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    This was the ride I did the other day on the v11, minus the long leg. It was a total of 24.9 miles, I was fully geared up and had a 20lb backpack on (need to find a way to carry less) . Started at 100 and ended the ride with 50%. I have done this same ride on the 84v 1600 wh Nikola with about the same results.
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    Howdy - just chiming in to say that I just received my shipping notification for my S18. I placed my order back in May. No guaranteed delivery date yet, but expected on Friday. Will post some content once it becomes available... Have never ridden an EUC before, but have been loving our OneWheel, and as a skier for 40 of my 43 years on earth, this answers what is nothing short of a life long dream.. Being able to "ski" anywhere. We live off the grid in the middle of the national forest in rural Colorado... Not especially ideal for charging electric toys, but we have hundreds of miles of trail right out our door. The OneWheel has been outstanding.. I'm expecting the S18 to be an epiphany. More to come soon, including what I'm sure will be a pretty epic bloopers video!
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    An inaccurate but fun way to compare these two beast of the EUC world together. 😆😁 enjoy
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    So that's why Jason puts 100's of business cards in the box when you get a new wheel
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    Thanks! Yeah - my daughter and I have been stoked all summer to add these toys to the stable.. Hiking is great, riding bikes is awesome, onewheeling is phenomenal, and I expect riding the S18 will require a thesaurus to complete this sentence... lol.
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    Just had a thought. Maybe the ones who were seeing low to no pressure on the top chamber (V11) accidentally released the pressure while attacking the pump if they didn’t know how the lever on the pump actually functions? The lever should be towards the hose while screwing the pump in to the valve, and only after that should the lever be lifted up away from the hose. That will then open up the valve. Duf explains this during his range test. Link goes to 6min 18sec:
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    The latest I heard is that due to community pressure, KS was able to persuade DNB into continuing to manufacture the dual valve S18 shock after all.
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    Actually the production version of the V11 was upgraded to a shock which has a separately adjustable negative pressure chamber, while the S18 was downgraded to a shock which no longer has one.
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    Please post videos of tire swaps on the S18, and different tire models that can be used with this wheel here. The stock tire that comes with the S18 does not seem the best option for off roading. @mrelwood has mentioned that the cst c 1488 could be a good substitute for more traction.
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    With all my gear and backpack, around 210lbs. Topo see pic, and riding speed was 10mph average. There is quite a bit of regen happening on this ride as well. As you can see there is almost 7000ft of elevation gain on this ride,so actual distance may be quite different from what I’m getting .
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    Days 18-20, July 15-17: Hailuoto Days in Hailuoto were mostly about relaxing and enjoying the nice weather. And of course admiring the views. On Wednesday we went hiking, but there were too many mosquitoes and other annoying bugs, so it was quite a short one. No riding on Wednesday. On Thursday we visited Kniivilä Local Heritage Museum and went beer tasting in Hailuodon Panimo. We rode 20 km. On Friday we did absolutely nothing. Hailuoto was absolutely awesome place. I hope I can visit there someday again. Kilometers ridden in Hailuoto: 20 Kilometers ridden in total: 1002 Hours ridden in Hailuoto: 1 Hours ridden in total: 52,5
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    Gotway wheels (and Veteran too) doesn't report battery current but motor phase current. This means that power calculated using battery voltage and motor phase current isn't in fact real power, but still may be used to determine relative motor load. You can get very rough estimate of real power by dividing "Gotway watts" by a factor of three.
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    Logs are fixed again to show up at euc.world! Thanks @Seba!
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    The idea that the Chinese can't produce quality is outdated for about 10 years. It's a matter of how much you are willing to pay. Most buying from China expects the cheapest. However, the culture is very different from the west. But there are pros and cons to both sides. I don't want to turn this into a debate, but underestimating the Chinese will be the reason why they will continue to prevail. Anyways, I am an EE. If anyone want to collaborate on creating an open source controller, I would be happy to join the effort. I can do the entire design by myself, but I don't necessarily have the time as I have a day job and a family with young kids. So a collaboration would be fun whenever I get some spare time.
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    This is the key. No matter what caused our made the wobble worse, practicing emergency braking is something that most of us ignore until it was already needed. People have different methods for emergency braking, and they are not all universally successful for everyone. That’s why one needs to find one’s own. Straight or bent legs, easing up or braking harder if wobbles, leaning to the side or centered, offset vs parallel foot positioning, etc. The Z10 is a needy girlfriend, one must dedicate some time to learn it’s quirks.
