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  1. Philfree

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Nice maniability ...
  2. Philfree

    Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    @trya very nice video this little mten look fun and perhaps a little more difficult for one foot. After an adjustment period you will master all your tricks perfectly @Marty Backe for the 180° try to start the move with the head and the shoulders a example by Hirsute : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3J6hKXF0eoubElESnBMMUJ5OEU/view it's just a matter of practice Marty
  3. Philfree

    Has anybody Heard of this?

    Perhaps a new wheel coming in the next month : pulse glider . http://www.austinglider.com Exciting and Austin is a fantastic rider :
  4. Philfree

    Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    @trya very nice review we are waiting a little tricks video
  5. Philfree


    A very beautiful video from a young french rider, enjoy
  6. Philfree


    @Radislav very nice trick
  7. Philfree

    Anyone go from 16" to 14"?

    Hello @RooMiniPro After 3000km on my nb1 i now ride with an inmotion v5F+ . It's a pure pleasure: lighter, faster, more range and diabolic manoeuvrability. I was a little worried by a lack of comfort but i found the v5 a little bit more comfortable on irregular ground . Like @Paddylaz i though that the only downside between 16 and 14 is the offroad riding. I have also testing a nb S2 and i prefer the V5 for all aspect except the smoothness
  8. Philfree

    Revolution, finally !!

    @Vik's do you have any informations on this 1.4.3 firmware ?
  9. Philfree


    South of France is the place to ride ! It's now allowed to ride on highway... Fun family ride with my son Edit : only for two days ... it will be open soon to car traffic
  10. Philfree


    Be careful Marty playing with your wheel is very addictive ! You are ready for freestyle tricks with a little 14 inch like an inmotion v5f it will be more more fun ...
  11. Philfree


    @Ombre it's a pleasure to watch your video very nice place to ride.
  12. Philfree

    Revolution, finally !!

    hello Vik's . I try to help @smallexis he as the same problem for starting the http serveur on his PC. Is it possible to connect his phone to the http and dns server of my PC ?
  13. Philfree

    Revolution, finally !!

    @Vik's can you explain where this 1.4.1 version come from ? It's a custom from mrn76 ?
  14. Philfree

    Revolution, finally !!

    Thanks for the info you are a master. For a basic user like me it was easier to try another PC I can now play with a responsive wheel it's so cool https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-ZgZhSI8IqkVFhNM2tYeXVuc2M
  15. Philfree

    Revolution, finally !!

    For french speaking, I've working on a french traduction of @Vik's tutorial: https://forum.urban360.com/index.php?/topic/2609-ninebot-downgrade-possible-pour-les-roues/&page=2#comment-35296 Many thanks again it's a reborn for my wheel !