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    From today's ride around Southern California From left: @YoshiSkySun, @M22 Mark Chanya, @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", @Dave U, @Mark Lee, Brian (@Dave U's son), Ken, Mario, and me
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    Cogswell Ride from @Marty Backe's LA Tour
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    Thanks. There's been a recent breakthrough, after many entreaties, KS has committed to fully supporting Illya on this project: before the end of the year, DB should be able to perform KS firmware updates & all the other features from the native App, removing all dependency on the KS App on IOS.
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    Nice pose! Initially it looked painful as the outfit’s black groin region camouflaged the padded seat.
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    Quick and dirty cut of a little bit of my commute this morning. First commute with the now-repaired ACM2 having an off-road tire instead of the stock tire used last winter. I've put the XL away, the ACM2 with this tire is far easier to ride in these conditions. The road doesn't look slippery to walk on because I have studs on my shoes.
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    A Wheeler Pro interviewed in the 19/20 of 14/11/2019 on France 3 Paris Ile de France (French news broadcast) Subtitles available in FR and EN
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    I think it looks awesome! Looks to me like @Rama Douglas rubbed off a little on you at the LA EUC Games.
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    The ubiquitous term used most commonly has been "wheel" ("wheels" for plural) for years now.
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    Rode to Brussels last Friday to pick up my @GyroRideRz gloves. Which turned into quite the challenge as I forgot to charge my phone, and therefore was out of GPS/Navigation after about halfway. Luckily I had memorized the route sufficiently to only mildly get lost. I arrived ten minutes before closing time and the good people of Vandenborre Mobility were friendly enough to let me charge my wheel enough to limp to the train station afterwards. On Saturday I did a nice little ride from Lier to Antwerp to cheer on my gf and her rugby-teammates. On the picture below I just arrived while they are doing the pre-watch warm-up in the far distance.
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    Dear euc.world users, today I updated "Top riders" section. Now the ranking presents real, verified results. In addition, the rankings themselves have changed slightly - instead of average distance and speed during a tour, users who have reached the highest distance during one trip and the highest average speed during a trip are rewarded. So records are more important than average values within specified interval Now there are also additional intervals available - you can check the best riders of the last 7 days, 30 days or 180 days. Or the best riders of all time New "Top Riders" ranking is available at https://euc.world In order to be among the best, it is necessary to use recent version of the EUC World application. Older versions of the application (especially euc.world WheelLog versions that was installed from APK installer) use an outdated version of the API and do not send information that is necessary for the proper functioning of the ranking. Old API contain limitations making further development of the service and application problematic. For this reason, the old API will be turned off at the beginning of January 2020. For this reason, users of the old versions of the application will not be able to use the features of the euc.world service.
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    Don't do that... The double wheel units are quite different to riding an EUC and will not add much value... You will still have to learn to ride an EUC after mastering the double-wheel. One of the best learning videos that I have seen is this one, from EUCO... And if you are wanting to look at a way to protect your King Song while you learn (and afterward)... Have a look at my website, roll.nz. Full disclosure, my company produces and sells EUC Bodyguard (protective covers) globally. And while that may make me seem biased toward them as a solution, they honestly are a viable alternative to a trainer wheel and do provide the protection anyone might need for their EUC.
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    The more I read on the cells, the more it appears there are negatives and not many positives. On the heat disapation side of things there is this: "Larger cells take longer to dissipate heat, due to the lower surface to volume ratio (∼88% for 21700 compared to 18650 cells). Cells with the same format and higher capacity have a higher ratio of active to non-active material, also making them denser and slower to dissipate heat. These physical attributes are the reason we observe a 21700 cell with 91μm anode thickness showing ∼130%of the heating rate compared to an 18650 cell at 101μm." Um, that's not good. If you are pushing the EUC there are already issues with heat and from my understanding that little computer fan blowing over the mosfet doesn't do enough. If you have a lot of heat coming from the battery pack, that will just make it worse. So, then what is the benefit if then of the 21700s? The only thing that I see in the documentation is a higher discharge rate. So maybe we can eat the cookies out of that jar a lot faster. Would that translate to quicker acceleration and more powerful braking?
