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    The official seat is actually really nice and much better than I expected. Just wanted to throw this out there for anyone on the fence. Ignore the red reflective tape I put that on myself.
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    I'm a world-famous dance workshop instructor; I make my living teaching workshops and judging contests throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, and for about two months each year I run my own series of prestigious retreat-style camps. ...Or at least I was/did until COVID obliterated all partner dance events/conferences for the foreseeable future and made frequent flying sound terrifying. Now I'm still trying to figure out what to do with myself in the interim. =/
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    You're right, my bad. Just trying to help @GoGeorgeGo think about his buying decisions. I think there is a meta-point to be made here. People should choose a wheel because of the reliability and capabilities of *that specific model* and not by brand name. The reason to get the V11 is because of the suspension, headlamp, motor, battery size, etc. Don't choose a wheel because it's a "Gotway" or "inMotion". IMHO quality varies more model by model, than by brand. I have to admit I'm tempted to get one because of the suspension. A problem I have is that I ride bike lanes fast, and in Florida there are roots snaking under the asphalt which create very sharp--your feet lose contact with the pedal--type bumps. Seems like the V11 would be a great solution to that.
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    Just a dose of reality here. Most drivers don't even know that there are such things as PEVs on the road I learned early in my motorcycling days that it is common for a car driver's brain to just disregard anything they see on the road that is not a car or truck. four wheeled vehicles are what they are looking for, so those - and only those - are what the driver "sees". You must always assume that car drivers you share the road with are deaf, blind, drunk and texting.
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    When I was first testing V11 I noticed that speed and distance values were inflated. I was curious if this was a problem with just a single unit or if this is a common thing. So I made another tests with my V11 and it behaves in the same way. I used data from seven rides, five done on 1st batch unit, two on 2nd batch unit. GPS distance has been verified with map and error is smaller than 1 %. There was no carving, I was riding just straight, maintaining riding speed in range of 25 - 30 km/h. Here are data: GPS DIST EUC DIST RATIO GPS AVG SP EUC AVG SP RATIO EUC BATCH 9.028 9.740 0.93 18.6 20.1 0.92 2nd 9.104 9.770 0.93 19.1 20.6 0.93 2nd 13.6 15.0 0.91 1st 18.5 20.2 0.92 1st 149.598 160.910 0.93 17.3 19.2 0.91 1st 9.514 10.269 0.92 19.2 20.9 0.92 1st 9.098 9.740 0.93 17.7 19.3 0.91 1st AVG RATIO AVG RATIO 0.93 0.92 CORR FACTOR CORR FACTOR -7 % -8 % As you can see, results are consistent. Speed is inflated by 8 %, distance is inflated by 7 %. GPS distance takes into account all hills, because GPS does 3D measurement. GPS distance was checked against distance from the map and error was less than 1 %. Two rides doesn't have distance data, as distance correction was already applied for these rides. Each wheel has different firmware version (2nd batch wheel has latest 1.1.62).
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    Definitely uses XT60's, as can be seen in EcoDrift's Sherman teardown photo and description below: We turn off the batteries too. Each of them is connected by one XT60 connector.
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    It would not only be great, but the perfect solution to that. That is until we ride on air instead of wheels circa Marty Mcfly. Now make like a tree and get out of here.
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    To be fair, a large contributor to this problem in EUC land is the language barrier and poor translations. That combined with the fact that these companies aren't great at communicating like a proper modern business (in any language)--with poor or in Veteran's case non-existent websites and enthusiasts left trying to find information piecemeal through the grapevine across forum & social media posts. (Honestly this is an even bigger problem than the language barrier/translation issue. If they at least did a good job on a native language website the internet could crowd-source reliable translations.) I have to laugh when I see people applaud this or that company having a company representative on the forums here or there. You want to impress me? Just have a fscking news/blog/press-release page on your website that releases information in a formal/proper way. ("New product announcement on <date>", "all the info from today's product announcement", "first batch orders are now shipping and hit <continent> shores by <date>", "product refresh/changes to <product>", "<product delayed another month to <date> due to <reason>", etc.)
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    It's amazing that we all look at the same video but come to opposite conclusions. My eyes show the bus traveling faster then the rider, the bus mirror hitting him on the head, causing him to lose balance, fall off the wheel, and get run over. No matter how I twist and turn my head and eyes, and can't make it look like the EUC rider is passing the bus. We're all watching different versions of the same film
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    Same with me, but having a reliable distance value is a good thing
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    Well, I think I've landed on a final design. Have I said that previously? Probably. Anyway, I'm going to try and find some 10mm ID teflon washers and then put her back together. Very little friction now at full tightness on all bolts.
