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    I make a few appearances to Jon's latest video
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    CONCLUSION Ok, following your suggestion I was able to figure out the obvious. One of the two battery packs has damaged cells. This is what I did: 1. Opened the wheel2. Checked your scheme3, Disconnected the SMALL PACKAGE (the one on the side)4. Recharge the wheel (it took about two hours) to full (green light)5. Turn on the wheel and check on EUC World: 100% and 83,9V6. The BIG PACKAGE was ok7. Disconnet the BIG PACKAGE (the one under the handle)8. Connect the SMALL PACKAGE9. Recharge the wheel (it took about ten minutes) to full (green light)10. Turn on the wheel and check on EUC World: 80% and 79,3V11. The SMALL PACKAGE was damaged12. I disconnected the SMALL PACKAGE and isolated it13. I connected again the BIG PACKAGE14. I closed the wheel Now I will ask to my friend to order (in guarantee) the Small Package in order to change it. Thanks again you guys.
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    To be honest I'm a bit pissed off with that. It has 'ranting' in the title, but I didn't hear any. Added to which, no 'Shanes Planet Cussing' either. I feel cheated, tricked and downright fobbed off. Which moderator can I send my complaint to?
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    My grandmother is 97. She says she has lived long enough and welcomes the morning that she does not wake up. We suspect that she intentionally got COVID-19 a few months ago. She visited a friend that we later found she knew had COVID. It didn’t really bother her. She had a headache for a few days and recovered quickly. ....... You just never know. On the subject of jobs. She was a Navy nurse in WWII. Just 5 years back she was still driving a car. She would park in the veteran’s parking space at the grocery store. People would try to explain to her that she was parked in a space for veterans. She would raise one eyebrow and give a slight smirk, then respond, “ I know, I am a Navy veteran.... WWII. “ .... Ah!? .... Yes Ma’am , ... Thank you and sorry!
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    A few days ago i received bad news from my doctor. The results of a bone density scan came back and showed that I am suffering from osteoporosis, which is a bone disease in which my bones are much weaker than they should be, and can easily break in case of a fall. As much as i want to continue riding my EUC, the results of even a minor fall could be catastrophic. So I am sorry to say that my riding days are over. I have really enjoyed being part of the e-wheeled community and will miss it, and all of you greatly. Sometimes it sucks to be old, but it is what it is. Be safe out there and keep on rolling. Wistfully yours, rainystateguy
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    I use EUC World, but when I care, I read the voltage direct from the LCD display. I wouldn't worry about the voltage. They don't use high tolerance components for their analog to digital converters so there can easily be a 1% or greater variance in reported voltage. My Sherman "only" charges to 99.8-volts and I'm happy. I see that Darknessbot reports a totally different firmware version than EUC World. I have no idea which is which.
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    good idea, but did i mention... Im getting old and lazy? Flying with a weedeater motor and bedsheet was upping my game. Having a Sherman with my skill level was another attempt. I fear that adding a pogo stick to my toys, would push me soo far from being 'cool' that I would never recover. I shouldnt have sold the sport bike i guess.
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    This turned out to be exactly right. estimated delivery is on Friday now
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    I like to say at first I found many nice people here at the forum. A bit over 1 year ago I were asked if I wanted to join the moderators team. I said yes without hesitation. But I find more andore conflicting to my view on what benafit EUC community going forward. In many countries EUC are still in a grey area or even banned. With people riding even faster and doing thing that in my view are stupid and will directly harm the EUC community imo, I can't see how I can continue here as a moderator. The moderator group chose to be neutral where I think we as a community should take a much strong stand. I know some like speed. This isn't a problem in the right time and place. But in public traffic I believe we need to be very careful what we do as it doesn't just harm one rider but us all as a community. So I have decided to step down from the moderator role. This has been my own decision. I guess some will be glad, others indifferent maybe a few sad. But time has come to spend my energy elsewhere. I hope all enjoy their rides and that we get EUCs more public accepted and legalised to ride with useful speeds. Kind regards Unventor (once a moderator)
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    Some good practice drills to help your backwards riding skills! Also a V11 update which is already outdated, the V11 arrived TODAY!! First impressions are very good, lot of little issues but overall im in love with it already. Unboxing video coming in the next few days
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    social anxiety is real for most people, and ive got to say , this year has been a great year getting out of my bubble. EUC riding has helped a whole lot conquer the inner demons . This is just unedited footage over in Dover, New Hampshire riding around with my buddy who is on the Onewheel showing me around. It was very busy place to ride. The footage only covers the not so busy portions of Dover. But after i shut off the camera, i wish i had kept it rolling!!! Riding in busy town centers is scary but also a adrenaline rush. Riding on sidewalks was actually kind of boring but also good practice because it had an Offroad feel to it, with the added danger of cars and people. Oh well, i had fun.
