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  1. Olav

    Blown mosfet?

    FYI, its a Tesla Actually it wasn't that easy to get the board out. Probably have to completely disconnect both batteries, remove one of them, and pull the wires to the other one through past the board. I'll see when I get around to it To change the two boards is fairly easy I think, but have to remove the fan.
  2. Olav

    Blown mosfet?

    The new board arrived Friday, but as I didn't have time, it wasn't fitted untill tonight. @Smoother was correct, something didn't work on the new board... Couldn't connect to it with my mobile, and if I recall correctly there was a BT-board on it, but I'm not sure. Don't really connect much to it anyway, but if I get some time later in the week, or next week, I'll look into it. Can probably take the BT-board from the old board if I need to. Other than that it seems to work as it should I'll take it to work tomorrow, and we'll see if it work as it should over some distance. Will also be using the new helmet, which I also got on Friday, the Bell Super 3R Happy riding folks!
  3. I would suggest a wheel with approx. 1600 wh battery. They should give you your range (depending on weight and riding style). The ones out there now (that I can think of at the moment) is Msuper X, KS 18XL, and shortly the Nikola. Size of these are 19", 18" and 17". The Nikola I think is supposed to "replace" the Tesla. If you are able to wait, then there is rumored a bigger battery for the KS16 (the KS16X its nicknamed currently, I think), which, by name at least, will be a 16" wheel. I'm riding a Tesla, and have had no issues, except that I just blew a mosfet, and I'm very pleased with it. I'm currently waiting on a new control board, which, according to @Smoother, is supposed have a bad gyro.. (a joke ).
  4. Olav

    Blown mosfet?

    Ok, new board is ordered, hopefully Ian will have it here on Friday (fingers crossed), but could be Monday We'll see Don't say that... Luckily I have an Bell Super 3R on the way, so hopefully my teeth and jaw will be safer when I start riding again Hmmm.... did anyone mention kneepads? (Goes away to look for some)
  5. Olav

    Blown mosfet?

    Well... Have ridden it in quite high headwinds (like 10+ m/s / 22+ mph), and had to crouch to stay on the wheel
  6. Olav

    Blown mosfet?

    Thinking back I do find it a bit strange that it happened at that time, as I had ridden up and down quite steep hills 10 minutes before without any issues. Do you guys think that riding those hills that long before could have had anything to do with it? What I'm also thinking is it could be an overlean, due to hitting that soft patch, and the wheel trying to catch up but blowing a mosfet doing it. Regarding new board, the seller I bought the wheel from got back to me telling me that they will have their technician take a look, and then get back to me. Ian has also said that they have. So hopefully I'll be riding again soon, depending upon how fast I can get a board. I'll probably get it from the norwegian seller if they have it (as I don't have to deal with customs and VAT as I will if I buy it from Ian), but if no reply by midday tomorrow, or so, I'll order from Ian. Sidenote: While riding those hills I obviously thought of @Marty Backe and his mountain stress tests Well, maybe not bigger, as in taller, but probably wider
  7. Olav

    Blown mosfet?

    I think this might be it
  8. Olav

    Blown mosfet?

    I try to use a system the receiver will understand naturally, so for you its stone, for someone in europe its kg, and for someone in the US its lbs I use kg myself, as does most/all norwegians, and I've never lived in the UK (just visited a few times). Some of it is muscle I'm a bit lazy (its one of the reasons why I'm 16+ stone / 101+ kg / 224+ lbs / 508023+ carat ) and just want to get out on the wheel again, so I'll get a new board first. Then possible go for a claim.
  9. Olav

    Blown mosfet?

    I think my wheel is evil, and all it wants to do is to make me look bad Wasn't very fast no, but I suppose it surprised me, and down I went. If it had been on one of the steep hills I rode 10-20 min before, I would probably be running of it. The noise was ice yes. And I went down on a soft patch, as can be seen when turning back to the wheel after getting up. The wheel is 4 months old, bought it in october. The company I bought it from isn't known for its good customer service, and I just want to get out riding again, so I'm just getting a new board. Warranty will probably take some time, so I'm not bothered to deal with that now. Could also be said I rode it in weather its not supposed to be ridden in (bo*****s, I know), so its ridden in a way its not meant to. Being 16+ stone doesn't help
  10. Olav

    Blown mosfet?

    Hi guys Went out riding today, and approx. half way through my Tesla threw me off. I think its a blown mosfet, but I'm not 100% sure. 'Luckily' I had my GoPro with me, and filmed at the time, so you can judge for yourselves. Had to get a taxi home (48GBP/62USD)... The wheel didn't turn freely, but after taking it to work and disconnecting the motor from the board, it does. So I'm assuming board failure. You guys agree? Hopefully Speedyfeet has a board in stock, and I'll order a new one (doubt the seller, who I bought the wheel from, here in Norway has one, but I'll ask anyway). This thread helped me, so thanks to @Nate Bryan and those who replied to it:
  11. Haha, brilliant! Hope you find a charger quickly. And happy birthday!
  12. LOCATION: SW Norway DATE: Feb 5th TIME: 7:30 am and 15:20 pm WEATHER: Cloudy, but no rain while riding. 2°C and 5°C respectively DISTANCE TRAVELED: Almost 17km roundtrip (different way home than usual) WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Tesla WHO WAS WITH ME: Still only Mr. N. O. Body, maybe next time I'll ride along with his wife TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: Just a few km from reaching 1000km (995km) BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Riding the wheel WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: Stopped at the petrol station on my way home to fill up (with air... ). Went from low 20s (knew it was low, but not that low) to mid 40s, hoo-lee-cr... (you know the rest) what a difference! Knew it would be, but still RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: Dress for the season, better to be a bit too warm, than too cold
  13. @Smoother Thanks Can't take credit for the use though, picked it up from another forum Started riding the Tesla mid oct, started with a X8 (which couldn't get me to work ). I like this thread, and think more people should use it, as it appears to be a too much focus on fast riding and injuries (IMHO)
  14. LOCATION: SW Norway DATE: Jan 31st TIME: 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. WEATHER: Cold, bit windy, about 1°C, dry, few paches of ice DISTANCE TRAVELED: 15 km round trip to/from work WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Tesla WHO WAS WITH ME: Mr. N. O. Body TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: Nearly 1000 km (964 km according to Garmin) BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: The enjoyment of riding it (as haven't been that good weather to do so in a while) WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: The wind, on my way home, coming from front and side RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: Use your wheel when you can, but stay off the ice