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    Dear EUCists! As many of you know, I put a lot of effort into developing EUC World project. This includes Android mobile application, online service and smartwatch companion apps, but there are smaller, side projects that adds value to EUC World. I'm really happy that within last year EUC World became a favourite app for many of you and I strive to make it even better with each day. Threr is no week without me spending tens of hours working on EUC World project. All this so that you can use a free, yet very valuable and reliable application. This is my gift for the whole world of electric unicycles. And I'm glad that EUC World serve entire community well. Despite of my work, EUC World needs constant funding to secure its future. As I will continue to work hard developing EUC World, amounts of money I can invest into this project are rather limited. This is why future of EUC World is in hands of EUC riders, retailers and manufacturers. If you want EUC World to be actively maintained and developed, please visit following page and consider supporting EUC World: https://euc.world/supporteucworld If you decide to make a donation to support EUC World, please use email address that is assigned with your EUC World account. Email field will be already filled if you are signed in. Thank you in advance!
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    It's so incredible! My 5 year old daughter had only 4 X 5km riding experience on the EUC. Today we started the first bigger tour (24km) when right at the beginning a big bump came and she didn't hear my warning while she was singing a song. After a short shock we lay in the grass and laughed almost dead.
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    @Marty Backe @pico You guys and your nice warm benches. Toughen up!
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    Hey guys, just want to share a video I put together. I'm still a newbie to the whole EUC world but in my time of riding I've noticed a few quirks that work against this niche within a niche. Would be great for you to have a look and let me know your thoughts
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    @YoshiSkySun does it again with his new Monster. At least this time it didn't end up in the water
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    You guys have nothing to worry about. This forum is for discussing electric unicycles. That is its purpose. We want it to be a place that is welcoming and inviting to prospective and fresh new members, and enjoyable for existing members. More happy members posting = better for everyone. And if anything is counter to that, the mods have to do something. Aneta was banned because the account was too disruptive to a healthy forum culture here. Every time people stopped talking about EUCs and started arguing with "her" attention-bait. We do not want someone to google "electric unicycle", find this forum, and then be put off from participating by (perceived) bickering and negativity and infighting instead of a healthy discussion. We do not want existing members be put off from participating here. (Alias or not hardly matters because an alias could very well still be a great poster and beneficial to a good forum culture, so who cares.) Post what you want to post. Don't hold back. Do not self-censor. Don't even think about it. Enjoy, discuss, argue, fight (no personal insults of course), do whatever you want. As long as you do it because you care and want to talk about electric unicycles, hard to imagine how it could be a problem We merely can't allow people to abuse this forum for purposes that are counter to discussing electric unicycles in good faith and in an enjoyable manner. All the rules and mod actions are just for the bad actors. Don't worry about them. Aneta was a singular special case where a ban right away was the least worst option. Everyone else would just get a short, consequence-free warning. - Please do not engage (or even publicly mention) the Aneta person inside or outside this forum. Let this be over. In general, if you feel there might be a problem with any person or post, please use the report function to alert the staff. This is extremely helpful to the staff, it alerts us to potential problems and gives support if a mod has already noted that problem.
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    On the occasion of my 600th consecutive day taking a wheel to work instead of a car, bus, or whatever. Fitting that it is a snow day today given that the (slight) majority of trips have been in October-March timeframe. Six different wheels used at different times ranging from V5F at the start to the 18XL most days today. I figure I'll hit 1,000 in the summer of 2022, depending on vacations and whatnot.