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    My wife says the same thing and it scares the hell out of me. I surely dont want to outlast her. We have a bet going and the first one to leave this spinning ball forever, wins! Only rule is you cant do it on purpose....
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    Finally a detailed RS review from someone who owned many wheels and a talented rider...🙂 https://oneradwheel.com/review-gotway-rs-euc-speed-version/
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    All of the above. There is a misperception about batches. Batches 1and 2 are essentially the same as one arrived by air the the other 3-4 weeks later by boat. Some dealers may have performed the S18 suspension updates to batch 2 before shipping. Batch 3 looks like it’s arriving at Ewheels mid November which should have all of the OEM mods.
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    Good news for Lemfo Lem T / Ticwris Max owners Today I received my Lem T and succesfully setup in my develompent environment. This means that I will try to optimize further EUC World release to work better on such small devices
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    For her upcoming birthday you should get her a Veteran Sherman, spray paint it navy. She already got the parking space for it. 🤣
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    Easy enough, thanks! Except for the 5 mile ride part—I’m still in the “stay in the parking lot until you learn to stop with confidence” phase. But give me a couple of weeks...
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    VR can lead to some real life falls as you are not seeing where you are moving
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    This is all BS (pardon my French). Please keep posting your videos Shane. I for one get a kick out of your personality. Please tell me who gets to decide what's view worthy. If someone doesn't want to watch particular videos than they don't have to. But they don't have to crap (pardon my French again) over the videos that they don't like. Just move on.
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    it appears we all are having issues loosening the S18’s suspension screws and barrel nuts. Being I had some spare OEM barrel nuts and screws from my suspension overhaul I decided to experiment loosening a loctited assembly using heat from a soldering iron. I applied the thread locker today and will wait until tomorrow to see if the soldering iron method works.
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    IT & Virtualization Engineer prior to permanent disability due to MS. This used to be me.
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    reason for wearing full face helmet:
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    Those are the ones who live the longest! 😝 So make sure you keep away from helmets and other protective equipment when riding your Sherman backwards down the stairs 🤣 PS: I know the type. My grandma was like this. It started when she was 85. With every cold or flu she caught she was on her deathbed or so she thought, murmuring “I have lived my life and it’s alright to die. I don’t want to be anybody’s burden” I always admired that attitude. She was 97 when she died.
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    last video posted was only onewheel, sorry. this one will show the importance of euc safety gear:
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    Bump to the bumpity bump bump bump you bump ass motherf**erz.... *did i make you at least cringe, marty?
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    Yesterday, the latest EUC World update to version 2.0.6 was released on Google Play. It includes virtually all the most important factory application options that are supported by the latest firmware. So you can use EUC World on a daily basis and only use the factory application if you want to update the firmware, calibrate the wheel or install your own sounds.
