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  1. Why not consider a used E+? You can learn to ride on it (tape well!), and if after that you prefere more miles/speed, just sell it again for almost the same price. On marktplaats, there are actually some offers around 400€ for visibly used (scratched, damaged) e+. Those sellers are dreaming, let them dream. But there is also this one for exemple: If an offer like this passes by, you have to be quick. I bought mine, as new, not one scratch, with only 48 kms on tweedehands.be (Belgian marktplaats) It was priced 250 € too, I got it for 225 €. Just reacted quickly and offered to pay cash and collect the same evening. The next day, I sold my learning wheel, an Inmotion v3 (bi-wheel) which I purchased new for 319 € on rollingbull.de a few weeks before, for 175 €. I should have bought it used, it wouldn't have cost me a penny.
  2. I cannot run more than a few 100 mtrs due to a "spiral fracture" 20 years ago. Ski accident at hi speed, right ski didn't go off, when I came to a stop my right foot pointed backwards ... I’ve started on a V3 duo wheel, did about 50 kms on it, enough to learn the basics. Actually learning on a Ninebot E+ indoor. I practice 10-15 minutes every day, my ankle hurts a bit but I'm used to that and just ignore it. After 10 kms on the E+, I can take off, ride, turn, brake, and stop, everything, just need to do kms now to get more confident before going out on the street. I can't imagine poles would have helped me. I started going back and forth between 2 x 2 trestles, then between 4 trestles and a wall, once this went well just left the trestle corridor and continued leaning against the long wall, keeping it to my weak right side. I think with poles, you'll worry about where to put those bloody sticks all the time.
  3. Don't worry, i've got the full monty, from top to toe, even ankle protection ...
  4. Hi all. First post. I signed up more than a month ago, but just been reading until now, it’s time to share my learning experience. I’d never bought a EUC if I hadn’t been looking for a compact last mile solution for my EV, to overcome the last kms between charging station and destination. A folding bike or E-step being to massif, it just seemed the most compact solution to keep in the trunk. So I purchased an Inmotion V3 end of januari because its 2 wheels seemed safer for my middle-aged body and promised easier learning, which came true: 20 minutes after unboxing I was able to drive the full length of our underground parking (45m) and to make large turns. I practiced indoor every day for 2 weeks, and thanks to the tutorials in this thread, learned myself to brake, turn short and hop on/off without support (and without falling one single time), before taking my first ride on the street. Big disappointment: the lateral sloping street made driving uneasy, any crack in the asphalt unbalanced the two wheels, and finally, after crossing a cobblestone area at low speed, wobbling like a drunken sailor, the V3 overpowered and I hit the street pretty hard. Following attempts (avoiding cobblestones) didn’t improve the situation. For uneven, sloping roads, which almost all Belgian roads are, the V3 just sucks. But in between time, my mindset towards driving a EUC had entirely changed: I adore to ride it! So I started looking around, bought a used Ninebot One E+ with only 48kms last week and started practicing again. At first, I had the impression I had to start all over, balancing on 1 wheel was totally different, but after only 10 minutes I managed to stay upright, wobbling and constantly correcting left/right with my hips, but feeling happy like a kid in a candy store! As the weather conditions are bad for the moment, I continue practicing indoor, finally able to mount using the “triangle” (impossible on the V3) and enjoying the so much easier turning on 1 wheel. Day after day my “muscle memory” improves, it’s pure fun! My conclusion this far: I don’t regret having started on the V3, balancing is so much easier. It allowed me to become familiar with driving a EUC in a safe, easy, relaxed way. But the learning process levels pretty soon, due to its limited capacities. I would recommend it for starters, nothing more. I’m enjoying the E+ immensely, and will keep it in my car as a LMS as I thought to do initially, but most of all drive it daily. And once I judge my riding skills high enough, in a few months/100 kms, it will be joined by a powerful fun-machine. Can’t wait!
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