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  1. What kind of extra range du you think you could get in Riding mode vs Experient mode? Are we talking 1-2% or 5-6%?
  2. @winterwheel perhaps you could way in with your experience. I think that the "enemy" isn't as much the snow, but the ice. In your part of Norway (if I recall correctly from the video you made) I think you don't get as much icing as we get here in the south-west. And the temperature usually stay below freezing when it starts getting cold (though not sure how the lake affect this). When we had cold weather, last winter, I tried to stay off the snow and ice, but when I did ride on it I was riding carefully usually riding slower than 15 kph and tried to minimize tight turns (riding the Tesla at that time).
  3. They've put too many 16X's on board for it to be able to go to LA non-stop
  4. I'm a bit surprised noones replied to this yet Sounds like the tyre isn't properly seated. Many seem to have had this issue. Is it continually noise or intermittent? If intermittent: One way of checking this would be to rotate the wheel by hand and see if you can see it wobble. If continual noise: One way would be to se if the tyre is closer to the right hand side than the left hand side. Solution, if this is the case, is to deflate it (almost to zero), work the tyre in the direction required (in this case towards the left hand side), increase the pressure a littlebit and work the tyre some more, and then fill it up to normal pressure and see if it still do this.
  5. Wouldn't this be kind of moot point if you'll be getting a bodyguard from @The Fat Unicyclist? As you'll not see the carbonfiber finish, or any body finish. Now, if we could just get him to do metallic finish
  6. Pressure is very individual, some like it hard and some like if soft. I would suggest start at 35-40 psi (2,4-2,75 bar) and see if you like it there, if not lower or increase the pressure.
  7. According to e-wheels.no its an upgraded motor (1500W nominal, 3500w max). If thats fact or not I have no idea. Perhaps @US69 can weigh in on the matter? Doesn't say anything about a cut-off switch though. And haven't heard anything about a wider tyre before now. Have you actually tried calling them? Last time I checked I couldn't find a phonenumber to call. What number have you tried if so? (Would like to know in case I should need to)
  8. Not really sure if this answers anyting, but found the following on the norwegian customs webpage: Sweden, Denmark and Finland Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have entered into an agreement that you must always pay VAT to one of the countries. This entails that you are not entitled to a reimbursement of VAT from these countries if you import goods for less than the value limit without paying duties or taxes to Norway. So if you pay VAT here in Norway then you don't have to in Sweden, or vice versa.
  9. For the use you mention I'd go with the MCM5, smaller and easier to "hide away" when not in use. But many of us finds that we want to do more when we're comfortable riding the wheel, so you might just want to expand your reach and where you ride eventually. But I'm not sure which would be easier to learn on though.
  10. Ok, thanks for the correction
  11. Don't think EUCs are legal in Barcelona, but I believe @travsformation can clarify. Doubtful theres anyone renting out EUCs as the market is small.
  12. What kind of range are you looking for? Terrain? E.g. if you ride will be 5 miles each way, and smooth surface except for the cliff trail bit, then an mTen3 might do. And the mTen3 is small enough to easily fit in a backpack. But if its rough trail and 20 miles+ each way, than I would recommend an 18" wheel, though they're more dificult to carry (heavy as well), and would possibly need to jury rig a way to carry it.
  13. What wheel do you have? Would it fit in a backpack?
  14. X8: not a lot of km, possibly 50 km (31 miles) Tesla: Just rounded 2000 km (1250 miles) KS18XL: Approx. 1770 km (1106 miles) Have had 5 falls where I didn't stay upright, 2 while learning (on the X8) and 3 on the Tesla. How many km/miles a month varies, so can't really say. Most miles on one day is 93,5 km (58,4 miles), with two charge sessions between the three rides that day. Have no idea when I'll need to look into changing tire. I'm not one for speed, I've barely touched 32 kph (20 mph), so the Tesla and XL have more than enough power for my use.
  15. @Unventor Now that its getting warmer, around mid-20s, how does the jacket and trousers hold up to that heat?
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