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    News Directly From Gotway Gotway has reached out to me, acknowledging that they have seen my video and that they want to replace my control board. But here's the real kicker, and should be of interest to many. After telling me that a new board will be sent to me, on a separate line is this, "With big MOSFETs" So it appears that Gotway does have a new 84-volt control board design with what I assume is the TO-247 MOSFETs. Very exciting. They've heard us
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    Since receiving the V10F about two weeks ago, I've put on 200km distance on the machine & have to confess I simply love it! One of the first things an experienced Rider will probably notice, is that between the 2.5" wide tire & high pedal height of 17.2cm (6.7"), it has the feel, & many of the ride qualities, of a 18" wheel. For additional control, hugging the sides of the Wheel with your calves feels very comfortable, probably the best ergonomics of any other Wheel. Inmotion have really pulled out all the stops, listening to their Distributors & Customers in trying to make the V10 the best possible 16" Wheel that would satisfy the demands for majority of their Customers. For years, Riders have been crying out for larger pedals, a brighter headlight, cut-off switch, travel handle, speakers (well maybe not everyone for speakers), all of these features have been crammed into a body that is only a couple cm taller than the previous generation V8. I'm inclined to believe that given the constraints of the volume that the V10 occupies, it's difficult to see, at least without some major breakthrough in battery energy density technology, or commercial room-temperature superconductors, how an Electric Unicycle can be dramatically improved based on materials that are available to Engineers today. What There is to Like About the V10F: Power: based on my limited ride time, the 2KW motor has that same effortless glide quality as the GW Tesla/ACMv2, but you do get a couple degrees of tilt-back as you approach around 35kph speed as if to remind you of your mortality. If you push beyond this, at 40kph there's a klaxon warning before the tilt-back gets more aggressive. On low battery, 40%, the speed is reduced to 35kph, haven't run it down below this yet. Tire size: one of the first things I did on taking possession of the V10F, was to take it on a gravel track. As you can see from the picture, there's plenty of clearance at the lip of the shell, but within 20 minutes, a small piece of gravel did become lodged between the shell & motor; a small stick did the job to remove it & I was back on my way within minutes. To take full advantage of the wide tire, I'd recommend riding at a lower pressure than you would do on a 2.125", it becomes much more forgiving, stable & enjoyable. Pedals Size & Height: the total surface area is 30% larger than those on the V5/V8, giving more foot support & as @houseofjob had pointed out, these are the largest pedals of any other Wheel right now! There's mixed thoughts about the rubber surface material. I've ridden it quite extensively in wet conditions, whatever synthetic compound they used still provides excellent friction in the wet, hadn't found slipperiness to be a problem. Slim Profile: another unique property of Inmotion's Electric Unicycle is the location of the battery pack in relation to the motor. On all other Wheels that I can think of (with the exceptional of the IPS i5) the batteries are installed on either side of the motor; this necessarily makes other high capacity Wheels fatter than Inmotion's design. But isn't just about the width, the location of the battery has a direct impact on stability as well. As another reviewer of the prototype has recognized, the V10F feels a much stable than other Wheels I have used. My theory is that the narrower distribution of weight will be channeled directly down to the supporting tire, which will probably mean less of the wobble effect. Super-bright Headlight: it's the best headlight that I've seen fitted on a Wheel; has a downward direction to it, so doesn't blind oncoming cyclists from afar. The Chameleon: whirling animated LEDs might not be everyone's cup of tea, for drawing attention to oneself, but in Inmotion's quest for technical superiority, they've taken the stand ring & multiplied it by three, as it can be easily disabled, what's there not to like about this! Beauty Contest Winner?: there's no denying the power that the aesthetic quality plays in a Buyer's psychology when making a high-valued purchasing choice, especially first-time owners. Minor Annoyances & Issues on the Prototype V10F : Amount of Travel in the Handle: for me, this is the single most significant technical problem on the V10, there's way too much lose movement in the handle. Although it's identical to the V5, because the V10F is almost double the weight, when you're handling it on surfaces like carpet, it's hard to have firm control of the Wheel's direction. Technique of Wheeling it backwards helps, but Inmotion need to fix this for mass production, a couple washers might do the trick, haven't had a chance to test this out. Default Speaker Volume too Loud: because the speakers are so powerful, it doesn't appear that Inmotion adjusted the configuration to account for the more powerful speakers. At least on the prototype, the alerts are piercingly loud. You can use the previous version of the App to reduce the volume of these alerts. Default Pedal Pitch Angle: although the App represents pedal angle as being 0°, you can see a slight backwards inclination, this is evidenced when the Wheel is placed against the side of wall you get a significant amount of motor whine. In the App you can readjust this, found the sweet spot to be 3° forward. Width of the Self-Standing Support Struts: the self-standing supports on the V8 were a nice extra touch, you have this too on the V10, but the dimension have not been scaled for the larger Wheel. It is not yet certain if this is improved on the production shell mold. Side Padding Adhesive: given assurances that this has been changed on the production Wheels, but in my prototype, the pads kept falling off, had to resort to gluing them permanently in place. Charging Port Flap too Tight: I found that if the flap is fully closed, it can be difficult to pry it open without the use of a tool, the quality is really great, better than previous V5/V8 designs, but the practicality of opening it can be a challenge. Difficult to Fold Pedal Down with Foot: If you loosen the small tightness screw it's easier to undertake, but because of both the curvature of the pedal edge & where the shell meets the pedal, it's not easy to get a foothold to push the pedal down from the upright position. Getting a grip around the handle is manageable. Even though it's compact, at touch above 20kg, it's heavy & feels heavy too! If you're planning on carrying this up a couple flights of stairs during your morning commute, you'll need train up to be in a fit state to carry it. You can see how bright even the rear brakelight is. There's a high-def speaker fitted front & back (two for stereo). Notice the small arch support, standing upright on anything but perfectly flat surface is going to be unstable. Renders always look gorgeous!
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    I have been busy over the last few days exploring the MOSFET thermal coupling issue on the Nikola. I put together a two part video that describes the current situation with the Nikolas and what I saw when inspecting my control board. It also documents a number of informal experiments that I did to test various thermal solutions using the Nikola heat sink, thermal pads and other thermal coupling solutions. The first video is available now and I should have the other done tomorrow that describes what seems to be a significant improvement over Gotway's standard assembly technique. Of course there may not actually be a need for better thermal performance and the bad units so far may have just been overzealous application of glue. I hope that these videos are useful to those of you that are considering your options on this issue.
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    As there have been numerous questions about where to buy electric unicycles in country X, or which shops sell some specific brand/model, I've tried to compile a list of resellers and such to help you. It's by no means anywhere near complete, as there probably are a large number of resellers/agents/manufactures/etc who are hard to find by search engines alone, or don't have their own websites, but at least it should give you a few options where to look for. The original list was painstakingly compiled by me, using nothing but what I found here in the forums, and search engines and translation tools, and probably I can't even find most non-english sites, as I don't know the correct search words or understand the language... Hopefully you, other people and the resellers themselves will chime in to make the list more complete over time. Disclaimer While it should be common sense, let's go over a few things: This list is not a complete set of all the manufacturers/resellers/agents/etc. worldwide, and can contain errors, omissions, out-of-date information etc. While I try to avoid any errors or misinterpretations, I do not guarantee that the information here is correct in any way or at any time. I am not affiliated with or compensated by any reseller, EUC manufacturer or such in the list, nor compensated by electricunicycle.org for any volunteer work I do here as a moderator. I take absolutely no responsibility of any errors or omissions in the list or other information in this thread, or anything that may follow from viewing, using or misusing the list or this thread, visiting the sites or contacting the entities mentioned in this list, including but not limited to: any problems with the resellers, warranty issues, shipping problems or scams; loss of money, profit, time, life, limbs or organs, virginity, faith or any other damage, liability or loss you may suffer or unwanted side-effect or end result when engaging directly or indirectly in any way with any reseller, agent, manufacturer or other entity mentioned in the list. You do so at your own responsibility. While I at the minimum try to check that the site at least looks legit, I give you no guarantees of anything, as I have nothing to do with these resellers/web-sites/entities other than listing them (well, I might buy a wheel or some accessories from some of them, but it doesn't affect this listing). Basically, if something goes wrong, don't come crying to me. The list is here to maybe help you find a suitable