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    News Directly From Gotway Gotway has reached out to me, acknowledging that they have seen my video and that they want to replace my control board. But here's the real kicker, and should be of interest to many. After telling me that a new board will be sent to me, on a separate line is this, "With big MOSFETs" So it appears that Gotway does have a new 84-volt control board design with what I assume is the TO-247 MOSFETs. Very exciting. They've heard us
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    I have been busy over the last few days exploring the MOSFET thermal coupling issue on the Nikola. I put together a two part video that describes the current situation with the Nikolas and what I saw when inspecting my control board. It also documents a number of informal experiments that I did to test various thermal solutions using the Nikola heat sink, thermal pads and other thermal coupling solutions. The first video is available now and I should have the other done tomorrow that describes what seems to be a significant improvement over Gotway's standard assembly technique. Of course there may not actually be a need for better thermal performance and the bad units so far may have just been overzealous application of glue. I hope that these videos are useful to those of you that are considering your options on this issue.
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    Went out for a night ride the day before yesterday. I've become very fond of riding at night, when the city is completely deserted. It's nice to be able to focus on my riding and on progressively taming the 18XL. I still struggle a bit with things like accelerating on wide curves (large roundabouts, for example), and get speed wobbles, wobbles when accelerating hard, and when braking (except power braking). I was out for a couple of hours, mostly practising hard acceleration, braking, carving and slaloming: I'm really starting to enjoy having to put my weight into it, it's very different from the V8, which I can just effortlessly "flick" from side to side. Also did some off-roading, which was great fun, as the paths I took are usually plagued with people walking their dogs, forcing me to limit my speed drastically. T'was fun to push the envelop and get high on the adrenaline Sidenote: @Marty Backe, I'm following your advice and using a flashlight for night-riding: the 18XL has a great headlight, but when accelerating, braking or on pitch black trails, it isn't enough. The flashlight works like a charm, and is a much simpler solution than the DIY inventions I tried to attach a bicycle light to the wheel or my helmet. I initially thought it would be tedious to be holding the flashlight all the time, but have grown used to it, and can easily turn it on or off depending on visibility, resting my arm. It also comes in handy when approaching an intersection: I put it on strobe mode to give drivers plenty of notice of my impending arrival before we cross paths, and so far, I'd say it's prevented several mishaps with cars ( @Smoother can attest to the fact those don't tend to end well...) Anyway, before I go off on another tangent, mid-ride I took a break, and realised I could have unlocked the max. speed to 50 km/h several weeks ago. So, I unlocked it (had to try 3 different versions of the KS app...but that's a different story) and started leaving my "speed comfort zone" so I can gradually overcome the wobbles (they tend to start at about 35 km/h). I noticed that I instinctively grip the wheel when accelerating hard and when I reach a certain speed, so I worked on relaxing my stance. Had a few close calls (the kind of nasty wobbles that make you consider bailing), but managed to control them. Then, on the last stretch before getting home, I pushed myself one last time, and....I was managing! Faster and faster, no wobbles, complete control of the wheel, feeling confident and....suddenly I'm airborne and sliding along the pavement. I was so focused on my riding and maintaining control of the wheel that I didn't even see the speed bump 100m (330 ft) from my house, which I ride past at least twice a day...I checked WheelLog, and since most the ride home was either off-road or accelerate-wobble-slow down, the trip's top speed (43,8 km/h) was, beyond a doubt, the speed I was going when I saluted the pavement. It happened so fast I didn't even have time to think. I landed on my right side, and based on the scrape marks on my elbow guards (and lack thereof on my wrist guard), it appears my right wrist didn't even touch the ground and all my weight landed on my elbow (perfect recipe for a nasty shoulder injury). I'm glad I was wearing sturdy skateboard-style protections and not something like G-Form Pro-X's under my clothes, 'cause even with the skid plate and thick padding, the ol' elbow was sore for a while. Aside from that, I had some tingling in my left fingers, which scraped against the pavement (might consider getting some leather gloves...don't