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    The fella is clearly upset, I'll just tuck away the last string of text expletives and may need to escalate with paypal even though he offered the refund. I feel for the guy, he seems way stressed out and to not be doing well. He said enough in his last rant that I can't really trust that he won't mess with the device when it's returned or lie about it's condition. He also told me to ship it to their warehouse in Quebec when it came from California; I need to check with paypal tomorrow if he can do this or if it in any way invalidates the current arrangement (I'm not even sure if the warehouse is staffed...). I'll decide about escalating to a mediator after that. The first half of our interaction went great. He flipped like a switch when I indicated there may be a problem with the wheel and just became toxic. A bit of shipping cost to move away from that is not a problem at all Truly, the situation in the US is awful in many places. It's no excuse to target and bully others but sometimes people just lose perspective.
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    Well maybe I do need to take it slower. I’ll give it a couple days before trying to go fast again. Certainly when I was fatigued and getting new wobbles I should have taken it as a warning sign. Lesson learned.
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    I ride at about 30 psi. Reluctant to go lower as I’ve heard the Z10 will follow cracks in the road, but I could try that. I’ve been riding this wheel for about 2 weeks. Before that I learned on an mten3 and was using it for 2 months and felt pretty confident with it. I definitely think I’m braking at the hips somewhat. I’m going to experiment with different braking methods to see what gives the least wobbles. Especially with the deer that ran out in front me I need to learn how to aggressively power brake. Thanks for the advice, those are good tips.
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    So very happy I filed the paypal dispute. Within seconds of submitting the dispute the messages started to come in. By text: "I know what kind of people you are" By email: "fucking dumb you still don't understand it's a new wheel and never been charged" then "ship the fucking wheel back and stop playing game". I ask for clarification, "I am not sure what you mean. Are you agreeing with the paypal dispute process to refund the entire purchase price of the wheel? His response: "Ship the wheel ASAP" Clearly I can do nothing right by this fellow.... and I have no idea if he is agreeing to the refund or just manipulating me more. YIKES!! Avoid this seller.... I really didn't want to need to say that, but there it is. I'm going to shut down my devices for the evening, so signing off from this toxic nonsense.
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    Please stay on topic guys
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    Weird, North America usually treats everywhere else as a war zone ...
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    I'm a relatively new rider, recently got the Z10 which I've been enjoying, until I got the dreaded speed wobbles and totally ate ass vs the pavement yesterday. I've read up on some old posts here and I'm not sure the advice of decelerating applies here. It didn't work for me, but maybe I did it wrong. I also saw @Cutiyo's great YouTube video on the subject and perhaps the thing to do is to lean more to one side like she suggests. Anyways let me describe what happened... Prelude So I've been riding further and faster every day since I got my wheel a couple weeks ago. I've gotten the hang of most things, though I have a hard time braking at speed. I mean I can brake but I just have to do it more slowly. If I brake too hard the wheel starts to wobble. I've found that when I brake if I favor one leg instead of trying to evenly brake with both legs it will reduce but not eliminate the braking wobble. I don't have the Z10 braking assist turned on, haven't tried it yet. The last couple days before the accident I have been riding particularly hard and my feet have been sore. The ride the day before the crash on my ride I noticed I was getting slight wobbles when I was hitting minor bumps, which I had never noticed before. I was slightly annoyed by it, didn't think much more of it, and attributed this new behavior to my feet being tired. The ride was fine otherwise. Crash Yesterday when I rode I again noticed I was still weirdly wobble prone. My feet were still sore as I haven't really given them any time to recover and I thought it was related to that but in retrospect maybe I was poorly balanced on the wheel? I'm not sure. Is it a calibration issue? I've never calibrated my new Z10 as the pedals have seemed even and fine. Anyways I'm cruising along an empty street at 20 mph on flat nondescript concrete when I must have hit a slight irregularity in the pavement, nothing obvious to the naked eye. All of a sudden I got a crazy aggressive side to side wobble in the wheel. I immediately tried to slow down, honestly I don't know if I was braking the correct way I mentioned above (where I should favor one leg) but the braking was making the wobble drastically worse. Now I thought oh shit, this isn't going to end well and it's time to bail. I landed on my left side and my wheel went careening into a runoff ditch on the side of the road. I tore up my shorts and my iPhone in the left pocket seemed to take some of the impact, remarkably unscathed, and I also landed on my left elbow guard, a Leatt 3DF 6.0 which turned out to be a poor choice as it tore instantly and I got some nasty road rash on my elbow. Torn elbow guard: Elbow: Yeah I know, probably everyone has seen or experienced worse in terms of the road rash but it does hurt and I'm annoyed that it happened while wearing an elbow guard. Like, that was your one job, you know? Most importantly, I fished the Z10 out of the small amount of water in the ditch and it was working fine. I then rode the wheel home to assess damages, and of all things, a fucking deer ran out onto the road in front of me which I had to brake to avoid hitting. At this point, I felt like there was some kind of Final Destination shit going on and I should stay at home and hide in a closet for the rest of the night. Of note, on the ride back I got wobbles in the exact same spot as the crash. I was going much slower though and it was fine the second time around. So.... I have a few questions here - Why was braking making my death wobble worse? Am I just braking wrong? I saw some YouTube commenters talk about high speed braking wobbles on the Z10. Is there some advice for braking successfully with this wheel? - Am I right that being tired was enough to give me those baseline annoying wobbles? The other possibilities are foot position and need for calibration I suppose. I'm going to keep experimenting. I have been using sort of a foot forward position on the Z10 which works well on my mten3 but maybe this wheel is balanced differently. - I wish there was a Leatt dual axis for elbows. I'm going to try out the Leatt 3.0 elbow guard and Fox Racing Titan one. Any suggestions on this? - Suggestions for the death wobbles? Thanks for the advice....