place to get an EUC, but as it is probably never complete or up-to-date, there may or may not be more suitable options in your case elsewhere. Use the search engines, Luke. I reserve the right to remove any single entity mentioned in the list and not re-add them in case there's strong evidence that points that the reseller/entity is not legit, is dealing with illegal items or is a fraud, or for any other reason I see as a reason for removing the said entity from this list, and reserve the right to change this disclaimer and any contents of this post/thread at any time without warning. While I have expressed my opinions on some manufacturers, wheel models and such in other topics, and reserve the right to do so also in the future outside this listing/thread, I DO NOT endorse, advocate, give better or poorer visibility to, or otherwise recommend or shun any single reseller or brand over another within this listing or thread, whether I've used certain brand/model or not, or whether I've bought something from a listed reseller or not, or recommend ordering anything either from abroad or domestically or otherwise, nor breaking any international or local laws regarding importing wheels or related parts or accessories, using the wheels or in any other way. The choice is entirely yours. To put it simply, I hope this list and other information in this post is correct and useful to you, but on the other hand won't take any responsibility about anything Phew, I hope I made myself clear. Is your shop or a shop you know missing from the list, or contains wrong information? Are you reseller whose information is missing/wrong in the list? Please post to this thread, and I'll add/fix it to the list as soon as possible. Please give a link to the shops' front page or a section which shows the wheels (URL), mention the country or countries (and city or cities, especially if you have physical shop or are able to showcase the wheels in person) where the shop is located/shipping from and the brand(s) being sold. Do not advertise your shop/wheels with extraneous comments like "We have the best wheels/offers/accessories" or "Our wheel is the best and latest technology", stick to the needed information only and create a separate topic under Advertisements & Promotions for your wheel/shop/whatever, if you want to. Only resellers who sell directly to individuals (eg. private persons) one piece at a time are accepted. No whole/bulk-sales only, although it is ok if you sell both in bulk and one piece at a time. Ordering from Ebay / Amazon / Banggood / DXGate / Alibaba / other large e-commerce site (or whatever they're called) You can probably find lots of bigger and smaller resellers and manufacturers and (pretty much) any brand selling through these sites. I do not list such links here, visit the site and do your own searches to find what you're looking for. Ordering directly from manufacturer At least most manufacturers seem to sell also directly to consumers, so you can (usually) order directly from them. I have not included the contact information of the manufacturers here, but you can probably find it in their webpages, if you have a specific brand in mind and want to be sure to get the latest model. However, I have added direct manufacturer representatives who are registered in these forums, you can (probably) contact them directly with a private message to ask about the wheels/make an order. Ordering abroad vs. domestically Basically, the difference between buying from a domestic reseller or abroad is that you may need to pay additional customs duties and/or taxes when ordering abroad, depending where you are and where you are ordering from, and on the other hand, pay (maybe) more when ordering from a domestic reseller (as they've already paid the customs duties importing the wheels, and add taxes + margin on the price), but (probably) get faster turnaround and less shipping costs and such for any maintenance or warranty issues. Or not, this may vary from reseller to reseller and country to country. Compare the prices, costs and services yourself. To get more information about any taxes, customs duties or such when ordering abroad, check your local government, customs or such web pages for details and rates (and possible import limitations, if such exist anywhere for EUCs?). Warranty shipping especially overseas may also be costly, should such need arise, and if you have to pay for it yourself. Some manufacturers/resellers apparently have just sent the spare parts directly, without needing to ship the entire wheel or even parts back for warranty. Some may require the parts or the entire wheel to be shipped back. There may be costs to you or not, and they may vary a lot. I don't know, ask them what their policy is. There's also probably variation in warranties, defect liabilities, consumer protection etc. between countries, and those may or may not depend on where you have ordered the item and where you live. I suggest you find out such things before ordering. When ordering from anywhere, please note also that any transaction- and shipping-costs and such may or may not be included in the price. Locations the shops ship from Although a shop/site/whatever may be listed under country X/city Y (I've usually only extracted the location information from the "contact"-information or "about us"-section in the sites, if such is available and tells their location), it is possible that they only have an office or such in said country/city, and ship through a warehouse or other location in a different city/country. I leave it up to you to find out any issues this might affect (warranty, shipping, import duties, taxes...) before making any orders. If unsure about anything, contact the reseller/manufacturer/local goverment/customs/whatever seems suitable in the case directly and ask them. If you have any suspicions about any entity, the simplest solution is to not order from them. Manufacturer representatives and homepages Format: Manufacturer: username(s), homepage (if any/known) Airwheel: @Love Cherish @Arnold Li http://www.airwheel.net/ Caraok: @Janny, @Janny Wang Eyu: http://en.eyu.co/ F-Wheel: @Jesse Jin http://www.fwheel.cc/ Firewheel: - http://en.fire-wheel.com/index.html Gotway: @Jane Mo @Linneaunicycles http://www.kebye.com Huanxi: @Huanxi electric unicycle http://www.hx1000.com/en/ InMotion: @Bobwheel https://www.myinmotion.com/ IPS: - http://en.iamips.com/ @王月月 PinWheel: @PinWheel Joyce Rockwheel: @Barry Chen http://rockwheel.cn/ Suokuwheel: @suokuwheel http://www.suokuwheel.com/ King Song: tinawong has left KS? @Diana-Tan @Diana@szkingsong.com http://www.szkingsong.com/en/index.php Resellers in the forums This is an alphabetical list of resellers and and manufacturer representatives here in the forums (I'm not 100% sure of them all, please post and correct any wrong info). You can (probably) contact these people directly with questions/orders, but I'm not sure if some of them frequent the boards so much, so MIGHT have better luck with contacting the manufacturer/reseller via their pages or contact info found from there. FORMAT: USERNAME IN FORUMS (COUNTRY, shop) BRANDS Alwin Wong (Malaysia, Malaysia Airwheel, Malaysia Gotway) Airwheel, Gotway, Ninebot, King Song, others @bbking (Spain, Airwheelshop) Airwheel @Thewheeldeal (Australia, The Wheel Deal) Gotway OneWheel, Wind Rider, Chic @Gray Goodbarn (United Kingdom, Yorkshire Airwheels Ltd) Airwheel, Gotway @Jason McNeil (United Kingdom, WheelGo, USA, ewheels.com) IPS, Ninebot, InMotion, King Song, Gotway @johnc415 (USA) Gotway, IPS, Huanxi @EUniCycles.eu (Poland, eunicycles.eu) King Song, InMotion, Gotway @Justina (Poland, electricunicycles.eu) King Song @Kevin Lee (China/Hong Kong, independent) Gotway, King Song (others?) @Kok Fook Cheang (Malaysia, Asia e-Bike/Wind Rider manufacturer) Wind Rider, Rockwheel, IPS @Kyle Crilow (USA, How We Roll Wheels) Ninebot @mengke (Australia, WheelYouRide) Ninebot @Neale Gray (Australia, Milbay) Milbay @NevNutz (USA, Northern California, Tec Toyz) Gotway @Reagan Goh (Singapore, Ninebot.asia) Ninebot @Tim Haden (USA, HoodRiderz) Ninebot @Trey Lewis (USA, OneSeven) Gotway, IPS @vladmarks (United Kingdom, Project42) Ninebot, Inmotion, Uniwheel, Kingsong, Acton, Minimula @Wheelster (Canada, Wheelster) Airwheel, Firewheel, Solowheel, Ninebot, HX, IPS, Kaabo, SML, EHO, Cofly, generics Country list This is an alphabetical list by country with resellers who are located/ship from that country and which brand(s) they sell (at the time of adding to the list, as always, the information may not be up to date). Note that while city may be listed, the reseller may not have a physical shop there or their unicycles might be available for online-orders only and/or they might ship from a different country or city than stated. At least most sites/shops/resellers/distributors/callthemwhatyouwill probably ship to anywhere in the world, the per-country listing is to help people who want to order domestically or find out about possible physical shops near by to visit. Format: Reseller shop name, City name (if known): URL to shop Brands UNKNOWN/MULTIPLE COUNTRIES: EUniBikes.com, Denmark countrycode in phone number? http://www.eunibikes.com/shop/ TG, IPS FiresCycle, China countrycode? http://www.firescycle.com/ KMx, looks like rebrand for Firewheel F132/F260/F528 + some other two-wheeled? LightInTheBox, ? http://www.lightinthebox.com/ IPS, AirWheel, others... ROVR, ?: http://www.rovr.club/product/mobbo-electric-unicycle/ OneWheel, Ryno, Solowheel, SBU The Tech Life Store, ? http://www.thetechlifestore.com/product-category/smart-toys/outdoor-fun/ TG Wheelive: USA / China https://wheelive.com/ Fastwheel, WEERDA, Inmotion, Ninebot Airwheels, European Union/Slovenia: www.airwheels.pro Airwheel Australia: E-Riderz, ?: https://e-riderz.com.au/product-category/electric-unicycles Ninebot, King Song, Gotway, InMotion Milbay, Miami/Queensland: http://www.milbay.com.au/ Milbay (which is a rebranded King Song, AFAIK), Esway Tesla Wheels, ?: https://www.tesla-wheels.com/product/solowheel/ Solowheel The Wheel Deal, ? : https://www.thewheeldeal.net.au/ Gotway, King Song, IPS, Onewheel, Wind Rider, Chic Wheel you ride, Victoria: http://wheelyouride.webs.com/ Ninebot Austria CityWheel, Vienna: https://www.city-wheel.at/ AirWheel, Ninebot Funshop, Vienna: http://www.funshop.at/ Firewheel, Gotway, Ninebot, Solowheel, Airwheel, Inmotion, Monowheel, King Song Ninebot Austria, multiple distributors: http://www.ninebot.trade/index.php/home_ninebot_de_at.html Ninebot Ninebot-shop.at, Hohenems: https://www.ninebot-shop.at/ Ninebot Rentals: Mirtl-Motion, Vienna: http://www.mirtl-motion.at/ Ninebot (guided Vienna Tours & rentals, Ninebot Segways & Ninebot One) Belgium Cityzen, Brussels: http://www.cityzen.be/ Fastwheel, Gotway, Ninebot, F-wheel, Solowheel, King Song MonoWiel, Gistel: http://www.monowiel.be/ IO, MonoWiel (rebranded IPS?), Ninebot, InMotion, IPS, King Song Monowheels, Dilbeek: http://monowheels.be/ Gotway, Huanxi Brazil Ninebot Brazil, São Paulo: http://www.9botbrasil.com.br/ Ninebot Canada AirwheelUnicycle.com, Toronto: http://airwheelunicycle.com/Information/airwheel-models AirWheel Bestbuy, numerous locations: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/category/electric-unicycles/504392.aspx Sologear eRide-Toronto, Toronto: http://www.ewheelscanada.com Gotway, InMotion, King Song, Ninebot Gotway Canada, Ontario: https://gotwaycanada.com/ Gotway NineBotOne, Vancouver, BC http://www.ninebotone.ca/ Ninebot Ride the glide, Victoria: http://www.ridetheglide.ca/ Ninebot, Gotway Vancouver Electric Unicycles, Vancouver: http://www.vaneuc.com/webstore/en/ InMotion, Gotway, (King Song coming later) Wheelster, Quebec/Toronto/Montreal: http://wheelster.com/ Airwheel, Firewheel, Solowheel, Ninebot, HX, IPS, Kaabo, SML, EHO, Cofly, generics China Airebike, Jiang Su/Hong Kong: http://www.airebike.com/ Airwheel Air-Wheels, Hong Kong: http://en.air-wheels.com/22-electric-unicycle Airwheel, F-Wheel, Chic Smart Alloko, Shenzhen: http://www.alloko.com/all-products/ Airwheel Hawkwine, Chongqing https://www.hawkvine.com/electric-unicycle/ Gotway, Ninebot, King Song, Inmotion Cocotool, Beijing: http://www.cocotool.com/portfolio/coolgo-most-popular-self-balance-electric-unicycle-x3/ CoolGo FazendoMedia, Beijing: http://balancingscooter.buy.fazendomedia.com/c1342681-gyroscopic-electric-unicycle Generics? Fosjoas, Shenzhen: http://www.fosjoas.com/Home/index Rebrands/generics? Geekbuying, Shenzhen: http://www.geekbuying.com/category/Bicycle-Supplies-1265 TG Holuby, Shenzhen: https://www.holuby.com/type/scooters.html Generics LifeJoys, Shenzhen: http://www.lifejoys.net/ FL (F-Wheel?) Ninebot Mall, Shenzhen: http://www.ninebotmall.com/ Ninebot Segwaybox, Shenyang: http://segwaybox.com/ AX37I (looks like Ninebot?) Smartride, Shenzhen: http://www.srwindow.cn/ Ninebot, InMotion, Yikebike, Solowheel Zapals, Shenzhen: http://www.zapals.com/outdoor-living/scooter-skateboard/electric-unicycle.html Generics? Croatia Airwheels, ?: www.airwheels.com.hr Airwheel Czech Republic Gotway.cz, Prague(?) : http://gotway.cz/ Gotway, Ninebot, Firewheel, IPS, Airwheel Denmark Air-Wheel.dk , Odense: http://air-wheel.dk/ Fly Sky Wheel Airwheel Denmark, ?: http://www.airwheels.dk/ Airwheel Coolstuff, Malmö: http://www.coolstuff.dk/ Solowheel, Airwheel Freego Nordic, Vejle: http://www.freegonordic.dk/ Freego, Okay Robot, Inmotion MyWheel, København (Copenhagen): http://mywheel.dk/29-el-uniwheel Airwheel, Firewheel, MyWheel Uniriders, Copenhagen(?): http://www.uniriders.com King Song Estonia Firstwheel, Tallinn: http://firstwheel.com/ Firstwheel, Airwheel, Ninebot, InMotion Finland CDON.com, Maarianhamina: http://cdon.fi/ Airwheel CoolStuff, Helsinki: http://www.coolstuff.fi Airwheel, Solowheel DG-Products, Espoo: http://kevytilmailu.com/index.php?id=10&ala=62 Airwheel, Ninebot, InMotion, King Song eCycle, Helsinki/Järvenpää: http://www.ecycle.fi/kauppa/ Gotway, InMotion E1on.com, Mikkeli: https://www.e1on.com/fi/tuoteryhma/727288 King Song Joyride Games, Forssa: http://www.joyride.fi/ JoyrideWheel (Looks like it's rebranded F-Wheel Dolphin One) Ollu.fi, Lohja: http://www.ollu.fi/ Generics, Huanxi Teknik Magasinet, Espoo/Helsinki/Lempäälä/Turku/Vantaa/Jyväskylä: http://www.teknikmagasinet.fi/tuotevalikoima/urheilu-ja-vapaa-aika/sahkokayttoiset-kulkuneuvot IPS, MonoWheel (rebrand of IPS?), ORB Wheel Verkkokauppa.com, Helsinki/Tampere/Oulu : http://www.verkkokauppa.com/fi/catalog/10864c/Pyoraily-Kevyet-sahkokulkuneuvot Airwheel, GoZero France Airwheel Boutique, Monistrol sur Loire: http://www.airwheelboutique.fr/ Airwheel Airwheel France, Paris: http://www.airwheel-france.com/index.php Airwheel AlterMove, Lille / Lyon: http://www.altermove.com/vehicule/solowheel.html Beepre, Rool'in, Solowheel Decathlon, 260 stores in France: http://www.decathlon.fr/solowheel-electrique-id_8303597.html Solowheel E-Bicycle, Paris: http://www.e-bicycle.fr/gyropode.php eWheel Fastwheel, Paris: http://www.fastwheel.fr/site/fastwheel/ Fastwheel Fastwheel France, ?: http://monocycle-electrique-fastwheel.fr/index.php/magasin-monocycles-electriques/ Fastwheel Firewheel France, Toulouse https://fire-wheel.eu/en/ Firewheel, Gotway, IPS, Airwheel Funnybike / E Roue, Paris: http://funnybike.fr/ Gotway, F-Wheel, Pukka, Solowheel, Ninebot Gyromax, Rebenacq: http://gyromax.fr/36-roues-electriques Inmotion, Ninebot Gyroroue-shop, Paris: http://gyroroue-shop.fr/ King Song, Rockwheel, Inmotion, Ninebot, and GotWay High'Tems, Beauvais: http://hightems.eu/17-monocycles Ninebot, King Song IPS Boutique, ?: http://www.ipsboutique.fr/ IPS MobilityUrban, : http://www.mobilityurban.fr/gyropode/ Smart Chic, NeWheel, FastWheel, Airwheel, Rockwheel, Legway, Firewheel Ninebot France, Paris: http://www.ninebot-france.com/acheter-louer/boutique/ Ninebot Ninebot France, ?: http://www.ninebotfrance.fr/ Ninebot Norauto, Marseilles/Lyon/Toulouse: http://www.norauto.fr/produit/solowheel-electrique-blanc-1500w_882133.html Solowheel Onebot, Nantes: http://www.onebot.fr/home/9-ninebot-one.html Ninebot Quad-Custom.fr, Noailles: http://www.quad-custom.fr/54-mono-roue-electrique-et-mini-gyropode Pamolod TeamScoot, Monistrol-sur-Loire: http://www.scooter-electrique-urbain.fr/13-monoroue-monocycle Freego, Ninebot, Pukka, Fastwheel, IPS, Airwheel, Rockwheel, Firewheel, Legway, generics... 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    Went out for a night ride the day before yesterday. I've become very fond of riding at night, when the city is completely deserted. It's nice to be able to focus on my riding and on progressively taming the 18XL. I still struggle a bit with things like accelerating on wide curves (large roundabouts, for example), and get speed wobbles, wobbles when accelerating hard, and when braking (except power braking). I was out for a couple of hours, mostly practising hard acceleration, braking, carving and slaloming: I'm really starting to enjoy having to put my weight into it, it's very different from the V8, which I can just effortlessly "flick" from side to side. Also did some off-roading, which was great fun, as the paths I took are usually plagued with people walking their dogs, forcing me to limit my speed drastically. T'was fun to push the envelop and get high on the adrenaline Sidenote: @Marty Backe, I'm following your advice and using a flashlight for night-riding: the 18XL has a great headlight, but when accelerating, braking or on pitch black trails, it isn't enough. The flashlight works like a charm, and is a much simpler solution than the DIY inventions I tried to attach a bicycle light to the wheel or my helmet. I initially thought it would be tedious to be holding the flashlight all the time, but have grown used to it, and can easily turn it on or off depending on visibility, resting my arm. It also comes in handy when approaching an intersection: I put it on strobe mode to give drivers plenty of notice of my impending arrival before we cross paths, and so far, I'd say it's prevented several mishaps with cars ( @Smoother can attest to the fact those don't tend to end well...) Anyway, before I go off on another tangent, mid-ride I took a break, and realised I could have unlocked the max. speed to 50 km/h several weeks ago. So, I unlocked it (had to try 3 different versions of the KS app...but that's a different story) and started leaving my "speed comfort zone" so I can gradually overcome the wobbles (they tend to start at about 35 km/h). I noticed that I instinctively grip the wheel when accelerating hard and when I reach a certain speed, so I worked on relaxing my stance. Had a few close calls (the kind of nasty wobbles that make you consider bailing), but managed to control them. Then, on the last stretch before getting home, I pushed myself one last time, and....I was managing! Faster and faster, no wobbles, complete control of the wheel, feeling confident and....suddenly I'm airborne and sliding along the pavement. I was so focused on my riding and maintaining control of the wheel that I didn't even see the speed bump 100m (330 ft) from my house, which I ride past at least twice a day...I checked WheelLog, and since most the ride home was either off-road or accelerate-wobble-slow down, the trip's top speed (43,8 km/h) was, beyond a doubt, the speed I was going when I saluted the pavement. It happened so fast I didn't even have time to think. I landed on my right side, and based on the scrape marks on my elbow guards (and lack thereof on my wrist guard), it appears my right wrist didn't even touch the ground and all my weight landed on my elbow (perfect recipe for a nasty shoulder injury). I'm glad I was wearing sturdy skateboard-style protections and not something like G-Form Pro-X's under my clothes, 'cause even with the skid plate and thick padding, the ol' elbow was sore for a while. Aside from that, I had some tingling in my left fingers, which scraped against the pavement (might consider getting some leather gloves...don't fancy road-rash...) and a nasty hit on my lateral malleolus (bottom of the fibula). An odd place to take a hit...but a good argument for wearing high mountain boots when riding; loosely laced, to not hinder ankle movement, they do provide protection for a part of the body I'd never even considered might be affected in an EUC crash. I rode away from the crash a bit shaken and with tingling fingers, but that's about it. It was the next day when I found myself limping and with a fairly sore shoulder (not a nice feeling when you've already dislocated that shoulder twice in the past). Gearing up saved the day. Inspecting my gear later, my helmet doesn't have a single scratch, but if my head had hit the ground, it would have been from the ear downward, so anything but a full-face helmet would have been as good as nothing at all. Looks like my backpack absorbed part of the hit too, as there's a tear on the side (if it hadn't been for the backpack, that would have been my side scraping against the asphalt). Am no longer limping and my shoulder is only slightly sore, so I consider myself pretty lucky (I fell in a straight line; I could have landed on the curb, slid into a parked car, etc.). The 18XL got a couple of ugly scars, and I ripped the side pad in three different places (almost pulled it off entirely). The factory adhesive is strong stuff, just pressed on the pad for a few seconds and it stayed in place, so I reckon I'll order a replacement but leave it as is until it's beyond recovery. I can't help but remember some advice given by @Mono, I think it was, on inattention being one of the no. 1 causes of EUC crashes. I was almost home (which is when we tend to pay less attention), the streets were deserted, there were no pedestrians, cars, dogs or other "mobile hazards", and due to excess focus on keeping the wheel stable at speed, I wasn't paying enough attention to the road in front of me. In retrospect, I'm glad this happened late at night and the obstacle was a speed bump and not a person (although I wouldn't have pushed my limits like that in any other circumstance; then again...you never really know when/where someone might jump out in front of you...) On the other hand, since I moved recently, it took me a a while to locate and unbox my protective gear, so for a over a week, I'd been running errands on the wheel, on a daily basis, with no protections at all. Granted, I was extra cautious and didn't take any risks, but accidents can happen when you least expect it so...no more of that nonsense. If it hadn't been for protective gear, this would have been a nasty fall (although another small lesson I've learned is that no matter how much protection one wears, there's always going to be some part of the body that's unprotected, so I guess the risk of accidents and injuries is something one just has to accept the moment he hops on a one-wheeled fracture machine) Over and out
