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    How bizarre that now everyone wants to talk about range at stupid-low speeds while sidestepping throttling percentage (when in the past the first thing everyone brought up about earlier InMotion wheels was that they throttled so early/aggressive). The thing that matters is Un-throttled Wh (I propose 'UtWh'), or how much battery you have to play with at/near its advertised speed before it can no longer sustain those speeds and essentially downgrades itself to a lower class of wheel until recharged. The S18 with only 3p will have to throttle at 50% (or possibly higher as some on this forum have claimed the newer 16X firmwares start throttling closer to 60%), which means it has at most ~555 UtWh (1110 Wh * .5). Meanwhile the V11 is guaranteed 50km/h all the way down to 30%, which means it has ~1050 UtWh (1500 Wh * .7). The bottom line is that the usable, Un-throttled Wh of the V11 is basically double the S18 (~1050 vs ~555) if you consistently ride in the upper 20s mph. (I would love a slightly more sophisticated formula for this idea that takes into account the amount of voltage each wheel will drain to, although which would only change things by less than 5-10% But either way I think the overall concept of something like UtWh is not only sound but more meaningful/useful than merely Wh without throttling taken into account.)
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    The Range Test Riders weight: 176-pounds Tire pressure: ~25psi Speed: 20 - 22mph on average when able to go full speed A few observations No continuous (annoying) low battery beeping. Only a periodic low level double-beep. When the battery is extremely low it double-beeps once every 30-seconds It wasn't until the 88-mile marker that I heard the first double-beep Even with the double-beeps, I could ride at ~40km/h When the battery got very low (<78-volts) then the pedals start tilting back to restrict your speed (could still travel at ~25km/h). Slow down and the pedals even out. Pedal tilt-back can be reset by cycling the power on the wheel. But of course it will soon start to tilt-back again. However, you can squeeze out some more distance this way if you really don't want to walk at all. 0% (impossible to ride - severe tilt-back) occurs at ~76-volts. Full battery is 99.5-volts. My "walk of shame" started at 93-1/2 miles. If I need to get someplace far, I'll consider this an 85 to 90 mile wheel if I maintain a speed below 22-mph (which was the fastest wheel on the planet 3+ years ago). A few miles aren't captured in these screen shots
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    Comming soon..... Custom Power Pads - Inmotion V11
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    I picked the funniest comment to repsond to in this thread lol. I love that you think I'm trashing the MSX hahaha thats a good one. bullet points: 1) The V11 was so broing to me that I'd rather be fishing. Guess that didnt come across? haha 2) The NYC gotway bros are now becoming Sherman fans FWIW lol 3) I havent owned a 16x in 6 months. I sold it to buy my Nikola. I only own 1 wheel. The Nik +. Unfortunately I dont have extra income like other riders to buy multiple wheels. I have a wife and 3 kids to provide for. However one day I hope to be as wealthy as most of the guys out there that can afford multipel wheels as i'm completely obsessed with EUCs! haha 4) I do truly think about how to showcase what any wheel is all about when i'm given a wheel for review. (big downside is they on'y give us 1-2 weeks. However I put almost 100 miles on each of these latest wheels) I also think my personal bias SHOULD be known and I lean into it so that the community can know my persepctive. There's no such thing as unbias when a camera is involved. But i want to be transparent so if you aren't like me you can see it through your own lens. I don't only review wheels, the bulk of my channel is a vlog. But i see great value in giving you my spin in addition to the "facts". But TBH showing the world something they have never experienced is kinda difficult, without sounding like a fanboy or a hater. But I believe moving forward all EUCs should have suspension. 5) @Unventor ... yeeeah. keep striking. lol 6) @davinche... wassup bro? I didnt know I had friends in soCal aside from Rama haha. I appreciate the support. Same for you @Mike Sacristan thx for the support from Sweden. Stay safe. 7) Someone said my waterproof comments were off base... I'll be relasing a video to completely show you what I mean. its good and bad for inmotion. 8) my YT hobby is fun. its a creative outlet outside of my day job running a post-production fcility here in NYC. Figuring out how to make YT content is a new challenge as I've worked in TV/Film for the past decade and I'm used to supremely polished well scripted material. So I keep trying to inject more amateur/realness into this wild YT contnet. If you are a fan, I thank you. If not, thats cool. You know which URL NOT to watch. Either way I'm grateful that an amateur like me gets to be part of this community for the last 4 years. Its been so exciting! I hope you all stay safe out there and as always: KEEP RIDING! NEVER STOP!