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    We can only be so lucky. It was -1C the other day. For my review/contribution: I wanted touchscreen gloves - a pair for warmer weather and a pair for colder weather. When I'm bored, I like to do some courier activities so I can have fun riding and exploring the city without the feeling of aimlessness. I also did not want to break the bank ~20 budget. The gloves have to fit under flexmeters. I'll upload pictures if requested. Ninja Gloves - $4.10 - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0069UBYYG/ - recommended by Gaz Bon Extremely thin and light. Fit felt a little loose, but was comfortable. Almost like a second skin with full mobility. Extremely easy to fit under flexmeters. I was riding the other day (without my flexmeters on - because I was being lazy) and took a spill. I have a few red dots on my hand, but no road rash. The gloves look untouched. These are GREAT for riding in warm weather. Using your phone with these on is a bit touch and go, I'd say it works 80% of time with some errors. In colder weather, these are not recommended as it will feel like you have nearly nothing on. Glider Gloves Winter Style - $16.99 - https://www.amazon.com/GliderGloves-Copper-Infused-Screen-Gloves/dp/B005WT0266/ These gloves are a bit thicker and tighter to put on, but once they're on they feel extremely comfortable and snug. I still have good mobility. There are two layers of gloves (it's like wearing two pairs of the typical knitted gloves). It's a minor squeeze into flexmeters. Using them on touchscreen is great and it feels 100% accurate for me. These gloves are comfortable to 4.5 C /40 F. It will feel decently warm. Higher than that, it feels toasty. At -1C/30F, you can feel that there is a chill. - This is all personal experience and YMMV.
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    In the meantime, pick up some adhesive reflective tape on Amazon. You'll probably have to replace it every now and then, but it's better than nothing and gets the job done It's what I've been doing with my wrist guards
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    Got the Sk8-Hi ComfyCush as well, and it made a huge difference for me. My right foot doesn't get pain or cramp up like before. I'm going to keep testing it, but I think I may have found my new go-to shoe.
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    I’ll try, Smoothly mounting and dismounting with control is the most important thing to me going in a straight line as slow as an elderly person walks so that when you ride near people you can do it in control. I practiced entering a parking space and turning around in it staying between the lines handling elevation changes- nothing extreme, bumps, speed bumps, keep those knees bent. It depends on where you ride, I was able to ride in fairly open areas with no cars or people when I first learned. Once I learned to mount/dismount easily, I started exploring the world and the challenges of riding an euc in it. If you live in a hilly area, you might want to get a retractable dog leash in case the wheel gets away from you. Keep it at speeds you can handle and keep an idea of what can happen to others if you lose control.
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    Some pictures from Monday's ride with Tim Rodriguez and @Dave U @Dave U and his 2100wh Nikola Tim goofing with his new Monster V3 Bottom of the San Gabriel river
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    Sure it wasn't your reflection on a mirrored window office 🏢building or shopping window🛒? 😁 Maybe we get a video of tag team Hunka now Taking on the challenge of ever pavement and curb 😉
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    aah, its tedious for sure give yourself at least a couple hours
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    But you're keeping the cape, aren't you?
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    sidewalks at a jogging speed depending on the EUC and how far.. most of the time streets or bike lanes... most people on bicycles are only going 25-30 kph anyways and they ride on all roads so dont feel you have to always keep up with traffic or anything.. just dont jump on to the road with cars the day after you get it lol
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    Gotway speed limit fix in plans, but after big KS updates. I and @december11 have a lot of work to do on the app, and I apologize for not being able to answer everyone and not always.
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    Your are a better man than me Dan; I had nothing but jealousy as I left the house this morning when it was 9 degrees f.
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    Just commuted to work again this morning. It is a bit early. But considering that I bought myself a Xmas gift yesterday (V10f).... As for FW 1.07 it performance really well to me. The wheel is very responsive. That said I don't ride it above 40kmh especially in the dark.
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    Well I pulled the trigger... I will hopefully soon be a proud EUC owner! Thanks for your help everyone! Now to buy safety gear... lol
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    quick update, went with predator DH6x. Happy with my choice.
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    There's no need to "switch" just because of one app - just buy a cheap no-contract Android phone (such as Moto e5 for $30, see my thread about slick deals) and use it as a cellular-less smartdevice. Moreover, there's no need to login with Google account to install apps from Google Play store - most apps can be sideloaded from sites like apkpure.com, etc. I have a bunch of cheap Android phones (mostly bought on Black Fridays for dirt cheap) for various specific tasks. (for example, I have a dedicated phone just for drone flying; and another just for car navigation)
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    Aka the Marvel cinematic universe meets DC comics! We've got Marty Batman (or Backeman) , Spidey-Tim and... @Dave U, you need a red attire with some gold accents on it so Iron Man can join the EUC-vengers!