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    Here is the translation of @EcoDrift's post on the Russian forum (https://electrotransport.ru/ussr/index.php?topic=60835.msg1806257) I took a liberty of translating and re-posting here, as this might be a very valuable resource for forum users. See also "EcoDrift's 2018 service statistics (failure rate by brand and model)" : https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/12317-ecodrifts-2018-service-statistics-failure-rate-by-brand-and-model/ Summary: 1. Failure rate. Only electrical and electronic issues are counted (flat tires, firmware failure and mechanical damages are not included). Failure rate is for units sold in 2019. The 2018 failure rate plus EcoDrift's comments are in parenthesis. UPD: in square brackets - number of service records per model (probably very close to the number of repaired units). Inmotion: V5F - 7,1% (10,84%) [25] V8 - 5,78% (8,74%) [41] V10F - 11,39% (8,5%) [23] Gotway: MSuperX 84V - 13,81% [21] MsuperX 100V - 18,18% [8] MCM5 - 11,24% [19] Tesla - 7,84% [4] Nikola - 24% [12] (low sales, not enough statistics, has to be close to MSuperX) Mten - 3,22% [1] Monster - 22,22% [4] Ninebot: Z10 - 22,11% (19,15% stability rules) [24] KingSong: 14M - 1,606% (5,04% ideal) [4] 14D, DS - 8,18% (6,77%) [10] 16S - 5,52% (8,11%) [22] 16X - 8,64% [8] 18L, XL - 9,73% (6,14%) [37] 2. Falure rate for controllers and hall sensors Inmotion: V5F - 5,02% V8 - 2,45% V10F - 7,23% Gotway: MSuperX 84V - 12,5% MsuperX 100V - 15,909% MCM5 - 10,05% Tesla - 7,84% Nikola - 24% Mten - 3,22% Monster - 22,22% Ninebot: Z10 - 20,19% KingSong: 14M - 1,2% 14D, DS - 6,36% 16S - 4,47% 16X - 8,64% 18L, XL - 6,19% 3. Batteries and BMS Inmotion: V5F - 5,02% V8 - 1,73% V10F - 2,59% Gotway: MSuperX 84V - 1,31% MsuperX 100V - 2,27% MCM5 - 1,18% Tesla - 0% Nikola - 0% Mten - 0% Monster - 0% Ninebot: Z10 - 1,92% KingSong: 14M - 0% 14D, DS - 0,9% 16S - 0,78% 16X - 0% 18L, XL - 0,88% Final conclusions. Inmotion: everything is stable. Variable rate can be attributed to imperfections of my statistics. King Song: evrything is also within expected range, except 18L, XL also added a few percents to the rate. 14M - great rate, perfect replacement for 14B. Ninebot: stable. Have nothing to add. Gotway: very unstable numbers, everybody should make their own conclusions and whether these numbers have value.
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    Upcoming EUC World update will bring a nifty feature called "Enforce Regulatory Compliance" It's an action that can be executed to enforce legal speed limits on wheel with just one click/menu tap. It will be also available as a custom action that can be tied to Flic button, smartwatch button or screen tap etc.
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    Some nut is riding his electric unicycle in the middle of winter. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
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    Open invitation to anyone who comes to San Diego. I will guide you on a "Tour de San Diego" Anywhere from 19-60 miles depending on what wheel you bring. Can't bring one? I have one you can borrow as long as you ride with me. I'm still working on "my" video but here is the another rider's extended version of the Tour. We pass a lot of historical places dating back to the mid 1700s. I hope you consider visiting the city with a year round temperatures that typically vary from 50°F to 77°F and is rarely below 44°F or above 84°F.
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    Mono, there is MUCH you don't know about what happened, things are not necessarily how they might seem to you. Believe me, if they were it wouldn't have been tolerated. When a moderator asks you to trust him, what he's trying to say is "You don't have enough puzzle pieces to know what the whole picture actually looks like. We do, and believe us, if you did too, you'd understand why we made the decision we made". There's also a reason why further discussion on the subject isn't being encouraged and no additional details are being provided. These decisions aren't arbitrary and have been carefully meditated. Once again, you'd need to see the entire picture to understand, all I can say is that they've been made with the benefit of the community at large in mind. Since recently being modded and gaining access to all the behind the scenes discussions and decisions that go into keeping this forum the place that it is, all I can say is that I'm very grateful to all the mods for devoting their time so that everyone can enjoy and benefit from this forum. I can also say that all decisions are taken collectively, taking into account many different perspectives and considerations (which is why it's good that the team is made up of people from different countries and with different opinions), and always for the benefit of the community. Having seen how decision-making occurs, I personally trust all of the other mods' judgments, and more importantly, the balanced stance that they reach as a whole, when everyone is in agreement, as was the case here. If things were the way you seem to think they are, the appropriate measures would have been taken. Whether you believe me or not is up to you, all I can say is that if my mod status were revoked today, I'd be even happier to participate in this forum than I was before being modded, with an increased sense of trust and respect for the mods overlooking this forum and the good judgement and intentions guiding their decisions
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    I gave the pro a quick go today, it’s certainly a fabulous wheel, however I don’t see it in the category of an upgrade if you already own a 84v or 100volt. The wheel definitely has more “roll on” speed, however not enough to call it “Pro” On the new dual speaker ( for those who care ) it’s still not there, terribly quality. The side button cutoff switch is awkward, and you would probably be better off turning off the wheel if you have a flight of stairs to conquest. Overall I’m disappointed ..
