worst fall to date the other day going at about 10-13 miles/hr on a smooth road. Onewheels are dangerous! I was riding my EUC through a mountain town today and the looks and comments I was getting from locals and tourists alike were not unlike the comments I get on my Onewheel. They were in awe. It's fun to pretend I'm a time traveler from the future!
  15. Stroh recently had a bad fall. He tore his ACL and meniscus and is having surgery soon. He will not be on his Onewheel for a while but he is rocking an electric bike these days. I'll miss his Onewheel videos but I look forward to seeing what he plans on doing in the future.
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