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    There is a EX video on the GW Facebook page that i had not seen before. It is shot at night and the headlight does not look that great...
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    You shoud aim for 30-35 mm sag when you set up the suspension.
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    This was a short but sweet ride, despite the rain. I haven't spent more than 2 days in the same place for the last two and a half months, so I've hardly dropped by the forum at all. Will possibly be more active about two weeks from now, when I get back to Spain. Then is when I'll start to get restless waiting for the Sherman to arrive and will fall back into my rambling-on-the-forum routine to keep myself distracted...๐Ÿ˜…
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    FWIW I replaced all my suspension bolts and posts with these: 1. 15mm L x M6 Cap Bolts (8 total) -- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L56Z4SY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 $6.89 2. 12mm L x M6 Button Head Bolts (4 total) -- https://www.belmetric.com/6mm-c-563_581_584_606/sb6x10ss-button-allen-socket-head-stainless-p-3278.html $0.64 3. 20mm L x 10mm OD x M6 round coupler (4 total) -- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SQLZ568/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1 $7.99 4. 25mm L x 10mm OD x M6 round coupler (2 total) -- https://www.amazon.com/Coupling-Connector-Threaded-Adapter-Stainless/dp/B07X9W4DS1/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=m6+x+25+coupling&qid=1600211214&s=industrial&sr=1-1 $6.99
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    Rekindled Romance It reminds me of the story about the frog that comfortably boiled to death when it was put in a pot of water and the chef ever so slowly turned up the heat and the frog got used to the heat until it was cooked. Well, I didn't get cooked. But I did slowly get used to the 16X forgetting how to do do things properly ... toes going up or down depending on turn direction ... and the in past couple of months the 16X pedals have been wanting to dump me of the front when slowing down. But like the frog, I got used to it as the months passed. And there are the old sayings that play in my head, "If it isn't broken, we will keep fixing it until it is " or "If it is not broke, don't fix it ". But then I remembered reading some posts on the forum here and there about when it is time to calibrate this wheel or that, the MSP in particular. So I searched the forum and ran across some posts about the 16X that fit my issue. I did a calibration and now it feels like a new wheel. The pedals are much better behaved about staying level after turns, not perfect, but a lot better. And the pedals are much better about staying level during speed changes. It is such a stable platform now that it has become one of the primary choices for a cruise now, rather than just a wheel to goof off with in front of the house. The Mten3 should take that spot soon, along with being the wheel kept in the car for whatever need arises (until it gets to cold for that). More Riding Buddies The Indianapolis Facebook riding group has added a few members. The last ride was pretty big for this part of the world. We started with six EUCs and a boosted board. Halfway through the ride, one of the EUCs and the board rider bailed out for home. But then we picked up a new EUC rider that had one week of of EUC experience. He is a college age guy that had some one-wheel time (that electric one wheel, wide tire skateboard). He has a natural skill and rode so well that a few of us hated him ... the hate that comes from love, admiration and jealousy! And of course we still like him after all that stuff. I just got back from a nice ride around my local area with one of the Indianapolis guys that came out to my small town. He just got an S18 and was busy jumping of curbs and speed bumps. (We have two S18's in the group now, a black one and a white one). He has been riding EUCs three years and took to it like a duck to water. We stopped by our local skate park and he did the stairs a couple times and did a few jumps off a ramp. I am to big and old for such things and kept my 16X firmly on the ground due to my special relationship with gravity and inertia.
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    Just put some vinyl decals on my v11
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    True dat. Personally I was not fond of the MSX/P boxy heritage initially but it has since grown on me. Sides who's gonna notice what's btwn the legs (referring to the wheel ofcos๐Ÿ˜…) esp when I wizz by at 40mph other than It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superwheel!๐Ÿš€ Even with my Tesla (which IMHO isn't much of a looker either), I garner lots of attention as an EUC is like a ๐Ÿ›ธ where I'm at & that's going 15-25mph on bike paths mostly. Heck even the fugly Mten3 gets lots of gasps going slow esp when I do the funny tricky stuff. Got over EUC looks donkey ages ago & now, its only the performance & comfort that's important.
