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  1. Kingsong apparently did a prototype, the KS-Power but strange enough it only appears in a single French video: (basically he find it too slow, though to as long as it keeps up with the ride it shouldn't matter)
  2. Those 2000 people seem to be focusing on the mini pro and kick scooters though :/ if the Z10 issues aren’t ironed out by now it’s by lack of will, smaller companies get theirs sorted in months.
  3. Thanks for the info all, he is a scaredy cat and won’t be doing any jumping good to know for the motor connector, i’ll Check it out in case we get it 👌🏻
  4. I’d vote for the 14s, smaller wheels are fun but on shorter distances. Compared to the mcm5 the 14s is lighter and has a better trolley. KS often go for range over speed compared to Gotway.
  5. The 16S has a good balance between range and weight IMO, covers any city back and forth while weighting less than most serious wheels. While I'd love the 18XL range and sleeker looks, in city use (90% of time) I lug it up and down stairs regularly, and +8Kg would have been a hassle. Anyhow, just to say I think you made a sensible choice. As for range @stephen might have had a smaller battery pack, on my 820Wh I have done 55km (35 miles) with a bit battery left. (75Kg clothed, close to 30km/h)
  6. I'm looking at an inexpensive MS3 that could be nice for my brother, however he weights about 90Kg (200pounds), would that be suitable or is the axis too thin? It was first purchased in 2016 so it probably doesn't have the thicker axis of the later versions.. Thanks for any insight!
  7. I accidentally shorted the charge port of my mini 4 pro, resulting in pop sound and burnt smell. Why they would have that powerful current right at the prongs is beyond me, I thought they used diodes to avoid that. The scooter still powers on and accelerated, how ever when connecting the charger this stays green. The prongs in the scooter part measure 47v. Is there anything I can do? I’m afraid the BMS is fried, and being integrated in the battery the later might have to be replaced (expensive...)
  8. Luckily no, first one I saw coming, sort of ran off, the second was slow and I made myself fall on the behind. Not much hurt :)
  9. I’m looking foreward to @houseofjob and @Darrell Wesh s acceleration videos, for now I still can’t grasp the concept or what it could bring me compared to my current style which is mostly like @mrelwood . Being 75kg geared and riding 16 and 14” wheels might be the reason I never felt like needing to push for acceleration. I’m open to new stuff anyhow, and maybe these techniques can be reversed for more controlled breaking (I wobble a bit) Anyhow, glad to learn, and thank le for sharing
  10. Also, the smaller outer diameter of the tyre will take more bumps (racing bike tyres are large and slim), as well as require more rotations / km (good for torque but I suppose once at cruising speed lower rpm is better)
  11. The v5f is now and then on promotion at 400€, at which is had a very good “bang for the bucks” ratio for beginners. Else the KS16S is a solid classic that can sometimes be found at 750€ second hand. Second hand Tesla or KS14S should also be in that range. There aren’t that many models yet, if you read around a bit you’ll get the picture and be able to sort out your priorities. If your not too heavy the v5f is a nice starter.
  12. Isn’t the range of the 18L fairly close to that of the 16S? That could be a lighter option if you might be carrying it up stairs. Otherwise the extended battery of the XL: if you know the type of ranges you’ll need maybe it isn’t necessary, but once you have good wheel the long road trip is a nice option. Anyhow, they are all great fun
  13. Thanks for the reply @Rotator , there are quite a few grades of ball bearings, SKF being upper tier indeed. Ill seriously consider changing those of my 16s when going past 5k km, might as well switch to better quality sooner than later. thanks again, useful for everyone’s reference.
  14. Very much agreed. I have a 16s for the range and smoothness. Speed sometimes but not legal. Good wheel. Might get a 18 in the future for road trips. But the 14 is more fun and pleasant, besides much easier to bring on the train to visit grandma. Range is enough to get across the city and some. Thanks for your input as well (I only have used 14 and 16” wheels but can extrapolate. Can’t remember whom, coming from a 10” mten3, felt the 18” as a freight train.
  15. Love my S2, nimble, reactive, gorgeous, light. It seems many 18” wheel people can’t understand that anyone would use a smaller size, as if huge pickups where the answer to all.
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