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    Ok, it looks like the board uses both type of connectors. The battery connectors are definitely XT60's and the other two are XT30's. Image is from Marty's postmortem video.
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    Time will tell but thanks. I have no doubt you mods will be superb. The new suspension links arrived and appear to be refined in terms of both the bearing depth smoothness of the bearing’s rotation . All of the plunge depths appear to be equal which will make it easier for fabricating bushings. The pockets I had planned to use for the thrust bearings has been diminished as well. I’m not sure there enough material to plunge the mill into. Even though my thrust bearings arrived I may not use them. I have nylon tubing used for bushings arriving Monday that I’ll experiment with. This will be a lengthy job but currently I don’t have any plans to change out the 14 pivot bearing on the new links as they appear perfect.
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    Full Circle! The Indianapolis USA crew is starting to blossom. As seen a couple posts above, a few guys just started a local FaceBook page to schedule rides and other such things. Looking at the video picture two posts above this one ... @c5flybyu on the left, behind the white EUC, tracked me down on the forum here and told me about a monthly group ride ride they were planning. An EUC addict can't pass that up! The ride was yesterday and I met the guy that 'closes the circle for me'. The 16X rider sitting in the middle of the 3 guys above is the guy that past by me on the local trail last October. The dancing lights of his 16X mesmerized me and sent me down the Google path to see what that thing was all about. Now I am Full Circle. I got to ride with the guy that started all this for me, and he had no idea at the time. I was just another random guy on a bicycle being passed during a ride. But that was all it took. We live in different towns, which explains why I had never seen him again until this ride. My situation made me wonder what it took to cause the rest you to respect the wheel. So curiosity made me post this. {"Thank you" to those that responded!} On that thread, for the most part, people had a live sighting of a wheel going by, or they fell down the YouTube rabbit hole , and then "took matters into their own hands". During the ride I asked c5flybyu if he had a lot of people asking about the wheel when they saw him go by. He said "Yes, and so have you", ... or something close to that. Then I said something like, "Yes, and I'll bet most of those people are asking about the wheel to satisfy an immediate curiosity, and likely nothing more will come of it. Very few will act on it". That other thread found that @UniMe did act on his interview with a wheel rider. So it can happen. Lesson: Be polite and take some time with people if they are curious. It was a great 3 hour ride, with a couple of rest breaks for my feet. During one of the breaks there was some wheel swapping happening, to see what the other model is like. There was lots of wheel talk, and get to know you talk! The temperature was perfect. We had a 14S, 16X, S18, and an MSP rolling along amazing a few folks with such a rare sight around here. As you can well imagine, people around here are used to seeing 4 wheels on a race car ... not 4 wheels each going their own separate way with a man standing on each one! If you care to watch, here a quick video of our ride that c5flybyu made. I'm the guy wearing the white shirt. Now you know why I like strong wheels ... so I don't have to try and dig holes with my face.
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    Thx man. I havent even rode my S18 because the fender is rubbing the tyre and the motor cable is not aligned properly so it rubs against the outer shell when suspension moves. I have to take it apart completly so might aswell just fix the whole thing.
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    I was at the only outdoor Velodrome in Sweden and had a blast riding around it. I had few cameras with me so I got some shoots. What hit me later... Why not make this a sports event for EUC's where its possible? Fastest lap of 5, Hunter, Dash.. etc That would be something!!!
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    Mun S18 tulee tiistaina! Jännittää kaiken muun lisäksi nähdä mikä versio on pedaalikannattimista. Joustinvivut ovat kyllä jo teräksiset. On tulossa myös Mijia Sphere 360º kamera, mutta vasta loppu kuusta.
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    First I need to get the batteries ... 😢 still no answer from my seller at AliExpress. Let’s hope Monday I will get some answers. Thanks guys for all the helpful advice. Much appreciated.
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    Looks very much to me that the EUC was travelling faster than the bus whilst riding up the drivers blind side in a narrow gap between the bus and a van. The bus driver won't have been able to see the EUC - why didn't the EUC rider have the sense to slow down in anticipation of the bus turning toward the kerb? It's a terrible accident but riding like that is asking for trouble and does nothing to help the case for legalising EUC's
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    In short... gon2fast
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    All of that info always comes from "someone" Oddly enough no one ever says who someone is when they are asked "Who told you that? or where'd you hear that?" Some day I'll finally get to meet "someone" and maybe get to punch them in the throat so they can stop talking about stuff they know nothing about. This was not aimed at anyone in particular, just aimed at "someone"
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    You are right on this one Marty.
