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    Gotway Died For Me Today I just returned from a 26-mile 5300-ft climb to the top of Mt Baldy. I rode it hard and fast and pretended I had an infinite battery - zero battery management. I arrived in a record 1 hour and 20 minutes to the top of the ski lifts. I had five out of eight bars remaining, 89 volts. After riding down the mountain 26-miles I had five out of eight bars and 87 volts. It was an absolutely amazing ride. I honestly have no desire to ride any of my Gotway wheels and certainly not any KingSong. Sure, those other wheels still have their purposes, but my God, when you just want to go out and ride, the Sherman is incredible. I say this after now having ridden the wheel for 295-miles. Give yourself 50-miles of riding before passing judgement :-) I do feel a little melancholy saying this because Gotway has been such a great brand for me. My message is for the passionate EUC riders out there. It's not the perfect wheel for walking your dog, shopping, mellow rides in the woods, etc. But if you want to ride like the wind without a care in the world, get a Sherman!
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    Don't you think it's rude to just reduce someone's video to "It is just entertainment nothing more"? Creating content is an extremely time consuming process and the lack of recognition / gratitude for even having content produced for such a niche hobby is bewildering to me. He didn't write it off though. I rewatched the video just to see if there was any merit in your claim - there is none. eVX did the following in the video Showcase the suspension with riding over speedbumps, some grassy/root terrain, roads Talked about bumps and how the inmotion suspension is smooth if you have the right PSI Gives us a chart on PSI / Rider weight Talked a little bit about the difference between linear and progressive shocks Claims it's the smoothest EUC he's ever ridden on Praises the custom motor - again better than any motor on any EUC he has ever ridden on talks about amazing torque due to custom motor - only slightly lower acceleration compared to 16x talks about amazing stopping power again due to custom motor - a vital component to any safe EUC Talked about top speed - and how coupled with the riding experience it is a really good wheel Talks about area of where the main board is and how there is good airflow - noted that there are a couple of spots where water might puddle up Showcases the excellent front light - notes that that fan is a little loud though Talks about how the kickstand actually proves to be a pretty useful feature even though he thought it was a joke initially Talks about suspension Nice suspension but subpar compared to S18, but "it doesn't matter" Talks about difference in philosphy: S18 (how do I build a wheel that focuses mainly around suspension) V11 (how do I build the best EUC (suspension is included in the design) Compares it to a luxury sedan, good all arounder posits that maybe building an entire wheel around suspension (S18) might not be a good move Perfect city commuter wheel ONLY at the very end did he say it was "boring" to him. But as I noted, he said so many positive things about the V11. By choosing to focus on his last statement, claiming that he has "written off" the wheel then reduced his efforts to just "entertainment and nothing more" is frankly quite appalling.
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    As discussed in other comments, InMotion consistently has the best IP rating, his comments here are way off-base. Calling the suspension 'sub-par' is really disingenuous. Considering even by early July nobody yet owns a suspension wheel, "par" for pretty much all riders is the complete absence of suspension whatsoever. And since as Kuji says both suspension wheels have superior ride quality to any non-suspension wheel (and Kuji says he wishes all his wheels had suspension), such suspension is still a great improvement over current non-suspension ride quality 'par' as riders know it. Calling the best 84v commuter wheel ever made--the first-ever suspension paving the way for the future, as well as an 84v wheel that beats the 84v MSX yet made by InMotion(!) of all people--'boring' is a bizarre statement. The only interpretation that makes sense is that he considers all 84v wheels boring, but then that's hardly a mark against this particular wheel, and should've been disclaimer of his perception of and bias towards the entire 84v category. Ultimately this wreaks of trying to atone to his NYC crew for otherwise saying positive things about an InMotion wheel.
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    interesting. Thank you for the insight, but just a question, Is it wise to show evX phone number on this forum? Maybe i'm just a little paranoid lately (Just check my location), maybe you should blank it just in case.
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    Very nicely written. I totally agree with everything you wrote and I was also shocked at some of the comments in this thread. It was a great review and he put a lot of time and effort into it. He was very diplomatic and generous with his comments and got bashed because he hinted that his personal preference is to have a bit more excitement.
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    for a daily commuter, I want an EUC to be reliable and durable. if that means it is "boring" then i guess i'll take it gladly. I enjoy going and leaving work, having a "boring" wheel means i get to blank out and enjoy the ride. One of the few things i can do to "wind down" without fear or worry, something that is much needed these days for where i'm based at the moment, unfortunately.
