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    From what I hear, ewheels is doing fantastic--actually growing quite a bit. The market is rapidly evolving/always changing, and as such ewheels is always revising their lineup in response to those changes (and quite responsively at that; adding new wheels, consolidating the number of configurations of any particular model down to just the subset that sell, eventually removing old models entirely, etc). One major difference between ewheels and many other shops is that they do so much more volume that they have no problem clearing old stock--so their store doesn't keep old things past when they're relevant just because they can't move them, whereas the smaller shops tend to have more old wheels for longer before they finally manage to get rid of them. (You see this a lot with "V2's" of different wheels as ewheels both sells out of the old ones and gets/starts selling the new ones before competitors who are still selling old ones they have left.) This is compounded by the volatility of the lineups of the manufacturers themselves. (For example this past year Gotway abandoned 84v configurations on anything bigger than the Tesla--no more 84v Nikola, 84v MSX, 84v Monster, etc--pretty much conceding the high-end 84v market and putting all their eggs into the 100v basket. Etc. I guess if you didn't know this then it would look like a bunch of wheel SKUs just disappeared, and yet these disappearances have nothing to do with ewheels/other retailers.) The Monster is just sold out and either Gotway isn't making more V3's or ewheels chose not to order more until the release of the updated Monster Pro sometime in the next couple months (i.e. we're just between models). I don't follow the scooter side to know anything about Dualtron, but there has to be some reasons for which makes/models ewheels chooses to sell (which can also be due to business reasons like complications dealing with different manufacturers). Etc. Honestly I think ewheels' EUC lineup right now is in a fantastic state, streamlined yet complete--they really have everything someone might reasonably want, and most of the outdated/no-longer-relevant stuff is now gone--particularly once they get the new Monster in, the spectrum will be fully complete again. And in good shape to add the next generation as we start hearing about them into the next year (Actually if you want to watch my notes/documenting the changes to ewheels' lineup, I began posting updates about it in the later part of this thread: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/17309-up-to-date-euc-comparison-table/ )
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    Or a bit easy er to get an idea from this earlier picture posted by Liam on WhatsApp some time back. I like they are true to the Inmotion colours: black and orange.
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    So I made my choice and ordered the IXS Trigger FF full-face helmet, it's certified, the largest version the M/L is the one that I ordered and it only comes in at only 660g, the smaller version is under 600g, has really good ventilation (and maybe also better hearing with all those vent holes?), magnetic strap. It comes in a bunch of colors but I chose black (of course 😅) thinking a goggle strap will add a spruce of color anyway. A lot of positive reviews praising it for it's comfort, lightness and cooling, it was made to be worn for long rides and riders seem to like it for that.
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    A great way to finish off a long and busy work week!
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    It is still unclear the extent King Song is currently undergoing in "making changes to address the criticisms". I have personally contacted @Jack King Song on a number of occasions to get some clarification and currently still waiting to hear directly what changes will be implemented. At this stage, the biggest issue has been the poor assembly methods used due to a poor understanding of how the pivot bearings inner race should have been correctly mated to one another/clamping bolts, rather than the actual bearings themselves! The other main issue with the slider tubes possibly being pushed out of parallel in some cases with the assembly blocks having been left in place. Ironically, a recently posted YouTube video showed a customer in the UK, that bought 2 S18's and one had the blocks still fitted but the second one had a different pedal hangar, with No Blocks necessary! I've asked Jack if this one of the changes they are making, so still waiting to hear back, but will post here if I hear any news!
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    Anone who bought a 1st batch wheel should have know what they were getting into. A sub par made product that requires mods. That said, if you are not willing or capable of working on the wheel on your own, then dont bother buying it. This probably goes for batch 1 to 10. I enjoy working on wheels, thats why I had no reservations getting a 1st batch wheel. The mods I have done make my wheel a truly enjoyable machine. Could not be happier. It works as adverised and intended.
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    Much better picture! Now you can see what data is displayed. Thanks!
