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  1. Werner

    The Photo Thread

    😜🤣🤣 Not already noticed on me. But after one of my last rides I nearly had bleeding males on the inner side of my calves from so much hopping and jumping while going up and down to a vantage point. But had so much fun as I was going on the MTB- trail.
  2. Werner

    The Photo Thread

    Wonderful picture indeed, thx 4 sharing
  3. ======================================================================== LOCATION: Giselawarte north direction to Linz DATE: March 22 TIME: approx. 15 o clock WEATHER: sunny, no wind DISTANCE TRAVELED: 47km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Z10 WHO WAS WITH ME: the sweat and some mountain bikers TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: ~ 650km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: the big eyes of the mountain bikers and the wonderful look over hole Linz and the big view up to the mountains (the alps) WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: again to recognize that the deceleration of the Z10 is to little. RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: beware of to much speed downhill https://www.relive.cc/view/rt10004107130
  4. Werner

    rear view mirror

    I own this one and it works quite well. I'm happy with it. But, as said before, because of the radius of the mirror, cars appear late and small. But it works enough and can be adjusted just as I want it to be.
  5. ====================================================================== LOCATION: Around Linz-Mauthausen DATE: Sunday March 17th TIME: ~13:30 - 16:00h WEATHER: sunny and a bit windy DISTANCE TRAVELED: 54km WHICH WHEEL OR MAIN WHEEL USED: Z10 WHO WAS WITH ME: just the wind and the sun, and not to forget: many cyclists! TOTAL DISTANCE ON THIS WHEEL: 500 km BEST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: first time reaching 54km within one run without loading. First time in this year such high temperature because of the foehn. WORST FEATURE OF THE RIDE: saw a cyclist hitten by a car, but thank God not much injured at all RECOMMENDATIONS/WARNINGS FOR RIDERS: always open your eyes for all possibly danger, protect yourself, most other wouldn't do it https://www.relive.cc/view/rt10004028234 ===============================================================================================================
  6. Werner

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    I think he believed that the ability of the Z10 to go up or down steep hills isn't very good. Not at all at 30 degrees like it is described. I've the same problem. My One S2 goes up or down a hill better then the Z10. First I tried to go down a underpass with my Z10 it didn't decelerate enough and I had to sit down! Same place no problem with the S2. I'm the opinion the Z10 has much to little torque especially at low speed.
  7. Werner

    Strange sound coming from the Z10

    Maybe you've cached a little branch inside while going off road? That happened to me sometimes in the past.
  8. I've recieved and mounted all 3 mods. Thanks again Lukasz. Can really recommend!
  9. That's the same I do! It's not important if I've the right of way, it's important to stay healthy and get not hurt. And it's the same as I do as pedestrian.
  10. Werner

    Turning with the Z10

    Well, I'm doing it with pressing my leg against the wheel like @RoberAce . But before I press the foot down on the outer side for countersteering.
  11. Hello everybody, I'm Werner from Austria and signed in a few days ago. All rules are clear. I have read this forum a while as guest and have to say, it's very interesting! I myself started in may last year with an ninebot one S2 but it didn't go long and the endless beep at 24km/h was annoying me. So I got a Z10 at the beginning of 2019 and I'm happy with it by then.
  12. Werner

    Turning with the Z10

    Hello everybody, I'm Werner from Austria and have just finished my first bigger ride outside on my new Z10. Was about 35km. I don't think that there's another way to go into a turn so fast. To start the turn it's really helpful to push down the outer side so that the wheel first goes minimal to this side and you can (you will have to!) lean to the opposite, the inner side. Short said: Counter steering like well knewn from driving all single-lane vehicles. I'll have much to train and to learn before I can go through turns like @RoberAce ! 😅
  13. Roll, roll, roll S2, down the fucking hill, why you don't lay on your side, why you don't stand still? ........... 😲😮🤨 Today I tried to go up a steep meadow, but my S2 could not make it. When I had to jump off, it didn't fall to a side - yes you are right - it began to run down the hill like a tire you just throwed away. I get faster and faster and I was running after and trying to kick it onto its side to make it fall but I couldn't reach it. It rolled and rolled and turned over and over and did some extreme jumps, so I thought "that was it, no it will brake and damaged. Then, fortunately there where shrubbery and little trees and my S2 ran into and was captured after about 20 meters inside. 😅 I took a while until I could find and after all I could reach and get out my S2. There's only it's stand broken I mounted just a few days before and one side panel a little bit opend, that's all! Can't believe it! Nearly unbreakable! 😛😛 Now I own a Z10 and bought a strap to prevent of catched by such a situation another time. The strap I ordered from Amazon is elastic and I think in worst case it's not strong enough to hurt me a lot before it get damaged. But it will prevent me too loose the wheel in situations I don't want.