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    Here is my thread covering my thoughts about the Z10 as they develop. I received the wheel yesterday and took it out some last night. It is a very "dense" wheel. It almost feels like a Monster was hit with a shrink ray that kept the weight but knocked a third off it's size. The look and feel of the wheel in person is impressive and measures up to what I have seen in pictures and videos. The fit and finish seems top notch and what I have come to expect of a Ninebot product. Wide is a recurring theme when I describe the wheel. Not only is the tire almost motorcycle looking in width, the pedals, which have been touted all along as being Ninebot One knock offs feel much wider than I recall. Even my big size 13 feet had extra space to move in and out, more so than I do on my Msuper style pedals which surprised the hell out of me. I was very nervous hopping on for my first ride which was able to do pretty quickly since Chris was nice enough to send the wheel with a full charge on it. The first few minutes in the driveway were very similar to what I remember when I first rode the Monster. Body movements that would turn my other wheels did not have the same effect on the Z10. As Chris mentioned several times, going straight on the Z10 is extremely easy because of the fat tire, it just wants to stay upright. Despite the different physics and geometry of the wheel within a half hour or so I felt much more comfortable as my body learned what does and doesn't work pretty quickly which I talk about a lot in the video. As far as power and braking I have zero complaints. Acceleration and braking was smooth and predictable. Keep in mind my other wheels are a 67V Msuper V3 and an original Monster but with that background, the Z10 felt just fine to me initially and even better once I started leaning more to bring on the power more rapidly. The wheel cruises at speed easily. My top speed during the ride was over 25mph and it obviously had a lot more to give if I asked it to. So I will expand on this as my experience continues. I have a very busy two days ahead of me with me traveling all around the county trying to test the wheel in various situations. Yes, the swamp will be one of them.
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    Few impressions after 200km on KS-18L I got this wheel a week ago and unfortunately it was a rainy week and I had to leave for the weekend without the wheel. That means I only rode it for just over 200 km and only today I made a longer journey including some off-road. At first I had trouble controlling the wheel as I never rode 18” or larger wheel for more than few hundred meters. I was used to Mten3 as it was my only wheel for past few weeks (previously I rode KS-14C for few thousand km). The difference is huge, it is entirely different style of riding. At first, I was so disappointed with acceleration and braking. This wheel behaves like a fully loaded cargo ship compared to mten3. But I got used to the bigger wheel and todays ride was exhilarating! If you push this wheel with your calves as well as with feet it can climb or go down any hill. I would sooner start worrying about enough traction than power. The high speed riding feels very comfortable and stable. This wheel eats up kilometers like nothing. The wheel has generally great build quality. It feels better than my father’s Inmotion V8 in this regard. However, when unpacked one of the side cushions was already slabbing and one of the screws holding the mudguard wasn’t fastened. I could fix both things in a minute but it was disappointing none the less. If we are already talking about bad things… The lift-up cutoff is sometimes not working well. I mean most of the time its fine but like one in ten lift ups start good but after time while lifted the wheel activates. This is very annoying as the wheels starts spinning and beeping loudly – not good when arriving home late at night… It also sometimes turns off for a split second while standing or atleast I think that is what it does - the wheel beeps and jerks a little. Fortunately cut-off functionally is disabled entirely while the wheel is in motion. The lift-up freewheeling speed is 68 km/h while fully charged and 51 km/h while not rideable anymore due to low battery. I rode it for about 70 km on a charge today. It was mixed street/off-road ride including steep hills and I weigh 80 kg. Max speed tested 40 km/h. It has pretty loud high frequency whine but otherwise its quiet. I did not experience tilt-back because of low battery like @Henrik Olsen maybe because I stopped riding sooner as I hate the beeps. But the tilt-back caused by approaching set top speed is gradual so I think it is well implemented. My FW version is 1.03 and there is currently update offered in the app, but I am hesitant to go trough with it. I have not figured out how to turn the USB ports and Bluetooth speakers on without turning on the whole wheel (no second button like on KS-16) but just laying the wheel on its side while on works. There is nice effect of equalizer visualization while playing music but it does not adjust to the volume so with low volume it doesn’t work. The wheel also turns on Bluetooth for the app and for the speakers while charging so you can check the charge level while charging from your phone. So far neither the official app or WheelLog are ready for 84V KS so they show the right voltage but wrong battery %. In conclusion I am very glad I now own KS-18L and Mten3 as these two wheels complement each other. KS-18L is awesome long range powerful wheel for trail and fast long rides and Mten3 is the most agile tiny power house and is super fun for goofing around and technical riding (had a blast on it on singletrek). Now some multimedia (not @Marty Backe quality but hopefully useful, I just used my phone and had to hold it in hand as I have no tripod nor selfiestick): Trail riding Low battery behavior Weird light-photoresistor feedback loop Looking down the valley I just came from Dual charging while turned on KS-18L having a rest while a boat does the work
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    My neighbor give me one little magpie fallen from his nest. Now I training him to fly with the help of the EUC
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    I agree that the company is too tight for the information about V10, and I am little upset too. The reason we do this way is: We want to keep our engineer and manufacture teams away from distracts from dealers and customers. You may doubt it when you see it, but here is why we think in this way: 1. We have gone through lots of experiences that we announced the product before we get full ready to for sales, and we thought everything should be okay, and we didn't give ourselves too much redundant time. But there always were unexpected problems came up, like some vendor failed to deliver, some parts not meeting the quality standard, some mould got broken and needed to refine, some new bug found in last minute, even the electricity got cut off for consecutive 2+ days in the industrial park... Actually InMotion's engineer team maybe is already the most experienced team in this industry, but we still can not predict everything, and make things right the first time. The physical products is more tricky than developing an App, we can't fix the problem by just updating the backend firmware, it may take us more than 4 days by just replacing some plastic shells if the color is not accurate. 2. We used to announce the new models in a very tight schedule, and then all the dealers and customers come to the company, pushing to deliver, and then they engineers and the quality managers are threatened by sales reps and all levels of managers of the company, and then they need to do some compromise because they have to take lots of pressure to ship out the products asap. The result normally was: The first several batch of products are not ideal, and then we need to accept lots of complaints and return and repair, and then the reputation of this new model was ruined, and customers got very mad, and then the hard work of all the team for the past whole year was wasted, and everyone felt frustrated. 3. We have made lots of retrospects and decided to learn from the failures, and we made a rule inside the company that: If we don't have stock in the warehouse, we shouldn't announce anything officially. A perfect plan is not enough, only the physical product stock makes sense for us. We need to create an better environment for all the team to focus the quality to avoid the same failure to happen once and once again. 4. We know there are lots of perceptions that most Chinese products and not well designed and manufactured, and Chinese products are named as knock off and low quality in general, and we feel very bad with that. We don't want to disgrace the country's reputation by our products, and we are trying to improve it from ourselves. It may not be the ideal way to balance customer demand for information and our internal progress, but unfortunately it's the best way we can come up for now. 5. There is lots of things needed to be improved for InMotion, and we are far from good enough. Most of what you said in this forum make sense for us, but it may take us time to execute them all. Apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate for all your patience!