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    Just open the settings and you will see. Flic, for sure: Watch, see note below: Regarding Watch: the App can manage, not sure which watch (e.g. Pebble) can handle how many...
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    aesthetics is just an opinion, you can like or not and no one care about it This is design is what let you make a crazy powerfull and performance wheel, people should stop whine about that in 2020, pretty annoying i like the gw design, to me s18 is really ugly, still it's not the reason why i choose a wheel instead another
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    It's weird how different countries view exercise - I'm assuming golf is supposed to be exercise - or is that the wrong thing to ask on a golf thread? I think over here in the UK you're usually only allowed to use a cart if you have some medical disability and even then most people would still walk round. Is there some stigma in the States against walking or are the golf courses much larger than they are over here? It somehow reminds me of that film WALL-E: obviously riding around on an EUC instead of walking doesn't make me a shining example but ...
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    I am of the camp that thinks wrist guards work best in slow falls where downward force is the biggest enemy. ALL of my broken wrist accidents have been at nearly ZERO forward speed. When moving, its not wise to try and use the hands and wrist to stop anything. Usually they are meraely to help assist in turning a plank fall into a roll. I took Judo for about 5 years as a younger lad. I didnt learn much, but I DID learn to run at full speed and dive over 10 people, only to land in a roll posture. I took this knowledge and used it as a kid to dive fences in parks, jump off the back of bicycles at downhill top speed and basic young boy mayhem. I like to think that it was traininig, tho I didnt realize it at the time. Since then, I have gotten in MANY motorcross and skateboard accidents and flown like superman many times. Man is it fun to fly OFF a motorcycle at 40mph in the woods! The final impact isnt so great, but that flying up until... priceless! Most wrist injury on a motorcycle was due to shock of the handlebars rather than initial ground impact. I do know that the outside edge of my feet take a brutal beating during a higher speed roll fall. Unfortunately, Judo taught me to roll it out but the end of the energy finds itself at the outter foot edge. On judo mats it wasnt a big deal and it stopped the roll. On harder pavement, it simply bashes the hell outta the foot. Knock on wood, I have yet to suffer facial injury or broken any collar bones. I assume its a matter of time before a collar bone breaks. I like to think that in a roll type speed fall, the back protector is going to take the most impact, right after the shoulderblade gets tucked under. Or maybe i just dont know ANY of this and really need someone to tell me how gear works and that injury is likely..
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    The Facebook bunch are a weird crowd, don't pay much attention to them... ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Yay! I think that's the best possible solution, and a way to make everyone happy! ๐Ÿ‘ Let us know the outcome/progress
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    It will drain battery as long as you don't turn it off from the kind-of-on state activated when you connect the 16X to a charger. There's no battery drain once off.
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    This is quite simply the most awesome wheel I have even seen. Gotway Monster range in an MSX/MSP form factor, and with the new hollow motor too. If I could have any wheel on the planet right now, it would be this.
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    The difference with side pads for me was huge. Was really hard to both accelerate and brake before I put them on.
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    Afer read full ecodrift.ru preview 2 things shock me . Ok no more coments about pedal hanger height i hope they fix this in torque model. First is this my opinion is this is strong weakpoint to water ingress: Second one is more dangersous ,same problem what Veteran sherman have is to close case to tire vulnerable to hit curbs and obstacles. I critise this on veteran but! Veteranb use cage here is only plastic. Oh noooooooo why gotway/begode why ? other angle (detail) Classic MSP is realy better designed for trail/curbs/obstacles. Yes i understand they change MOLD and make body bigger i see this but not good results for my and for use EUC i like and prefer. I take it this is SPEED version(C30) focused for road ok fine i respect this. I not belive they do other/special mods for torque/offroad version money is king and they want save money maximum way . Now in my eyes gotway push me more and more to veteran sherman in future ubgrade.
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    I was able to loosen an S18 suspension's barrel nuts coated in red loctite using a simple soldering iron that heats up to 350 degrees. 2 days ago I coated one of my spare barrel nut threads with red loctite. With an application of heat on the barrel head generated by a soldering iron I was able to loosen the barrel nut and screw without striping the hex out of the barrel and screw. I applied heat to the surface of the barrel nut for approximately 15 minutes allowing the heat to radiate through the entire nut and bolt. The heat process softened the loctite enough where the disassembly was extremely easy.