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    Plank it or toss in sideways? NO WAY should you be risking your back as you lift past the waist. Hernias and back problems arent worth it. I've a few preexisting hernias and my week would be over if i had to lift 77lbs like that. No back problems, but i dont want to start the week my sherman gets delivered. Please be careful!
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    Can I give you my wifes phone number so you can call her and repeat this to her? She does not believe me when I try to say the exact same thing..
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    For safe measure you could always spray dielectric spray on the power button, charging port, and inside, on all connectors that could potentially be exposed to moisture. Hope you have no more issues! Happy riding guys!
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    So happy to hear that! Am really enjoying following your tour, great descriptions and pics! What a blast to be able to go on such an adventure together, how I envy you! Keep the posts and pictures coming!
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    H-5102 tire with a small clearance? Yeah, I know how it does on snow... It doesn’t.
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    Oh I've seen most the reviews. I have a Sherman AND S18 pre-ordered because of them. I think I will enjoy them both for vastly different uses and reasons. Just as I find joy in my 18 and mten, for vastly different reasons. Tho the Sherman is considered a leap, is it really? Im not knocking it and am SO EXCITED about the possibility of keeping up with headroom and range to spare. But, is it REALLY something new? Its an 80lb balanced box with lotsa batteries, a decent motor and a cage. It got some extra polish and durability built in, but nothing really NEW. The suspension models BOTH bring something new to the game tho. I am really looking forward to seeing what the s18 is going to do in the rough ass woods. For some reason, I can somewhat guess what the sherman is going to do on the street. I have NO IDEA the overlapping areas of these wheels. Perhaps the s18 will be a much softer and complacent ride on the street, but lacking range and speed (compare to the sherman). Perhaps the sherman will torque up a mountain like a beast, but lack the agility and finesse that I can get with the s18. Hell, maybe my old 18L will still reign king as simple, minimal, MUSIC, reliable and a basic goto? I am equally excited to get both, but i must confess that the v11/s18 are definitely something newer in design, than the Sherman.
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    Day 12, July 9: Pietarsaari — Kokkola What a nice sunny morning! I drank the morning coffee outside and enjoyed the warm sunshine. What could go wrong today? Well, you already know what happened. At 11 AM we were ready go but my wheel wouldn’t start. @UniVehje went to get some tools and I googled for buses to Kokkola. @UniVehje got back and opened the wheel but there was nothing to be done. We can only hope it stopped working because of the rain and needs to dry for a day or so. I was so sad because of the mishap. I don’t want to end the trip! We can’t go home either, because someone is living there during our holiday. So, what to do? @UniVehje found a bike shop that could rent me an e-bike. That would cost 300 euros, but that’s OK. With the e-bike we could continue our way to Hailuoto. So, we took a bus to Kokkola. We went to the bike shop and had a few beers before going to our next AirBnB apartment. It was only 1,5 kms from city centre but it was too hard to push the wheel. So we took a taxi. Tomorrow morning we’ll try to wake up the V10F one more time. If it’s still dead, we’ll send it to Helsinki and continue our journey with three wheels instead of two.
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    I think this is one of the smartest posts I've ever seen on this forum. As with most situations, if we self-regulate, we will ultimately enjoy more freedom, but if we fail to do so, others will impose regulation upon us. It will almost certainly be more restrictive than any of us care for. It comes down to choices we make, every time we go riding. We are ambassadors for our sport, whether we want to be, or not.
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    Before getting too locked into what guys do, or don’t do in NY, I think there is something to be learned from the recent popularity of Drones. As with EUC’s, drones were a hobby for enthusiasts and photographers. They cost a fair bit and the people who were into drones were serious about their hobby and kept themselves informed through various forums. They were very aware of flying their drones responsibly and not causing a nuisance to others with noise or privacy. Unfortunately, as they became more affordable, easier to operate and cheaper the selfish idiots arrived and very quickly ruined it for everyone. In the U.K., the straw that broke the camels back was the morons who decided to shut down Gatwick airport by flying their drone back and forth over the runway, not only costing the airport a fortune and ruining thousands of people’s travel plans, but also risking a very serious accident. So what happened? Hobby drones are now highly regulated and totally banned in many countries. So, be warned, either we self regulate of someone will do the regulation / banning for us.
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    @evX_Mick I enjoyed your review. Nothing wrong with a great machine being boring. Your review helped my 69 yr old father decide that is the wheel for him. Excitement at his age brings more risk and you showcased the parts that matter about the V11 very well. I think once people align with a certain product they just don't want to hear any negatives. It's like my motorcycle. I have a street triple RS, it gets great reviews and it's an amazing machine. It is also boring in the sense that it just does everything so well, it's very easy to ride at a quick pace and some review outlets chose other bikes, mainly the new KTM 890 Duke over it since that bike is more exciting to ride. I'm out in CA also so you do have more fans out here!