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    The videos. They got to me. I honestly don't even remember how I got started on them, but every few days I get back on a kick of watching various EUC YouTubers. Since the pandemic started, I've been thinking more and more about getting some kind of fun vehicle to spend more time outside with. At first I looked into motorcycling, but there aren't any places to get certified that aren't closed during the pandemic. So I decided: I'm going with the EUC route. I have no experience with any electric wheels, no hoverboards, no scooters or anything. So my first wheel is going to be my starter, but I've read in various threads on here that it's not a good idea to buy a cheaper, lower end starter wheel as you'll grow out of it very quickly and will just need to buy a new one. Another factor for me is that price is barely an issue, I can pretty much afford any wheel. I've been looking at the suspension wheels that are up for pre-order right now, particularly the V11 after watching a few reviews and comparison videos against the S18. But I'm not sure if the suspension wheels are going to be great for a beginner. I'm particularly interested because the area I live in is not known for its smoothly paved roads. I'd like to be able to deal with semi-uneven pavement as smoothly as possible, and the V11 seems great for that. Waiting till the end of August for the pre-order isn't much of a problem for me either. I could use the time to work on my balance/core strength to prep for riding. If suspension is NOT ideal for a beginner rider for whatever reason, the other wheel I've been looking at after perusing through threads on here is the 18XL. I've seen some of you refer to it as 'indestructible' and that seems like a very good trait for a beginner rider's first wheel lol. My only qualms with the 18XL are the price being the same as the new suspension wheels without that feature, and this is vain of me but: I don't like how... oblong it is. The V11 and the S18 are much slicker looking. I'm not opposed to looking at other wheels though, if you guys have other suggestions for me. These are just the ones that I am most interested in. Nearly pulled the trigger on the V11 last night before I figured I'd come on here. I also wager the V11/S18 might be easier to sell if EUC's end up being not for me since they'll be in high demand, although I hope that that isn't the case. I love the idea of these things. Oh yeah: I'm a bigger guy (6'0, 215lb), so I need a wheel that can handle that. Thanks in advance for your advice!
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    Voisi ehkä yrittää saada muksuja hoitoon Lauantaina niin pääsee ajelemaan. 30km kivikkoista metsäpätkää tuli ajettua viikolla, niin toisen puolen nivunen tuli niin kipeäksi, että ei kunnolla pääse liikkumaan. Voi olla että joku revähdys, tai joku lihas, joka ei muuten reeniä saa. Liikaa hyviä metsäpätkiä, joita ei vielä ole löytänyt. Täällä pitäisi olla reitti harjuja pitkin Hattula -> Hämeenlinna -> Kalpalinna, tuota reittiä koittanut metsästää.
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    If any of ya'll own paintball guns, it's a lot of fun shooting it on an EUC. Anyone in NYC area interested in an EUC paintball fight, DM me. Maybe we can organize an event.
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    This looks like a rubber gasket sticking out. To repair it, you'd have to disassemble that part, seat it properly, and put everything back together. For a new wheel, the seller should fix this. At least contact the guy and ask how to proceed.
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    Great!!! @HelRider and @UniVehje - you did what you planned and succeeded! My congrats and welcome to the club! I've been following your reports and it was a pleasure to see how other EUCists are going for long distance trip. It was certainly an exciting and pleasant journey, thanks to which you gained a lot of valuable experience. So where will you go next?
