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  1. I also tested today and sliding the tilt back speed to 60 km/hour makes it revert to 50 when you save settings. Hence, max speed for my 18XL is 50 (which is more than enough for my needs).
  2. I may consider going faster than 20 km/hour when I get more experience but with my current level of experience I simply want to get distance in my legs in a very safe way (and also my protective knee and elbow pads has not yet arrived). I can feel that i get better at this by the day.
  3. I think the KS Horn is OK as long as you use it while you are a bit away and not simply sneak up close to people before using it. Please have a look at this:
  4. I am a safety nerd and I feel safe going with Kingsong for now. It's a no brainer for me
  5. In Sweden by law every EUC rider need to have an audio signalling device (not specified what). The built in horn/beeper in the Kingsong wheel would do fine. However, that would require some kind of button on the screen of the watch or using any existing button on the watch where you can press and get a beep from the wheel. Will that be part of the feature of this app?
  6. I have a Kingsong 18XL. I have only used the Kingsong app with blue screen downloaded from Google Play. I started by doing a firmware upgrade of the wheel. The app has worked very good and all available settings seems to work as intended. I have not noticed any problems with it so far (only had the wheel about 2-3 weeks).
  7. I am a newbie and started of using default settings including beginners riding mode. It worked fairly well but was a nightmare downhill with serious wobbling that was scary to me. Swapping to experienced mode made the overall riding much easier even for me as a newbie and the wobbling disappeared to 95%. The remaining wobbling is not a problem and only noticeable in fairly steep slopes. I am not sure when the beginners mode (very soft mode) is best, if ever...?
  8. OK so you mean that if I tried to set it to 60km/hours, which appear to be possible, the app would change it to 50km/hour? Have you tried this? I have never tried to do that because I am still a newbie. I wonder why the app seem to have the ability to set it to 60km/hours if it is not allowed. I would be more logical to show the maximum speed 50km/hour. I think I will test next time I ride to increase maximum speed simply to see what happens if I set it to 60 (and after I observed that immediately revert back to my standard turtle speed settings).
  9. I have a Kingsong 18XL that is a recent version, only a couple of weeks old (at least from my perspective since I don't know if it have been stored at the retailer). The Kingsong app allows me to set speed limits and the maximum speed in that setting is 60km/hour. I have read elsewhere (don't remember where) that Kingsong has the same app for all wheels and the app adjust available settings pending on the serial number of the wheel. It might be that more recent versions of their 18XL allows a slightly higher speed than older versions (just my guess). I thought this information might be of interest in this thread. For me personally it makes no difference. I have the third speed alarm at 20km/hour and the tilt back speed at 23km/hour
  10. Hi Smoother. I honestly respect your views although I don't share them. I wonder what others think. Can we technically make members vote? Would the majority's opinion be respected? How are decisions around these important principles made here?
  11. I think it would be a big big mistake to push for ECU user to become an underground subculture that tries to hide their existence. We can't stay hidden for long. The authorities and police will start to act. It is simply a matter of time. The current legislation in many countries are not in our favor. Now we still have the chance to gather all god arguments and influence what happens. Ignoring this now will make us ending up with the police enforcing regulatiions decided by non ECU users. I have some political contacts that may be able to achieve something here I but would need help with gathering the right arguments. I think more people will understand that ECUs are one of several ways to solve the problem with cities clogged with cars. I intend to use a ECU for commuting instead of using a car and I think many more are interested in doing so. We must at least do what we can to try and fix the legislation. Those of us who want to achieve a sensible legislation without silly restrictions are probably many more than the odd person who wants to go at length to persecute us. Let us use this forum to tip the balance in our favor.
  12. I can sense the following hierarchical structure of forums on this site: It seems forums are firstly grouped into overarching groups like "General Electric Unicycle forums", "Brand.specific forums (EUC only)", "ONe-Wheel skateboards", etc. The next level is sub-groups. The overarching group "General Electric Unicycle forums" have eight sub-groups of forums. The third level seems to be the actual forums and any user can create a new forum. Currently there seems to be 122 forums only under the sub-group "General Discussion" which is placed under the overarching group "General Electric Unicycle forums". Regular "mortals" like me can't create a new overarching group or a new sub-group. We can only create a new forum. I can understand the perfect logic in this and that is the reason for this post. I would like to see a new subgroup under "General Electric Unicycle forums" labelled "Legislation". This is an increasingly important aspect. Currently comments about legislation are spread out over an infinite number of forums and discussions about legislation in different countries are mixed together. This makes it impossible to get an overview of the actual legislation in a single country. I think it would be important to create the new subgroup "Legislation". It should first have the instruction that discussions should focus on a single country. Hence, everyone can create a new forum for their country (but should write in English so it is easy for others to have a glance of the discussion about legislation in other countries than their own). The reason for this is I think we need to gather what we actually know and also to identify any scope for us being able to influence the direction of new legislation (that is likely being worked on in many countries). I am such a newbie here so I don't understand how I can push for the new sub-group "Legislation" to be created. I am still not allowed to send personal messages to any of the "staff" here. Hence, I wrote this post in hope of getting some help. (I have dual citizenship so I would engage in discussing legislation in at least two countries).
  13. OK so when Mary Backe said Wheellog only supports Pebble that was incorrect. Your experience is that Wheellogg also works on Tizen (Samsung's wrist watches) ... ...and that it in addition to Wheellog there is also another Tizen app that can do similar tasks (likely somewhat simpler).
  14. Does anyone has experience of WheelLog and "Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G LTE" running the Tizen operating system (https://www.wareable.com/samsung/samsung-galaxy-watch-review-6394)?
  15. Enthusiast

    New Gotway

    Please note that Gotway writes this on their homepage: "To guarantee product's quality&authencity and good aftersales service, our company does not allow any GotWay products sold via Aliexpress." You can find it here: http://www.kebye.com/content/?426.html. I assume it means no warranty if you buy Gotway from Aliexpress.
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