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  1. Last year i collected many coupons and coins the last weeks before 11.11. That lowered the price additionally. Today I see it cheaper.
  2. Right. Think so too. The funny thing is, I decided to put more air into, because I've had the feeling it's to little, one or two days before. But there the child had already spilled with the bath. Badly my last tour was high speed, nearly straight and on very clear surface with no bumps, so I didn't recognize anything until I made the first little curves. Then the problem showed up. The new tire is in the basket, just waiting for 11.11. on Ali Express to purchase. Exactly 1 year ago I ordered my Z10 on 11.11. for the great price of €1140,-. Got it 51 days later. 😜 Now it's time to step back on my NB S2 for a few weeks.
  3. Interim report: The slime did not fix it, it came out while pumping in air. So i met a tire dealer and get the hole fixed with a vulcanized piece of carbon. The air stays, for the moment the tire is tight. But there are quite a few more cracks who maybe gonna be leaking.. The first test drive will show....
  4. Hello guys, I've to tell you a little bit about the tyre pressure of my Z10. I decided to lower it just by feeling without measuring. So all seemed to be allright and fine for a long time, it's now a couple of month. Yesterday I recognized during my drive when I did little curves that the tire smeared outwards. No problem while going straight, no matter if i was going slow or 40kmph. At home I took a closer look: I run flat and had lost all air without recognizing it! The sidewalls are such stiff, you don't know a difference if are you going with or without air! At least it seemed so to me. I've a couple of fine tears along the corner where the tire had to fold because of the less air in it. When I pump in air it goes out in the same moment through those tears. So a note for all of you who like to go with little tire pressure in your Z10 > Look that you don't have to less air, so that you don't damage your tire! I'll try to fix it with slime, if that doesn't work, you can congratulate me, because this needs to change the tire. Wish me good luck!
  5. It's total normally that the S2 begins to beep and turns off after a while, since it was not used. It's not needed to be turned on while loading. As long as you see the red led on your charger, as long it's loading.
  6. I'm 55 and started in May last year. First on a NB S2, it tooked just a few hours to learn. Since January I ride Z10. I'm now about 9000km. It's so much fun, I sold my Ducati last month because I stopped riding when I started to ride EUC.
  7. Ich kann eure Erfahrungen nur bestĂ€tigen und das mit Freude! Habe auch im Mai 2018 mit einem NB S2 begonnen und bin seit Februar 2019 mit meinem Z10 unterwegs. Vorwiegend mein Arbeitsweg von ~ 9,5km hier in Linz, aber natĂŒrlich auch jede Menge km nur zum Spaß. Sind inzwischen ~9000km zusammen gekommen. Mein MTB steht verwaist im Keller, meine Ducati hab ich vor 2 Wochen verkauft, weil ich die vergangenen 2 Saisonen grade mal gut 1000km "geschafft" habe. Wenn ich die Lust nach den Fahrzeug entscheiden lasse, gewinnt immer das EUC. Have fun, and always keep standing on!
  8. Just right before the change to winter time and the rising darkness, i renewed the reflection foil of my Z10. One would like to be seen!
  9. Yes, you're right. With the limited button you can change to limited or back.
  10. I use this one It has a builtin rubberband, so it's never hanging down loose. You also can use a rope or any belt, which you can hold with your hand. That will beware your wheel from running away or falling down.
  11. I go often with a safety belt from the handle to my leg - just right above my knee - because I don't want to loose none of my EUC. Sometimes I go just near a river by the bank and one day, after a jump off, my S2 nearly fell into the river. Another day it began to roll down a steep hill turning round and round and jumping and did not stop until it ran into a group of bushes. Big good luck! It also could have run onto a street or into a house or against some people! Also I don't want to roll my Z10 away, when having an accident or making a failure whilst driving it, as it happened here at 0:35:
  12. I know what you mean! Had a bad crash last weekend just because of that. The wheel wobbled one ore two times so massive and just in the moment the grass ended and the asphalt begun. I fell off in front and could stop the most energy of the fall with my wrist support, then the knee protector and finally made a slap rock. I did only wear a armless shirt, so I did get a few scratches on my back. Luckily no other hurt! Now I'm not so sure at all, the Z10 always runs like a train. That's only right on flat surfaces.
  13. http://eucriding.blogspot.com/2017/07/riding-tip-35-table-tennis-carving.html Hab gerade eine super Seite mit tollen Tipps gefunden!
  14. Harry, schön langsam glaube ich, du bist durch das fehlende Feedback deines Gleichgewichtsorganes vielleicht sogar wirklich im Vorteil. Unheimlich, wie gut es bei dir lÀuft. Das Wackeln ist fast immer eine "persönliche" Angelegenheit, mal beim Beschleunigen mal beim Bremsen. Ich habe es immer wieder beim Bremsen, aber es wird bei meinem Z10 z.B. besser je brutaler ich meine Knie gestreckt halte. So schlimm war es Gott- sei- Dank noch nie. Aber sei auf der Hut! Weiterhin viel Erfolg. LG Werner
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