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  1. I use this one It has a builtin rubberband, so it's never hanging down loose. You also can use a rope or any belt, which you can hold with your hand. That will beware your wheel from running away or falling down.
  2. I go often with a safety belt from the handle to my leg - just right above my knee - because I don't want to loose none of my EUC. Sometimes I go just near a river by the bank and one day, after a jump off, my S2 nearly fell into the river. Another day it began to roll down a steep hill turning round and round and jumping and did not stop until it ran into a group of bushes. Big good luck! It also could have run onto a street or into a house or against some people! Also I don't want to roll my Z10 away, when having an accident or making a failure whilst driving it, as it happened here at 0:35:
  3. I know what you mean! Had a bad crash last weekend just because of that. The wheel wobbled one ore two times so massive and just in the moment the grass ended and the asphalt begun. I fell off in front and could stop the most energy of the fall with my wrist support, then the knee protector and finally made a slap rock. I did only wear a armless shirt, so I did get a few scratches on my back. Luckily no other hurt! Now I'm not so sure at all, the Z10 always runs like a train. That's only right on flat surfaces.
  4. http://eucriding.blogspot.com/2017/07/riding-tip-35-table-tennis-carving.html Hab gerade eine super Seite mit tollen Tipps gefunden!
  5. Harry, schön langsam glaube ich, du bist durch das fehlende Feedback deines Gleichgewichtsorganes vielleicht sogar wirklich im Vorteil. Unheimlich, wie gut es bei dir läuft. Das Wackeln ist fast immer eine "persönliche" Angelegenheit, mal beim Beschleunigen mal beim Bremsen. Ich habe es immer wieder beim Bremsen, aber es wird bei meinem Z10 z.B. besser je brutaler ich meine Knie gestreckt halte. So schlimm war es Gott- sei- Dank noch nie. Aber sei auf der Hut! Weiterhin viel Erfolg. LG Werner
  6. Was meint Ihr zu meinen ersten Fahrversuchen? Ich mach zwar noch seltsame Bewegungen, rudere mit den Armen und bin verkrampft, aber für den Anfang bin ich mehr als zufrieden. Viele GrüßeHarry Spitze Harry! Du bist der Wahnsinn. Ein richtiges Naturtalent. Nach so kurzer Zeit schon so gut drauf, das ist definitiv überdurchschnittlich. Du hast dir auch den perfekten Platz ausgesucht, das Üben am gummierten Platz ist ideal. Weiter so! LG Werner
  7. I own a S9 too. No issues so far, except a permanent disconnect when putting the device into my jacket and connect when putting it out again. Happened to me the second time within the last few month. Could both time fix it with reinstalling the app. That's all, apart from that everything is alright.
  8. Werner

    Z10 Regen question

    Plugging in my charger, I noticed a few times that my Z10 is not loading above a battery temperature above 42° C. The LED stays green until the temperature lowers enough. Maybe this works separately to each side because each battery has it's own bms? I also noticed that whilst going downhill during a longer ride ( i had expected with the recovery of the batteries on my way back ) it didn't recover energy because my battery temperature was to high. So I had to go from the top of the mountain down to the valley with the same rest of energy. But at least it was just enough.
  9. Hi, i can agree. I started in May 2018 with a ninebot One S2 without any knowledge of EUC before. Only read a little bit in the internet before and heard about it of some people I know. I started in a common garage along the wall. It took me 1 or 2 hours to ride free for more then 10m first time, but very very shaky. Ride, ride ride is the best you can do. That makes your muscles and nerves more automatically just without thinking. You do not think about walking or cycling too, do you? I commute with my wheel every day when the weather is fine (~ 10km one way). So I went about 3000km on my S2 till November 2018 and decided to step up to a Z10. Got it on aliexpress on 11.11. (" Black Friday" in Asia!). I got it for € 1250,- and with additional discount had to pay only € 1140,- ! Had to wait four it for more than 50 days and got it after new year 2019. And I'm so glad that I did this! Had good luck with the batteries, nearly hybernation, but after 1 hour blinking red and green it started charging normally. All fine! More power, more distance, more fun, and at least, much more stability at all. The wider tire is a gift, the Z10 runs stable as a train. But at the same time it is so smooth and easy to take little curves and turns on less speed. No problem to go at same slow speed as a pedestrian. Much more easier as with the little One S2. Every time I change from Z10 to S2 it's a little bit of work to ride it, because it's so nervous. You will see, kms on a faster wheel come more faster of course. I'm now on about 4000km on the Z10. And the more km you were going, the easier you will go - without thinking about how to do - just go and have fun! Always a pleasure and joy to hear from new riders. Welcome and have much fun, and always keep staying on!
  10. I think it would be good to add the general speed-limit-alarm of the wheel into the alarm settings. I mean the last alarm of the wheel, which depends on the remaining level of the battery, which always is going down as much as your battery level is sinking, because I'd like to " respect the beep" through my earphones when I cannot hear the wheel itself beeping because the wind is blowing to loud outside my helmet.
  11. Oder - noch besser - ein Autofahrer weniger, DAS schafft Platz und spart Ressourcen! Hier ein interessanter Link dazu https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/gadgets/wie-gelangen-wir-endlich-zur-e-scooter-gerechten-stadt-kolumne-a-1277730.html
  12. Haha, bin auch gerade beim Verkaufen, weil ich seit ich Einrad fahre nur noch 3 oder 4 mal am Motorrad gesessen bin. Habe seit ich letztes Jahr im Mai begonnen habe auch jeweils um die 3500 auf meinen 2 Einrädern. (Ninebot One S2 und seit Jänner auch Z10.) Meine Erfahrungen mit Polizei in Linz sind ähnlich, ignorieren mich oder schauen interessiert. Einmal sogar extra für mich rechts ran gefahren als wir uns auf einer kleinen Straße entgegen kamen, damit ich schön fahren kann .
  13. Waiting for the day they begin to confiscate cars because of accidents where people came to death............ This holy cow will never be touched!
  14. Hello @Seba! Thank you so much! That was it. Seems this has changed during the last update on my device. Now it works! Thx again.
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