fancy road-rash...) and a nasty hit on my lateral malleolus (bottom of the fibula). An odd place to take a hit...but a good argument for wearing high mountain boots when riding; loosely laced, to not hinder ankle movement, they do provide protection for a part of the body I'd never even considered might be affected in an EUC crash. I rode away from the crash a bit shaken and with tingling fingers, but that's about it. It was the next day when I found myself limping and with a fairly sore shoulder (not a nice feeling when you've already dislocated that shoulder twice in the past). Gearing up saved the day. Inspecting my gear later, my helmet doesn't have a single scratch, but if my head had hit the ground, it would have been from the ear downward, so anything but a full-face helmet would have been as good as nothing at all. Looks like my backpack absorbed part of the hit too, as there's a tear on the side (if it hadn't been for the backpack, that would have been my side scraping against the asphalt). Am no longer limping and my shoulder is only slightly sore, so I consider myself pretty lucky (I fell in a straight line; I could have landed on the curb, slid into a parked car, etc.). The 18XL got a couple of ugly scars, and I ripped the side pad in three different places (almost pulled it off entirely). The factory adhesive is strong stuff, just pressed on the pad for a few seconds and it stayed in place, so I reckon I'll order a replacement but leave it as is until it's beyond recovery. I can't help but remember some advice given by @Mono, I think it was, on inattention being one of the no. 1 causes of EUC crashes. I was almost home (which is when we tend to pay less attention), the streets were deserted, there were no pedestrians, cars, dogs or other "mobile hazards", and due to excess focus on keeping the wheel stable at speed, I wasn't paying enough attention to the road in front of me. In retrospect, I'm glad this happened late at night and the obstacle was a speed bump and not a person (although I wouldn't have pushed my limits like that in any other circumstance; then again...you never really know when/where someone might jump out in front of you...) On the other hand, since I moved recently, it took me a a while to locate and unbox my protective gear, so for a over a week, I'd been running errands on the wheel, on a daily basis, with no protections at all. Granted, I was extra cautious and didn't take any risks, but accidents can happen when you least expect it so...no more of that nonsense. If it hadn't been for protective gear, this would have been a nasty fall (although another small lesson I've learned is that no matter how much protection one wears, there's always going to be some part of the body that's unprotected, so I guess the risk of accidents and injuries is something one just has to accept the moment he hops on a one-wheeled fracture machine) Over and out
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    And I am excited, but I didn't have anyone to tell who would know what I was talking about, so I thought I'd pop in and say hello and brag about my new present for Spring/Summer 2019. How are all my pals doing?
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    New Board Is A Fail - Fixed This is extremely frustrating and makes me pissed at Gotway all over again As I intimated in my previous post, the board configuration is different. Well, the wiring harness is so different that it's incompatible with this board!!! You can imagine my frustration as I excitedly put the wheel back together and have this result. Sure the wheel balances and almost everything appears to work. But the headlamp is always on. On the old board, one wire attached to a connector that went into the speaker module (what's up with that?). And the other went directly to the control board. Now, both wires to the fan are pre-installed on the control board. The connector from the speaker module? Just handing there because there's nothing to connect to. On the circuit diagram above, there's a connector for the light. I don't have any unused wires to plug into that. I'll continue poking around, but wouldn't you think that Gotway would know they made incompatible changes and offer advice??? I'll update this post if I can figure something out, otherwise it's a plea for help to @Jason McNeil Fix After tugging and probing I took my best guess at the light connector and moved it to the Light Connector shown in the picture. Now everything is working. Still leaves one of the identified connectors (USB/Tail light/etc) un-populated, and that wire from the speaker module that used to go to the fan is still dangling. But it works. Jason is going to have a fun time documenting this for the people that get to do this. Oh, and all of those gray plastic covers that hide the shell screws - they aren't all the same size. So keep track of those as you remove them to prevent you having to spend 10-minutes finding the right cover for each screw So I'm calm again Overheat hill test tomorrow morning.
