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  1. Ja, es hängt leider auch immer von der Ansicht der involvierten Beamten ab. Ich wurde schon oft gesichtet aber noch nie angehalten geschweige denn gestraft oder angezeigt. Die Politik will glaube ich weder totschweigen noch abschrecken. Die sind einfach überfordert wegen der rechtlichen Hintergründe. Vor allem auch wegen der sicherheitsrechtlichen Bedenken. (Wer's nicht kennt kann sich das -"OHNE BREMSE, OHNE LENKER ZUM FESTHALTEN !! 😲😲 - einfach nicht vorstellen. ) Gleichzeitig ist halt leider auch kein wirtschaftliches Interesse vorhanden weil die EUC so verschwindend wenige
  2. I never force intensiv acceleration at higher speeds and always get a tiltback when reaching the speed limit. Additionally I work with EUC-World-Limits, they work very well. Never had any problems.
  3. @ fliegergott I still have the ninebot-segway V4 installed on my phone and the speed limit of the Z10 depends on how the limiter is setted (without been activated). I cannot find it online. Hope this link works. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.ninebot.ninebot Ignore the note for upgrade! I hope we meet sometime.
  4. Thx, installed and works fine 🙂 👌
  5. No, all works fine. Did initiate a new Ser-Nr because of a new MB and then renewed the speed increase with MRN76's help. No issues. Only 9 battery doesn't work since the speed increase.
  6. Really just a Theorie. Marty can tell you otherwise. I myself figured out that the brake wobbles on the Z10 are less with more streched out and stiffened legs as with bent knees. And the wobbles go away when I press one calf against the wheel as if I would like to take a smooth turn. Since I recognized this, everytime I brake hard i do so and there are no wobbles anymore or they disappear if there are some.
  7. Werner


    Except the time, the strap of the helmet is not closed.
  8. Agree with sexy but not with rides horribly. I like it so much! Sure it's better for fine pavement and not so good for off road paths. (It follows deep ruts very easily, that one time let me make a huge crash with a rollover.) But I like the speed increase with @MRN76 's help, runs so smooth around 45 to 55 km/h. And tiltback at weak battery comes much more later than original. Still don't want to change or step up, though more km per tour would be fine.
  9. Hallo @Bjorn vda, I unlocked my Z10 a few weeks ago with help from @MRN76 successfully. Runs wonderfully and stable. I appreciate it.
  10. The site does not show the MsuperX plus! It shows the Conversion of GotWay Msuper X 84V 1600Wh to GotWay Msuper PLUS 1845Wh 100V that's the price for the conversion, not for the wheel itself
  11. I never ever carried it with me. But I sometimes leaved it back at a bicycle stand, locked with a bike lock (no problem with my Z10 because of the massive integrated handle, same thing with the One S2). Most times I roll my Z10 with me, even in shopping centres. No problem ever.
  12. I like to use little neodym magnets for my backlight. So I can mount and dismount it within seconds. All you need is a strong doublesided self-adhesive tape. This should also work for a front light, especially when it's only the light and the powerbank is separated, tough there you will have to manage the cord between. Cheap and strong solution because the magnets are really strong.
  13. I'm riding both of my wheels with my fivefingers sometime and it's no problem, works fine. If you like your fivefingers you'll like to ride your EUC with them.
  14. I think this limit is very common internationally. It gives you the change to limit your device.
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