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    Was wondering what others memorable or outstanding reactions or questions they have gotten while riding about. One of my favorite things anyone has ever said came from a coworker- "Man that thing is the coolest, you look like a bounty hunter from Star Wars every time you pull up" This guy seems to be the most likely to get a wheel, he's very interested in getting one but he can't afford one supposedly. So he won't even try it once or get the feel of it because he's afraid he'll get addicted and really want one. That's one thing I like about the inmotion styling, it does look like something the Dark Side elite imperial army would use. I just need to get that Boba Fett rocket backpack.... My first time trying to learn to ride I went out real late in my places parking lot....and just as I was about to take my first tries some drunk guys walked up and saw me just as they exited the bar (They had illegally parked at my apt. complex's lot). The guy was staring at me for a while. I was wheeling it around stalling, waiting for them to leave before I tried to ride it and he asked if it was an e-bike, I'told him what it was and he yelled to his friend "Hey Bill, this guy is from the future, he's an alien" On my first real public voyage I made the mistake of trying it out just as all the kids got out of school, so as you can imagine a lot were making loud noises and yelling question at me. I get kind of annoyed when kids yell at me "How much does it cost?!" So I just reply "About tree-fiddy!" every time now. Yesterday I had a nice conversation as I waited for my food at Rapid Fired Pizza with an older couple. The guy was real curious about it and told me it's something he'd see on this show he watches called "TBD". I told him they've been a thing since 2011 and I was perplexed why more people haven't heard about them,. He was surprised and told me to be safe and wear head protection (I don't unless I go above 10 mph).
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    Ei korjauksia. Tämä oli hyvä ohje kaikille uusille kuskeille, pitäisi laittaa jakoon säännöllisesti. Pari tarkennusta. Akku on se koko paketti ja niistä yksittäisistä pikkuakuista voi käyttää sanaa kenno. Sitten tuo on vielä selvempi. Eli akun kunto riippuu eniten heikoimmasta kennosta ja siksi balansointi on tärkeää. Jos käyttää vain yhtä kennoa, silloin voi hifistellä ja lopettaa lataus ennen kuin on täynnä. Ja toinen huomio olisi se, että näin isoissa ja monikennoisissa akuissa pikalataus ei ole kovinkaan pikainen per kenno. Eli vaikka 5A tai jopa 10A pikalataus ei ole kovin haitallinen, koska se jakautuu niin usealle kennolle. Toki varmaan silti parempi välttää turhaa pikalatausta.
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    Sometimes its easier just to ignore the negative people and don't buy into their melancholic demeanour. Thx to the people looking to help and I,ll comment further down the track.
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    Can’t wait till AR glasses go mainstream.
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    Is this better or still ugly? I can vouch that it's amazingly comfortable. I moved mine closer to the edge and it provides even more suspension. https://t.me/OC_EUC
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    Daley1: let us know how they work out. Darrell: quit acting like a troll.
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    It all comes down to price. I have zero desire for a smartwatch for anything other than an EUC speedometer & battery meter. I'll probably even leave it mounted to my wrist guards so it's never worn/used otherwise for anything else. If the dedicated InMotion watch is cheap enough and works well, I'd see no reason to buy something more expensive. And if the InMotion watch indeed works directly with the wheel without needing to interface with my phone, then it's worth more than any current EUC smartwatch implementation--even those that are much more expensive.
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    When mine arrives if no one else posts pictures of these new and improved bushes I will for all to see. I reckon they must have had a hacked off rouge technician working the assembly line because no way would it get past the r&d stage with metal rubbing against metal and spring washer holding bearings in place.
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    Fantastic looking seat which appears extremely confortable. Too rich for my blood, I'm just not that fancy.
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    History. At first they denied to make V11f. They wanted to measure how suspension would be taken up bu consumer and if they could sell enough wheel for it to be worth while to continue in that direction. Current situation: They are still refining V11 and most resources are put into this and accessories to could out for the V11. Then they start to make the V12 ... How long that takes how knows... Eta early 2021/spring2021 but delays do happen (plans was jan2020 then oct2020 now 2020). More out in the future....20" in plans, no details. 1 more (V12) non-suspension wheel planed but likely future wheel will all have suspension. The future plans was reviewed or hinted in a live stream interview with Liam and TheBlackCobra. But I think if we are to discuss future wheels let's start a new thread for this.
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    My favorite ride to date...
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    My tips on pumping up the shocks on the V11, including demonstrations and recommendations for the negative chamber:
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    With this section of the forum being new and lacking an obvious comparison table link (central to discussion of "Which EUC to get?"), I offer my comparison table as one of the most readable and up-to-date ones currently available. EUC Comparison Table: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ag0ky7mWfH9cm9dMfvYothdqZtIsdw Be sure to read the "Table Notes" tab first. Using the "following" feature on this thread (top right) you can get a forum notification whenever I post about major updates to the table & related news (new wheels, hardware refreshes, notable price changes, etc.) Questions or discussion about table contents/organization/formatting/etc are welcome. If you happen to have trouble with the shortened 1drv.ms URL, you can also try the long-form URL: https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=5C7F7C96B9CB240D!453580&authkey=!AH72KLYXambSLHc .