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    These might not be the most creative or inspired pictures in this thread, but they certainly conjure up a wonderful feeling we're all very familiar with---that magical moment when you feel like a kid on Xmas morning again. And the creative touch comes from the wonderful job @The Fat Unicyclist and his wife Chrissi did customizing my EUC bodyguard so it's one of a kind! Thanks guys! Couldn't be happier!
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    Why can't it just be over? Everything was so great here until Chrisjunlee/Aneta took over every thread or finally derailed it. What kind of problem do you guys have now that he is gone? It was always just about the fact that everything is about Chrisjunlee or Aneta, no matter if good or bad, as long as he was the center of attention. I can change my profile picture if that is what you are missing now?
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    Okay everyone... You have been (relentlessly) asking for it, so here is your chance to give us some final (pre-production) feedback on our EUC Bodyguard for the Gotway Nikola! Please note that the photos below show a prototype only - which has been hand cut and is not the final version. So, what sort of feedback do we want... Tell us what you think about the LED cut-outs - There are 100+ holes in the cover shown here. The challenge we have is finding the balance between showing off your LED and maintaining the integrity of what is a protective cover. We are thinking the cover would be a bit more robust if we were to reduce the number of holes a little - So would you all prefer a few less LED holes (possibly increasing the robustness) or leave it as it is (because you need to light up the world)? This Bodyguard has had a zipper added to facilitate the use of the scorpion trolley handle, but this does add a bit to the cost of the Bodyguard. Would riders be interested in having the choice of "with zip" (and trolley handle access) or "without zip" (meaning you can't use the trolley with the cover fitted)? This is to see if anyone out there doesn't use their trolley and would be happy to save a few dollars. And what about the colours... is there a preference for the solid black side, or the multi-colour version? Or would people prefer a reversed colour-scheme (like the 16X) either with a solid or multi-colour side? Of course, any other feedback will also be welcomed too. And, to save you asking... We will be putting a pre-order page up on our website shortly. Once we have locked in the production version.
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    Lake Yamanakako, below Mt Fuji
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    New version of trolley found at the hardware store.
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    Hi all, Here was my orginal newbie post when I was looking for my proper commuter wheel. I was tossing up between the 18XL and the 16X. Thanks to everyone who responded. I nearly went for a 18XL, but the 16X narrowly won out. My wife agreed to let me drop (AUD) $3K on a new wheel plus $1K on safety gear, provided I sold my unnecessarily large SUV and bought a smaller cheaper wagon. The car still hasn't sold yet, but I was looking so hang dog that she let me buy the wheel in advance. Whoo hoo!! I could suddenly stop researching gear and put my credit card to work! Bits and pieces have been arriving for the last two weeks and the wheel finally arrived yesterday! The difference betweeen the ancient Gotway MCM2 that I was riding and the 16X is massive. Like @Trevor Phillipsput it, I've gone from a Barbie Car to a Range Rover. I've only been on two rides but the range and stability is astonishing! interestingly, even though the new wheel is three times the wieght and the pedals are a lot higher it is actually easier to take off on as I can brace my leg higher up and get more leverage. The nice big pedals are a huge improvement too. So behold. This is me having just contracted EUC mania. Ancient second hand wheel, my 25 year old roller blading gear and my bike helmet. And this is me now. A fully blown case... Kingsong 16X with custom Roll.nz bodyguard (nice work @The Fat Unicyclist), Leatt Dual Axis knee guards, Cordura motorcycle jacket, Flexmeter wrist guards, Shift Whit3 motorcross gloves, TSG Pass helmet. Now if it would only stop raining so I can get out and ride...