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    Brandon joined us on the Southern California Mt Wilson Group ride. Here is some daddy footage from the ride. He made it! And for the record, he had 50% battery at the top. Expect to see this stat at on the next MTen3 brochure!
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    Ride responsibly and Wear suitable protective gear! = Safe Speed = 70kg rider >40% charge. Heavier rider or lower battery? Ride slower! 21 km/h - Ninebot One S2 (310Wh) 21 km/h - Ninebot One E+ (320Wh) 22 km/h - Gotway MCM4 (340Wh) 22 km/h - Kingsong KS14C (340Wh) 22 km/h - Kingsong KS14D (420Wh) 22 km/h - IPS 141 Zero (340Wh) 22 km/h - IPS 191 Lhotz (340Wh) 23 km/h - Inmotion V5F, V5F+ (320Wh, 480Wh) 25 km/h - Inmotion V8 (480Wh) 28 km/h - Gotway MCM4 (680Wh) 28 km/h - Kingsong KS14C (680Wh) 28 km/h - Kingsong KS16B (680/840Wh) 32 km/h - Kingsong KS16S (820Wh) 32 km/h - Kingsong KS18A-1200W (840Wh) 32 km/h - Gotway ACM (680/820Wh) 32 km/h - Gotway Msuper v3 (680/820Wh) 32 km/h - Rockwheel GT16 (680Wh) 35 km/h - Kingsong KS18A-1200W (1680Wh) 35 km/h - Rockwheel GT16 (858Wh) 40 km/h - Gotway ACM (1300/1600Wh) 40 km/h - Gotway Msuper v3s, v3s+ (1300Wh, 1600Wh) 40 km/h - Gotway Monster (2400Wh) 45 km/h - Kingsong KS18A-2000W (1680Wh) = Real Range = 20-25 km/h urban commuting, 70kg rider, not aggressive riding, not offroad, above 15°C ambient temperature, not hilly, not windy, new good condition batteries (5km rounded). 20 km - Ninebot One S2 (310Wh) 20 km - Ninebot One E+ (320Wh) 20 km - Gotway MCM4 (340Wh) 20 km - Kingsong KS14C (340Wh) 20 km - IPS 141 Zero (340Wh) 20 km - IPS 191 Lhotz (340Wh) 20 km - Inmotion V5F (320Wh) 25 km - Kingsong KS14D (420Wh) 30 km - Inmotion V5F+ (480Wh) 30 km - Inmotion V8 (480Wh) 40 km - Gotway MCM4 (680Wh) 40 km - Kingsong KS14C (680Wh) 40 km - Kingsong KS16B (680Wh) 40 km - Gotway ACM (680Wh) 40 km - Rockwheel GT16 (680Wh) 40 km - Gotway Msuper v3 (680Wh) 50 km - Kingsong KS16B (840Wh) 50 km - Kingsong KS16S (820Wh) 50 km - Gotway ACM (820Wh) 50 km - Kingsong KS18A-1200W (840Wh) 50 km - Gotway Msuper v3 (820Wh) 55 km - Rockwheel GT16 (858Wh) 80 km - Gotway ACM (1300Wh) 80 km - Gotway Msuper v3s (1300Wh) 100 km - Gotway ACM (1600Wh) 100 km - Gotway Msuper v3s+ (1600Wh) 105 km - Kingsong KS18A-1200W, KS18A-2000W (1680Wh) 150 km - Gotway Monster (2400Wh) * Real Range calculation: Capacity Wh / 16 = km Inmotion V8 example: 480Wh / 16 = 30km * Peak power calculation: Fully charged, new good condition batteries (100W rounded). battery pack voltage (serial) * number of packs (parallell) * nominal discharge rate * 95% switching efficiency Rockwheel GT16 (858Wh) example: 84V * 4packs * 10A * 0.95 = 3192W The standard battery cells used in EUCs have 10 Ampere nominal discharge rate. Dynanometer tests have shown the batteries have not delivered any more in practice so 10A was used for all calculations. 15-cell pack = 63V * 10A = 630W 16-cell pack = 67.2V * 10A = 672W 20-cell pack = 84V * 10A = 840W 95% efficiency (5% waste heat) * Safe Speed calculation: Ninebot One S2 (310Wh): 500W nominal, 1200W peak √ 500W = 22 km/h 22 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1210W Unsafe! 21 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1103W OK. Ninebot One E+ (320Wh): 500W nominal, 1200W peak √ 500W = 22 km/h 22 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1210W Unsafe! 21 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1103W OK. Gotway MCM4 (340Wh): 800W nominal, 1300W peak √ 800W = 28 km/h 28 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1960W Unsafe! 22 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1210W OK. Kingsong KS14C (340Wh): 800W nominal, 1300W peak √ 800W = 28 km/h 28 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1960W Unsafe! 22 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1210W OK. Kingsong KS14D (420Wh): 800W nominal, 1300W peak √ 800W = 28 km/h 28 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1960W Unsafe! 22 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1210W OK. IPS 141 Zero (340Wh): 1000W nominal, 1300W peak √ 1000W = 32 km/h 32 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 2560W Unsafe! 22 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1210W OK. IPS 191 Lhotz (340Wh): 1000W nominal, 1300W peak √ 1000W = 32 km/h 32 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 2560W Unsafe! 22 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1210W OK. Inmotion V5F, V5F+ (320Wh, 480Wh) : 550W nominal, 1600W peak √ 550W = 23 km/h 23 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1323W OK. Inmotion V8 (480Wh): 800W nominal, 1600W peak √ 800W = 28 km/h 28 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1960W Unsafe! 25 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1563W OK. Gotway MCM4 (680Wh): 800W nominal, 2600W peak √ 800W = 28 km/h 28 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1960W OK. Kingsong KS14C (680Wh): 800W nominal, 2600W peak √ 800W = 28 km/h 28 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1960W OK. Kingsong KS16B (840Wh): 800W nominal, 2600W peak √ 800W = 28 km/h 28 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 1960W OK. Kingsong KS16S (820Wh): 1200W nominal, 2600W peak √ 1200W = 35 km/h 35 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 3063W Unsafe! 32 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 2560W OK. Kingsong KS18A-1200W (840Wh): 1200W nominal, 2600W peak √ 1200W = 35 km/h 35 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 3063W Unsafe! 32 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 2560W OK. Gotway ACM (680/820Wh): 1500W nominal, 2600W peak √ 1500W = 39 km/h 39 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 3803W Unsafe! 32 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 2560W OK. Gotway Msuper v3 (680/820Wh): 1500W nominal, 2600W peak √ 1500W = 39 km/h 39 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 3803W Unsafe! 32 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 2560W OK. Rockwheel GT16 (680Wh): 2000W nominal, 2600W peak √ 2000W = 45 km/h 45 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 5063W Unsafe! 32 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 2560W OK. Kingsong KS18A-1200W (1680Wh): 1200W nominal, 5100W peak √ 1200W = 35 km/h 35 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 3063W OK. Rockwheel GT16 (858Wh): 2000W nominal, 3200W peak √ 2000W = 45 km/h 45 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 5063W Unsafe! 35 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 3063W OK. Gotway ACM (1300/1600Wh): 1600W nominal, 4800W peak √ 1600W = 40 km/h 40 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 4000W OK. Gotway Msuper v3s, v3s+ (1300Wh, 1600Wh): 1600W nominal, 4800W peak √ 1600W = 40 km/h 40 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 4000W OK. Gotway Monster (2400Wh): 1600W nominal, 8000W peak √ 1600W = 40 km/h 40 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 4000W OK. Kingsong KS18A-2000W (1680Wh): 2000W nominal, 5100W peak √ 2000W = 45 km/h 45 km/h ^ 2 * 2.5 = 5063W OK.
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    It heard it took @Marty Backe a few tries before he made it down safely.