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    Inmotion v11 and Kingsong s18 are fixing some errors from batch 1 it seems. So dont be a first mover on EUCs. The most important fix I guess is this one: The plastic saddle is attached to the metal frame (that forms the handle) with two screws, one in front and one in the back on each side. (On the top side. There are more attachment points bellow, where the batteries starts.) And apparently, the attachment points are thin pieces of plastic and can break, so the saddle is no longer attached at the top. (See the pic, the broken hole on the left should be around of the screw.) I guess this can happen if you lean too much against the saddle and put too much pressure. But overall the construction could be better and it will be in batch 2, according to interveiw with Inmotion CEO in blackcobras channel on youtube. From Germany more info: The saddle at the top of the V11 gives room for the suspension system to move up and down, smoothing out bumps and drops. There is thin rubber padding attached to a plastic shell at the top of the saddle for your knees. Not enough padding to grip or leverage, but just enough to add a little comfort to your knees. The apex of the saddle is attached to a sturdy metal frame which connects the suspension system, saddle, and handle. Where the saddle meets the handle there are 4 attachment points using screws and I see these areas as points of weakness in the body, especially during falls, especially if the saddle were to roll over or suffer a direct impact during a fall. https://oneradwheel.com/comprehensive-inmotion-v11-review/ So that will be fixed, look RRRRrrrrrrrrrrright here: Steel layer will be added to the newer v11. Batch 1 is plastic that keeps breaking --- batch 2 will be stronger. .... A few replacements for the older broken ones well be send out. A more advanced solution is possible using glue Liam says.... (IM confused here) Inmotion IS LISTENING us. Watch that video freinds. New watch and sidepads for Inmotion v11. is also in the making. Hsiangs wheel catastrophe was manhole cover and not landing properly ????? Inmotion v12 will have external extra battery for longer rides..... 100V is in the future plans of Inmotion. This is good fun:
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    Nope, that's a 18 inch rim tire not a 14"
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    It was a great day and really enjoyed getting to know and ride with everyone. Nice job on the video I uploaded my relive video so you can view it and will send you the GoPro video once complete. Your son did awesome and I am sure you are a proud dad. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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    Bluetooth Low Energy are point-to-point connections and only one peer (client) may be connected at a time. It's because there are two independent Bluetooth devices available: classic Bluetooth Audio for speakers and Bluetooth LE for app connectivity. This would be a great solution for everyone that just need to get some basic data & control over their Inmotion wheel. I think that Inmotion watch will use LCD display and will provide decent battery runtime. But we'll see
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    Juuri näin. Meille jää käyttäjinä vain lyhyt lista miten akkuja voi yrittää pitää hyvänä. Ennenkö valmistajat ottavat akut huomioon, esim lämpötilan kannalta tai yksittäisen akun jännitteen käyttöä/latausta huomioiden akun kuntoa, ei akut tule kestämään täyttä potentiaalia. Jep pistän lyhyen listan missä voi itse vaikuttaa ja saa akut kestämään pidemmän aikaa: 1. Lämpötila - Suositus säilytys n. 5-25 C. Älä ikinä lataa akkuja kylmällä (huoneenlämpö ok, mutta esim. pakkasesta kun tuot sisälle, anna tunti tai kaksi lämmitä sisällä ennen latausta.) 2. Säilytys lataus. Akut säilyy paremmin kun et lataa laitetta heti, varsinkin jos et käytä sitä. Esim jos olet ajanut laitteen 25-70% säilytä siinä. Kun otat laitteen käyttöön tee niinkun @mrelwood suositteli ja anna laturin balansoida ennen käyttöä. Älä aja laitetta tyhjäksi, se on myös huono säilytys lataus %. 3. Lataus. Koska laitetta rajoittaa huonoimman akun kunto, se määrittää mihin laitteesi pystyy. Kun lataat, lataa täyteen. Anna balanssoida. Kun akut on täynnä, koita noin 2-24 tunnin aikana suunnitella ajoa laitteelle. Näin tippuu kaikkien akkujen taso % ja akut säilyy paremmin pitkään. Eli kaikista kovin jännite kannattaa akuista ajaa ulos ja lataukset suunnitella sen mukaan. 4. Lataus nopeus. Nopea lataus = huono akulle. Akut menettää tehoja nopeammin. Hidas lataus = ennemmän käyttöikää akuille. Pitää ennakoida vaan aikaisemmin lataus tarvetta. 5. Nopeus ja kiihdytys (meinas unohtua!) Ajonopeus ja vähemmän rykimistä = pienempiä virtapiikkejä, parempi akku ikä. Tasanen on paras niin kiihdytyksiin kun ajonopeuteen. Kaikki auttaa säilyttämään akut paremmassa kunnossa. Saa korjata jos olen väärässä. Tosiaan tämä akkujen käyttöiän parannus ei pakota toimimaan näin. Tarkoitus oli auttaa ymmärtämään miksi toiset akut kuolee ja toiset kestää pidempään. Valitettavasti joskus niihin akkuihin eksyy huono valmisteinen akku ja mikään ei auta.