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    Too much time on your hands and WE all win. I still say that you have a clear and unfair advantage. You have good looking people and awesome places to ride. Some of us have ugly people and decent places to ride. Then some of us are just plain ugly with ugly places to ride. If this was golf, you would have a sreious handicap! Not to mention, how in the hell do your videos not get blocked? It takes me 2 hours to upload 5 minutes, only to find the music coming from my wheel, cuases a strike and any commentary I had, goes out the window with it. and now my rant (not about you Mike, you can kiss my ass you long haired wierdo!) Personally, I didnt sign up to be an ambasaddor as others are suggesting. Hell, i dont even care enough to use spell checker! I didnt sign up to be a part of some gang to promote anything. I didnt sign up to further this sport nor teach/train other people. I'd actualy prefer this euc thing to stay under the radar so I can be left alone to do my thing. I didnt sign up to be held accountable for others, nor be blamed for what they do. It seems like I am being pressured into some unwanted responsibility to everyone else. All of this pressure is not what I bargained for. Being compared against people with an agenda and prepration and skill is a bit daunting. I am surprised the video thread is coming to this. I JUST purchased a camera and an editor to try and have some fun, learn a little, and share my joy/ranting with others. Now that I know theres some hidden agenda and deeper purpose, it pretty much ruins the entire reason I bothered to try learn video at all. What was once inteded to just be a fun thing to do, has progressed into some stupid agenda. I am THIS close to saying piss on it all and deleting my channel altogether. Last thing I need in my life is more worries that i am paying for with my own time and money. Someone let me know when its back to being okay to publish just random bullshit and it will be seen as simply 'random bullshit'. I for one, don't have the grading chart or cheat sheet to judge if a video is good enough for this place or not. I do know how to NOT click a video or just skip one that doesnt interest me. I'll be checking back in from time to time on this thread, to see if MAYBE its once again just a simple place that anyone can pretty much share anything in any form they like, so long as its euc related. Fwiw, i think its downright awful for people to post videos from other people. I know how youtube works. I know how to go watch videos of the people who market themselves and have great content. I REALLY don't need a third party, pushing videos that arent theirs. Why would I assume that the collection of videos that I like (made by others), needs be regurgitated here by me, as if my opinion and 'best hits' list makes a single solitary fuck to anyone else... My rant has now ended, but i must confess, I was provoked.
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    Finally after 5 weeks of painful waiting, it has arrived! I will skip the common known issues already reported by others (inefficient at slow speeds, lack of low end torque, poor LCD cover glue, motor sheath deforming/melting, pedal dip) contrary to @Marty Backe experience, my wheel fully charged to 101.0V with no issues. It also had a 106.3 kmh no-load speed, consistent with others. I switched between soft and medium mode, and found that medium suits my riding style best with a slight dip which assists while weight shifting, without the disorienting backwards dip of soft mode. Hard mode feels very much like Nikola soft mode (which isn’t all that soft to begin with). My 60 mile ride left me with 84V remaining, and given low battery tiltback is at 76V, I believe it had at least another 20 casual miles in it. I will be doing an even longer range ride this coming weekend with higher sustained speeds to see how the Sherman holds up. What amazes me about this wheel is that Monster-like feeling of being sneaky fast. i thought I was going 20-25 mph but looking at my phone, i was actually traveling 33-35 mph. I will be giving the wheel another 40 miles or so before I push it north of 40 (My top speed was 39.6 mph tonight). The motor whine is irritating at speeds below 20 mph. It is reminiscent of old school Kingsong wheels with that annoying whistling sound, which makes me want to push this wheel simply to get rid of that noise! The weight isn’t as big a deal given there are two handles to lift it by, aside from the awkwardness of lifting it that way. I actually found it easier to lift than my 70lb battery modded Monster 3 given the weight distribution. My wheel arrived with no valve stem cover, or pedal nuts! Luckily, I had spare pedal nuts from a spare set of Gotway pedals, so I wasn’t left being unable to ride. The tire takes some getting used to, but within 15 miles I was aggressively carving and comfortably handling the wheel. The soft compound really absorbs some of the worst road conditions NYC has to offer like a champ. Road noise aside, this is an excellent tire choice, in my honest opinion. With that said, there is absolutely nothing out there that can mate a ~50 mph top speed with 80 real-world “fast” miles. The issues found from the initial run of Sherman’s appear to be identified and corrected for the eWheels initial supply, but I do fear there are some compromises given the change in firmware logic based on feedback. I, for one, do not wish for any firmware changes; they designed this wheel for the street, not off-road (contrary to its utilitarian design). I genuinely hope they do not make any knee jerk firmware changes because it would be a shame to ruin what may potentially be one of the best riding EUCs ever made to date. There is no such thing as a free lunch. You can’t magically make a motor wound for speed have MSP torque to tackle overheat hill. Just understand this is NOT the wheel of choice for those use cases. This is a street demon, plain and simple. If you crave speed, range and stability in a single package for the street, you would be hard pressed to find any real alternatives currently.
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    I’m thinking of buying this wheel (second batch with new and improved suspension according to the dealer). Is there anything I should check with the dealer or ask for in terms of mods and fixes or upgrades before buying the wheel? thanks for the help.
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    With normal charging currents, no, they dont, or at least too little for it to matter. Modern cells dont have enough internal resistance for that.
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    @Seba Hi and thanks for the EUC World app. I am a new EUC rider. I am using Amazfit GTS smartwatch. How can I match the EUC World to my Amazfit GTS. Thank you.