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    It was inevitable. Rumor has it Johnny B Goode switched motor manufacturers, hence why all the new wheels are hollow bore, plus the whole streamlining thing.
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    My point still stands, it's scary how many riders are out there who don't even know the rules of the road, less alone how to drive defensively.
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    Police woman report: "When patrolling the city today, we received a message on the work tablet about the road accident with casualties at Bendara Str 27. When we arrived, we found out that ambulance already took the injured person. Communication with witnesses and the driver revealed that the driver of the transport route vehicle ran over the unknown person riding on the road. Because of sustained injuries that person died. Investigation team is working at the incident scene to determine all the details."
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    EUCs send distance and speed values over BLE, so there is no need to make any conversion from RPM (actually wheels doesn't send motor RPMs to the app). As I already wrote, some wheels are inflating these values by a known factor. Sometimes you need to compensate for different tire size, so you have to calculate this factor by yourself. EUC World allows to enter correction factors (from -20 % to 20 %) that will be applied to speed and distance received from EUC, so after all you get real values. If you don't know what factors should be applied to your wheel, you can just compare EUC and GPS readings (they are synchronized on EUC connection).
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    I know homologation regulations that are applied for car speedometers They however doesn't apply to EUCs. For example all Gotways returns real speed and this is what riders expect from the manufacture - if a wheel is marketed as 55 km/h top speed, it should be able to reach that speed (of course with fully charged battery). This is not a problem for me, as I don't ride fast and switched from King Song that was inflating speed even more. I just wanted to share my findings with other community members and give correction factors that need to be applied to get real speed and distance readout.
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    I've now checked all tours in EUC World database and speed and distance inflation is confirmed. I only included tours that are longer than 5 km. This returned results for 74 tours and median value of GPS DIST to EUC DIST ratio was 0.94 (that translates to distance correction factor of -6 %).
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    True! Bare aluminum might look cool. I could get them anodized, AR15 style. That would be sweet
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    Zen Lee in Las vegas has a mentoring program, he does it on tuesdays.
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    I'm a carpenter and student surveyor.
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    I wanted to take comparison photos but I’m at the lake and the S18 is at work. I started pushing out the bearings on the original set. Now I understand why KS painted the arms after inserting the bearings. The gold finish would have been marred if the bearings were pressed into place after painting. I had a credit so it absorbed the cost.
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    just put it in the shopping cart
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    Currently I'm using only bushings for the shaft rotation, but am trying some thrust bearings to keep the arms from binding with the sliders, body and each other. You could definitely use the bearings instead of bushings. I'll post pics and all parts I'm using once I land on a final design. I'm OCD and am on the 15th iteration or so of bushings. :-D
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    Here we have some lanes that are shared by bikes/taxis/buses. Speed limit 50kmh. I was riding down one of these at 40 or so when a bus zoomed up close behind me, blared its horn, then zoomed around me and cut me off in order to stop at a bus stop just 100 meters or so up the road. Essentially the pre-cursor to the worst possible interpretation of what happened here. As a bicycle-class vehicle I had a right to be there, and with the speed I was travelling the bus saved at most a second or two in its route by going around me just to stop immediately a bit up the road. The vast majority of bus drivers are super, but it just takes one idiot to make a headline.
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    LOL 91F is hotter than the hottest day we have had all year in Sweden. Now it is autumn and it is 57F today. Simon and I will sometimes do the one heel up stance but that is mostly for flamboyant posing. The advantage is that it makes the wheel flop more to one side and this reduces the lateral oscillations that we cause. Hitting a bump or rough patch in that position is bad news. Muscle development and technique takes time. I do like U-strides style a lot though and I have even told him so. My stance is staggered at high speed but only in the sense that I lead with one knee. My feet are still on the same place on each pedal it is just the amount of ankle dorsiflexion on my leading leg that changes. I just keep the heel down though. In the end we will all develop our styles and share style with one another. This is part of the fun. Some riders I know have gotten to very high speeds after only a few days. Some like me took a very long time. Monika wobbled on the MSX for the longest time as well and didn't dare to even hit 30 kmh. Tyre pressure is one the biggest factors for success. And the soft pedal mode is much smoother when riding over imperfect asphalt. At high speed on the hard mode I will tend to slow down because of the way hard mode makes the wheel skip up and down.