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    Hello, It is an exciting night. The MSuper X has arrived. I purchased the 1600 model from Green Fashion via Ali-Express. It arrived with 19% battery so I will have to save my riding evaluation for tomorrow. Nevertheless, below are some pictures that will resolve several unanswered questions for some. More to come! Video of the light modes: - Yasin (MSuperX, MSuper V3S+, MTen3, Ninebot One)
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    Hi Guys, Thank you for all the well wishes. It means a lot. You guys can also be very funny - you know who you are. I've had some good laughs this morning. I just got up from a 10-hour recovery sleep My shoulder appears not to have gotten much worse if any from how it was feeling last night. And there is zero bruising although the whole area is swollen. It's Sunday and I don't want to mortgage the house by going to the ER. I'll see how I feel Monday and may go to the doctor. I do weight training every week so my shoulders/arms have a fair amount of muscle and I think that really helped to survive the crash. Based on the (assisted) range of motion that I have, my gut tells me that I haven't damaged anything, but I've certainly stretched all kinds of stuff My arm is basically useless, but I can type and stuff once I've lifted my hand to the proper spot with my other arm. This crash is the worst I've ever experienced. It feels like my first true faceplant since there was zero sense of running anything off. All my other crashes have involved a tiny bit of stumbling running before hitting the ground. This was an instant rotation to the cement. It really scares you into not wanting to ride fast. I now know that ~20-mph is kind of survivable. But God knows what would happen at 25-mph, or greater. I will always wear elbow pads in the future since I now have empirical evidence that they do play an important role during a faceplant. Maybe not in other crashes, but faceplants YES. Knee pads are critical. My wristguards saved my hands/wrists big time. I'm so glad I never ride, regardless the distance or type of ride, without my wristguards. Although I bled a lot, after cleaning up, I only have one bandage on each hand, covering a small area. Ignoring the possible damage that could have occurred without the guards, I would have had incredible amounts of roadrash. As I mentioned in a different thread, my wife showed in interest in learning to ride, manly to be able to spend a little more time with me. She had no true passion to learn. I'm ending that experiment and she's OK with it. The thing is, I can take risks, but it scares me to think what would happen to her during a fall. She's older than me (65) and not physically fit. We'll just take more walks together I wasn't filming during the crash, but was carrying the 9-foot selfie-stick. I found it about 20-feet in front of me. Miraculously, the undamaged lens did not hit the ground. But the case has lots of new deep scratches everywhere. This camera has taken a beating No @Rehab1, I don't think the asymmetry of carrying the stick helped me at all. I think the body asymmetry stance still helps in a running type crash, but I now know from personal experience that an actual faceplant involves no running. It's a simple rotation to the ground. My Tesla survived the crash like a champ. It rolled down a 20-foot embankment and sat there beeping at me (was it laughing at me? ). I rode it 10-miles home. In broad strokes, our wheels are amazing machines. Very robust. Sorry not to personally address all of your comments, but I've read everything and have enjoyed your sense of humor. Makes me happy.
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    @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", I don't understand, you have have the KS18S & GW Monster (ACM as well?) yet you voluntarily still ride a two year old 30kph, 800W KS16B Wheel? Why?! @Marty Backe for fairness sake, let's take stock of what GW were pushing out at the same time as this vintage Wheel; a 67v ACM with MOSFETs as fragile as a Song Dynasty vase & motor wires that have the dual-function for making toast on the way up that hill. Yesterday I made a statement that there's been no reports of a ACMv2 dying, but that this was premature. This morning I received a dreaded 'I received my brand new ACMv2 & within 3 mile it cut-out, no longer turns on'. I wish I could say that the failure rate for GW is now as good as KS, but I'm afraid to say this is not the case. On a statistical basis, there is a 15% chance of a new Tesla/ACM board blowing within the first hour of use, if you make it through this critical danger point, then the likelihood is it's going to hold-up over time.
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    And I am excited, but I didn't have anyone to tell who would know what I was talking about, so I thought I'd pop in and say hello and brag about my new present for Spring/Summer 2019. How are all my pals doing?
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    I've been capable of riding all the way to work for a while, but have had some kind of mental block about it. Every time I'm about to ride the damn wheel to work, I'll have some anxiety over it and not do it. I've ridden there on days off a few times no problem, but I just can't bring myself to do it in the morning before an actual work day. I always worry that maybe I'll need my car later, or maybe I'm too tired, or whatever. But today I just threw some stuff in my backpack and took off. It was just fine, I cruised all the way in with no problems. It's about 7-8 miles each way so it took about a half hour with lights etc. I even got the same feeling I do in my car, I arrived at work and barely recalled my journey. My new 16s did great and I rolled over the 100 km mark on the odometer on the way. With some of the first decent weather of the season here in WA, the ride home should be fantastic with weather in the 70's. The worst part about my ride in was watery eyes.
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    Hi Everyone! As the proud new owner of an 820Wh MSuper V3 (Purchased from www.Tec-Toyz.com), I wanted to start a thread dedicated to Mods to the V3. Please add anything you've done and I'll do the same as I go along. I'll start off with my Carbon Fiber Side Panels. I'll also be wrapping around the headlight and switches too, but I won't have time till after this weekend. Planned Mods: Carbon Fiber Touches (Covering the Red Areas) - Decided to Paint Flat Black. Much Better! Thinning of the Side Pads. Maybe about 1/4" thinner on each side. - (After Riding More, Decided NOT to do this) Brighter Headlight - Done Mud Flap - Done Maybe some Special Effect LED's ?? Parking Stand while stopped for Coffee, etc. - Updated Bumpers! Works great now! Change Pedal Positions for More Support - Done! EL Lighting - Done! More Secretive Ideas still coming... Stay Tuned!!!! Carbon Fiber Vinyl to replace the Blueish pads. LED Headlight Upgrade: Mud Flap: Parking Stand (Updated!): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DPH8VM4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Added Electric Blue Pinstripe:
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    Hello my name is Tobias Olsen, I'm from Denmark and this is my submission for the 1st EUC talent contest. I hope you like it, this is my first video on this forum. Submitted 29/09/2016 - 19.46 Danish timezone
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    Had to remove the control-board for a replacement that's arriving next week, after a failed firmware update (my KS16 was serial number #9, that was incompatible with v1.20). While I had everything apart, took the opportunity to weigh the main components. Of course in the future it would be great if a manufacturer could produce a 840Wh/800W 16" class of Wheel that weighs less than 12 kg; but as can be seen below, there's no obvious ballast in this thing that could be easily shed. Maybe the shell could be reduced by 1kg, or in the motor they could replace aluminum with composites for areas like the motor cover, it's not going to be easy. According to these scales, the total Wheel weight with everything still attached is just a tad less than 17kg. Inner shell with the retractable handle is 2.6kg A view from the top of the Wheel: notice the opening with proper seal to prevent water from getting underneath the board. Control-board is only 250gm including the heat-sink. Each pedal with rubberized surface is 650gm. Pair of aluminum pedal support arms weigh 750gm. Each 18650 cells is pretty standarized at 45-50gm each. The MJ1 has a specification of 47gm, with 64x of these, the batteries themselves weigh 3kg, with another 250 gm for packaging, wires, conductive connecting strips. Finally the motor with the pedals & support arms attached—in the graph, I excluded these parts from the motor weight. The tire & inner-tube weigh around 1kg by themselves, so the motor weight itself is around 6.5kg
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    LA EUC Limbo Game from Flyboy's perspective. Cameo's from @The Fat Unicyclist @Sidestreet Reny and many others! Thanks @who_the for the photo.
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    New Board Is A Fail - Fixed This is extremely frustrating and makes me pissed at Gotway all over again As I intimated in my previous post, the board configuration is different. Well, the wiring harness is so different that it's incompatible with this board!!! You can imagine my frustration as I excitedly put the wheel back together and have this result. Sure the wheel balances and almost everything appears to work. But the headlamp is always on. On the old board, one wire attached to a connector that went into the speaker module (what's up with that?). And the other went directly to the control board. Now, both wires to the fan are pre-installed on the control board. The connector from the speaker module? Just handing there because there's nothing to connect to. On the circuit diagram above, there's a connector for the light. I don't have any unused wires to plug into that. I'll continue poking around, but wouldn't you think that Gotway would know they made incompatible changes and offer advice??? I'll update this post if I can figure something out, otherwise it's a plea for help to @Jason McNeil Fix After tugging and probing I took my best guess at the light connector and moved it to the Light Connector shown in the picture. Now everything is working. Still leaves one of the identified connectors (USB/Tail light/etc) un-populated, and that wire from the speaker module that used to go to the fan is still dangling. But it works. Jason is going to have a fun time documenting this for the people that get to do this. Oh, and all of those gray plastic covers that hide the shell screws - they aren't all the same size. So keep track of those as you remove them to prevent you having to spend 10-minutes finding the right cover for each screw So I'm calm again Overheat hill test tomorrow morning.
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    Looks like we are going to get to try out the 16X this weekend! Woohoo! Demo time!
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    I just put together a little review of my new two favorite power wheels.
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    so i was riding today. a little fast evening ride. going high speed i dont remember how much when i fall. but i was driving a place where i normally ride. and then unexpectetly. a new huge edge flung me off my tesla. i went flying and rolling on the ground. and this time i was in shock. i didnt feel much pain. but my shoulder was injured. i still dont know what injury it is. its probably just a shock. i can move my shoulder without issue. but it hurts. but i did get some nasty scrapings a big one on the back. and i rode home and looked at it. and i dont have any deep scrapings. just surface scrapings. so im mostly ok. but this is just another reminder to wear safety gear. my cross helmet most definetly saved my face from asphalt. and if i didnt have my knee pads and elbow pads then it would be a lot worse than just surface scrapings. so get that safety gear on! better 2 minutes before every ride than 2 days in a hospital if i didnt wear safety gear i then would be typing from the hospital.