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    You followed me in each step. I won't forget.
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    I am glad to see there are people like minded to me. I do ride faster than allowed once I am in outskirts of city. This is where I ride mostly. But as I said earlier time and place. And respect others in traffic. I use hands a lot to show what I am doing. Every time a car wait for me despite I have right if passage I give a 👍. It seems to have a positive effect on car drivers and pedestrians alike.
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    At least we can bypass the spying by investing in a droid device without sim card and install eucw. Of course, who knows where the gps data goes? Hell, I know seba aint tracking against our will, but I'm a fool to think that the droid device couldnt possibly be listening and logging aside from what Im aware of. I guess its a good thing that Im a basic nobody and they are wasting their time watching or listening to me... ha, just like everyone here who hasnt blocked me yet. I really don't know why onewheel hasnt gotten a competitor or an euc made in the usa. Maybe the market is just too small and the insurance and bizz costs are just too damn high? I wish I was smarter, or I'd try to make one, or know why I shouldnt. has anyone asked Onewheel if they've loooked into designing an euc and selling both? Imagine the savings as they could just use the same HUGE marketing budget for both...
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    That's a great idea Seage. I will have to take a look (pun intended). Thanks!
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    Sorry to hear that, mate. But smart choice all around. Hope you're not too bummed out about it. You know what you CAN do though...get into VR, lol. If your body might get irreversibly damaged in a fall in real life, then fall in a video game that you're immersed in. (Im getting my first headset tomorrow and im a bit too excited, i apologize)
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    That is kind of like asking if there a way to make a motorcycle that doesn't run out of gas. The cut out is basically when power runs out. The difference being that a motorcycle doesn't rely on a gyro to keep you upright. It will just coast to a stop. When an EUC loses power, it loses the gyro balancing you and you either fall forward or backward. If a motorcycle relied on gas to keep upright, you would have the same issue.
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    Sorry to hear this buddy. You always performed your job professionally. It’s hard stepping down from such a revered position. It was for me. Sometimes outside influences just end up taking their toll. Hopefully we’ll still see you in the moderator’s corner. Be well! Dan
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    The world is to pc I've been on this forum many years and have not taken anything said offensive to me or anyone ,humour is humour which any way its said and I enjoy all types ,,nothing is said to hurt anyone , @ShanesPlanet i find his straight talking dont give a shit what I say quite funny and respect that, its just his way to express which he probably means no harm @Mike Sacristan he's a dude the Jeremy Clarkson of euc with his comments, he has female euc rider friend's which take no offence I for one enjoy his videos and so does my female partner and never found anything offensive,,humour is humour but everyone has different tastes i'd hate it if the world has one brand of humour , i don't take things in life to seriously , I've read all sorts of comments on this forum and not many people take offence I don't want to make videos to be PC you say what you say at the time and not to offend anyone but to enjoy what we do.
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    That's what I learned in the 80s, but I never did it professionally after my training. Just working on my own cars and motorcycles. But the car industry is a part of my professional life, but only in an administrative form in a car dealership that deals with certain sports cars (youngtimers/oldtimers) and historic race cars and is also active in historic motor sports. Otherwise I am self-employed with a trailer rental for food sales trailers and recently also official (tax paying) EUC Power-Pads manufacturer. Fortunately, I noticed this at a young age and ended it, which also minimized the circle of friends, but maximized leisure and well-being.
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    What makes you think they do this at the end of the line?
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    For the record, the products that didn't mix well. http://www.zefal.com/en/prevent/164-z-sealant.html Cant find the exact same kit on zefals home page, but its this one https://www.bike24.com/p2177640.html
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    This thread makes me sad for everyone and I cant help but keep watching. Its like a horrible accident and you cant look away. It would be much more fun if we weren't talking about a two THOUSAND dollar wheel, rather a prototype kit that was still in R&D phase. The s18 was no where near ready for release and i do feel for you guys who still own them. Best of luck is all I can say. I wonder what kind of pita it has become for KS and all their distributors? To think that I was concerned about brand of shock. Similar to worrying about a hair out of place while your jacket is on fire....
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    Anyone knows roughly how much of a difference seated riding do to the top speed?