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    Looks like we are going to get to try out the 16X this weekend! Woohoo! Demo time!
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    I just put together a little review of my new two favorite power wheels.
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    As a relatively new member, I haven't had a tremendous amount of time on this forum, but what strikes me as rather unique about this community is the level of politeness that seems to be the norm here. I have been a member of forums for other hobbies of mine and I'm sad to say that I have observed rude comments, ego driven arguments, and all sorts of bad manners on those forums. It is a very refreshing change to be a member of a community that seems to communicate respectfully and avoid the nonsense. My hats off to the founders and moderators of this forum for setting the tone and to all the members of this forum who make this a great place to learn about EUC's and exchange ideas and information with like-minded individuals. Clearly there are lots of interesting, extremely knowledgeable people on this forum. It's a real pleasure to be a part of this community!
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    Just got this from someone who in talks with kingsong... sounds good and promising . Looks like no one's had the proper model as yet .i wonder if the delay is due to getting everything perfect ,,, well,, we'll always moan so never perfect 😁😁 Just saying ....latest 16X news I got today: It’s definitely a different motor than 18L/Xl...and yeah KS, says 2200Watt. And quiet! They are adjusting the firmware for that in the moment. Kuji on the electric games still had the prototype. The handle sensor is still no button under the handle, as they can’t have moving wires inside trolley handle. But it is no “electrical sensor” connected to rod/board as on the 18L/XL....it’s working mechanic now. They will get rid of the “binding” off the app...will just take a bit time, as they are concentrating on 16X firmware at the moment. Production 16X starts “early next week”.....
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    Hello all, This is just preliminary information and project in progress.. but our friends from Moscow are already on the final path to create really nice battery for Ninebot Z ... It is made from 112 cells MJ1, 14s8p, 1410 Wh !!! so - real range may be close to 1600Wh Gotways or Kingsong 18XL ..
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    Some footage from the last Bay Area EUC ride during Fleet Week. You can see Neil's Z10 in action and it looks fantastic in person, maybe better than the stock version!
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    Kingsong KS16X: A long overdue preview and initial impressions video. Ps: My first vlog, gotta work on some idiosyncrasies that I have 😂😂😂 Filmed entirely on my iPhone and video was pumped out in a few hours. Hope the Singaporean accent isn’t too terrible for you guys. It’s my first time doing a video “vlog style”, a little nervous and unnatural 🤣
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    Decided to do my first VLOG with my trip to Chengdu. Traveling with wheels to check out giant pandas and ride with the local crew.
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    OK this thing is 100% set up perfect and wide open at 31 mph. Thank you everyone for your help. The music sounds good the ride is wonderful and I am liking it. It came with 37 psi and I have lowered it to 26 PSI. I think I will try 20 psi next. I will try to post videos in the next day or so.
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    I'm not too worried about a delay. Rather they take their time to get it right. I'd take quality control over production speed anytime.
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    Gotway fans are so funny. __ Gotway fans: the Nikola is so ugly, we hate it. Gotway: we made a new version of it with crazy-high specs. Gotway fans: oh now it's awesome and we want it. __ At least Gotway knows their audience.. ;->
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    The roads were a bit slippery yesterday!
