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  1. Hey, check the videos. Does your Z10 make the same sounds?
  2. Hello, sorry for disappearing, it was a busy week. I have not tried to take it apart and see if there is a leaf or something stuck inside yet. Here are 2 videos showing the sound, as you can see it only happens sometimes mostly depending on speed and somewhat on angle.
  3. I think so yes, I will need to double check and make a video after work. The Z10 is fairly new, 100km and 1 month. I cleaned it once in the shower using the shower head, and quite some water went on the inside, I was wondering if that might cause the problem. How did you fix it and is it urgent?
  4. Will make a video and post it after work. Love your videos.
  5. Yea I do, will try that but it feels like the sound is coming from the inside, either the tire touching something or some gear been not well oiled. You can hear the sound when you are pulling on low speed or when you are pulling it. I can slightly tilt the wheel to one side, just few degree and the sound stops, but if it is straight or slightly to the right I can feel/hear it.
  6. Does anyone with Z10 hear a sound coming from the wheal like either something is not well oiled or there is maybe some dirt that is making a sound when moving the wheal at specific speed and/or angle?
  7. I have used it with V8. I did not do initial identification with the Z10, only clicked the EUC icon to try and connect. How do I do the initial identification if I have already done it with another EUC?
  8. No I did not, I did not even see an option for that. I will have to double check once i am home to make sure. Do you know where the option for it is in the ninebot app?
  9. Thanks! Will try again. Maybe there is some kind of Bluetooth password protection that one guy mentioned, I just don't remember seeing such option in the ninebot app, will check and try again once I am home.
  10. Can't connect to the Z10 using the latest version in the play store, 2.0.19. Do I need to use the .apk with version 2.0.15 to connect to the Z10 or is it included in the playstore verson?
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