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  1. Ok I cracked it open finally but doesn't really look like anything as far as the connectors is loose. they sure use a lot of hot glue or whatever that stuff is on all of the connectors. Its so frustrating, i wish I had more knowledge of these internals.
  2. I will definitely check that....as I have never cracked it open , can you give me a little bit of a hint as to what I should be looking for...btw thanks a lot for the fast reply. (and yes I think it was fully charged as well when I stored it ...yikes, what does that mean?)
  3. Would love it if anybody could give me a clue on some things to check on my rockwheel, I pressed power button and got nothing, so I figured I just need to charge it. When I plug in the charger, the indicator light on charger stays green. I unplugged the charger and pressed power button, and I have a fading beep sound and charge indicator drops to empty almost immediately. Any ideas, I left it on charger for 30 minutes, light remained green on charger the whole time and when unplugging and then pressing power...same thing. Battery seems to not have charged more than the beeping and light that immediately goes off. By the way, the battery was great before and still was holding full charge.
  4. Wow thanks Frankman, question for you, my original charger has an output at 2A, the one shown is at 1.5A will it still work?
  5. Anyone know where I could get a replacement 58.8v Charger for Rockwheel 16, also any other parts in general for the Rockwheel (in case I need to replace anything in the future.) Also one of the pins on the rockwheel where the adapter attaches seems to be shorter than the others.. Though it charges fine, have any of you encountered this and know of how to fix it? thanks a bunch!
  6. Also interested, but I am in Canada if you would ship it up North...thanks.
  7. Just saw the listing on ebay....would you ship up north to Canada? The listing doesn't specify if you would. Thanks.
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