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    The development of these is a long complex history; I had been asking KS for years to make some larger pedals better suited to meet the needs of most Western Riders, basing the arguments on Customer feedback, my own personal experience with the 18L, excitement surrounding the V10F release on this feature, & finally having that air-borne wipe-out, where on reflection thought some decent sized pedals would have allowed me to recover. With the introduction of the 18XL, thought it would be the ideal timing to give it that extra special addition. However, we faced some pretty strong opposition from the KS owner, who was adamant that the 25cm spec wasn't necessary, that it would ruin the aesthetic, that I was the lone voice in the wilderness asking for something that wouldn't have any demand, blah, blah... The original agreement was that we would help co-fund the development of the larger type & be reimbursed from the proceeds of sales, but the KS owner refused to produce anything larger than 22cm. My opinion was that this half-hearted attempt would be pretty pointless & that if there were to be investment in a new type, then we might as well do it properly, producing a design of material increase in dimensions. Thanks to Tina's persistent intercessions, reached a deal where we would pay for the entire development & that other sales would help recoup the initial investment. I don't know how KS marketed this upgrade to other regions/distributors, but the struck price on the 25cm pedals is not unreasonable, the same as what GW charge for their MSuper pedals. Everyone should have access to these if the request is made to their local distributor.
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    Trying out hyperlapse. Very Interesting effect...
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    I took a fall this morning during my commute to work, due to speed wobble while going downhill at about 8% grade, and my inability to ride it out. I've had wobbles before, some severe enough that I worried I might get bucked off, but so far each time I had ridden it out and managed to reduce the wobble by slowing or turning ("carving") or clamping down my legs. I've also seen a big reduction in wobbles in general, as I build confidence and "EUC legs." This time, though, it started fast, became a rapid hammering vibration within 2-3 seconds, and I started losing directional control while next to rush hour traffic on a road shoulder. It's frustrating to struggle with these wobbles, especially downhill, only to have them magically disappear for weeks, before suddenly reappearing on a commute route I've taken quite a few times by now. My confidence is shot to pieces for now. In some ways it was a benign fall: not a faceplant, as I went off backward and the wheel continued without me for about 30ft before going into the roadside ditch. However, I was going about 20mph and the impact and sliding to a stop had some effects, as both impact areas bypassed my protective gear altogether. I ride with double-sided flexmeters on the wrists, G-Form Elite RPT compression elbow guards, and hard-shell skater strap-on knee guards, plus a full-face motocross helmet. As I picked myself up, the immediate adrenaline rush made assessment difficult, but I went to find the wheel and turn it off, and just waited for about 2 minutes for the shaking to stop and the pain signals to start coming in to the brain. My first impression was that I had slid pretty hard on my butt, and that my left arm was damaged and not working properly. My pants were ripped up at my left upper buttock. I could move the fingers, wrist, and shoulder of the left arm normally, but forearm rotation and lifting was very difficult and starting to hurt. I almost turned around and went home, but still wasn't sure of my condition, and in any case at work I would be closer to professional help, so after about another 3-4 minutes I got back on the wheel (after removing debris from the pedals and wheel well) and continued the ride (slowly!), with left arm hanging limp as much as possible. I did have to signal some left turns, half-raising the arm to do so. I must've been quite the sight with the hole and bleeding on my left side. Got to my office, slowly removed all the gear, took 800mg Ibuprofen, and went to my first meeting, where the pain and difficulty moving my arm started properly registering. Afterward I walked across the street to my primary care facility (luckily right next to where I work). They cleaned and bandaged: - A small bleeding circular bruise on the inside of my very swollen left elbow joint - A giant bleeding abraded and bruised section of upper left buttock An NP palpated my left hand, wrist, forearm, and arm, and had me show that I could move fingers, wrist, and shoulder OK. What hurts is forearm lifting and rotation. Got 2 x-rays done on the elbow, which show no major fracture, but a small anomaly that may be a "subtle" avulsion fracture on the inside of the elbow, right about where the circular bruise is. In other words, a small bit of bone may have chipped off. Will see an orthopedic specialist on Thursday. Meanwhile the arm is in a sling and I'm trying not to use it. The wheel stayed at work and I got a ride home at the end of the day. So, no wheel until I heal, which hopefully will consist simply of a bunch of swollen soft tissue getting less angry with me. Given where the damage happened, I need to reevaluate my protective equipment. On the elbow, the G-Form Elite has a flexible RPT pad that covers the elbow and wraps part-way around the arm. This is fine, except that on impact my arm was rotated in such a way that what hit the asphalt was not the armor pad but a spot about half an inch from the edge of it, which means that the only thing between skin and ground was a very thin flexible compression layer, something like lycra. This part of the elbow sleeve now has a nice little hole in it. As for my behind, my shorts and underwear provided very little protection and bare skin scraped along the asphalt as I decelerated, creating a giant bleeding mess. While I recover I'll be looking for new protection options, such as motorcycle pants/jeans with armor pads, and a different type of elbow protection that has better lateral coverage. I'm trying to stop short of going full "Alien Android in a B Movie." Marty Backe looks awesome and futuristic in his gear, but I don't see how I can reasonably commute to/from work in something so elaborate. I'm open to any suggestions btw.