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    Hi everyone I have received my first wheel (v5f) 2 month ago and I love it. I am a cameraman and I find it perfect to use for moving shots. I have made a few videos, I hope you like them :
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    Thanks for the advice, Unventor. Speaking of being careful... Murphy's Law at its finest: You receive your new wheel during the worst storm the region has seen in the past 20 years. The next day the weather miraculously clears out mid afternoon, the sun comes out, so you excitedly gear up and take the wheel out for the first spin. You do the initial 10 km at 20 km/h, slowly getting used to how different it is to ride than the 18XL, how agile and easy to turn. You've done your research and have set the pressure to 30 PSI, which most people coincide is the sweet spot for preventing tram-lining. You intentionally seek out lines and cracks in the road (at low speed) to see how the wheel reacts and get used to the feeling. You practice broad and tight turns, and even a few evasive manoeuvres, to see how it responds. It's amazing how nimble it is... How easy it is to turn! What a wheel, I love it! After 10 km, you unlock it to 50 km/h. You're still cautious and don't exceed 30 km/h while you get a feel for the wheel. Riding past the beach, you notice a magnificent photo opportunity: the waves crashing against the rocks create a fine mist that floats inland, creating an orange haze as it's illuminated from behind by the setting sun. You ride slowly down the boardwalk, so entranced by the scene that you fail to notice you've reached the end up the boardwalk until the very last second. You don't have time to brake so you brace yourself, hoping the sand isn't too soft. It is. As the wheel instantly sinks, your knee-jerk reaction is to abruptly raise your arms in an upward-backwards arch to maintain balance as you're propelled forward . Too abruptly, it would appear.... So instead of a picture of the 16X on the rocks, in front of the crashing waves with the misty sunset in the background, the only snapshot I have to share is the one above... 😓 I'd put 3 km on the 16X after unlocking top speed past 20 km/h. 13 km in total (Good thing I'm not superstitious 😂). And I don't even have a cool story to share... 😭 I didn't fall while doing an awesome trick in a skate park, didn't nose-dive while doing some crazy-fast, Chooch-style off-roading, I didn't faceplant out of juvenile audacity...I didn't even fall: I landed on my feet and wasn't even going fast enough to have to run it off...it just caught me so off guard that I jerked my shoulder out of place. Doesn't get any lamer than that 😓😂 2 weeks worth of a sling, and then the slow process of rehab...Having a girlfriend who's a physical therapist will definitely help, but damn, I wanna ride my new wheel NOW! Damn Murphy and his f***ing law! Or do you reckon this is a new manifestation of the curse of the 16X? 😂
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    This needs way more views havent seen this kind of extreme euc riding before
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    Had my first proper crash yesterday! I was cruising along a bike path when a cyclist coming in the opposite direction gave me a thumbs up and held out his hand for a high five. Stupidly I took him up on it... CRASH!! I twisted, went down on one side, hit my head and then rolled. My wheel went end over end. I would have been doing around 30-40kph Miraculously I pretty much came away unharmed! I have a friction graze on one elbow and a minor bruise on my hip. My wheel is another matter, the bodyguard saved the shell, but the trolley handle came unlatched and half extended and now won’t extend properly. The mudguard is half torn off I’m going to have to see if I can source some replacement parts for my 16X Going over my gear I was able to assess that my helmet first and foremost saved my life. There is a big scratch on the left side of the forehead. The visor is ruined, so the fact that it was a full face TSG Pass probably saved my face. The top side of my left flex meter wrist guard is badly scratched up, so it definitely saved my hand. The left hand dual-axis knee guard also has some minor scratching. The star of the show was my cordura motorcycle jacket! It protected my elbow as I landed and my shoulder as I rolled. I can see from the wear of the material that it stuck the pavement really hard yet yet the padding on the shoulders and elbow really did their job. I only have a bit of stiffness in my shoulder and a minor friction burn on my elbow. All in all I was extremely fortunate, and I am glad that I invested in a decent amount of gear. I’m feeling very sheepish about the cause of the accident. An impromptu 50kph high-five on a unicycle with a stranger is a shockingly bad idea, and had I thought about it for a second I would have declined. But good manners is so ingrained that I reflexively took him up on it!