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    Like I tell everyone, top speed isn’t about the actual speed traveled, it’s about the headroom. The 16X has a 12 mph real-world difference in top speed compared to the Nikola 100V, and that is very well the difference between passing a car on the road in NYC, or having to stop behind one. I cruise 32-35 mph on my Nikola 100V because I am confident it won’t drop me at that speed with the headroom for another 5 mph on top, whereas on a Kingsong you’re fighting that tiltback at 31 mph (which is about 10% overinflated, real world top speed 28 mph). With that said, it’s merely his opinion, and his use case is obviously different from yours, so why are you arguing with him about it? We don’t all ride our wheels the same way (some ride for the thrills, some ride for the views, some ride to get some fresh air, etc.). You may not agree with his opinion, but you have to respect it. That goes for all of us in this community.
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    There is currently only black or white. If you find a friend or if your dealer is willing perhaps they can provide you a panel of a different color to do a blend of B&W. Panels are removeable and make it easy for custom color/wrap.
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    I don't have to respect anyone's opinion. I chose to respect their right to have one. Evx definitely has his own way of doing things and he has strong opinions based on his needs. I think that we all have different needs and sometimes its not our fault that we bias heavily towards what we are surrounded by. I can completely see what you are saying about the headroom and it giving you safety. I also respect your opinions, Ben. Again, I havent seen the video, but i can take a wild guess, that he wasnt overjoyed, as for HIS needs, I think they are beyond what that wheel provides. Im betting he wasn't overjoyed with the s18 either? Evx has a following and he isnt the only one with needs of that type. I do give mad respect for his editing and filming abilities! All in all, I think its nice that we can each see opinions coming from multiple points of view and biases, should we chose to. Just like everything else, you gotta take information at minimal value and run it thru your own head, gather more information... rinse repeat
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    Honestly, the EVX review is what swayed me to getting this as my next wheel. I needed to see what an NYC rider who is used to high-speed wheels thought about it before I bought. InMotion has always been unmatched for polish and features but just a little bit lacking in the speed and torque department. Micky's review put my worries to rest.
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    Don't take these reviews too personally, and remember "boring" is not actually a direct characteristic of any inanimate object, or really of anything. Now back to the wheel, looking great, and evx did show it well. We are so lucky to have such variety in wheels, I'd even be excited with a simple 1500Wh Gotway-Tesla with a 2.5" tire; the refinement of a wheel class. This summer with 2 suspension wheels, a new company producing an outstanding long-range wheel, a torque monster, a new big cruiser in the works, and promises of some new wheels coming that will evolve or expand the product again. We are watching the true next generation of wheels again. Exciting times!
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    Yes, I know about the melting wires issue. I will be opening and inspecting the wires before I do my test and then afterwards.
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    I was thinking along these lines as well. If predictable is “boring”, it’s quite a praise actually.
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    This is a serious flaw of the original factory. This is the test value of the first wheel from Taiwan. When the lcd six grids, the actual voltage is only 89V, and about 20% of the power is left. But people will think that there is more than 60% of the electricity, so this rider caused a power outage at a low voltage. I once made my suggestion to @馬蒂·巴克(Marty Backe)in message(2020/07/05), but he didn't seem to read. SHERMAN 電壓(V) 電量(WH) 100% 4.2 100.8 3528 8BAR 90% 4.06 97.44 3069.36 80% 3.98 95.52 2674.56 70% 3.92 94.08 2304.96 7BAR 60% 3.87 92.88 1950.48 50% 3.82 91.68 1604.4 40% 3.79 90.96 1273.44 30% 3.77 90.48 950.04 20% 3.74 89.76 628.32 6BAR 10% 3.68 88.32 309.12 5BAR 5% 3.45 82.8 144.9 3BAR 3% 3.25 78 81.9 2 LOW 2% 3.15 75.6 52.92 1 BACK 0% 3 72 0
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    Guess it's final. cue Coffin_dance,gif
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    + Veteran Sherman support
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    "Excitement and challenge" improvements in the EUC industry have thus far been provided by the increase of speed/power (allowing more technical control), increases in wheel diameter (allowing more bumpy terrain), and range (for longer or less efficient riding). For all but the most extreme riders, the V11 appears to satisfy those needs and for them this wheel will be the most exciting wheel they've ever used. For invincible youths with extreme-sports passions who are constantly chasing the dragon to find new ways of putting their body in danger, there will never be enough speed to stave off the boredom of the previous generation. Unlike the most extreme people, I've not become desensitized to the euphoria of riding on previous generation wheels. If having 5mph less top speed makes a great wheel "boring", I can understand where these enthusiasts are coming from but I strongly disagree. I think riding an EUC on any terrain, at any speed, is inherently fun. It's not really a big deal either way, but it feels a a little condescending. I still like the guy and watch his videos. They're entertaining and well made.
