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  1. Good thing I checked this page, 95% sure I can make it! Just have to decide whether to ride to Coburg from W Melb first ;)
  2. Count me in as a maybe. I'm impressed by some of these long rides! My max distance is probably from West Melb to Coburg and back, which I do most weekends. Also, I tracked down what I think is the current Victorian legal code that specifies road rules for vehicles and as near as I can tell, every rule makes reference to a specific number of wheels, or at least a range. And nothing makes reference to a vehicle with only one wheel. IANAL, but my hopes are up that there is enough of a loophole there to be useful to us.
  3. A couple months ago I was stopped by the cops while riding very sedately on an otherwise empty sidewalk on Smith St. in Fitzroy. They declined to give me a ticket but were emphatic that the only place in Victoria that it was possible to ride EUC legally was on private property. I did my best to read the actual legal code and it looks to me as if they weren't actually right, since the rules that might otherwise apply are defined in terms of the number of wheels on the vehicle, and nothing covers a vehicle with a single wheel. This is not advice to argue with cops on the street, but a lawyer mate of mine said he'd do some research....
  4. (Sorry just saw these replies!) I'm on a KS-16S. Mostly around the central suburbs, sometimes ride north as far as Coburg.
  5. Glad you like it! Where do you ride around town in Seattle? I'll give some of my pals a heads up.
  6. Here's the one I made for myself to buy: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/8911/jesus+take+the+wheel-A110931332 And here's a baseball shirt for @wheelr: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/8911/-A110931333 (If people want other variations, please let me know; they're easy to set up.) Note: Although I made shirts with this company in the past, it was a long time ago and I haven't verified their quality recently. I'll post more info as soon as my shirt comes from them.
  7. I haven't figured it out yet, but I will post a link here with info if it's not against the rules.
  8. About a month ago I was getting ready to take a ride and into my head pops the phrase "Jesus, take the wheel" and I broke down laughing. (My name is not Jesus BTW.) It was pretty clear that this phrase belonged on a T-shirt, along with an appropriate design, and so for your potential amusement I present the attached image.
  9. Anyone else around these parts? I haven't seen anyone... I'm just north of the CBD.
  10. This is like my driving technique for getting people to let me merge. Works especially well if they have a nice car.
  11. I suspect it will depend a lot on the student. I watched a crapton of tutorial videos and spent about a week indoors practicing mounting/dismounting and going short distances across rooms and down hallways. (Not to mention some practice trying to ride the acoustic unicycle before that.) Then I went outside and could basically ride right away (but only going straight). Because I kept the EUC practice at home for a while I could do 3-4 short sessions per day, which I feel let me integrate the new experience/data relatively quickly and with no real mishaps. If I had to go outside each time it would have taken me weeks to get the same number of sessions.
  12. Just to wrap things up, I'm happy to say that my wheel arrived a couple weeks ago and I'm very pleased so far!
  13. monocle

    Riding mode

    I'm a new rider, so perhaps this makes less sense to me than to more experienced folks, but would someone please help me understand the "riding mode" parameter on the King Song (in my case, 16s)? My guess is that this refers to the onset time of braking and acceleration relative to balance changes. Naively I'm having a hard time understanding why the "learner mode" would be good for anything since it seems to imply an excessive delay between when one changes position and the wheel's response. But maybe it's a personal thing? After about a week riding I just remembered that this parameter existed and have changed it from "learner" to "riding" but haven't given it a spin on that setting yet.
  14. Ordered from SkaterHQ. Thanks for the pointer Gaz Bon! (Alpha Beta looked like they only sold the smaller battery.)
  15. Thanks everybody, I really appreciate it! I've also written to King Song directly but no response yet.
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