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    There's been some 9B1 responses to some of the technical uncertainties on this Wheel I wanted to share with everyone: Motor wires: "the wire diameter of the ONE Z is thickened, and the plug-in is also used for the terminals fixed by the screws, and the motor phase wire is replaced by the high temperature resistant material." Had mentioned this back in January during the factory visit, this sounds promising. Speed: informed that there's a new internal Chinese reg that requires 20kph max, which is why the videos coming out of China are not quite heart pacing as one would like. Pedals: not yet determined if the new mold will be created for the pedals. Obviously I've been advocating the importance of these, especially in light of the development from competitors on this score Preproduction Sample: I will be taking possession of a sample that should be the 45kph spec, improved internals, to have an opportunity to put the machine through it's paces. The game plan is to hold onto it for just a couple day to do a write up, quick video review, then pass it along to @houseofjob & then it will make it's way out to the west coast @Marty Backe & Co. My apologies for not being more active here over the past few days, there's been a mountain of emails & other projects that I'm working on getting through.
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    I've purchased 4 wheels from Jason at ewheels and I have experienced nothing but outstanding service. He has gone way over and beyond to make me happy as a customer. I hate reading comments trying to tear down his character saying he is just selling Gotways or any wheel for the money. If you read the many posts from him on this forum you will find that he has been an advocate for EUC riders and has pressed companies like Kingsong and Inmotion to make changes for the safety of the riders. Many of the safety characteristics raved about in Kingsongs was from Jason's constant input over the last couple of years. I'm glad to see ewheels selling Gotways now so maybe we can see the benefits of his tireless efforts in improving the QC at this company as well. We all love riding wheels and we all want to be safe of course. Let's keep our focus and efforts on pushing these companies to make the right improvements.
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    Linnea tell me I narrowly dodged a bullet [again] , our Wheels where shipped a couple days after the discovery—why this information was not disseminated earlier is a bit troubling. As a result of this, I'm hiring a China agent to forensically exam every shipment coming out from both the KS & GW factories, interviewing Engineers on FW/hardware changes between batches, comparing photos, & obtaining stress testing video evidence. "We changed new program in the batch of your wheels which shipped out on May 16th, 2017. That is we change better program in your wheels. We double check and found that you don't have any wheels which was shipped out within May the 1st, 2017 to May the 15th, 2017."
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    First of all: I'm really glad, this lesson ended relatively harmless. And I perfectly agree with @nomad's take away: respect that third level alarm. And I guess, pretty much all of us agree to that. Apart from that, I'm not all that happy with the bias in this discussion - so, forgive me for a bit of "party pooping": When it comes to "responsible riding", my priorities are: 1. protect all others from harm, 2. protect yourself. No argument about the sense of wearing protective gear, just realize, it only protects yourself - nobody else. Watching the video, I can't really judge the speed from that low angle. So I have to assume, that MS3 acts just like mine: without additional stress, the third alarm fires between 37 and 38 kph. Overspeed cut-off stops the wheel altogether between 52 and 53 kph (lift test). When I watched the video waiting for the announced crash to happen, I cringed several times pleading "not now" when the wheel zoomed past pedestrians with 38+ kph or right next to a car lane at similar speed. Sorry for spoiling the fun here: much rather than worrying, what a 45 kph impact could do to the shell of my beloved wheel, I worry, what a 20Kg brick flying at 45 kph could break hitting a person. While I sure love riding fast (got my MS3 up to 45.11 kph GPS) my simple take away from that is: stay well inside the safe envelope (i.e. no 3rd beeps) while people, bikes or cars could be in the flight path in case my wheel goes ballistic. On the ever so popular subject "its the manufacturers responsibility to make it safer": sure it is. But: In the absence of governmental regulation, the customers rule with their buying decisions. I know for myself, that buying a wheel in the highest performance range (Msuper V3) from a tiny Chinese company with barely 30 employees, I opt-in to be an alpha tester. As I plead guilty on that count, my urge to bash manufacturers is somewhat more gentle. A 120 years of unquestionable safety improvements with cars still left me with a vehicle, that allows me to kill myself or others at any time. The improvements sure helped to reduce (involuntary) accidents and lower their consequences, but the only conceivable way to eliminate driver risk altogether would be to take away any control over the vehicle from that driver. So, yes, I positively want better, more reliable feedback from my wheel, but I don't want it to entirely take over control. BTW: at approx. 85Kg dressed for success, I consider myself a fairly average European. Lately I had a chance to ride up and down some rather steep BMX trails in the woods. The MS3 never failed to accelerate from almost stand still at the steepest parts. At least at such low speeds, I'm not missing torque and just love that beast. Have fun & wheel safely!
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    I figured I would get some real miles on both wheels before I post any thoughts on either. Nikola has 680 miles, Monster has 420. Find myself riding the Monster for longer distances but less frequently, Nikola for shorter, multiple distances. I did have a seat on the Nikola for a while, but with the Monster, it became redundant to use it. Riding weight 185 lbs, 177 lbs naked. Intro: Consider me one of the lucky Nikola 100V owners. Have not had a single issue since I received this wheel, rides perfectly, never had to open this wheel up for any reason. Got this wheel as fast as 39 MPH before the 5-beeps kicked in, and contrary to popular belief, I can hear them just fine even at that speed. Range figures constantly pushing 30+ mph with hard acceleration and cruising will be around 35-40 miles down to 20% battery. Nikola Plus 100V 1845Wh PROs: - Acceleration is sublime. There is nothing quite like it on the market. - Very durable shell. By many accounts, that shell has been proven to take a beating without cracking in most cases. - Cushioning for a 16 inch wheel is impressive. I would say it isn't much of a difference from my old KS18S that I sold. - Extremely nimble wheel, can turn 90 degrees on a dime and do tiny circles with no effort while waiting for cars to pass at intersections. - Stock paper speakers extremely loud, albeit of poor quality. For my needs (listening to sports radio, GPS directions) it is absolutely perfect. Nikola CONs: - Feels unbalanced. There is always a sense of myself wanting to compensate to my right a bit, but I've gotten used to it. Compared to wheels such as KS with their flat pedals, there will be somewhat of an adjustment period. - This unbalanced feeling will also lead to brake wobbles for the inexperienced. I find myself one-foot braking or going into a full on squat if an emergency braking maneuver is needed. The standard lean-back stopping method will undoubtedly lead to wobbling. - Starts feeling a bit unstable at speeds over 35 MPH. It's nothing you can't adjust for, but out of the box, you will notice this and lack a bit of confidence in your riding. - Trolley handle. Would it have killed Gotway to have a locking mechanism? Need to velcro strip the inside of the trolley so it won't go flying when you undoubtedly drop your wheel. - Angled pedals. This is a pro or con depending on your preferences, but I find my flat feet in constant pain when I ride this wheel for extended periods of time. I have to carve just to keep the pressure off my feet with a pigeon toed stance. - For as durable the outer shell is, it is also a scratch magnet. Anyone who makes custom wraps for these wheels will make a lot of money. (hint hint) - The tire could be a pro AND a con. For as soft and cushiony it is, it also has very poor tread life (estimated around 1500 miles) and replacing the tire is not exactly user friendly. Intro: I had the DOA Monster V3 2460Wh burnt in transit. I finally got it up and running, and it's had a fair share of issues even after the fact. 3D printed fan bracket broke (used gorilla glue and foam to secure it), axle nut came loose (used loctite red to secure it), pedal nuts becoming loose (used loctite blue). Mechanically it rides fine and has been reasonably reliable otherwise. Fastest speed recorded, 39.1 MPH, afraid to push the 5 beeps for any reason; although I'd love to join the 40 MPH club! Range figures are about 50-55 miles down to 20%, hard acceleration high cruising speeds. Just this weekend I did a 42 mile ride with 30% battery remaining. Monster V3 100V 2460Wh PROs: - EXTREMELY stable wheel. Although it is of a narrower width than the Nikola 16x3, the contact patch is much larger, which will help the wheel track straight with greater stability at higher speeds. It is amazing how you're going faster than you're feeling, almost car-like in that sense. - Best seated wheel on the market. I can easily stop the wheel seated in comparison to my 18S which wasn't nearly as easy to stop while seated. - Although it has the exact same pedals as my Nikola, the pedal angle is flatter which means greater comfort. It is an absolute pleasure to ride this wheel long distances with no fatigue. - Really eats up uneven roads and smoothens them out (very important in NYC). - Same speakers as the Nikola, my opinion of these are the same. Monster CONs: - Maneuverability. Given the size and weight of this wheel, quickly maneuvering it in tight spaces and even simply carving can be a high effort task; you really need to put your body into some of those turns. Maybe it's for the best, I can stand to lose some weight! - Dead stop acceleration. Anyone coming from a quick and nimble 14 or 16" wheel will quickly dislike the Monster and the effort it takes to torque this wheel. It is very possible to move the Monster quickly (both seated and standing) but it is something you will really have to dedicate yourself to learning. The key is to really bend into the wheel instead of doing the moonwalker lean (which won't end well). - Shell durability. Although from multiple user accounts, the materials used on the Monster V3 shell are significantly improved over the V2, there are still some weak points that need to be reinforced and protected. The plastic housing that is connected to the outer shell by a single Philips-head screw is brittle plastic, and if the wheel is dropped on its front, that is the first component that will snap. Inner shell corners, especially at the top need to be reinforced to prevent cracking if and when the wheel is dropped. Given I have dropped this wheel while handling (not riding) the contact points mentioned are what took the impact, and with the proper cushioning at those points, no damage occurred. - No trolley handle. Perhaps next year? - Useless rear taillight. Easy to miss for other motorists. Needs to be more obvious and brighter. - Poor fan placement on V3. Not sure how well it will dissipate heat in the worst summer days. Summary: With these two wheels, I'd say they are on opposite ends of the EUC spectrum. One accelerates quick, can turn on a dime with no effort but twitchy (like a sports car). Another is heavy, stable and comfortable (like an SUV). They are two different wheels for two different purposes, and the reason I own both is one wheel can compensate for the deficiencies in the other. If I HAD to choose one wheel over the other? It will depend on your priorities. For me, I'd take the Nikola if I could ONLY have one wheel. However, read through my thoughts on both wheels and decide which would work best for you!
