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  1. Mimolette

    Difference between battery packs

    A little update here: Opened the battery pack, checked the voltage, which is all over the place but no single one who stand out as dead I could replace all the 3.6v but it starts to get a bit expensive for no result guarantee. Then there are the 3.8v ...
  2. Mimolette

    Ninebot One S2 - Only one side charging?

    Thanks for sharing all your info @Knifa I am in the same operation (supposedly, dud pack, opened it) Just a small technical question: do you remember how you managed to measure the batteries that are not on the edges? The four accessible ones of my pack have different voltages, so I feel I should measure them all.. Thanks and sorry for the bother. Edit: never mind, I found, using the opposite side bridges For the general info in the thread: the case clips are where the bumps are, + one set on the sides.
  3. Mimolette

    Difference between battery packs

    Thanks @US69 , really a shame Ninebot isn't holding harder on to their quality image, the design, fit and finish is good
  4. Mimolette

    Difference between battery packs

    Conclusion, tested the packs separately, switches side, still the same behaving erratically. When reaching a sort of 100% the voltage difference might look like a cell. Thanks for all the help.
  5. Mimolette

    Difference between battery packs

    Thanks a lot for all the info @Chriull I went through @Knifa 's detailed posts. I ran the wheel till it din't want to go any further, and the awkward battery 2 lost power faster than battery 1.. Voltage didn't differ so much, but I suppose it still points toward bad cell :/ Charging fully once more in case of a miracle. Thanks for all. edit: charged now, B2 charges faster than B1, could indicate a black hole if the stated mAh is what went into the pack :/
  6. Mimolette

    Difference between battery packs

    @Chriull Thanks for the observations and comments, yes very strange reading. I doubt the cells can be that exotic so it must (hopefully) just be some calibration issues. Could be problematic is the two packs aren't handled the same though, resulting in actual imbalance. I thought at some point the official or darkness bot app displayed the cycles and cell levels, but no more it seems. I will try doing a few cycles down to low batt and re-charge. if that don't help there is a mysterious press button on the packs that might do some resetting. The opening the shell is so violent I hope to avoid that though.
  7. Mimolette

    Difference between battery packs

    I tried leaving it longer for the balance to get done, but now the displayed mAh is just totally crazy. The batteries are rated 2850mAh, both are over but especially Battery 2 is over 4200! I'm all for having super charged batteries but something must be wrong here Does it seem dangerous?
  8. I just got a "new" (refurb?) One S2 which displays a large difference between the battery packs. To try and align them I let it charge full +2h, then went riding a bit to drain it (not far, awful weather) "Full" is 2850 mAh. Battery 1 went down to 2355mAh (also doesn't show current or wattage edit: started showing some later) Battery 2 is displaying 2900mAh (did't check before leaving, but yesterday to was even more) Anyone with some insight? Anywhere to check battery cycles? Thanks for any input..
  9. Mimolette

    The D A Y has come !!! E+ arrived ;)

    Congratulations, good fun ahead. I've spent several hundred km laughing on my own, still happens :)
  10. I have an S2 and considering how much it's been smacked around I'd consider it rather solid. There are also fairly few repairs / disassembly online, either they sold very few or it just don't fail that much. I've read way more accounts of cut-offs by C/E series than A/S.. If anything other than possible imbalance between the battery packs I'm not sure what a typical S2 problem would be. Range for my 70Kg is about 25km. I also have a E+ so I can compare, the S2 has more torque due to the smaller wheel: 500w is a bit weak for a 16" IMO. It is the eldest version and will probably be fazed out sometime soon. All that being said, I'd recommend the V5F, it has the same overall handling / power / size as the S2, but has more handy features at a lower price. The wobbliness you felt probably came from high (or too low) pressure tire, hight pedals or not being used to 14" nimbleness. /rambling
  11. Mimolette

    In the news...

    So much wining about those things, the problem is idiot users and vandals, not the system in itself IMO. That's why we can't have nice things etc.
  12. Mimolette

    Extreme Long Distance Riding

    Thanks, it doesn't sound like much compared to everyones 100+km on large wheels, but it really felt the day after
  13. Mimolette

    Extreme Long Distance Riding

    I was quite worn out from 45km, my max, but that is 14" in Paris, so quite a bit of cobble stone and curbs. If anything "knee wear" might be the only thing pushing me toward a 16".
  14. Mimolette

    Motor noise after crash

    Hehe, mine skurs / vibrates a bit more when accelerating / doing effort (not the same as the even one when braking / downhill), maybe some common traits Edit: So I got a new S2, and it has the same slight occasional grinding.. maybe it's just the sound of cheap motor..
  15. Mimolette

    Motor noise after crash

    Thanks for the reply, yes from a few weeks of observation i’m afraid it comes from inside the motor. Are the coils so close to one of the two gaps that they could be scraping? Can a magnet go loose? That could explain that the vibration is intermittent when riding.. It would be interesting to check inside, but possibly more risk that what could be fixed. (If tiny bend for instance)