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    If you wear a bicycle style helmet then it might be worth looking at cat ears, a product not gene editing. They seem to get fairly good reviews though I haven't tried them.
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    Good comparison. Shame the issues of both pre-production models, slow down the times. Would be interested to see them so it again, but with later batch production versions when they have ironed out the issues on both EUC.
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    So they now have a speed version and a comfort version?. They should make a budget seat version as well. I like the seat they made, but I think it is too expensive for not trying to make it myself. Or they could include some kind of suspension within the seat? Then it might be worth the steep price.
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    Mine makes that noise as well. I can’t find anything that is loose, I even took apart the headlight assembly (which is where it seems to come from). I think it is just vibration. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, unless it gets worse. I’ve got over 500 miles on the v11 and the sound hasn’t changed at all.
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    Yes. It's the future (and will replace cell phones), but it's going to be a double-edged sword, for sure.
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    Ahah Mike, i just saw it in your latest video! It actually motivated me to build one too, even if ugly... Freewheeler: what base did you use for the mount? it seems to follow the curve of the shell.
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    compare video very nice:
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    If you pay attention to the business and look at things with a business mindset, you might figure out what's actually going on here All new Gotway models, including the inexplicable RS "upgrade" from MSX/MSP, are going hollow bore motor. Perhaps instead of being just an "upgrade", it's moreso a change in motor supplier for a small mom & pop company that is famous for streamlining their whole product line for cost efficiency. Maybe it might not be the greatest thing to restock legacy product, especially if it's not efficient to procure more legacy axled motors, and with a newer large tire model on the way(?) MiniMotors (Dualtron parent company), if you've payed attention to the scooter world, is notorious for bad QC, and is not the most straightforward to deal with. Then you see outfits like minimotorsusa, usaminimotors eating into the US scooter market, piggybacking on the namesake. Then you see eWheels is running with their own TurboWheel branded line, with social media promotion. Try connecting the dots here
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    a LOT of distributors stopped selling the Monster due to the much higher chance of problems on the wheel. It's one of the most error prone wheels made recently.
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    The guard is ment to avoid getting ski poles in the face (soft sticks to slalom around) and most certainly won’t be much use in case of a face plant. Looks great though.. I ogled it last year. On hands comments confirmed the guard is plastic and not strong. You wanted first hand crash experience, which I can’t give you, but seing how popular this helmet becomes I feel it’s important that people are aware it will behave like a roller helmet, not a full face. Which can be ok. But it won’t protect your face, other than from soft sticks.
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    @Imakepowerfromthesun There are a few newbies on the French forum who went straight to the Sherman, without any issues. We’ve had people learning on 18inch wheels before, I’d vote for skipping the learner wheel(s) and save money and the environment. Just protect the wheel and beware of going too fast. (ie tilt back at 30kmh for the first 1000km or something like that, ymmv)
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    Not sure where the 'fastest wheel on the market' comes from?! Isn't the no load speed of the Veteran at least 97kmh? And 80kmh is just under 50mph. Several people have hit 50mph+ on the Veteran already.
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    Inmotion firmware is pretty clever when it comes to calculating available power, it lets you get slightly more speed if you accelerate gently or going downhill, also the tiltback is very subtle at the beginning
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    Yeah. To be fair, he primarily rides the MSS and is probably used to the really high torque it offers.