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    That's what I said earlier. The answer is probably down to cultural differences.
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    I dont see that at all. They both seem to be so vastly different to me. I havent spent a single brain cell on the idea that the sherman is nearly as capable in the woods as the s18. Don't get caught up in comparing them, I think they will both be great but for very different reasons. I am assuming that I'd much rather ride my s18 up the mountain for a short off road adventure. I mean hell, even picking the sherman up from a ditch= 70lbs! Is anyone hopping UP curbs on the sherman? Hows it do when you come to a big log in the woods? If the lure of speed and range is your idea of excitement, your choice should be obvious. If manageable weight, suspension and general offroad mayhem is your excitement, I'd think the sks18 would be more your flavor. I was shopping for a long range wheel, a while ago. Sorry, but the gotway monster didnt have me impressed for quality. WHen the sks18 came out, I preordered it immediately. I do think I'll have more 'fun adventure' on the sks18 than the sherman. I also think I'll just cruise the shit out of the sherman. Both enjoyable, but not nearly the same(rally car vs suv). One wont replace the other i dont think. Dig deep, recycle some cans and polish off those old pimping skillz.... daddy needs new wheels
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    I'm getting the V11, and am pretty confident that's the right choice FOR ME, but I am still kinda feeling like this right now.
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    We are continuing the journey! @HelRider found a rental e-bike from Kokkola. It’ll be different but at least one EUC will (hopefully) make it to Hailuoto. I don’t know if the rain had anything to do with the failure. We have one rain cover and I used it on the 18XL because of @Seba’s reports on the lift sensors malfunctioning when wet. I thought the V10F was the one with reputation of surviving rain better. I really hope these would be made as vehicles and not as toys. Nobody thinks twice leaving an e-bike, scooter or moped outside in rain. I will be trying to revive the wheel again after it has been drying over night. Thanks for the suggestions. Today has been a tough day. I also dropped my wheel and the handle bent. We missed two nice cities and all day was spent trying to fix the wheel and getting to next town. Now we have some beers 🍻
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    Can you try using a hair drier around the switches? It sounds like there's damp in there that's shorting out the switch (I'm guessing here). If it does start working then use clingfilm or tape to cover the switches in the rain.
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    -GW suspension will be similar to V11 but whole wheel is suspended like in S18. -trolley handle will be present -chassis is larger than MSX -it will use 21700 cells -motor seems to be larger diameter *and power... -more news to come....
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    Veteran have said that that was an isolated issue in the very first pre-pro batch, of which ecodrift received their first wheel. This is not apparently inclusive of the production models.
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    What purpose do these quotes serve? What point are you trying to make? As I already said and demonstrated, his entire video is basically praising the V11 so again, I'm not sure why you would go and say he is only "entertainment and nothing more". Like.. what does "Adding sugar doesn't make a dessert. It is about the full recipe." even supposed to mean? Also, if you don't find it rude... then I don't know what else to say. I've called you out before: there were a couple of instances where others (including myself) have found that some of your comments are unnecessarily assertive/condescending.
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    I havent been following this thread at all. As I rarely check back on it, I can see I am not missing anything. Im fine with saying it... Gotway is off my radar and they are fuc*ed if you ask me. Either they need to step up their game in a massive way, or start asking if Veteran is doing any hiring. The niche that gotway was comfortably abusing, has now been closed. I wonder how many OTHER people like me, were lurking around gotway, but never willing to take the leap? I wonder if these same people are now even further from buying into it and NOW opening their eyes to competition that has seen the demand and is filling it in spades? Get your shit together gotway, you got complacent and its time to pay up... Now that the FIRST to create a suspension wheel is over, you missed the chance to have a half assed useable idea and still sell it. Coming in late, you NOW have to play ball and the game/rules are already being made. Step up or step down.... tis the tale of capitalism!
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    I got what I needed from Evx's review. Basically, the V11 is a high performance utility wheel that has a great motor* & lighting, not the fastest top speed in the industry and a inferior suspension design as compared to the S18**. * Not sure that anyone has actually tested the 2200W motor yet so hopefully the smoothness is not lost (wattage ratings have always been questionable with electronics, hopefully it is the same motor that was tested with a different stamp on it LOL) ** None of the testers had time to really dial in the suspension on either model from what I have seen (IMHO) so I question if we have actually seen the full capability of the suspension set-up on either model yet.