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    Days 21-22, July 18-19: Tampere Because of the timetables (ferry from Hailuoto to mainland and train from Oulu to Tampere) we decided to take a bus from Hailuoto to Oulu. It gave us more time (and less stress) in the morning to wake up and pack. The train left before noon and it took a bit over 4 hours to get to Tampere. I had plans to write tour blog in train, but no. We had lunch and some beers, listened to podcasts (if you're Finnish and like Antti Holma, this is for you ) and before long we were in Tampere. And guess what, it was hot! First hot day since day 1 in Naantali. It felt weird to ride in a T-shirt. We spent two days at @UniVehje's parents. On Saturday evening we went sightseeing in Lielahti area. It was a nice 22 km and 2,5 hour ride. On Sunday we rode a nice scenic route round lake Pyhäjärvi. The route is 30 km long, but we ended up riding 45 km. It was a beautiful route on a beautiful, hot summer day. I highly recommend. Official scenic route: Our ride: We only took pictures from Pispalan uittotunneli and it doesn't even include in the route. We just wanted to enjoy the ride and the beautiful day. Kilometers ridden in Tampere: 75 Kilometers ridden in total: 1077 Hours ridden in Tampere: 7,5 Hours ridden in total: 60
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    It’s fine as is. Fits very well. Like I said, it feels strange at first but after 200km you’ve got used to it. These are all the markings on the tire:
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    V11 for sure. Not that the 18XL is suddenly bad. But for approximately the same price...
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    Traditionally GW reports motor current and battery voltage. Did not hear anything about changes to this... Between motor and battery the controller (mosfets) act with the motor coils as step down converter - voltage gets transformed down, current up. So if one multiplies battery voltage with motor currents (as GW does) nothing results from this number... Like if one has a 12V 1A (12W) halogen bulb via a power supply on mains (230V) - multiplying the 230V with the halogen bulb current of 1A leads to 230W... But it still consumes 12W...
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    You might run into issues with limitations in the KS app and EUC World due to it being a wheel meant for the Chinese domestic market but being used abroad. This is KS's way of discouraging these practices, but why it's the end user who "pays the price", I don't know...
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    So if you are signed in, the app should make contact with the server knowing your accunt. Maybe you have turned on "use wifi only" in the log settings? Just to be sure - in the log settings "upload logs" is enabled? Looking at the website with the browser has nothing to do with the uploading of the logs. But i just tried this, too - as reported from the others my logs section is empty, too! Just my previously loaded tours are still shown. Seems some hickup at the server side? @Seba
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    I find it somewhat of a co-incidence that the pictures of the Nikola, Tesla and Monster boards all have the primary heat damage in exactly the same place, along with the now recent Sherman board. Theres clearly a localised heat management issue in the area of one of the big capacitors. Whether it's the cap to fail first I don't know, as why just the one and not both? Maybe current is not fed equally between both? Or maybe it's another component that just happens to be nearer one of the caps than the other (FET maybe?). Either way, given how uncannily similar all the fried boards look, theres clearly an area to point fingers at.
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    just as safe as any other 1600 wh wheel,, yup no worries at all
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    Eipä siihen oikein mahdu, ainakaan niin että täyttämään mahtuis. Mutta mahtuu kuitenkin sellanen taitettu venttiili joka kääntyy osittain sivullepäin. Niitä suoraan kumin suuntaisesti taitettuja venttiileitä (16” ykspyöriin) ei meinaa löytyä sitten mistään.
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    Revealed? You mean nothing was calculated ahead? Ok. The engineers are lazy enough to go to college or order issue of "Th Art of Electronics" by Horowitz & Hill. But at least they can load wheel in a lab and see where smoke comes from? Nope, I don't understand this mentality. Sorry for bragging.
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    Sorry to hear about the crash, hope you get well soon! As for why you got wobbles; Imo you were going to fast too soon. As in; your leg and ankle muscles haven't completely matured for that wheel. Being sore compounds the issue as your muscles will react slower and with less suppleness. Take it a bit slower. Stay at lower speeds for a couple of weeks and give your body time to adapt to the weight and balance of the wheel. Also make sure you are not sore! Z10 is one of the hardest wheels to master as it is heavy and has a lot of specific quirks only felt on that wheel. Wobbling will go away by itself in time, as your legs adapt to the unit. Also, like @Rywokast mentioned above, lower the tire pressure to where you have at least a little flat spot when standing on the wheel. Bigger contact patch equals less wobble (and less range but that probably doesn't matter right now?).
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    I was going to nominate 16x as well! Really like the look of that wheel quite a bit. Even with these new really good looking wheels. The v11 looks great. I get the look may not be for everyone, but def don't think it's an ugly wheel at all.
