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  1. Hi all. I think EUC world is an excellent app, and I use it a lot for my MSX. But not for my other wheels, this is because I find it too time consuming to change all settings to fit the different wheels. So my suggestion to improve the app even more would be a way to "bookmark" all settings, or could this be done in an other way?
  2. Well I think I have the same led behaviour as you, but I like it. In Sweden you have to have a no flashing red backlight to make it legal (at nights), so in my opinion this is a positive feature.
  3. Here is a picture of the part that differs, hopefully you can see how to connect it.
  4. It's no problem to replace old version with the new one, I did it just a month ago. The connections are almost the same. However the behavior of the light will change a bit, to the better I think.
  5. After just one week I received the new mainboard, really fast! I want to praise my dealer mentioned earlier in the thread! The new mainboard is now connected (see picture) and power on! Everything seems to work fine! I'm happy again. A little more fixes and I can ride again.
  6. Just got new information from OneWheel Belgium, he will send me a new mainboard as soon as he get it from Gotway. I guess I will have to stick with training new tricks on my Inmotion V8 for the next couple of weeks.
  7. First some background: My Msx is about 6 months old, less than 1000 km, no issues at all until now. The day before this happened, I was on a long ride about 40km, 2.5 hours. About 1 km in the mid part of the route the was tricky with smaller hills up and down, otherwise flat. As I was riding with friends, we never went to higher speeds than just over 40 km/h, everything was normal, no alarms at all, battery level at stop 38%. (And it was perfect weather, sunny and 18-20 C) At home I plugged in the charger for approx. 5 hours (The battery is 1300Wh not 1600Wh). The ne
  8. If you drive on country roads then avoid speeding at dusk; this is when most wild animals are moving.
  9. Möjligtvis kan man hävda att msx är konstruerad för 20 km/h när man kollar tillverkarens hemsida. Där nämns "safe cruising speed" som 20 km/h. Max hastighet är inte angivet. LOL http://www.kebye.com/content/?429.html
  10. Of course the V10 is better than the V8, but I still think V8 is a better purchase. Most people end up with more than one wheel, regardless of your choice of V8 or V10 you will soon want a faster wheel like KS18L, MSX, Nikola or whatever that can do at least 50 km/h. (I start to think my MSX is slow, I have done 58 km/h, LOL) After upgrading then you can keep the V8 as a trick-wheel, or for shorter shopping trips, the V8 has a very nice trolley handle that makes it very easy to take into shops, restaurants and so on. Both wheels can handle slopes and cobblestone very well. Since I bo
  11. I think some duct tape would be nice for Boeing 737 MAX 8. Anyway, it has worked well for 6 months now.
  12. If you want it really quickly then DIY, not that hard with some double-sided tape.
  13. It doesn't matter, you will soon want an even better wheel. Go for the V8, it is the cheapest. Don't wait.
  14. Också lite onödigt mycket snack om vilket hjul man ska välja. Det är helt omöjligt att hitta ett hjul som täcker allt. För oavsett vad valet blir kommer man att upptäcka att man vill ha ett hjul till, i en annan kategori. Själv har jag tre hjul, en liten Airwheel en V8 och en MSX, de är alla roliga men på helt olika sätt. Och ändå är jag sugen på fler varianter. Så rådet är "Har du inget hjul så köp ett, sluta fundera! för oavsett kommer det inte att bli ditt sista hjul"
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