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    EcoDrift's Kingsong S18 Step By Step Suspension Overhaul (I have copied All the images and translated the Russian text from the following link: https://ecodrift.ru/2020/09/05/kingsong-s18-pereborka-podveski/) Today I will tell you about the wheel suspension bulkhead from the first batch. Perhaps in the next deliveries there will be some changes and improvements from the plant. Therefore, some details may differ in the future. I will not dwell on the dismantling of the electric unicycle. If you have any questions, then watch the video from Kingsong . After removing the top plastic, we will need to remove the cover that covers the controller and disconnect the terminals from the batteries. Then we press the power button to de-energize the capacitors We turn off the engine. We unscrew the batteries. We unscrew the part that Kingsong calls the “battery base” (and I call it “underpants”) by unscrewing the four bolts at the base in turn. Remove this base and batteries. We remove the wires. We lower the tire and take out the engine. Then we remove the casing. The suspension can be disassembled. First we spin the shock absorber axles. Very carefully unscrew the screws securing the links (golden levers). The metal is soft, so the splines can be easily ripped off. We extract two pairs of links. And we also untwist to release all bearings. We press out all bearings. A screw with a head slightly wider than 10mm is suitable for this. After pressing out, bearings are considered to be damaged and must be replaced with new ones. Some bearings fall apart directly during pressing. The seats must be cleared. The electric engraver can be used in combination with different attachments. Or you can take a knife, cut through the nodules and remove them with a screwdriver. The work is very painstaking and takes a lot of time. After removing the beads of aluminum and paint, the bore hole must be sanded. To make it smoother and remove paint. The central holes must be sanded more carefully so that the new bearings do not bite when rotating. It is not necessary to skin the seat on the edge of the link very much, otherwise the bearings will not be properly pressed in and will fall out.We put new bearings instead of old ones. With dimensions 19x10x5. (Type 61800 2RS, or 6800 2RS, or 6800 VRS). We need 14 bearings, the load on them is not significant, so I see no reason to look for some expensive and branded ones. To press in the bearings, a homemade press based on a hydraulic jack, some kind of metal platform and an end head of a suitable size (19mm) were used. This is very important, since it is necessary to press in strictly along the outer bearing race, without creating pressure on the inner one. Otherwise, the bearing will be damaged and must be replaced. Instead of a jack, you can use a long bolt or stud with two nuts and a set of washers of different diameters and sizes. The push-in force should not be too great, otherwise the bearings will wedge. If the bearings do not go well, then you need to sand the bore a little more.By the way, I recommend lubricating it with a neutral grease (silicone is the best) so that the bearing does not sour in the link over time. The steel-aluminum pair is very bad at this property. After pressing each bearing, I recommend checking how the links swing on them. Bearings need 14pcs, but I advise you to buy 20pcs at once in case of marriage when pressing. It is not recommended to overpress the bearings, as you press them out by the inner race, which creates excessive pressure, distortion and bites the balls. Such bearings are already considered unusable. The next step is to check the axle and sliders (gray iron parts of the suspension, otherwise “pants”). First, check that your axle has perfectly parallel mounting cuts and does not taper towards the edge. Then firmly attach the sliders to the axle in a regular manner. Make sure the sliders are exactly parallel Check how the pipes of the upper base go in the sliders (with a controller, otherwise “legs”). The pipes should move well and smoothly. Watch the gaps. If there are movement problems, then track the deviation. Find out which slider and how much is incorrect. After that, you need to carefully bore the groove for the axle on the slider. Some sliders come with a groove from the factory. Others don't. It is also possible that there will be a metal plate between the axis and the slider groove. Going forward, this helps align the engine in the arch so that it stands level.After grooving, we again fix the slider on the axis with the inserted pipes and, tightening 4 screws each by 1/6 of a turn, control the vertical position of the slider by constantly moving the pipes so that they do not get bitten. Several approaches may be needed. Not everyone has a milling machine at hand, so you need a good file and a vice so that the movements are maximally in the desired plane. Otherwise, you can easily spoil the part. Adjusting the sliders to the axle is also a very laborious and time-consuming process. But such a fit is not needed on all wheels. Somewhere the sliders straight from the factory are well matched.Pay attention to the photo above that the lower jaw, when clamping the axle, can also clamp the plastic anthers. If they are clamped, then they begin to put pressure on the pipes and also prevent them from moving. It is necessary to carefully work on these anthers with a file to create small indentations so that the sponge no longer presses on the boot. The next step is to install links. To assemble