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  1. Hey all. My email from Jason says that the speed on my KS16X can be unlocked after 10km. I’ve ridden it 12km now and still not able to increase the speed limit? Advice?
  2. I’ve calibrated it exactly how it should be several times. More than several. Probably 30 times, and no difference.
  3. Hi all. I’m new to EUC’s. I own an INMOTION V8 and as of today I have 540 miles on it. My question is about pedal tilt while riding. Do your pedals always stay completely flat, or can you feel them slightly tiltling forward and backwards as you ride? My wheel especially tilts very noticeably forwards when I do big looping circles (like the size of a culdesac.) It feels like it’s putting me on my tippy toes as I turn, and then it flattens back out once I straighten up. Is this normal? And yes, I’ve calibrated the wheel multiple times. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. You’ll love the V8. I weigh 225 pounds and works fantastic with my weight. It’s so fun to ride! It too, is my first wheel. The only thing I wish I had was a little more speed. I have almost 500 miles on it now and I’m considering buying an upgrade, which was my original plan from day one. I told myself that I’ll start with the less expensive V8 to test the waters and if I loved the hobby I’d upgrade in the future and have an extra wheel to teach friends and stuff.
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