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  1. I ordered these for my Kingson 18XL. They can be ordered now but will not be delivered until early or mid June.
  2. Has anyone tried this version? https://www.erides.co.uk/product-page/lean-pads-90-inc-vat
  3. I tested the new EUC World app for my Samsung Galaxy watch and want to share some experiences. Please note that you must first install EUC World as an app on your phone. Next step is to use Samsung's wearable clock app (on the phone) to install the EUC World app on the watch (it is an app separate from the app in the phone but they will communicate between each other). There are a few settings that are likely to make the EUC World watch app work better: In the Galaxy wearable app (in your phone): Default is that the latest app is kept on top on the watch screen for a short time (I think it was 20 seconds). After that it reverts back to the standard clock and it is a bit of a fiddle to find EUC World again. This setting could be increased to one hour so twisting my arm within one hour will get me back to the EUC world app.directly In the Galaxy wearable app (in your phone): I could set what the watch should do if I double click the home button. It was possible to set this to open EUC World. Hence, I can toggle between the standard clock display and EUC World by alternating single click or double click on the home button on the watch. In the EUC World app (in your phone): I have a bluetooth helmet. In the phone app EUC world I could set the app to deliver useful information by voice and I could direct it to only do that using bluetooth. After some testing I found a balance between too much and too little information (you need to find your own balance). This is quite useful.
  4. I just got my seat bought from Vicky at Kingsong. It fits perfectly. It also seem soft in a good way so there is probably some absorbing capacity in the seat. Although I agree with the comment above that I will only use it for temporary relief during longer rides and when the surface is fairly smooth. The seat is very lightweight so it is easy to put in backpack if you want to use the trolley handle. So... ...how is to ride seated? Good question! I will report back on that later. I haven't been riding for 6 month for various reasons so I simply need to refresh before daring to take on seated riding.
  5. A have a few questions about the app for Galaxy watch (Tiezen) that is under development: Any release date yet (or is it already released)? Will the watch app communicate directly with the wheel or do I have to have my phone with me as a link between the watch and the wheel? (I am getting eSIM and it means I can use the watch as a phone without having the phone with me. It would be good if I don't have to bring the phone every time). I have set a password on my KS-18XL. I have to enter that every time I link the phone app to the wheel. It takes a three seconds extra but is probably a good safety feature to avoid your wheel being hijacked. If the tizen watch app links directly to the wheel can it store the password for the wheel and manage this login? Will the speed shown on the watch be "wheel speed" or "GPS speed"? Sorry if I have missed that the answer to any of these questions has already been provided.
  6. Enthusiast

    18XL Voodoo

    @mrelwood Why is there a need to redo the calibration after every firmware update?
  7. (There is a previous thread on this particular topic)
  8. Kingsong has made a seat specially made for Kingsong 18L/XL: https://www.facebook.com/VickyElectricUnicyclescooter/posts/529657344243391 (I asked if this was simply the seat for 16XL but the reply was this is specially made for the 18L/XL) I am tempted but I am currently overseas away from my wheel. I suggest the first trying this write a review here.
  9. I also tested today and sliding the tilt back speed to 60 km/hour makes it revert to 50 when you save settings. Hence, max speed for my 18XL is 50 (which is more than enough for my needs).
  10. I may consider going faster than 20 km/hour when I get more experience but with my current level of experience I simply want to get distance in my legs in a very safe way (and also my protective knee and elbow pads has not yet arrived). I can feel that i get better at this by the day.
  11. I think the KS Horn is OK as long as you use it while you are a bit away and not simply sneak up close to people before using it. Please have a look at this:
  12. I am a safety nerd and I feel safe going with Kingsong for now. It's a no brainer for me
  13. In Sweden by law every EUC rider need to have an audio signalling device (not specified what). The built in horn/beeper in the Kingsong wheel would do fine. However, that would require some kind of button on the screen of the watch or using any existing button on the watch where you can press and get a beep from the wheel. Will that be part of the feature of this app?
  14. I have a Kingsong 18XL. I have only used the Kingsong app with blue screen downloaded from Google Play. I started by doing a firmware upgrade of the wheel. The app has worked very good and all available settings seems to work as intended. I have not noticed any problems with it so far (only had the wheel about 2-3 weeks).
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