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    Marty, I can understand that as an American company, PayPal is most recognized and trusted in US. But it's a classic chain of trust. I chose DotPay because for me this is a trustworthy, reliable and proven partner. If someone wants to support EUC World it's most probably because he trust me. I choose DotPay as a payment operator because I'm sure it is in no way less trustworthy than PayPal. For many years it has been handling online payments in Central Europe. DotPay is officially recognized by Polish Financial Supervision Authority (Polish equivalent of American SEC). It's cooperating with Google, Apple, Visa and Mastercard. It's fully regulated by EU law and have to comply with the same strict regulations as PayPal. Company I work for is cooperating with DotPay for years. I have never experienced any problem, nor any of our customers. Rates are good, company works transparently, customer support is great. At the same time I had many problems with PayPal, currently I can't finish dispute with them for almost two months. I don't see it a reliable partner. And being a PayPal most costly (for $2 donation it keeps 16 % on fees and conversion rate) is a least issue here. I could live with this if the rest would work great. If one doesn't trust company I choose to operate donation payments sent to me, shouln't also trust me and should immediately stop using EUC World. It's not a business for me. Over entire last year I put hundreds of hours to make EUC World as best as possible. I invested substantial amounts of my own money into this project - I had to bought dedicated Dell server, bunch of SSD disks to host the database and user files, capable Internet access, domain, certificates, tools, EUC parts, smartwatches, Flic 2 buttons etc. etc. Only thanks to some individual donors and @Jason McNeil from eWheels as the most generous, I was able to cover substantial costs of running and developing EUC World project (app, website, smartwatch apps and some accompanying research projects like charger control etc.). It's thanks to @Jason McNeil who supported adding full King Song support to EUC World. Sad to say, but King Song role was minimal. Jason convinced them to give me some technical details about their protocol, but after all I had to reverse engineer most of it by myself. I can spare a substantial amounts of my time to develop EUC World - it's my passion and I feel really great seeing that people are happy using EUC World. I can't however invest my money into application that is free for everyone. As I said, it's not a business for me and the only thing I expect is to get costs covered. I'll be fine with it. I hope that community will understand this and continue supporting EUC World, especially that there is increasing demant for iOS version. And I don't think that using DotPay instead of PayPal should be a reason to refuse this support. But of course, it's only my personal point of view.
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    A beautiful low-80's blue-sky ride to San Clemente. 51-miles including a nice lunch Ken, @Dave U, @Freewheeler, and me enjoying a lunch on the pier. And we came across a house where their mailbox was a miniature model of the house
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    A few aerial perspectives shot through the lens of Skydio 2 following my Tesla.
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    You may not have heard of it, but that's how I implemented my MSX mod and it works great. The choice is to use a momentary on/off or a toggle on/off switch. Both options work. I can push the switch once to engage the motor cut off, lift the wheel over a road block or carry up the stairs, and then push it again to disengage once you reach the destination. You can see when the switch is depressed (it's flush) and when it's off (it extends out so you can see it's off). It's a lot easier than trying to hold down the switch while lifting 50+ lbs of steel, rubber, and lithium ion. But hey, it's a great workout. This is a picture of me doing a little strength building with the MSX. Notice I don't have to have my thumb on the switch while lifting with this method. All joking aside. I do think the toggle on/off option is better and that is how my mod works.
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    To sum up the unboxing: two headlights are smaller but brighter. They also adjust brightness depending on speed much like the Nikola the plastic shell is bigger slightly but the thin pad makes it the same thickness as the MSX with the big pad. Speaker startup sound is the same as the Nikola. Speaker quality is great but exposed. pedal angle is way extreme the cutoff switch is not latching, so you have to hold it down. The seat also engages the cutoff switch so you cant ride seated with the standard seat. Edit: The tilt angle on the MSX is better than the MSP. Meaning the MSX can lean further before cutoff. Will get numbers soon.
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    I'm afraid it's impossible to plan for a fall. I personally know a lot great riders, and many of them have broken stuff from falls. Many haven't too. It's just bad luck sometimes. Due to the nature of how and where we ride there are infinite possibilities on how we can fall. I've never bought the statements made by some, that you can do "this and that" to fall properly. Because when it happens, it's near instantaneous and there's no time to prepare how you're going to hit the ground. The best you can do is gear up to provide the best insurance against a fall.