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    I'm in Australia, but this is them. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bicycle-Rear-View-Mirror-Wrist-Strap-Bike-Hand-Arm-Glove-For-Cycling-Accessories/133134696588?epid=14039827560&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item1eff72408c:g:6twAAOSwblldQ6ki&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACYBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkBUIiHwYv5YgVss0WaiENz1UC1EaMwBn3vK8nc1b9jyT8tg5dc2iHSrNULKG9XAf%2BjeYiUifcWyk87Ou5hVq%2F3Yprs7sRoe7bJQlf%2BzgeWo%2Fhpgmw0Ta3NF8GCBAryiPf8SGvdsy6tZm969m70a6WCZAmlFRAEgGnAtktCVw264cNXzconAAlhFOTMj2vqsFS8BAcoZzu1A5fus5lo0jjvKkjGsXBhid5uA8cf0m6svldTsn0%2BElZ4hGshnDuKvKjdCjQF6%2BE0Gsf3MwEPzesMX066H6auPlqE58b%2BiTd%2BtCHyO0L0ttP4lkO%2B6C5YGgOK6iX1ts9grOxRkVPdY2vSiAHUcTPhramRouDjT%2BEthZkY%2FevwX88KdhEP2BKVIYoO%2BzRxI9LqhNcqSrgaDHnjUvEo5PPCA5SsZ71Qt1ZjuKL1BvgLsDF3XeSSavso3bXgsOzCY0IpJyYa3eXVJVg%2Fltvtbmk6kJuQWWt372DSN7Z7%2Fy8TNf9z1roWhwUo0wpHGg2nbeolt4p1wiWIr2oXA25Dh3QGyssk99eWF57aZZI5aMYLaEGvKTU3rWpyMjeWV51hFZe7glO9Cw9xIlcTzqm0X%2B%2BW%2FusVJeIsz9NbO17rHMiunUAgJg52y7VZR95O1Z8neGx%2B4aa3BD6GJfHowzaAYDe4k7IrnOGG1rlX9HZl%2Fcf2O0rwgH21EuOpd3myOkJyLWPTyh4aSnBNT2OwdyPFQOHEHWF6TErOgTMkh1C9CzMSs%2BZoubqo6lBDUyn|cksum%3A133134696588e98e9e70b65a49519cddfaee8a747ab4|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
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    Same with bicycles and it would be impossible to regulate who are allowed or not to ride a bicycle, EUC, Scooter, Scateboard or virtually any other vehicle that doesn't count as a car and don't require a license, it's actually on the responsibility of the person driving the vehicle to be aware of the rules of the road they are traveling, be it a bike lane, sidewalk (yes there's even regulations for these), car road, so if you want to take it a step further it's a human problem because a lot of people don't give a damn and don't educate themselves and are happily unaware of traffic rules. The best the state can do is try to inform people in general about how important it is to learn and understand the rules. I guess the one thing that could actually be done is better information for kids in school so they get an early impression that it's important to learn.
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    I wouldn't want people using low power/speed vehicles to be legislated off the road but it would definitely be a good idea for EUCers who don't have much road experience (but want to ride on the road) to do their cycle proficiency test and/or a CBT. If they ever become road legal, I'd expect something like that to become a requirement. (UK terminology explainer: CBT is certificate of basic training, a half day of group training proving to the instructor that you can handle your motorbike safely and have a basic understanding of the road, required before you can ride on the road with L plates. Cycle proficiency, for pushbikes, is voluntary but strongly encouraged.)
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    It doesn't look like the bus is passing him, it looks like he is passing the bus (on the inside). The rider is positioned towards the back of the bus at the start of the footage and catches up to the front of it by the time they collided. It's hard to tell whether that happened because the bus started slowing down to change lanes, or because the rider was going faster to begin with, the footage doesn't start early enough to see. There is a huge problem with large vehicles not having adequate mirrors to check for small vehicles on the inside of them. But bus/lorry drivers don't design their vehicles. If this was a blind spot problem, it was not the driver's fault. Undertaking is dangerous, don't do it.