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    Look closer Marty. It’s Gotway’s new Super Duper MSuper.
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    So I've fitted the nikola pedals to my msx everything went smooth , pins came out straight away , Nikola rod is allot shorter which concerned me but that's how it is on the nikola so shouldn't be a problem , Grip tape ,, yeah it's good ,, it's grippy ,, yet to do full ride , Pedal angle 😐 8 degree on the msx 16 degree with Nikola pedals ,, I've been for a 5 minute ride locked in and cornering was good .,,, longer ride needed,( a bit of filing should change the angle , yet to find out) Size -yeah man! These are big plenty of foot space,,😊 i like em, I'm going to go do some videoing so I'll update as i go,, this is all i have for now .. And questions or comments good or bad is welcome Thanks
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    Finally I did manage to foster Rottweiler -> Z10 has a new home !!! For those who know the story about my previous Dalmatian (E+) , the Z10 is like big and dangerous Rotti in comparison I've managed to do some short test riding yesterday, and today I went for longer trip around estate, through the local park, and back (1,5h of riding). Basically I'm focused on cracked, ruined pavements... I'm aware of that fat tyre, so all I'm trying is to learn those feelings, how the wheel behaves. I need to know how to control it, how it's dealing with the damaged pavements, before I start commute. After today's session I'm starting to understand Z10 a bit better than yesterday.
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    Someone spotted me and posted in the local car spotters group on Facebook.
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    Update: Gotway/@Linnea Lin Gotway very kindly provided this overview of their programmed speed alerting characteristics. As @Marty Backe indicated, this 100-10% is not tilt-back, as with other manufacturers, but the level 3 audio alarms. It's interesting how Gotway permits the Rider to really push the Wheels to 80% of their max speed all the way down to where other manufacturers are limiting the cruising speed down to a snail's walking pace. With these 84v packs, with 6 parallels working in parallel, do you think there's an inherent (too great?) an unncessary safety margin which manufacturers such KS have not taken into adequate consideration when programming their larger capacity controllers degradation reductions? With the Gotways, we're not witnessing queues to ER wards as a result of the Wheels cutting out under low battery.
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    Jason has confirmed that he is getting one of these pre-production Nikola's sent directly to me from Gotway. Hopefully I'll have it within a month. Than the testing begins It'll eventually be in @houseofjob's hands for the city testing, but this time you get to wait
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    Hello all first I want to start off by saying I've never ridden a Kingsong branded wheel before. I've probably owned every single brand except a Kingsong. With that being said I was sent the KS18XL mess around with. Overall impressions all I can say is wow! Here's my video on it. Any questions leave a comment and I'll try to answer them. I want to give a special thanks to @houseofjob for helping me film this! Chris you rock!!
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    Is this The Real Marty Backe?