everything correctly, you need bushings. They would be best made from nylon. But, unfortunately, the details vary in size from instance to instance and it will be very difficult to guess the exact size. Therefore, I decided to just buy a sheet of fluoroplastic and, using a simple set of punches, make the necessary washers that will replace the bushings. To connect each pair of links, the washer must be of minimum thickness. To do this, you can take a sheet of fluoroplastic and flatten it with a heated iron or press it with a press. It is better to fill the washer first, and then flatten it. It will be easier and more efficient. Washer size: 14 × 10. From personal experience I can say that it is most convenient to work with a 2mm thick sheet. Place the resulting thin washer between the links. Let it not be embarrassing that it turned out not too neat. The main thing for us is to separate the outer cages of the mating bearings. There will be no significant load on the washer. Axle length 22mm, on it we have 4 bearings, i.e. 20mm and tapered washer about 0.2mm thick. Add another 2mm washer to keep it from loose. We tighten the axle screw (with a drop of the thread lock applied) until it stops. We check how one link is swinging on another. Now you need to fix the link in the upper eye of the base (where the controller is). Here we need to install 2 washers 2 times (4mm). We take the axle, string on two washers. Then we thread the axle into the bearing, add 2 more washers. Now we insert it into the eyelet. We drip a drop of the thread lock onto the screw and tighten it all the way. But it is important to tighten it so that there is no tension and the axle does not start pressing our fluoroplastic washers. Checking how our links work. Their movement should be light. Before further assembly, we thoroughly wipe and degrease the pipes so that they are clean. Apply some silicone grease and wipe it dry thoroughly with a separate microfiber cloth. Thus, we obtain a thin, practically dry layer of lubricant on the pipes, so that dust adheres to it as little as possible. The sliders can be additionally sprayed with dry fluoroplastic grease (Teflon grease). Now we put sliders on the pipes to secure the lower links. Again we take the axle and 3 washers to make 6mm. We insert the axis into the link bearings, and on the other side we string washers. After that we insert into the slider's eyelet. It turns out something like this. And we fix it with a screw with an applied thread lock. Checking the links. The sliders should move smoothly and without resistance. Then we connect the links with axles from the shock absorber and the installed spacers, but we do not install the shock absorber itself. Check the work again. Reinstall the protective cover. We put the engine on. And we fix the axis to the sliders. We check everything again. Sliders should move freely through the pipes. Now we turn to the so-called "battery base" (underpants/pedal hangers) Often during assembly, a problem occurs that the batteries rub against the protective casing. To improve this situation a little, I suggest using such spacers when attaching the battery. This is a pair of washers that give a little head start. The second point is that when tightening the fastening screws, you must use an aluminum bar that was originally there. The bar allows you to correctly orient the battery assemblies and prevent possible distortion. The main thing is not to forget to knock out this block later, otherwise the suspension will not work normally. We fasten the batteries so that they do not cling to the sliders. Check again how everything works. Then we connect the batteries and complete the wheel assembly. At the very end, we remove the axles for the shock absorber. Remember to cut one of the bushings that wedges into the shock ear. You can just sandpaper so that it rotates normally when installed. It is convenient to clamp it on the axis, install it in a screwdriver and simply twist it while pressing the sandpaper. Then we polish it a little. Do not forget to lubricate both bushings and install the shock absorber. Inflate the main camera to about 150psi so that the suspension straightens completely. We pump 50-60psi into the lower chamber. We install a plastic pumping bar, pump the main chamber to fit our weight. Once again we check how the suspension works, and you can go for a drive. All is ready.
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    I skipped the angled approach entirely and went straight on. But then, I have jump pads and I already do some small jumps both over obstacles and on dirt tracks, so it was more like "oh, I know how to do this already" after trying it. So, my take is: try everything. Whatever trick you learn will help you with all the other ones.
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    Ok. I tried it as well and successfully. The height and angle of the stairs looks similar to what I got to as well. I ended up with 8 steps (flights?). No feel of bottoming out with my V10 and maybe 65 kg load with gear. Now I gotta find something longer. Anyway, thanks for the motivation.
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    Nice summation. I'll be able to answer the firmware questions as soon as I get my new motor. Let's hope they haven't changed anything in a noticeable way. I'm envious of your whole 'extra volt' Seriously, that will equate to a bit more range. I agree that it's very easy to ride fast on this wheel without realizing it. Just like the Monster
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