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    I completely agree with this statement. Although the 16X is a handsome wheel as well.
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    Trying to figure out my new gimbal while riding around the school
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    ouch sorry to hear about that painful experience... i wish i had some more insights and i know people will tell you their own techniques on how to "properly" do this, that and the other but the reality is everyone is different and what works for them might be different than what works for someone else.. anyways, foot fatigue and inexperience are the number one cause of any sort of wobbles, instead of focusing on a technique to get out of them, you should be working on never getting them, which means riding more, slowing down, and taking it easy so that you dont have any sort of foot fatigue.. i dont believe the braking was making the wobbles worse, they usually go from bad to worse all on their own, its just that your braking didnt make them better.. what you need to do if you ever get wobbles on any euc is to slowly apply the brakes at the same time as crouching down and squeezing the wheel, the lower your centre of gravity, the harder it will be for the wheel to deviate as well as obviously if you are pinching it, it will be much harder for it to move left and right.. and the slowing down is merely in the case where if you do crash, it wont be as bad.. i dont believe that in itself would solve any wobbling issues.. though some people do get minor wobbles at high speed due to perhaps being a bit nervous and tensing up.. i dont know how you brake and it doesnt really matter too much if youre comfortable but do just try to keep your body in line, dont bend at the hips, bend at the ankles as if youre pushing away the euc with your feet... this isnt necessarily a better or faster way to brake or whatever its simply because you will be harder to throw off balance, and lowering your centre of gravity by bending at the knees and keeping your legs loose over bumps will prevent wobbles for that yes of course being tired could give you wobbles, any sort of fatigue anywhere is a contributing factor.. you say youre relatively new but everyone has a different definition of that.. what exactly is your experience on the Z10? also, what PSI do you ride at? though i know the Z10 is a different tire to any other euc, having too high a PSI for your weight will also be a contributing factor if you dont have a ton of experience on that particular vehicle
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    If they fit, fox Titan pro is really good. There is silicon lined in the sleeve and the 3 strap points keep it in place. The hard shell keeps the ground from gripping so it lessens the chance of it sliding out of place too. I took a small spill yesterday, and came out fine. I got off balanced pushing my fiancee on the bicycle. I veered left then fell on my right side. Hip first then probably elbow. My shoe was gripping the pedal so it didn't fly off, but it dragged me down with it. I later saw that my elbow guard was pretty scratched up. Worth it.
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    It's like the Gotway glue-gun guy's wet dream...
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    @DjPanJan yeah, thank you for your help. I used it, but the Android zoom has its drawbacks, like adding some delay to the gauge double tap, as the system has to wait for the third tap to happen or not, the minimum zoom is way too much zoom so I have to change the system layout to square instead of keeping the circle layout I like, the image is also blurred out and finally the zoom is still applied in the entire system although I exit or enter the app, which is annoying when I want to reach out Maps, or when it decides to remove the zoom because I pressed too many times the back button, so I have to zoom, pinch and etc midtrip haha. Is not a bad solution by the way, but I'm hating a lot of aspects of it xD
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    Well it’s not like Inmotion has had this wheel in the works for a long time or anything like that so it’s totally understandable this hasn’t been done yet.
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    Welcome! Seems to be not to easy to answer (at least for me - maybe there exist simple solutions?) KS wheels have serial numbers showing if they are for the chinese market or for their other resellers (1)? KS (and third party?) apps won't do a firmware update on wheels with "chinese serial numbers". Since some month now the soft tuner (engineer) app from KS is (?still?) available on play store, with which all wheels can be updated? Lately KS stated they had some kind of "server hickup" by which all "chinese serial number" wheels outside of china got ?locked/speed throttled? - this is fixed! So it seems there exists the technical possibility for KS to disable/throttle these wheels - but not really to be known if, how or when and to which extend this ever will be used? Such should also only be possible with the original KS app installed on the phone and beeing connected to the wheel? (1) https://eunicycles.eu/news/jak-dekodowa-nr-seryjny-monocykli-king-song - most presumably the agent code?
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    Guys I'm not sure if this was posted somewhere else but I felt I had to post it in case. The implementation of this, considering it's a bolt on conversion, is simply beautiful. Using a common type air shock (as per S18) makes this is fantastically tunable conversion. With enough pressure, maybe, just, we could get Ryszard to create kits for the most popular wheels...bags I get the 1st one for the MSX I don't think it employs rising rate but it should work at least as well as the V11 and for a home made conversion that could potentially be adapted for many wheels I am gobsmacked. Even the pedals fold correctly! Massive props to Ryszard for this
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