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    I opened up the V11 pedals. One reason being the worry laid on me by the more-common-than-we'd-like pedal issues of the V10(F). Click on the images for full resolution. Under the grip tape are 7 screws. They are short and were not very tight (after 550km), so the top plate is a likely source of the slight creaking I heard a few times. The honeycomb structure is a family trait. The structure awakens trust by being many times taller than on the V10 pedals. The pedal top plate is made of a 2mm thick aluminium sheet. Here's where we totally depart from the V10 family of pedals, the updated ones included: The supporting wall at the hinge is an 11mm thick solid chunk of metal! I have zero worry about this wall deforming, which used to cause the V10 pedals to crack and/or droop. The outside of the hinge also has ample thickened edges. And the load bearing edge is sloped in a way that minimizes the tearing forces at the axle (= "pedal pin") and the inner pedal wall, compared to a straight wall of the V10 (and Gotway) pedals. The smooth operation of the hinge is provided by two chunks of rubber that the axle goes through. A sharp 4mm hex grub screw prevents the axle from rotating. The V11 pedals are clearly made in a way that the V10 pedal issues would never ever raise their ugly head. The design is very sturdy and the hinge mechanism works wonderfully in all it's simplicity. I now have absolutely zero worry about these pedals cracking, deforming or drooping, despite knowing that I'll be getting my V11 past 10 000 km in a few years. Although, I probably won't get to utilize the durability of these pedals for very long, since I will purchase the Inmotion Hex -style pedals the second they become available... Mostly because of their ample length that my petite EU 46 feet long for.
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    Earplugs like these https://www.amazon.com/EarPeace-Motorcycle-Ear-Plugs-Motorsports/dp/B076VST3SH do a pretty good job of helping with wind noise but still let you hear whats going on around you.
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    I'll put together a concise parts list when I have everything together and know it works as intended. It's unfortunate that the wheel has to be almost completely disassembled to fix the suspension linkage.
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    So done is done. No more car keys. I am not waiting to see how auction goes. Despite being a stressful day. A lot of appointments to meet and then riding in an area I don't know especially with all the rebuilding infrastructure. Some pictures to remember this day. The car... The auction dealer drop-off site. The ride statics Area I passed on the way. So a little rest of feets. But overall it feels odd. But there are such a huge cost saving.... I couldn't defend having the car anymore. Maybe a small one if it gets to a hard winter. But right now the V11 is doing exactly what I hoped for and I always have a smile on when I get home.
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    New AVAS Sound Pack: Star Wars - Slave One 🚀 This is the iconic ship owned by Jango and later Boba Fett, the first idea I had when I saw AVAS and Star Wars in the same sentence was to make a soundpack that matches this ship so I spent a couple of hours putting it together, hope you like it. 😁 Soundpack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VAc6UmtseQG4STyiAzIrCKhaHMdP_n2I/view?usp=sharing Preview soundbyte with startup, idle, riding and shutdown: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T-EKo6jeL-mDX0SzW7OEV0L_-Yte7Jfn/view?usp=sharing It's a bit mean sounding so try not to scare folks with it, add your own blaster sounds at your own discretion.. 😅 Just a small thing, I updated both Tron zips on google drive, the speed dependant sound for the is a little bit louder and the pitch of it is also a bit higher just to get the volume and sound profile right, now I'm happy with it, so if you want to repack them whenever you have some time. 😊
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    I think a lot of people would agree that the 18XL is one of the most beautiful wheels money can buy. If one is riding the 18XL with just the shell exposed, blasting music on a bright sunny day? People are going to look, and often keep staring. So mangling the aesthetics for more leverage on the wheel? still worth it in my opinion. I'm not a fan of my foot bouncing around on the pedal. And going up or down steep inclines is comfortable
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    I made a pretty elaborate padding/leverage modification for my 18XL. The first thing I tried was glueing (liquid nails fuze it) and stitching loop velcro to the roll.nz case. I bought some foam rollers for a weight lifting set (leg rollers), and cut them into shapes to stick on the case. I then glued hook velcro to the foam parts. So with this setup, the foam parts can be disconnected and reconnected as desired/needed. this is super helpful for the circle piece that goes over the toe, because different shoes have different heights, and that circle is key to keeping the front of foot on the pedal while on bumps, jumping curbs, stairs. But what I found is the lock in was pretty loose with the case being able to move around so... I used liquid nails fuze it all surface adhesive to glue loop velcro to the Kingsong outer shell. I then glued hook onto the inside of the roll.nz case in matching places so the case is absolutely solid on the wheel (getting the case on with all that velcro was super tricky). So now I have a system with the case really locked onto the wheel, but it can be removed if needed. I can move the foam pieces around, build more, whatever. And it's a pretty well protected wheel with the case, layers of flexible glue, velcro. Be interesting how much weight I added - I'm guessing around a pound.
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