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    I had a wire get loose in my Nikola and fried the board while I was riding, luckily only at 8mph and I was fully geared. So my failure rate is 1 in 5600 miles. Mechanical and electrical equipment will fail, it’s just a matter of when so you should be prepared to hit the ground and “survive” when it does.
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    No dice, flashed it, restarted. But after ~6 minutes it nearly forced me off the wheel again with extreme tilt back at low speeds. I guess it's up for a v1.5 control board. At least it works without music playing for now.
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    I’m sure you’re debating me on semantics here but what you really cant debate is that a bike lane is less safe for an EUC rider than just taking up a whole lane in the road Bike lanes are not congested with bikes enough for most drivers to even check to see if a biker is coming when they need to turn. Cars notoriously always edge out INTO the bike lane when they’re trying to turn into traffic, leaving the bicyclist with having to veer into the road (and you better hope a car isn’t side by side with you at that point or you’ll have to slam the brakes).
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    Nice! I like the quick links at the bottom like "What's the fastest", very useful. This brings to mind's @AtlasP's excellent overview spreadsheet. You can find a ton of data there. Direct link: https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=5C7F7C96B9CB240D!453580&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!AH72KLYXambSLHc
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    Unfortunately weekday LA traffic will prevent me from attending most remote rides. Enjoy the great weather we've been having.
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    Power on the wheel -- Connect with APP -- Unlock the motor -- Checking the status
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    The MSX is a fugly wheel so some improved aesthetics would be nice.
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    It was horrible all the way from 0 to 5000km. The compound is actually on the softer side, it’s just that the shallow tread pattern doesn’t really offer anything that would grab, so it behaves almost like a slick street tire. While I talk about wet grip, I never had notable issues on clean, wet pavement. It’s unpaved and especially dirt and grass surfaces that the H-5102 fail to grip to, unlike all other EUC tires.
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    It's as if I typed this reply myself, same feelings and experience here:)
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    Think of the weight of you do a bit of stairs. Larger wheels are good for range and potholes but 25kg is fairly heavy. Besides smaller diameters often have more torque and nimbleness, which is good in city trafic. The KS16S is plenty for city use and weights 17kg at most.
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    Good idea, BTW tomorrow there are some deals on the Chinese / Russian sites as 11/11 promo's. (Albeit that some prices don't drop that much :-P )
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    I've been on 1.07 since it was first available... and I love it! It is definitely an improvement. Listen up people... Upgrade!
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    In another month or so you will look even chunkier and its not because you got more safety gear for Christmas. If only someone would invent a helmet that looks like a beanie ... handy for Winter when you forget your helmet. ...oddly enough I then did a google search and found this... Beanie Helmet - Kickstarter ANTI Ordinary - Website
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    @Alien Rides Wow that is a fantastic video! And some really nice long moving shots! Amazing event as well.
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    Update October 18 Gearbest is selling V5F in flash sale for 304.84€/$333 "Estimated Shipping Time: 50-60 business days "
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    I guess you're in countries with efficient healthcare systems. Although in the US I'd also consider doing it myself to save on the deductible. Polish public health system is severely underfunded and understaffed. It was either do it myself or wait multiple hours in the ER, while suffering further damage. Since this injury is non-lethal, the waiting times could be ridiculous. And I'd be extremely bored for that time - I can't use a keyboard with a dislocation. The seats are really uncomfortable. Add a risk of getting infected, since you can't really leave the place... Not worth it. :-) You can read some stories from hell Polish ER here: Google translate Some traditional Polish food served in hospitals: Let thy food be thy medicine I doubt the doctors would do a better job. Best ones usually go to Germany or Norway. Plus YouTube videos made it look easy. A hint for reducing a shoulder: I think that pain is a good guide. A few bad methods hurt more than leaving it alone. The successful one made it hurt less, until it popped back in. So if it hurts considerably more, don't force it - you're probably doing it wrong. I may get an x-ray just to see if everything is alright. But not today, code won't write itself. Ps. An hour after I popped it in I went for a ride to KFC. xD
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    Anyone have an idea how to turn one of my EUCs into a boat because that's the only way I can ride mine currently. It has rained for weeks solid. Flooding has now ensued.
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