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    Trying to slow down this thread to a crawl! Like .5km/h Sexy ass
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    PROBLEM l opened my 84V Gotway Tesla v1.2 charger as it was always feeling hot. This is what i found: 1. Inside of lid had obvious "overheat signatures" 2. Small Capacitors were too hot to touch (and 65°C one was bulging ever so slightly = had been close to pop), also the big choke was seriously hot. Also measured alu hestsink right by the ?mosfet?transistor? NOTE! Meassuring temp of components was made with an "air probe" = add guess-timated 15-20°C to the values for surface temp, making capacitors around 80°C EXTERNALLY in an OPEN UNIT that do not trap the heat energy. How much accumulates over time, i dont know, but it will be higher temps in a closed charger NO DOUBT Solution, MOD with active cooling 1. Draw around the active fan area and Drill as many 2mm holes inside that area as possible. Fan was placed right above the small caps and the choke to cool them the most (small 2mm holes because I dont want metal accidentally falling down as it could have if i would have made a large round hole). Make sure drillbit is SHARP (metal drill) or you will have melted plastic at hole entry&exit that is very hard to get rid of nicely (i know, i tried before changing drillbit) 2. Drill exhaust vents at the far end (by the ? transistors?mosfets? and small chokes) to direct airflow past all components including the big capacitors in the middle. I kept the output area a bit smaller than the input to have a slight over pressure inside. 3. Got a 5V 50mm fan (so it could be powered by a usb charger), cut an old usb cable and soldered + shrinked the package together. 4. Glued the fan with plastic based "sealant" (silicone would also work i guess) to make sure no air pressure/flow is lost in the "grooves" of the lid (air allways takes easiest way "out") and maximize pressure towards the small holes leading air inside. 5. Added a few cable holders + ties and there it is, working like a charm. RESULT Can feel the air blowing through all three exhausts, have yet to do a charge from low battery as the heat develops over time and then meassure exhaust temp. I do not think it will be very high as the heat was/is generated over a long time in a closed compartment (little jest energy per second, but a lot of energy in the long run) , so likely i will just feel a luke warm exhaust air, if even that, as the heat energy is removed instantly every time slice and is likely a lot less than what this simple convection cooling csn hsndle. A.k.a. it should be more than enough to kepp things chill :-)
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    Got my Nikola Plus yesterday. Had it in my trunk and the shell got all scratched up. Also was able to reach 65km/h or 40mph. Smooth. Didn’t know I was going that fast.
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    Can someone please take away Mike's "Gotway Fanboy" card
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    Edit:  there are now "official" statements from Gotway (on Facebook) that acknowledge the problem and that new control boards will be available for all owners of the original Nikola. Owners are supposed to contact the dealer where they bought the wheel. Link to video of board replacement: ______________________ Unfortionately GW used something like hot glue inbetween the mosfet and the thermal pad as ?assembly help? for the nikola. Until now two cases are known: If one is interested in the "whole story", it starts here with @Marty Backe's report after disassembly of his nikola after the mosfets burned at the beginning ("baby hill") of overheat hill So if you are one of the happy owners of this, otherwise great wheel - PLEASE DRIVE CAREFUL AND DON'T TAKE IT TO THE MAX, DO NOT OVERLY BURDEN THE NIKOLA (for now). Hopefully there will be soon some official statements from GW with a solution to this problem offered! A "small" point, which also came out in this discussion after the fryed mosfets happened on overheat hill is that the reported current is very often very high (much more 90A current warnings than @Marty Backe normaly gets with his GWs) and a very low reported temperature! So it seems one should not wait for a overtemp alarm to be raised - watch the current (spikes?). Or even better - TAKE TIME TO RELAX AND DRIVE COMFORTABLY UNTIL THIS IS SOLVED! Edit: A great teardown and some thermal distribution test Second Part
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    Ride today. I thought it would be nice and cool but it ended up being hot like a Gotway glue board On the right: Maxlrain Castle, mainly known for its brewery which is in the center here. Note there's a smaller building left of each one, they will be identified soon. Castle Each castle needs it associated inn right next to it. That's the first smaller building. I wonder what the second could be... The brewery. Hard to photograph, but you can watch the conveyor belt moving the beer bottles by in the window. Of course the brewery needs is associated inn and, naturally and most importantly, beer garden! That's the real attraction in this place. In addition to the usual Bavarian meats, note the guy is grilling another typical specialty: Steckerlfisch (fish on a wooden stick). Today it was surprisingly empty. This place is packed with both locals and tourists at the right times. Behind the brewery, some nice rural scenery and a patch of forest I crossed. The area is quite swampy courtesy of the last ice age. You an see the typical bog water color. This little froggie escaped my proximity by drifting with the current away from me, without moving. Nice trick. Some more scenes after the forest. I had to cut the ride short a bit because my batteries aren't what they used to be (or maybe my tire pressure was very low, I enjoyed some unexpected but very welcome cushy bouncyness of my beloved Chao Yang tire). On the way home along the river path. The end. Thanks to certain the no-photo complainers which made me take pictures
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    Loving the moment here on a break during my commute...💜
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    You’ve got my full respect!
