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  1. Hi Guys, The steel pedals seem good enough in my Lhotz without any tape. It is an absolute machine. Once you go past 1000 km, the odometer goes back to zero and you'll have to unlock the speed limit again. I agree that it is very sturdy and great for bumps and rough terrain. I don't like that it is about 14 kg compared to the 10 kg of the zero but it feels smooth and responds quite well so I am happy after all.
  2. Swoop Daddy, nice video, seems like you were leaning fwd too much on that face plant? What do you think caused it? I would be wary of taking up too much space on the roads. Even if it looks cool on the video it's just a matter of one accident and you'll start getting local restrictions enforced. I heard they were already banned in some Chinese cities. I am also really weary when riding on busy pathways as it only takes one person to run into you and the reputation of the unicycles will start going downhill as "dangerous".
  3. Yes I tried on my brother's IPS zero and it is much easier to turn and idle. You can also do it on the Lhotz but it is not very smooth, I find it a lot harder and can only idle for a few seconds. However, for riding long distances I do prefer the Lhotz, it's a monster machine!
  4. simon


    Your quick power loss seemed equivalent to a shutdown but thanks for clarifying @csmyers. "When it failed the wheel lost power over the course of a second or so. Still fast enough for me to enjoy a lovely face plant, but luckily I was riding at about walking speed." When I experienced shutdown at fast walking speed over pavement it did not give me any time to recover because I was leaning fully forward. I'm ok with falling: I've tripped at higher speeds when I was learning and was still able to let the uni roll over while I kept running to recover my balance -or at least dissipate some energy
  5. simon


    So sorry to hear shut downs are happening with the Zero. This is completely unacceptable (see my bleeding hand for proof and added drama). I did my research after having a shutdown on a generic wheel and IPS and King Song seemed to have the most reliable models. Tony was great to me when ordering the Lhotz 340 to Australia and assured this was well tested to avoid any possibility of shutting down. Over 2 months riding it and the Lhotz feels like a levitation machine. My point here is that sudden shutdowns are completely unacceptable. Other manufacturing faults are ok with me but this one is a
  6. simon


    So sorry to hear this guys. Tony was great with me when I orderd the Lhotz 340 a few months ago. I wanted to see your reviews on the actual product but sorry to hear it has not arrived yet. Hope you can solve this soon and look forward to reading your first impressions!
  7. Nice way to substantiate your answers Kale. I believe this forum is very important to filter the advertising from sites that make their brands shine in their own way. This forum helped me a lot to decide on IPS Lhotz 340, after having an unexpected shutdown from a generic brand. If there is any chance of a unicycle shutting down I believe people should know so they avoid having the same accident I did. My Lhotz has been outstanding so far and I am curious about the King Song as it seems to be very safe as well. Cheers.
  8. Maybe it had to do with the tire pressure, it seemed to be getting low as well. Firmware version 4.3. I read somewhere it could be upgraded to 4.31 but no idea how, any ideas?
  9. Thanks Kevin, will try pushing it a bit harder next time then. I'm riding with wrist-guards all the time so this is giving me more confidence. It does feel like it tilts back a bit when I get past 26 km/h, that's the fastest I have been able to go. One thing I did notice while riding on low battery, i.e., below 35%, is that the max speed drops down to around 15 km/h and it starts feeling hard to push forward. Is it just me or anyone else has come across this?
  10. I'm in Melbourne Wayne. Haven't been able to go past 26 km/h yet, seems like I would need to push a lot harder and I am a bit afraid to tip over at that speed. Still loving this uni though, feels like I glide through bumps on the road with the big wheel, unlike when I rode with the small 14" and had to slow down.
  11. I used to scratch my pedals on a generic one (Airwheel type). Hasn't happend yet with the Lhotz 340. An absolute beast, rides so smoothly and I stopped getting the tilts after unlocking the 20 km/h speed limit. Now I require less leaning fwd to go faster. I have not been able to go beyond 24 -25 while looking at the app as it already feels quite fast, so not sure if the tilting will happen when you're closer to 30 km/h. Overall I am very impressed and satisfied with this buy, purchasing directly from the manufacturer in China (Tony). They gave me great service and shipped it to Australia, thou
  12. simon

    Firmware Update

    My Lhotz is 4.3 and seems great so far. How do you upgrade it to 4.31?
  13. Hi Gabriel, I ordered directly from the IPS representative a few weeks ago and they were excellent! Got my uni delivered to Australia by courier in about a week. Expensive but they seem to have a solid track record so decided to go with IPS after having an accident on a generic unicycle that decided to shutdown. I dealt with Tony (manager@ipselectricunicycle.com), he gave me excellent service, answering all of my questions and giving me different payment options. Got the Lhotz 340, an absolute machine! Cheers, Simon
  14. This unicycle is absolutely fantastic! Just got mine delivered directly from IPS in China and it feels so much smoother and faster than the old generic one I had. For the loose cap I clamped the thin rubber bit and it seems to stay there. Not ideal but does the job for a while.
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