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    Well I reall don't put too much into the review from yesterday. Like I posted yesterday the author and I don't share same views in general. He usually make good use of filming skills and editing with music to build entertaining videos. But that is just it. It is entertainment nothing more. He has his right to his opinion. So do I if I take it seriously or not. But I do find the top shot of the wheel interesting. If his conclusion is right or wrong remains to be seen. I have asked Inmotion about the weatherproofing and they have replied without hesitation best in class (of theirs models like others too). Now the boring comments stands for ot own. But coming from someone that craves for speed, is not a surprise to me. Once you get a certain speed, it doesn't take long before the mind gets used to it and it becomes boring. When I ride my EUC it has 4 things it does for me. It is a way I keep my poor body active. My training type instead of being glued to the couch. It take me from A to B and back home. Simple meas of transportation. It makes it possible for me to explore areas I would not be able to, at least in same way. I have fun as I ride. It is the floating sensation. But it is also the smiles it normally bring forward on people I pass. Most have not see something like it before. As a bonus it often works as a conversation starter. People ask what that thing is. It happens when I am trolleying shopping or taking a coffee break. You can argue most EUC can do this. Which is true. But I don't need a Veteran to do it. And there are many points to why I think the V11 is going to be the new KS18XL. It is a good allrounder not the imost extreme wheel but it has sold very well from the amount of people owning it at some point here. So we are back to how to make a profit. If you can make a product appealing to many not just 10% most extreme riders, then you have potential for a good piece of the market. If your quality is good too and construction is kept simple then it normally means less problems. And eventually to happy customers. Looking at V8 it got a V8f. The V10f well that is now V11 in my view. You could probably make a 2nd layer of batteries on the V11. But then you add weight and cost to it. So in my view it is when is enough enough vs the cost...and on this point I think the V11 suits me spot on. I simply don't see a wheel that is so spot onto what wished for knowing what I do from my other 4 wheels I owned so far. Now I don't live in NYC. Thank god for that. I would be miserable if I must ride like some NYC argue you have to do to survive the traffic.(Now I don't think that is true).
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    I don't know why we're talking about gold or brass suspension, I'm gonna call mine orange fury!! 🤣 I kinda like the color pop tho. The first opportunity I get, I'm probably gonna paint the battery housings red, too.
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    This is the response I got from Ewheels. "We do have a 780Wh King Song battery bank in stock, which if used with the S18 would get you up to 1890Wh, for $650. It would be carried in a backpack and trickle charge the main batteries. on some models, like the Inmotion, the moment you plug in the power, it cuts the motor. King Song permits you to charge-on-the-go. For the question about the rate of charge, relative to consumption, it's rated for 3A x 84v = 252W, anything excess of this & you'll be operating in 'deficit mode'. It should not affect the battery longevity at all. " For those who are interested in the KS external battery, check out Monsieur Flex's review.
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    Why is "boring" a bad word. I felt my KS18L/XL wheels were very exciting when I first started wheeling 2 years ago. Now they feel boring and too easy with no personality. My Monster also became too boring. The XL and Monster were super reliable and safe, both amazing wheels. But I want excitement and challenge. 35mph on the Monster was boring, 35mph on the Nikola is wild. Sidewalk cruzing with the XL in tight spaces was big and boring too, a switch to KS16X is super fun in the same setting. Boring is personal and changes over time. The V11 may be boring, but if it can provide a calm seated ride and painless trolling experience, it can still have a place in an advance rider's stable.
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    To be honest, when all you ride are 100V wheels, it’s entirely possible I may think it’s boring too, and I bought the V11. It’s a mid range cruiser comparable to a KS-18XL or MSX 84V with a suspension on top. If the suspension allows for lower stress riding that alone will make it worth dealing with the lower top speed. Riding in NYC, dodging potholes or road hazards is a mini-adventure in itself, and I look forward to seeing what the V11 can do on our awful streets. If i can have a stress-free commute sipping a coffee riding around our city due to the benefits of suspension, it’s very well worth losing the 5-10 mph top speed.
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    ... Yes 😂 In all seriousness though, curbs shouldn't bee too big of a deal on the Sherman. But I think jumps on the S18 are gonna be way fun =] Exciting to see more production progress, thanks for the updates, @Jack King Song!