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    Are they serious now? A fake beeper above the RS light and the real beeper is inside the wheel again?
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    EcoDrift pictures of the RS: Russian Original - English (Bing Translator) EcoDrift disassembles the RS (and compares to MSP and MSX): Russian Original - English (Bing Translator) All picture credit goes to @EcoDrift. Build quality seems to be the usual... don't look too close I don't think anybody expected anything else. New motor is nice though!
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    Playing around with some slow shutter & the 16X
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    I work in a laboratory focused on water resources, Expert in gas chromatography and inorganic chemistry. Specialization in petroleum substances in samples during ecological accidents / disasters. My job is to protect nature from oil pollution gasoline diesel oil. Use samples to detect leaks from oil derivatives tanks. So I'm sitting at an expensive machine and getting fat.
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    Selling my KingSong 16s for $700, good condition with minor scrapes, include new spare tire/tube and 5A fast chargermilage 670mi, 840wh battery, 1200W motorFor SF and Bay Area, prefer local pickupPM me with your phone number and or how to contact you. Please find https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/bik/d/san-francisco-king-song-ks16s-840wh/7215255284.html for photosBrand KingsongModel name Kingsong KS-16SMotor 1200 W BLDC MOTORBattery type Li-Ion battery packBattery capacity 840WHCharging time (2A) 6.5 hrs approxCharging time (5A) 3 hrs (approx 80%)Wheel size 16โ€Max mileage Up to 43 miles (70 km)Max Speed Up to 22 mph (35 km/hr)Handle Trolley handle
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    I've heard production begins the week of Oct. 26. Don't confuse my specific date with what the actual production date will be. Some time during that week. Keeping my fingers crossed for a December delivery to California, but the pessimists are saying January 2021.
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    No announcement? Good knobby all terrain offroad dual sport dirt mud (keywords) tire option for MSX / MSP / Sherman * correct rim size for S18 and V11 also, but won't clear the body. This is also the original tire sold with the Veteran Sherman. KENDA 042621434B0 TIRE K262 2.75-14 4PLY 2.75/100-14 Looks quite similar to CST C-186 Ordered one, standby for review... https://www.ewheels.com/product/18x3-tire-kenda-k262-knobbly-msx-msp/
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    I got the same on my 16x, it's unfortunate. The wheel is too close to the inner shell. My V5F doesn't have that issue at all.
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    I tell people it's the poor man's Tesla... (The one wheel was all I could afford).
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    1. Here's a video by Chooch (dated 9/25/2020) talking about his favorite gear, one of them being the Flatland 3D gloves with wrist protection. In the same video he put in links for 2 other wrist guards that he recommends (the Demon Snow Flexmeter Wrist Guard you've mentioned and the CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard): https://youtu.be/YyDR4JThGtA In another video Chooch recommended wearing heavy duty leather gloves with the wrist guards wrapped around it (like a 2-in-1 combo). 2. Here's another video of a fantastic rider (dated 9/30/2020) doing some crazy single track riding with just a helmet and wrist guards. You can fast forward to 14:40 where he falls off several times (bloopers). https://youtu.be/MvKFFSVhXXM 3. Here's another video from Adam of Wrong Way talking about using wrist guards while riding. https://youtu.be/uWRMiNTaFfg ******************* I'm still new to this hobby, but just mentioning this because I've yet to see a video of someone using skillful or planned falling techniques or reactions in lieu of wrist guards. I'm still looking for my own solution, but I'm hoping more companies out there start making full-fingered gloves with built-in wrist guards. Good luck!
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    Your suspension was an excellent design, but your suspension has not been assembled properly. You can add as much oil, silicone, or grease you like but until you disassemble your entire suspension replace the bearings that are behind the lock washers, cut down the bolts that are too long, add spacers and align your suspension youโ€™re just wasting your time.