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    KS has promised to ship out a preproduction sample in the next couple weeks. It's schedule will start out with Marty in LA, then make it's way East Coast.
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    Here you go. The Nikola ended up being photographed a little bit sideways for the width-comparison photos, so perhaps it's a little bit unfair towards it but hopefully you should get the idea at any rate.
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    I grabbed this video from Facebook for those of you who don't venture there. Wonder if I can do this with my two ACMs?
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    The troops are ready for marching orders.
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    This year interest & sales of eScooters has surpassed Electric Unicycle sales—this isn't to say that the market for Electric Unicycles is diminishing, in fact Wheel sales were up 2.5x over last year —but with the continued deep pocketed expansion of the eScooter rental business, it's fairly certain that more people will take to Electric Scooter ownership, with a corresponding number of new suppliers/models being released to meet this demand. In the past two weeks, I've launched three new products: the Dualtron Spider, Turbowheel Hornet & the Turbowheel Dart. The Turbowheel brand will be the eWheels branded line of scooters, since the Chinese manufacturer names are both unfamiliar & IMO not the most marketable... During the exercise of launching these new scooter lines, it had me thinking that there should be some sort of broad classification of eScooters for prospective buyers to have a sense of where a particular model falls into. Similar to what we witnessed back in 2014-2015 for Electric Unicycles, where >80% products were pretty dreadful 16 cell, 350W machines, most of the scooters being pumped out of China are the 8" <300Wh, 250W feeble eScooters that won't last more than a few months on the rental circuit—in the Bloomberg article, it was claimed the average replacement rate is less than four months. There's quite a few other differentiators beyond just the wheel diameter, single/dual motor setup & speed, such as braking capabilities, whether they have branded battery cells (most of the cheap ones do not), but there is a rough approximation between Scooter quality & its performance. What do you think of these classifications? Are 10 categories sufficient to capture the different classes? Class 1: Cheap carbon-fiber scooters Class 2: 8”, <300Wh, <30kph. ES2, Xiaomi 365, Stryder (280Wh), Gotrax GXL, Swagtron 5 Class 3: 8”, 300-600Wh, >30kph. ES4, UScooter V/S+, EcoReco L5/L5+ Class 4: 8”, >600Wh, >30kph. Mini4, T8/Zero 8 Class 5: 9”, single-motor, >600Wh. Dart/T9/Zero 9. Class 6: 10“, single-motor. SW III, IV, T10/Zero 10 Class 7: 8”, dual-motor. Hornet, DT Raptor Class 8: 10“, dual-motor, ultralight. DT Spider Class 9: 10”, dual-motor, >1kWh. DT3, DT2, D4+, D5+ Class 10: 11”, dual-motor, ultra-wide tire. Thunder, Ultra
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    Thanks for your failure report, and I'm glad you're OK. Not that I needed your confirmation, but your case is the 3rd one that we have pictures of and the failure mode is identical. And the fact that they have all failed under different stress conditions tells me that everyone who owns a Nikola with the original control board should not ride it until they get a replacement. Unfortunately it appears that the majority of riders in the world don't know anything about this Forum. I think it's safe to say that everyone in the Forum knows of the issue. And I've posted a few detailed reports in Facebook. That's all I can do. It's Gotway that should should really be proactive but it's not clear that they will be. It's sad because this will taint the Nikola probably forever. I would recommend that people only buy from a dealer that they can fully trust to confirm that their Nikola has the new control board design. My board is arriving tomorrow (Tuesday). I'll post some high quality pictures of the board and will most likely tackle Overheat Hill Wednesday morning. Tagging @Jason McNeil so he knows of this third failure.