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    Finally got a chance to model the t-shirt that @Lutalo sent me
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    EUC World 1.0.6 with full King Song support now available on Play Store I'd like to inform that EUC World 1.0.6 update is now available in Google Play. This update brings a lot of new features and improvements. It also resolves reported bugs, known to date. But one notable new feature is a full support for King Song wheels. Seeing all the problems people have with updating their wheels with OEM King Song app I decided to expedite my efforts in bringing KS full support in EUC World. What's new? Full support for King Song unicycles including setting speed limit and firmware update Flic button support has been expanded by adding new Flic 2 button support for quick actions like horn, light on/off, request or dismiss voice report etc. CSV log synchronization with euc.world account that will allow for offline tour creation and data analysis (this however requires server support that will be added soon) Possibility to define custom battery levels Heart rate can be displayed on main screen and included in tour data and CSV logs (Wear OS companion app is required) Option for unobtrusive alarm when Bluetooth connection is lost (quiet beep and vibration instead of standard beep) New parameters added to periodic speech reports Fullscreen mode can be disabled or enabled in general settings Map display can be disabled to limit data plan usage during tour tracking Horn activation in Inmotion wheels. Other new features, improvements and bug fixes Important notes Android 10 should ensure that all needed permissions are given. After instalation or updating, please review alarm settings as they may revert to default. It's because now all alarm settings are wheel-specific, so if you have more than one wheel you will be able to have a different settings for each of your wheel. This also includes battery level settings, speed and distance correction and speed gauge scale range (max speed displayed).
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    While 1.0.6 version could be named a "King Song" release, upcoming 1.0.8 version will be a "Gotway" release. Of course it will contain many other interesting and valuable features, but one of most notable will be complete support for Gotway wheels. I'm pretty sure that full Gotway support in EUC World will be something that was missing by many EUC World users. ...and 1.0.10 will be "Samsung" release
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    What would you do if you were out riding and found an outdoor trampoline?
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    Here are my thoughts on the m super pro
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    Okey so for those of you not following the Inmotion Whatsapp chat group this came up yesterday (or over the last few days). They gave hints and what they are aiming for, yet nothing too specific. A little recap. Nanes used is V12 and V15. One is set to come/release on event from Inmotion HK in English. Date mentioned is late spring (April). The other late summer. So here come the great part, hold on to your hats. 18" and from what I picked up we are talking rim size. Wide tire (widest so far for Inmotion. Since V10f have a 2.5".... It is build for off-road and long rides (what Inmotion mean by this range wise your guess is as good as mine) It will have some sort of suspension system. Some mention they have said it is inside the wheel... Whatever that means So for speed... They compared it to a MSX at 35mph as the speed they aim for, if they are there yet is a bit unclear to me. I just hope they don't get into a quest to meet speeds the design can't safely handle like what KS did on KS16X. They talked about a heavy/rough design concept, but didn't share pictures. They are holding this for the release event. The other model didn't get any detailed information or focus. Due to the above. Almost forgot, price range 2000ish $
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    Finally got to try this little guy out.