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    Fleeting moments of absolute joy. Great to read you had one of those moments too! I've only had the feeling ONE other time in my life. I was in college but traveling back home (100miles) to visit some friends. It was a beautiful fall day. I was in a shitty Nissan Pulsar (i had to push start it for a year and for a year after that, it had no clutch so I had to float the tranny and start the engine IN GEAR) with barely $10 in my pocket, the top removed. Nothing that special, but I still recall that moment in time when everything just seemed perfectly imperfect. Just a country road with wind in my hair and wheat fields as my companions(not even a beer in my lap! -it wasnt murder back then). That was about 25 years ago and I recall it just like it was.... wait what was I saying? I wish I could bottle that emotion, it would sell faster and for more $$ than a mountain of snow. There aint a drug out there that's better. In fact, I think most of these drugs people like so much, are merely tapping into that same feeling. In many years from now, I bet you will still recall that trip when you had to take the train back. Even better, memory seems to cloud the negatives and embrace the positives. I just wish I knew how to make the stars align like that more often than every 20 years. Of course, maybe its rarity is it's blessing. I will say this.. once i figured out how to teeter in place and mount/dismount without looking, the sensation of being a part of the wheel, increased dramatically.
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    Electronic Warfare engineering manager at a defense contractor. I also moonlight mainly on the weekends as a live production manager (live sound and lights) for a 10-piece cover band. The EUC has really come in handy on my show gigs by enabling me to quickly get around very large venues and outdoor performance spaces. It has also helped me in expanding my radius in finding adequate parking for my cover band's large truck and trailer.
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    Doesn't sound good at all, I have seen it too and I was like...what??? "Yikes" lol
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    I make a few appearances to Jon's latest video
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    Iโ€™ll answer for myself as Iโ€™m also planning to change the tire soon. We ride a lot of of-road and trails. Wet mud and trails covered with wet leaves are very slippery. Itโ€™s not a problem on asphalt. Snow and ice will need studs. Iโ€™m going just for a regular knobby.
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    the trolley is fine and the wheel is awesom, finally some riding:
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    Random guy on a wheel in an unrelated article in the SF Chronicle today. The string of photos accompanying the article show shuttered businesses in SF. The photographer happened to catch this image of a guy on a wheel riding down the 600 block of Market St.
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    From a prescription refill run to Boston earlier this week. After putting 10 miles on the folding bike yesterday (relative drudgery), with all kinds of positive feedback from people, I went for a night Monster ride (electrifying) out onto Nahant (island connected by causeway). The negative feedback started on the bike path, continued onto a pedestrian walk and crescendoed on the return ride where from the unseen darkness of a playground near a state University the words 'a one wheel mann' were heard. I didn't say anything back to the voice in the darkness but it's worth noting (loyal Patriot's fans) that T. Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucaneer's lost to the Bears last night. Social distancing starts sometimes at the technologic preference level.
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    surprised Vee's video isn't here, but hey, here you go: I have no dog in this game, so i'll refrain from commenting, but the only thing i'll will say, it does seem to keep the "Gotway" characteristics. Take that whatever way you like.
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    @pico Pico Peak...,haven't skied there however, is a big Vermont ski area.
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    @Bob Eisenman Bob, What did you put in your cup this morning? !!!!!
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    Congrats on getting your wheel up and running. There is nothing like that first ride on a new wheel. The Sherman has really brought back that feeling of why I love EUC's so much. If I had to describe the Sherman in one word it would definitely be "exhilarating".
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    Electrical engineer and Airborne Mine Countermeasures Tactician
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    I do full-stack Web application development.
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    Interesting. I donโ€™t find carving at all fun on the C-186. Also right turns require so much tilt that the pedals scrape easily. Sorry, it wonโ€™t. The K262 (and C-186) are a good deal taller than the H-5102, and there is simply not enough room in any direction.
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    K262: Fits great, rides great, carving is still fun (my biggest concern). I'm comfortable saying "it's just as good as C-186." I rode both back-to-back on dirt, gravel, and asphalt and struggle to feel a difference.
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    my research has shown that lithium batteries can take 1/2C charge. so eg: an 1800 wh should be able to take 9amp charge. wether 18650 or 21700 cells
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