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  1. AFAIK you have to register to unlock speeds above 20km/h, could be that. Also, remember when the firmware is updated calibration is reset, so have it stand at the position you consider neutral.
  2. Congratulations for getting up and rolling quickly. Shows it’s not all that difficult. Wobblyness is user induced from being too tense: you over correct, which requires correcting the other way and end up in a loop. Same for skateboard and other. The KS18*L is seen as a rather nimble wheel for being a 18inch, which, is mostly a good thing. As a beginner however, that led to wobbly ness. Once you get more confident it should translate to dexterity. Some might prefer super stable cruisers, but IMO that removes some of the fun. Cool you get to try the various wheels.
  3. To put this in perspective, cars are responsible for about 5000 death every day worldwide. Also, 90+ year old can be injured by pretty much anything, including a running toddler. This is obviously sad for the injured and the rider, but it’s also typically the kind of incident that will be totally blown out of proportion because people like to work themselves up against new things. edit: Let’s take this as a reminder to be careful with pedestrians though.
  4. In addition to what have been mentioned, I’d suggest considering yoga (can be simply YouTube assisted). It covers core strength that should help with the back, flexibility and balance, all which are useful for EUC riding.
  5. My two EUC falls: - People on one side, public kick scooter lying down on the other. I thought the EUC pedal was high enough to go over the scooter handle, but no. I sort of just ran off the EUC. (helps being prepared for the fall) - Bike-lane suddenly just joins trafic, I keep too much away from the cars and pedal smacks the sidewalk edge. Had a second to fall half controlled backward.
  6. Nowadays wheel are fairly unlikely to cut off, and the other half is user error, agressive riding, pot hole.. Everything in life is a gamble against odds though, I've fallen twice from EUC without as much as a scratch, but tripped while walking and had pain for months. You might not fall ever though. There is no way to guarantee against a fall, but a good rule is to not ride faster than what you are ready to fall at. With protective gear adapted to the speed (people riding very fast use motorcycle gear) you should be fairly safe from major damage. Maybe we should have a Bibendum (Michelin guy) onsie costume for EUCing
  7. Very much agreed Kingsong should get their KiloMeters right, not only is adding in the pants ridiculous and amateurish, but for countries who have strick speed limits it handicaps your wheel 😑
  8. I find the feeling of EUC the closest I’ve had to flying, and after 1500km still make me laugh on my own. Done bike, unicycle, moped, e-kickscooter, rollerblades, ice skates, ski before that. To return to topic, here are my mini reviews: Ninebot S2, first wheel, super pleasant and fun, slick look, only lacks a trolley. 14” is a bit tiresome on uneven ground. (Love = high) Ninebot E+: got it very cheap, cool for the price but feeling a bit old and had less torque than the S2 (love = mid low) KS16S: love the range and torque, but wheel feels a bit chunky and old school due to the battery covers (feet on outer edge of pedal). Rides like a powerful E+. (Love = medium)
  9. Not a science guy here, but I’d bet any smartphone CPU could balance a wheel at any speed the motor might follow. AFAIK the calculations aren’t that complex. Anyone with hard facts?
  10. Just as side note on screws, if you change you might as well go for Torx rather than Allen/hex as is takes more torque before stripping. extra side note about screws: if you have a mini grinder you can cut the head so it works with a flat head screw driver.
  11. Heh, I’m already in Norway, how does that work?
  12. Very much agreed, people seem to think it’s a balancing act, it’s not much more than for a bike or kick scooter. And speaking of e-kick scooters, I find them to have a way flimsier balance than EUCs with their small wheels (turn the handlebar too quickly and you fly) and the rider COG not being naturally aligned with the vehicule.
  13. The mten3 is probably pretty cool but the small wheel might be uncomfortable in the ground is irregular. The other serious light wheel is AFAIK the IPS i5 at 7,5 kg. Else trolley helps a lot as mentioned previously, maybe a KS14D at about 12kg?
  14. The IPS I5 is slim and only 7,7Kg, though doesn't have a trolley. edit: the body is unibody aluminium and could allow a lock through the handle.
  15. I closed my PayPal account the day they pulled the carpet on ASMR, so I'm on all the boats since then.
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