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  1. How much are you looking to spend? I have a V8 with 2,000km for sale.
  2. Inmotion V8 - https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-sports-leisure/inmotion-v8-electric-unicycle-used/1371750697 KingSong 18XL - https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-sports-leisure/kingsong-18xl-electric-unicycle-used/1371749498 KingSong 16X - https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-sports-leisure/kingsong-16x-electric-unicycle-larger-pedals-bnib/1371751858
  3. I’ve got one in london - what are you prepared to pay? Condition is moderate, range around 200km
  4. It’s not under warranty. I ordered a new motor via aliexpress, now installed and all seems good. Having replaced so many parts on it, it cost me the same as a brand new wheel from aliexpress. Knowing they obliviously I would have just left it in the canal I dropped it into... it was my first wheel and I’m riding a ks18xl now, it’s quite an upgrade from the v8.
  5. It’s not the motor :-) fan shows as off in the app most of the time. Lucky you! Mine goes on when charging and it’s loud enough to disturb my sleep so I can’t charge it in the same room as me unless I’m playing music.. i find it pretty annoying.
  6. Hey all, been reading the forum for some time. Having come from a v8 and v10f, I went for 18xl for range. My v10fs had issues - I’ve had a few of them, so I decided to sell them in the end. They have close to zero water resistance. My ks18xl has a fan that’s almost always on, even when it’s on charge. Is this normal? There’s also a bit of a rumble coming from the same fan at times and it goes away after I shake or turn the wheel. It sound like a cable has come off loose and it hitting against the fan.. Else I’m not sure what it could be. Is it worth me having a look or shall I just leave it? What fan do they use, is it user replaceable? The wheel has done around 1,000 miles / 1,600km, not been dropped at speed. Had a case on it too.
  7. Hey John, I need a new motor, my V8 is exhibiting the same symptoms as yours was... I wonder if I can use your second motor at all somehow... frankenwheeling it perhaps? I’m in london...
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