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    5 reported accidents so far. my friend included. 20 ish kmh on flat road and the wheel just cut power after a few seconds with on and off. his face is not pretty right now. Could everyone with the same batchnumber report in and also if you had a problem. thanks Moderator notice, June 24th 2017: Apparently motorcode is not a reliable way to know if your wheel is affected, the motors might have numbers going back to 2016 (like 1608) and still be affected. Basically if you've bought an MSuper, ACM (and/or maybe Monster) since sometime in start of May 2017, your wheel might be affected. You need some other way to establish when the wheel was built, apparently there's another code somewhere, maybe on the box it was shipped with. 1705 (2017 05, 2017 May) seems to be the magic number, basically any way to make sure that your wheel was or wasn't built after beginning of May. So far it appears that the software goes haywire after riding over a bump. For some riders, this has happened at low speeds, but others report it only occurring at high speed. The wheel is reported to start oscillating back and forth and cut out soon after (maybe in a matter of <0.5 seconds), leading either to crash or the rider jumping off. There seems to be no warning before it happens. Gotway claimed the problem was solved and sent out new replacement boards that should have been OK. That was not the case, the problems still seems to remain, only maybe with higher speed now? At the time of this writing, apparently even brand new wheels still have the issue. Suggesting everyone with the affected wheels to stay off them until Gotway has fixed the firmware for sure, and your dealer gets the equipment and the binaries required to flash a fixed firmware to the board (or new boards with new firmware). This video was shot by @Marty Backe with a board that was supposed to be fixed:
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    As a relatively new member, I haven't had a tremendous amount of time on this forum, but what strikes me as rather unique about this community is the level of politeness that seems to be the norm here. I have been a member of forums for other hobbies of mine and I'm sad to say that I have observed rude comments, ego driven arguments, and all sorts of bad manners on those forums. It is a very refreshing change to be a member of a community that seems to communicate respectfully and avoid the nonsense. My hats off to the founders and moderators of this forum for setting the tone and to all the members of this forum who make this a great place to learn about EUC's and exchange ideas and information with like-minded individuals. Clearly there are lots of interesting, extremely knowledgeable people on this forum. It's a real pleasure to be a part of this community!
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    My entirely speculative predictions to the end of the year. V10F: Inmotion will either raise the temperature threshold to allow higher temperatures on heatsink similar to where KS/GW are at 80°C, or redesign the board to allow for greater heat absorption/dissipation. This Wheel still holds so much promise, IMO there's nothing fundamentally wrong with it, if only IM HQ can focus on details like making a rock-sold firmware, the handle, & start getting the Wheel shipped out in volume. Tesla: without telling anyone, start shipping the Tesla out with a TO-247 board, similar to MCM5/MSX by the end of the summer & begin planning of a new 16" design with a wider tire & >1600Wh battery pack for early 2019. KS16X: unveil, but not release, a 84v new design, max speed of 40kph, 1200Wh pack, 2.5" wide tire. It will be shipped, by pure coincidence, to come off the factory-line the same day as the new 16" Gotway—this is what happened with the MSX/18L
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    I finally have an i5 in my hands! I wanted to make a post to document the process as I test it as well as to try and answer any questions the community has. If there is a certain test or questions please ask and I will try to get everything answered. Currently waiting for the battery to charge before I start recording and testing. Super excited. First impression is that it is unbelievably thin. The width is almost identical to a standard glass bottle. IBC Root beer tested. It also is definitely light, I haven't weighed it yet but the shipping weight was 22 pounds as a whole so it seems to be on par with IPS claims.
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    Yes, we will have a KS16S with 840wh battery, 1200w. Top speed: 35km/h. After we released newest 14", we will work on it. For this model, only 840wh battery available. So, current KS-16 model is still an ideal choice for those persue good performance-price ratio.
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    Yesterday, I received the most amazing EUC treat by "The Wheelies" in Singapore! Not only did they help me to a wheel after hearing me lamenting on facebook over my withdrawal pains from EUC riding during my present Asia vacation. They arranged for a night group ride along the most scenic spots of Singapore!!! While that's something you must see to believe, so far a facebook video is all the evidence of this marvelous experience I can offer: Once I return home, I will try to extract more impressions from my own shaky footage produced during the ride. Thanks to Thomas Hoon for letting me ride his beautifully customized KingSong 14C and inviting his friends to join the ride, to Dennis Lam for compiling the video and all of "The Wheelies Garage" (facebook group) for being such tremendously hospitable pals!
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    From today's ride around Southern California From left: @YoshiSkySun, @M22 Mark Chanya, @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", @Dave U, @Mark Lee, Brian (@Dave U's son), Ken, @Coastal Rider, and me
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    Just got this from someone who in talks with kingsong... sounds good and promising . Looks like no one's had the proper model as yet .i wonder if the delay is due to getting everything perfect ,,, well,, we'll always moan so never perfect 😁😁 Just saying ....latest 16X news I got today: It’s definitely a different motor than 18L/Xl...and yeah KS, says 2200Watt. And quiet! They are adjusting the firmware for that in the moment. Kuji on the electric games still had the prototype. The handle sensor is still no button under the handle, as they can’t have moving wires inside trolley handle. But it is no “electrical sensor” connected to rod/board as on the 18L/XL....it’s working mechanic now. They will get rid of the “binding” off the app...will just take a bit time, as they are concentrating on 16X firmware at the moment. Production 16X starts “early next week”.....
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    Hello all, This is just preliminary information and project in progress.. but our friends from Moscow are already on the final path to create really nice battery for Ninebot Z ... It is made from 112 cells MJ1, 14s8p, 1410 Wh !!! so - real range may be close to 1600Wh Gotways or Kingsong 18XL ..
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    Some footage from the last Bay Area EUC ride during Fleet Week. You can see Neil's Z10 in action and it looks fantastic in person, maybe better than the stock version!
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    Involuntary Monster Snow Test Combine an important meeting in the office with a flat tire surprise on the car in the morning. Add a good portion of snow and ice plus a GotWay Monster electric unicycle as backup commuting device and here'ya go: testing the Monster in conditions, I've never tried with it before. Result: I got there in time and the Monster behaves pretty well in such weather. There's just no recipe against deep potholes filled with soft snow. Apologies for the shaky camera handling - zero degrees centigrade and the phone insists for me to take the gloves off...
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    Tonight, I ended up at City Center again for practice. During my first major loop around the area, I heard a car coming behind me, so I pulled off to the side where there were parking spaces, and waited. The car crept up to me, but I could not see if it was a police car or not. Then out stepped a police officer, who said, "I just stopped because I was wondering, what is that thing?" It was a positive encounter during which I introduced him to the concept of an EUC, explained that I had head lights, tail lights and turn signals, and that I go there every night to practice. I asked if it was okay for me to do that. "Technically," he said, "this is city property, and you can't come here at night. But I'm not interested in running off people riding unicycles, I'm trying to protect the businesses. So I don't care." Then I told him he might see my girlfriend when he looked at my car. Then he asked me where I got it, how much it cost, etc. Finally, he asked which car was mine, and when I told him, he said, "Okay, I'll just ignore that one then." He drove off to go find my car, and when I caught up to him, he was having a conversation with my girlfriend, and she was being positive and enthusiastic, so I knew it was another positive encounter. So I have now had two positive encounters with the police regarding it, and I have permission to practice there at night! Woohoo! Hopefully the police will end up coming to know me, and I will be able to befriend some or all of them.
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    Hello guys! My name is Uliana. I am russian girl, 22 y.o. i'm going to a trip across Europe, starting from Riga, going to Madrid, Spain on the electric unicycle. I am planning to ride about 100-150 km/per a day, with a speed about 25-30 km/h. Making some videos during the way, and paint pictures, when i will find beautifel places. That's a plan ? And maybe i will need some help on my way (i hope to won't need it, but who knows) with the wheel. If it will be broken or smthg like that, so please, if someone from u could help me, let me know, please. And if someone could host me, it would be amazing! ? or maybe show me your city - i will be thankfull and happy ? And, yes, if you want to join, i am open, just write to me and let me know. Start from 3rd July. Thank you ?
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