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  1. On that matter, I assume it would be enough to use two leveled surfaces (like two bricks) that you will put the wheel on them, Place the aluminum under the pedals on the leveled surfaces.
  2. Try some different angles with calibration. You might find the ride more joyful. It's better for me, much better
  3. My wheel is certainly not in learning mode, is not soft, just tilts forward when moving forward. I tried today 5 (maybe more) different calibration angles with the pedals not parallel to the ground and found that there is some angle that this behaviour is tolerable. (Started with small angle from absolute vertical and increased the angle) Yes, when going slowly or braking the pedals are not parallel to the ground, but at least it does not lean forward so much that you feel you might slip off the wheel. Another thing I (think) like is that when the pedals are at an angle (like on tilt back) you can take steeper turns. I enjoy this more. Not sure though I will try again tomorrow. I have the feeling that the tilting forward is not related to speed but to the amount of current drawn by the motor. As it did not lean so much on flat surface with ~ 15km/h but it leaned a lot uphill @ slower speed! Not sure about anything yet. The riddle to be solved.
  4. Check this What you describe is actually what I posted here. It feels like not in experienced mode because it tilts a lot when moving forward.
  5. Firmware Version 1.08. Something very strange with KS16-S is that it tilts forward when moving forward. I hate this feature and I find it a bit dangerous. In small bumbs you might slip forward and then you cannot brake. Also you get the feeling that you might slip of the wheel going uphill. Is there a way to disable it? To understand the issue better: Calibrate your wheel slightly off the vertical axis as in the picture. (1) Now ride the wheel trying to go forward, with the front face of the wheel facing forward. (2) Then ride the other way, using the back of the wheel facing forward. You will notice in (1) how much the wheel tilts to the front. In (2) nothing happens, it already leans forward. If you recalibrate the wheel to a vertical position, this behaviour smooths out a bit, unnoticable at first, but still the wheel leans forward when riding. Please someone help disable this. Anybody?
  6. It appears that the wheel did not upgrade to 1.08. What happened (not 100% yet but it's the most possible), is that the firmware upgrade process reset the calibration setting. I am starting a new thread to ask for help with the behaviour of KS16-S.
  7. Guys, I updated to 1.09 and noticed two very strange things. First, the good stuff, when braking the wheel tilted back automatically something I actually liked a lot. Second thing I noticed, the wheel is leaning forward a lot when moving forward, crazy ugly stuff, even with small bumps might throw you off. And when I say it might throw you off, I mean you might move 2 cm (1 inch) forward and then you can't f*ck1ng brake! Third, not that important but still of matter, the angle at which the motor is disabled is now tighter, meaning when I stop in some traffic like and play with the wheel with one foot one, the wheel might switch off. To switch back on you much get it up straight 100%. Fully vertical. I get it wont switch off when riding, But I would like to switch off this sensor completely. I know never gonna happen. Then, just because of the second issue I tried to recalibrate the wheel. Some unknown shit happened there, It got calibrated once, I cannot recalibrate. And then suddenly the braking behaviour is NOT present now, but I still feel the wheel leaning forward a LOT. I will check the wheel fw version on the app. Since the update process was completed I did't check fw version on the app, I thought It would update successfully.
  8. Epoxy did not do the job. The handle plastic does not stick to glue.
  9. Wow. I missread 1 million percent.
  10. What??? Slower than 18km/h? Do you suggest putting a limit at 18 km/h?
  11. Well I broke the handle of ks16s. Very week design. There is no point replacing it , it will break again very soon. I am trying to epoxy it back and use some king of dowel pin for putting it together.
  12. Had having the same issue. After talking to Ulf, he told me that they are facing problems with their servers and are updating to software. But it's new year holidays now in China and nothing really moves. Use darkness bot to unlock. Also, they are preparing new apps for android/ios.
  13. Nice there is a community, but I didn't see many sellers for pebble watches online.
  14. Pebble is shut down. Anyway, a 4" inch android phone in a wrist band works fine for me running full wheellog android app. I am getting ZTE Blade L110 to monitor wheel's temperature. I am getting a wrist strap (something like) Just wanna say thanks to WheelLog developers for supporting both portrait and landscape views. Love it. Thanks guys
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