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  1. A gyroscope is a device to observe (scope) rotation (gyro): it is a sensor. Just like a telescope is a device to see far away. It traditionally uses flywheels but that doesn’t make it a flywheel. Modern gyroscopes are solid state and uses photons sent in a loop, the time they take indicate the rotation of the loop.
  2. Would be nice if the manufacturers would publish 3D files of the outer shapes, it would help DIY accessories a lot.
  3. For the sake of ecology, economy and personal fitness, just use a manual pump though..
  4. Thank you for your deal posting till now anyhow, while I never got to use them, they where good prices and handy to have here. Good luck with sorting out the issue!
  5. 🎼 The first cut is the deepest, baby I know 🎼 😄
  6. I have the E+ and it is nice for the price I got it, but it is old compared to the v5f. In so many details I won’t list it, but one important: it is a 500w motor on a 16” wheel, that is in the lower side of security. On a 14” like the v5f the same 500w has more torque, so it is not as wrong there. euc entry price probably stop a lot of people, but once you get the bug you understand the value. edit: important point about the E+: the battery wears on the covers, which can be dangerous and needs some modding. It also can get gravel inside the compartment which can pose a risk to the battery. The handle breaks. i like my E+ but in 2019 it needs to be quite cheap to be worth it. In France they generally go for 150-200€, got mine for 120€ cause broken handle.
  7. I drove around with my grandma in a wheelchair, was easy. Could even lower down on the side to chat at the same time.
  8. Mine too, tried a bit but without much motivation. She got a e-kickscooter to cruise around together though. still.. it’s a shame, the EUC is quite more stable and overall superior to the EKS.
  9. I get wobbles when braking hard, probably the lack of experience in that situation tensing up.
  10. I’d vote for a light folding bicycle, you can carry a lot and avoid flying around the weight of a EUC (8-25kg depending of beef and range)
  11. Congratulations, that’s quick! Done any classic unicycle before that? The challenge is in big part relaxing and letting the body and wheel do the balancing. Now that you can ride without holding on to sometimes it’s only getting easier EUCs are great fun, even after thousands of kilometer.
  12. No problem, glad if I could be of any help. Sounds terrible for your bones, good you kept the spirit up, will be fun getting back to riding
  13. I just did the calculation, the new number corresponds to removing the 25% MVA. (12000/5)x4 Thus you don’t pay Norwegian MVA, but if the Swedish customs do their job, you will pay 25% tax + handling fees. Thus the price will be close to the the normal rebate price (the 12K) + handling fees, which seem to be just 125 SEK. https://www.postnord.se/en/receiving/collecting-mail/from-another-country/changes-march-1
  14. It must be that they remove the Norwegian moms / vat for export, then it would depend of Swedish customs efficiency whether you’d have to add Swedish moms.. The seller probably can give an indication of how it works.
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