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    All I've read the past year was how Gotway "used to" have worse build quality and quality control issues leading to higher risk riding them, but how they're supposedly getting better now. Even if you can point to a couple examples of Gotway doing somewhat better on one or two recent wheels like the MSX, overall it looks like the old stereotype still remains true of Gotway as a company as a whole. Meaning every new wheel of theirs should be assumed to fall under the old stereotype unless/until after a couple years if that particular wheel proves to be one to add to the small list of exceptions. If you like analogies: InMotion = Apple = behind on specs but good production values/lots of polish (alternatively: shiny and scratches easy ;-) ), clear (if simple) product lines, (at least North American branch of IM) more accountable than most (like Apple, not immune to hardware fsck-ups, but relatively rarer and they have actually done recalls occasionally when necessary) King Song = Samsung = higher specs, overall solid/rugged hardware construction, some weird quirks people put up with for the higher specs and ruggedness (the King Song whine and poor companion app are sort of the equivalent of some of the janky stuff Samsung has done with their UI skin over the years), sprawling product lines but with at least some order behind it, more accountable than most other Asian hardware manufacturers but not quite all the way/still dealing with an Asian business mentality which can bite you on occasion Gotway = no-name Asian Android OEM's = rush to cram in the highest specs without concern for much else, often shoddy construction, no cohesive product lines or naming conventions, no accountability -- at the end of the day, yes you can get a no-name Asian Android handset with the most cpu cores and/or the highest clock speeds, but you have to be willing to live with a lot of cut corners for it (although at least if such a phone overheats/fails it won't throw you to faceplant on the pavement) Of course in all cases, the two universal truths remain: While we are all relatively early adopters, you at least don't want to be an "earliest" adopter (what I am hereby declaring the "let Marty Backe fall down first" principle ;-p ) Everyone worships ewheels.com and Jason for very good reason, as the only surefire 'insurance'/protection against EUC manufacturer shenanigans. __ (For reference, here is an excellent write-up on the history of wheel issues by the various manufacturers: )
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    I've been seeing lots of videos regarding this stuff in the skating scene. So I decided to try it out. It was also suggested that the new Gotway Nikola had used this stuff on the pedals. But after seeing it up close it is different. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it during the demo ride, but GW Nikola was larger square pyramids vs these which are more like little boxes, flat top. I just got them installed, sorry, no video. Took a few photos and my impression of it is below.... They feel just as grippy as the abrasive kind. I tried wetting it and also wetting my shoes, it seem to increase the grip for some reason. No data to support just a feeling. There is definitely zero slip with it being wet which was my biggest concern. The cost is about the same. I was hoping that it will give some relief to long riding like the V10F rubber pedals. The jury is still out on that. Will report back later if I feel it is helping after some longer rides. So far I LIKE them! Before After Close up comparison Very easy to change out on the KS XL pedals. Just remove the old hgrip Here is it with a lot of water on it Bought it from here for 11 bucks. Unfortunately you an only do 3 XL pedals with one roll. So to do two EUC's with XL pedals, you need two rolls. They are cheap $12 bucks. https://brailleskateboarding.com/product/non-abrasive-grip-tape/
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    Y'know ... the moment I hear the word 'influencer' I can't help but shake my head. 1.3k subs ....
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    A very short film of old tricks for a presentation I am doing. I do miss riding regularly ☺️
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