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  1. OK guys, I've been an idiot. Let this be a learning point for all of us who are ex Wheel Log users..... So it started off OK. I pulled down the csv files that I wanted from EUC World 'logs' folder on my phone. I then went into EUCW website and deleted the relevant tours and logs. I then merged the 2 csv logs in excel then uploaded it back to my phone but in error put it into the Wheel Log 'logs' folder which was still on my phone (I had deleted the app some time back). From then on everything went wrong as you can imagine because I continued to work with Wheel Log folder instead of EUCW folder!!! What really threw me was that when I did finally go back into the EUCW logs folder I saw the 2 original files sitting there but they hadn't 're-uploaded' to the EUCW website. Maybe the EUCW website 'knew' that they had already been uploaded previously so didn't do it again despite the fact that I had previously deleted the logs on the EUCW website. The fact they didn't re-upload really confused me but I guess it's a quirk of the server/system. Anyway, luckily, the 2 original files had remained in my EUCW folder on my phone from the outset. So I just downloaded them to my PC again, deleted them from the phone, changed one digit on the filename just to be sure, put them back into my EUCW folder on my phone and voila! They have now uploaded to the EUCW website and are showing as both logs and tours. So thankfully I am now back to where I started So a word of warning, remember to work with whatever folders are relevant to the app you are using (yes I know, I am probably the only idiot who has done this but thought I would say it). I would still like to merge the 2 tours so I am going to give it a go again now that I know where I went wrong lol.
  2. This is the latest (30/06/20), government-endorsed publication AFAIK: https://www.smarttransport.org.uk/news/latest-news/e-scooter-trials-to-start-in-uk-from-july-4?utm_campaign=01_07_2020_Smart_Transport_weekly_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Smart Transport - weekly newsletter&utm_source=adestra&utm_term=E-scooter trials to be allowed on UK roads from July 4 They give 500w and 15.5mph but specifically state '2 wheels, aligned along the direction of travel'. It is this bit which will continue to impact any possible legislation of EUC's I fear. Not to mention PACTS (who I detest with a passion), who seem fanatical about destroying any hope of decent legislation, made very apparent by their comment: "The subject of whether e-scooters should be made legal for us in the UK has been a hot topic in the inudstry, with PACTS, the transport safety advisers to the Government, saying there are ‘few if any public benefits' to the legalisation of e-scooters in the UK and is opposed to trials of the micro mobility solution."
  3. The difference with tubeless tyres (as you know, being an ex tyre guy is that they usually have a much thicker carcass which includes the sidewalls. The Z10 fits into this category. To compound this it also has very little sidewall to speak of (extremely low profile) which removes any ability for the tyre wall to 'give' unlike say an msx which has a very tall sidewall. As such, you can still ride a Z10 down to 5psi and not be running on the rim. I used to run 15psi. So on a Z, basically all your compliance comes from flexing the tread section of the tyre, not the sidewall. This isn't ideal as you can imagine, as at low pressures it leaves you with a very big footprint which whilst great on sand/mud, makes cornering 'interesting'. You can of course run a Z at 32psi as some do, but I can tell you now it is a rock hard ride, you will lose fillings and skit over the smallest of surface imperfections. Maybe the mten is slightly unique in that it uses a 'thin carcass tubeless tyre'. I guess it all depends on whats available. For sure, a Z tyre is stout though. An unmounted msx tyre is pretty 'floppy' whereas a Z tyre is virtually solid like a motorbike tyre. In some ways I wish Ninebot had sourced a thinner carcassed, higher sidewalled 4" tyre and ran it tubed, I think it would have made for a completely different ride. That said, because of what it is, the Z can be a super fun wheel but as has been said, it needs a lot of physical effort (moving of body/legs) to hustle at speed and rides like nothing else. When I went straight to the MSX I couldn't believe how 'easy' it was to ride at speed. By this I mean totally 'neutral'.
  4. The proper name is 'self-amalgamating tape'. As has been said, it works really well. You cant unwrap it once its amalgamated, the only way to remove is to cut it along it's length
  5. I dearly hope I am wrong, but IMO its not going to happen with EUC's as we know them. The DVSA will never be happy with a single wheeled vehicle, let alone one with no mechanical brakes. The best we can hope for is privately owned scooters which may take the heat off us, but could also make us an easy target too. The problem we really have in the uk (compared to many other countries) is that our vehicle testing depts are rigourous and picky to say the least.
  6. Granted, it all depends what you are carrying! The guy in the clip may have been carrying pillows for all I know, and I'm not knocking him - he may have been totally safe - it was just how I felt it looked to the general public, that's all. And the fact it was on a prime UK TV program rather than buried in a YT video somewhere in the ether.
  7. I'm not saying it cant be done. I have carried a Z10 in one hand whilst riding an MSX but pleasant it was not, and I doubt didn't look too kosher to onlookers. That's all I'm trying to say. And it's not really anything to do with steering, it's about having weight, that's largely free to move, away from the centre of mass. Simple physics. Lets be honest, plenty of people have fallen off EUC's without carrying anything. For me, holding weight whilst riding only hinders control. YMMV.
  8. Exactly my point. It seems bizarre that someone can be so vocal about the NYC riders but thinks a picture of a guy on a unicycle in the road carrying what appears to be 2 bags of heavy shopping looks totally safe to the uninitiated.
  9. No need to be sarky. Yes I did see the news article. He could have been carrying unicorn shite, my feeling remains that backpacks should be used, just the same as it isnt ideal to swing bags of shopping from bicycle handlebars either.
  10. you will soon find you can ride at 00000.1mph on the Z without wobbling it will be a revalation compared to the mten. but yes you do have to get used to its handling at anything above 10mph. I went on mine not long ago after riding my msx for some time and I really, and I mean really struggled to corner the Z and I was wobbling all over the place. I couldnt believe how badly I rode it, considering I had pretty much nailed how to ride the Z at all speeds prior to getting the msx. Once you are at one with the Z though its an amazing wheel to ride. I do take my hat off to people that can switch in and out of Z mode though, kudos!
  11. I'm not sure I would trust silicone spray...it doesnt dry and provide a barrier as opposed to conformal coating which is like a laquer and hardens like a plastic. Are we saying the Veteran board isnt coated then? Even Gotway does this.
  12. I dont think a picture of a rider carrying two bags of stuff (however light) portrays a good image at all. An euc is the worst possible vehicle to carry cargo on, unless its central in a non-floppy backpack. Hell, even riding with a long selfie stick can be a challenge. Nothing of any weight should be in the hands at all imo.
  13. I think it would live up to its 'Monster' name better if they had gone with a 3" width
  14. This is looking good. I like the seat too, with its little 'flip up' at the back which may well improve comfort. Certainly better than the current Monster 'breeze block' lol. Yes its still unmistakably a briefcase Gotway but I do prefer the MSX design cues over the current monster. And the axle setup is soooo much better. Nice.
  15. Yeah, EUCW is normally rock solid for me and doesnt miss anything, I just wondered if something had changed server-side that denied the upload of data that had already been uploaded once. Kinda like the server 'knowing'. I know Seba never made it public knowledge that data could be manipulated, probably because it can be abused (idiots who may want to show they have covered more distance than they really have for example) so I would understand if he had changed something. Its just that it worked for me before but not now. Oh well lesson learned, I wont touch the data in future!
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