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  1. I suppose I'm a bit luckier than you are because my Z works in one battery, I can use it at 27km with no problem. The bad thing is that the battery discharges faster because needs to keep up with the demand.
  2. Hi, That's the only thing I did not try because no one been helpful enough to let me try a different battery. With the rest don't spend your money, I already did that. I'm more than 95% sure the problem is in the battery BMS. If you sort out this, please let us know. As for buying a new battery makes no sense.
  3. Find me on skype( cryss_010@yahoo.com) & I can explain you better.
  4. I don't want to destroy all yours hopes, I had the same issue & I found no answer for it. I've already replaced the control board and the mos. + the cells for that particular battery. The issue is still there. I presume is a bms failure...

    Z 10 Battery

    Are Lg indeed but I heard are a bit crapy & wanted to change them all with the one I mentioned. Is that fine?

    Z 10 Battery

    Hi all, Anyone here who has an idea about how many cells a Z 10 battery has? I was lucky enough to receive a z10 with a faulty battery & I want to rebuild that with new cells. I have been looking to get Sanio NCR18650GA 3.6v nominal voltage 3500mah 10A max current rating of discharge
  7. I have almost 200k but I cannot sell it until Thursday because I'm not in the country. The wheel has minor scratches on the body and the flaps.
  8. To change the motherboard is not complicated, the tricky part is to activate the new board with the unit. Basically, the seller needs to send you an authorised account where you can change the new serial no your motherboard have with the original serial number printed on the flap. The operation is not complicated but they need to provide you with a unique activation code you have to use via that authorised account.
  9. 1050£ for a used one but has minor scratches on the body & obviously on the pedals.
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