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    I bought the 16X to replace my Onewheel+ XR because I liked the wobbly feel. What makes it most wobbly though is the CX tyre and only first batch shipped with that tyre. But also the shape which makes it feel like a free feeling wheel (you are not locked in). People who learn on the 16X don't have to readjust/unlearn what they learned on other wheels. Yesterday I went for a ride with my wife Monika and my friend Kenny. He has a Nikola+. I was on the 16X with higher than normal tyre pressure and Monika was on the MSX. We did some hill climbing, some speeding, some off-road and just general cruising. As usual we swapped wheels as well. If I were to rank the wheels: 18XL - "A very nice feeling wheel". Everybody likes it. It does everything it should. The 2200W version should be avoided. Nikola - A bit wide with the pads. Behaves like a mix between the 16X and MSX. The 1845Wh with the 18650 cells is the one to get. MSX - An uncomfortable steamroller. It goes through everything and is potentially fast at the cost of safety in the 84v version and very fast in the 100v version. 16X - The most fun wheel with the best feel. Also a very problematic wheel for most. Monika really liked the Nikola and that was even a 29kg version with 2664Wh battery. When we climbed some small hills she couldn't get the MSX up but she got the 16X and Nikola up. The 16X is the most agile of the bunch, then the 18XL. The MSX the least agile. The Nikola tyre makes it a very cushy ride and it behaved well off-road and on bad asphalt. If you want to feel freedom then the 18XL or 16X. I don't like being forced into side pads. And for your weight I would go for the 18XL. Kenny was riding my 16X yesterday and he loooooved it. Monika didn't want to ride the 16X because of the PSI but she loooooved the Nikola. The 16X is the blonde of the bunch. I am having trouble deciding which new wheel to buy because I love the feel of the 16X so much... but it will most probably be a Nikola. The 18" wheels are beginning to feel useless to me because of how badly they climb. And no matter which wheel I ride I will always be thinking of the blonde. My first generic recommendation to everyone though is the 18XL with the large pedals. Anything else is a matter of specific needs.
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    Back to this 7 day ban. Can I be banned for a week? ..... I have yard work I need to do. .....
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    My V10F arrived today The delivery driver was a pert young woman with a fairly heavy french accent. She was strong enough to carry the 70 lb box in her arms better than I could when I took it from her. When I told her what was in the box she stopped in amazement. She was intrigued by the concept and had many questions. "No gas? No pedals? Just electric? What is it called again. Wait, I want to write that down? On YouTube you said?" I firmly believe that she will be the proud owner of an EUC soon. Oh, BTW, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my new V10F came equipped with the skateboard tape type pedal surfaces rather than the rubber that folks had complained about in many of the reviews I had watched. I wasn't expecting that. Nice! Now if you will excuse me I have to go learn to ride this pretty machine.
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    And so it begins. The push for the 2020 Los Angeles EUC Games starts now. 9-months until game day, which is actually two days this year. October 24th and 25th. Preceding the games will be my 7-day Southern California tour.
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    The point of the explanation above is: if you are a "normal" member of this forum, you will never have to worry about doing something "wrong". Just be nice and post and enjoy and spend your thoughts on electric unicycles. Which is exactly the point of this forum. Which was disrupted by Aneta. Not at all limited to when people called him out on it, more like nearly every post. Disruptive (from a dictionary): "causing trouble and therefore stopping something from continuing as usual". Which is as good a description of the problem as I can give. Anyways, please let's not further talk about this. This is like the second ban ever which wasn't just the usual fake passport/fake money/fake medicine/... spammer. It means nothing much in the end.
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    Its not just a speed alarm, its based on voltage too. So a heavier rider will create more duress and therefore more battery sag = lower speed when beeps trigger. Its also why the 80% lift speed on my 84v MSX is 36mph but 32/33 is about all I get when riding it. A lighter rider might get 34/35 before beeps. And I have confirmed that the alarm heard on the MSPro at 33mph was indeed the final 5 beep alarm. I wanted to clear that up because some may have thought it was the 2nd alarm when it was referred to as '3 beeps'.
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    Visiting the Queen Mary. From the left: me, Neil, @1Wheeler, @Freewheeler, @Dzlchef, @Dave U, Ken, @YoshiSkySun, and @Coastal Rider
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    With @Coastal Rider, @DanTheMan, and @Dzlchef
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    I definitely get your point here, higher wattage can also just be a more inefficient motor. But it is not in this case. I've been in contact with gotway for quite a while now, also about newer wheels not announced yet, I'm the only one outside of gotway who knows details about them, according to them, i can't share the information. But the motor in the msx pro is gonna have more torque, because that's what gotway are focusing on at the moment, they have made then fast enough now. But let me say it like this without revealing anything. Something even more powerful will come out just a bit later. I saw the torque ratings. The speed will be almost the same, but the torque will be vastly improved. That is all.
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    I've posted this in the news, but just because I've talked about it here so much, here is a link to the version of the story that appeared on the local news: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/one-wheeled-wonder-edmonton-man-rides-electric-unicycle-in-37c-weather-1.4771029
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