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  1. Werner


    Except the time, the strap of the helmet is not closed.
  2. Agree with sexy but not with rides horribly. I like it so much! Sure it's better for fine pavement and not so good for off road paths. (It follows deep ruts very easily, that one time let me make a huge crash with a rollover.) But I like the speed increase with @MRN76 's help, runs so smooth around 45 to 55 km/h. And tiltback at weak battery comes much more later than original. Still don't want to change or step up, though more km per tour would be fine.
  3. Hallo @Bjorn vda, I unlocked my Z10 a few weeks ago with help from @MRN76 successfully. Runs wonderfully and stable. I appreciate it.
  4. The site does not show the MsuperX plus! It shows the Conversion of GotWay Msuper X 84V 1600Wh to GotWay Msuper PLUS 1845Wh 100V that's the price for the conversion, not for the wheel itself
  5. I never ever carried it with me. But I sometimes leaved it back at a bicycle stand, locked with a bike lock (no problem with my Z10 because of the massive integrated handle, same thing with the One S2). Most times I roll my Z10 with me, even in shopping centres. No problem ever.
  6. I like to use little neodym magnets for my backlight. So I can mount and dismount it within seconds. All you need is a strong doublesided self-adhesive tape. This should also work for a front light, especially when it's only the light and the powerbank is separated, tough there you will have to manage the cord between. Cheap and strong solution because the magnets are really strong.
  7. I'm riding both of my wheels with my fivefingers sometime and it's no problem, works fine. If you like your fivefingers you'll like to ride your EUC with them.
  8. I think this limit is very common internationally. It gives you the change to limit your device.
  9. From now on never without! Just slipped out a bit to the front on a few wet leafs while going really slow a few weeks ago. I landed NOT on my butt because my hand was so fast out. Ouch! Very classic: Head of the spoke broken. Before I thought, my thick motorcycle gloves would be enough, that's wrong! Never ever without wrist guards!
  10. Riding the wheel is better than driving a car. Walking or cycling ( without a battery ) would surely be better than riding the wheel.
  11. I remember one time my wheel - the Z10 - didn't found it's right pedal-position and it seemed to me as it was "seeking" it for quite a few minutes. But after a while it found it again and works well since then.
  12. I didn't calibrate none of my EUCs ever. NB S2 and Z10 Sometimes I recognised that the pedals seemed to dip forward or backward a little bit. Especially forward dipping appears within tight turns. I always ignored this and they turned back within the next few moments - not always within seconds but they did.
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