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  1. what about a downvote to disagree because the content would cause harm, like “naw you don’t need a helmet at all” cause i might have to disagree in that one, and downvote it.
  2. Not just cutouts, but higher speed means more amps. How many amps you pull through wires, connectors, the traces on the board, and components means heat, heat means stress. Stress may mean earlier or unforeseen failure.
  3. @Smoother I definitely saw that video, and I thought to myself, wow he should not be teaching people how to ride while on a bridge! Then he said it's probably not a good idea for new riders... I really wished he found another rail and edited his video, I was so clenched thinking about how my wheel flies out from under me when I was training LOL.
  4. Perhaps the squat/sit really is just a way to teach the muscle motions needed to get the proper backwards lean...
  5. I read or saw in a video, about slowing down / stopping to squat backwards... So while I feel "lean back" is not easily workign out for me, sticking my butt backwards going into a squat, like I am about to sit down on a chair seems to give me a good "brake" This video is linked to the timestamp of his braking test, of course this is extreme, but it may help.
  6. @mrelwood Thanks, glad to hear all of the stuff bouncing around in my head isn't just nonsense, and that being able to run track would never hurt, but isn't required. Gonna be safe, and keep working to regain a much higher fitness level. @Smoother I was trying to do the "skateboard" thing, where you just keep stepping on and floating on one foot, but after that first night, I could not touch my shin to anything for 12+ days, I decided to go with the mount assist, and trying to ride further like you said, going to go back and work on mounting after I have riding and turning down.
  7. https://imgur.com/2b01yX1 Here is the image... I got on the chromebook and got imgur to log in, this is not me, my leg is even a bit longer, but here is where the ninebot presses my bone raw... I've got soccer shinguards now, so worst case I will just keep them on under the socks/pants.. I've also worked on the tip/step on, but I'm still awkward at it.
  8. I thought I posted a pic of how the corner is, but my legs are long so the top edge of the pad on the ninebot e+ contacts my leg right on the bone below where my calf muscle starts. Imgur won’t log in atm, I’ll check later I intend to get better / quicker at mounting so like you said there is it sustained pressure and that should help. Just while learning with frequent dismount remounts and slow mounting ability, after 8-9 mounts I can’t take it anymore. I have been improving my core with planks and pushups, also doing squats sets of 10 two or more times a day. I know wh
  9. Welcome, Take it slow, gear up, be safe, have fun!
  10. I was just thinking about it, and if it would be helpful. I've been skiing before, a lot of people use poles, I just wondered if it could be a new way to "do the learning"... I don't have any sticks yet, but of course I would not tie them to my hands, and I would kinda just use them like ski poles, let them hang back. Obviously not in a tucked position though LOL. I've been working on really keeping upright posture, and relaxing, I can bend my knees, I can do a dozen squats, I can jump slightly, I just can run, more than a few steps and I probably look like an ostrich if I tried.
  11. I injured my knee a few years ago, and I cannot run. When I was asking about how athletic you need to be to learn euc everyone said you just need to be able to stand. It looks so easy on video, but I have found it is very dangerous that I cannot run, and also that my wheel bites my leg bone VERY hard on mounts, so even 10-15 mins with sticks might mean I get to ride straight well, and then learn to turn. Yes skills I need to know but I am having to take this really slow and really gentle, or I have to give it up. So I’ll take learning one thing at a time. I am also doing a lot of core stren
  12. Slick, totally slick. I’m gonna look like a total dork in a jacket, so I am completely jealous.
  13. I can’t do the start stop “no fence” training because the thing kills the side of my shin even with shinguards on due to my leg length / where the ninebot padding corners over. So I practice at work where we have some parking barricade pillars I can grab every 2 feet for about 12 feet in a row. I feel like I am doing myself a disservice because then I am reaching to the next pole and not balancing as much I admit I have been SERIOUSLY considering walking poles lol, I didn’t want to be ridiculed for it though. I theorize that if I had 2 walking sticks I could slow / stop an
  14. @PogArt Artur Did your e+ arrive? How are you doing on it? I would say, remember to take breaks, really, keep it small. I tried to do over an hour practice, and while I was really in to it, I really got tired and paid for it in when I tripped. I had to take 5-7 days off. I've only gotten to practice a few times now because of that recovery period. Now I am sticking with 15-20 minutes and even if I want to do more, to rest, and give my muscles time to and adapt to the new training. I feel like I jump back on next time more confident, and ready, before I felt like I was just try
  15. Thanks everyone. My wheel was well used so the max is unlocked. Should I really remove my limit, or was there a good default 12, or 20kph I should set?
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