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    Charge the lower one until the difference is less. If you charged too much, charge the other one until the difference gets less. At least once both are full everything is fine You'd need to measure the output voltage. So set dials on the dmm to VOLTAGE and DC (sometimes show as a line with three dots below). The output voltage of the battery is on the connector which goes to the motherboard. Like with connecting the batteries to the motherboard. If one connects them one will get some arcing. The "faster" one connects the less arcing will be. If one fiddles around and let the connectors in a "just touching" position the arcing goes on forever - or the connectors are "molten". So no unnecessary hesitation...
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    Explanation to forum members I used google translator to translate the text in the title and the whole text of the post. @Marty Backe @Dgar @Hatchet If it translated the meaning of the word incorrectly in English, let moderator fix it please , so I have no problem with that and I will be glad it's not about me or my post, it's about you, my friends from this forum, take care of yourself. In my language, the sentence should be "Řidič autobusu usmrťil jezdce na jednokolce" usmrťil = caused someone to die undefined intentionally / unintentionally it is a legal term in our language before the verdict of the court renders judgment. Sincere condolences to the family.
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    Not my work, but a Redditor fixed the angle and speed of the video. Tragic accident, my heart goes out to his family.
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    I agree with this and alot of what has been said already. The problem is that we're comparing apples to oranges here. The V11 is more for someone who is dealing with streets and potholes and wants a "smoother" ride. The pedal suspension is an advanced* design and sets it apart in many ways. Ive handled it and it feels good and its slim design like its predecessors makes riding comfortable. I believe the controller takes a slight edge with advanced air cooling for reliability. Both wheels would be good for offroad each in their own regards. I would classify this as a "touring/ commuter wheel" The sherman is...well a tank; has the weight of one too. While it is super durable with the roll-cage the weight might be cumbersome at times. This is more for someone who wants higher range and performance. Dont get me wrong, I think this is also an amazing commuter, i just think its niche is more for highspeed street:). Its overall a better performing wheel. I have not handled the Sherman but everything I see and hear makes me classify this as a "high performance wheel" if you want to go by points: V11 / Sherman Power x Range x Cooling x Durability x Handling x Weight x Ride cmft x Headlight x Trly hndl Tie Kickstand x Leds None Speaker None Maybe this visual works better. All the things the v11 got points on are touring/ commuter items. The points for Sherman fall into more high performance. Whatever wheel you get im sure you will love it. ride safe,
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    Not sure, maybe ask Jack, maybe you can fix it with some coke cans, blue tape, and some rubber bands? Don't forget the PVA glue and newspaper. Tbh though a quick fix is appreciated whilst real solution is found by dealer. On a serious note Is it only when riding on that gravelly path? You might just be getting some stones stuck under the fender. Try riding a smooth road and see if you can make that same sound. If so, send a video to dealer, check wheel alignment etc
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    Of course. the power pads are essential on the monster.
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    @Tinkererboi @Azzias@Hal Farrenkopf @RagingGrandpa @litewave @Globewheel Hi, everyone, sorry I have to do a little announcement because a recent discovery. I opened my KS-14C and found out my Kingsong was connected in a serial way: external charging port connects to battery one's charging port, battery one's discharging port connects to battery two's charging port, then battery two's discharging port to the mainboard of EUC. I tested both batteries and found out they each had a BMS board. In another word, Kingsong design my wheel in a ride-while-charging way. Since they are the experts in EUC and batteries, I have no reason to doubt their design. Therefore, my statement above is no longer true. Ride-while-charging is OK, at least this is what Kingsong thinks. My EUC board was bad should be due to other problems, not the ride-while-charging. I just want to clear it up for everyone here.
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    Oh boy, you just made my day and a few! There’s a trick to it! As you crouch, you tense your legs at every joint since now it’s the muscles that keep you up, instead of just bones and joints from when you stand up straight. The key to crouching on an EUC: crouch with loose ankles! As long as the tire runs relatively true, this will allow you to ride at top speed in a crouched position.
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    Currently, I am over 60, and ride KS-18S (which comes with a seat). In the last two months, I have been riding sitting down in preparation for the 2nd L.A. EUC Games Freestyle. The Immediate response that I get: - All the people give way thinking that I am some kind of handicap person. I don't have one of those handicap sign. Now if I were riding standing up especially near a pedestrian, they would not give way, instead they would give me some nasty look like I am a trouble maker kid. - There have been a number of senior citizens who is either on a wheel chair, and not on a wheel chair that have commented, "is this a new type of wheel chair?" I often give a quick demo, and they would very quickly be put off, and seemed quite scared. I don't try to convince them since I did not having much success with the younger age people.
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