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    Why on earth did they go with the brass-colored suspension? I know this is entirely subjective, but this looks tacky as hell to me...the silver, bare-metal look was so sleek, appropriate (brass-colored suspension on dirt bikes isn't a thing is it?) and would have looked mucho better IMO on both the black AND the white model. A further hint to the Ducati Monster? Silver (or black, or dark matte grey) would look so much better on this bike too... Well, thus is life...
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    To be fair, I think evX would of saved himself getting a lot of flax for saying the "boring" comment, if he didn't deliberately highlight his newfound hobby of "FISHING" which to a majority of people, fishing is BORING. So it "seemed" like a very strange hypocritical comment, that a person who found the V11 "boring" yet enjoyed a "boring" side hobby. I think he underestimated how much this fact, seemed to discredit his character and opinion in the final conclusion.
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    Sell a kid or a kidney, you know you don't need both. How can a person NOT need a wheel for: 1)Basic use with music, reliable KS16/18 2)suspension wheel innovation, v11/sks18 3)tag along bundle of fun/power, mten 4)long range im outta here, sherman And as the disease gets worse, the reasons and list gets longer.... I am definitely ready to see what the suspension wheel is all about. Im also looking forward to getting too tired to ride, BEFORE my battery does. I'm currently nursing injury on both ankles, but if a new wheel showed today, I'd be off like a shot with ace bandages flying in the wind! Such exciting times. Better snag and enjoy what you can, WHEN you can. None of us knows what legislation or even life in general, will be in the future... Seize the day!
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    I think I understand his comment. I own a few motorcycles and one of the best designed ones I have is a Honda NC750X. It can cruise forever at 70mph and return almost 80mpg while doing that. It's not fast by motorcycle standards but 0-60 is still under 4 secs and the top speed is over 120mph so it's more than fast enough for me. It rarely needs servicing and I honestly doubt it will ever go wrong. It even has storage built into the design. I even like the look of it. I bought it for commuting and it does the job brilliantly. It is however quite boring to ride.
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    Join the club! It has already become a VERY expensive summer...
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    I'm releasing my full range test results today.
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    Got my Sherman last night. Lovely machine, truly next level. Wasn't a fan of the back light (why does it look like superman?!) and planned on replacing it anyway, and as chance would have it, mine is faulty. Confirmed there's power coming from the 3.5mm jack. It's 5v at the rear and 12v at the front incase anyone is wondering. The 5v at the rear means building lovely 3d printed neopixel programable LED lights will be a doddle. Literally 2 components, a controller (£2 ) and a neopixel array (~£20 for a 50LED one) . I plan on using a ring light to begin with and 3d printing a case. If i get something i like, it'll be on Thingiverse.
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    Charging while riding is almost certainly a compromise, especially in the S18, where the charge port is in the front, which means having the cable tether dangling in front of you - not very attractive. Charging while riding on the S18 will also mean you lose any and all weather proofing/moisture protection because you're lifting the rubber flap in order to access the charging port, now you've basically exposed the entire electrical system to water, all the while riding forwards, making it worse (rain/wind pushing moisture directly into the unit). I can't even imagine taking a fall with the wheel charging, the risk to damaged pins and the charge port might be ugly. All in all, it's a risky proposition to charge while riding, the most common use case I can see are folks charging while taking a break.
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    It could also lead to people massively overestimating remaining range and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, having to drag a 35 kg wheel back with them for several km's.
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    $700 USD does sound better, but I don’t know how the markets are there. If the battery charges up to 67.2V (+- 0.5V), it should be at least relatively ok.
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    It looks like @palachzzz has added Veteran Sherman support to WheelLog.
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    It took me about 300 km to get used to the KS16X and the CX tire. It was about nt getting suprised and over reacting when the wheel followed the surface structure. I not got the CYT tire on, it is softer so it don't behave in the same way. I don't expect to understand supension from day 1. I am pretty sure we will see a lot of suggestions of setups to balance both suspension and tire as a combined system.
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    Every diehard esk8 person in NYC I've ever talked to (and there are a helluva lot of them here in NYC) have all panned remoteless eboards, from the early Zboard, to the Starkboard, to the EUC mfr offerings of this Gotway Moonwalk and the InMotion K1. They all say boarding does not lend itself to foot sensor or gyroscopic input (outside of the OneWheel) because everyone's stance is different foot positioning for balancing, and high speed braking becomes precarious because you usually have to counter your body's forward momentum against the brake force by sticking your front foot, which is an acceleration on these remoteless eboards. Not to mention, I was under the impression many of these products, including this Moonwalk, were either discontinued, or very low selling for a reason, compared to their remote control counterparts.
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