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    Yeah the brand loyalty is unfortunately a thing.. There is also a lot of bandwagon/fomo going on around here since the announcements of all of these wheels. hehehe I just want to point out.. that none of the things coming out is actually "new" technology.. Suspension on things with tires has been around along time.. The way these wheels are being suspended are not re-inventing the wheel (yes pun intended). Its just fitting existing tech to the EUC form factor.. Which is great.. dont get me wrong.. but lets not make believe KS or IM have come up with this amazing new technology here.. As far as the sherman.. I will just say... "greatest wheel ever made" can be attached to many different wheels over the past few years... That is until then next best thing comes out.. Which will always happen.. I still say.. purchase what you want, feel good about it.. and enjoy it.. Justification is not needed! Also i respect all these reviewers and youtubers.. but please remember they mostly all get sponsored, and they all have opinions like you and I... Take their info to make informed decisions.. but don't get caught up in the hype..
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    What happened to the 45 psi Marty? It seems your psi is inversely correlated to your riding speed. I'm still resisiting the urge to buy the Sherman, not sure how much longer I can hang on!
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    That range! Must have been a loooong day. Awesome!!
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    Just paid the balance to eWheels to get the V11 air shipped, if you placed a deposit with them they are only taking the first 25 so act fast! Should have the wheel by middle of next week, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas
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    Veteran Sherman Update from Jason@eWheels Good afternoon, Thank you for placing a deposit for one of the exciting new Wheels to hit the scene this year. Here is an update on the Sherman's production progress. Please bear in mind we're stretched extremely thin right now; we'll do our best to send periodic updates as developments take place, but please be patient about asking for shipping statuses, etc, everything that can be reasonably done is being done to get these machines into your hands as quickly as possible. Shipping Times: Veteran are shipping out the first 50x Wheels next week, covering those who have placed deposits from May 5th through to June 24th, these should be arriving into port in the first week of August. The next 100x Shermans are expected to be shipping out by the end of the month, for a 3rd week of August ETA. It normally takes between 3-5 days for Customs clearance & unloading from the container ship. Once we clear Customs, we'll be sending out a communication with a link to pay the remaining balance. Orders will be processed on a first-deposit-first-served basis. Air Freight Service: had investigated the cost for airfreight, but because of the ongoing pandemic, the rates are nearly double the previous costs, @ nearly $500/Wheel—it's just too cost prohibitive for the bulk of this Wheel. Sending by air would also only save 2.5 weeks on the delivery. Pedal Dip on Turns: firmware has been tweaked for less pedal dip (and resulting scraping) during tight turns. Headlight: there were some concerns about the flashing blue lights on the headlight, drawing unwanted attention by the authorities. As shipped, the lighting modes can be toggled to display just the headlight without these side blue pulsing lights. We are also working with Veteran to have an alternative colors source for the headlight, which can be fitted into the Wheel fairly easily. Tires: we're having 70% of the Veterans fitted with the Kenda street tire & 30% with the knobbly type (as featured in the video reviews)—once the Shermans arrive, you'll have the option of selecting your tire preference on the page for converting the deposit into a firm order. We will also be offering each tire for purchase separately, if you wanted to swap them out down the road. Charge Ports & Charger: the Sherman is being shipped with a 5A/100V charger as standard equipment. There is also the option of getting a 100V/8A charger with some enhancements like a Wh/Timer screen, variable amperage output in 2A increments & partial charging support. Charge ports have been upgraded with 2x wires for each +/- to support 8A from one port. It is not recommended to charge the Wheel above 8A, so please do not use both chargers at once! Sherman Customers will receive $25 & the shipping costs reimbursed on the upgraded charger. https://www.ewheels.com/product/100-8v-4a-rapid-charger-gotway-msx-nikola-monster/ Pads: sidepads will be included as standard equipment, we will also be offering alternative pads here. https://www.ewheels.com/product/electric-unicycle-powerpads/ Display Output Readings: Veteran says that the production displays will have readouts for both MPH & KPH. Fender & Seats: the factory is working on designing a Custom fender for the Wheel, seats are a lower priority, but should be available within the next 6-8 weeks. App: the latest beta of Darknessbot already has integration for the Sherman, with EUC World to follow in a few weeks. For phase 1, they will have the basic output display for monitoring speed, battery, mileage, etc, with Wheel specific enhancements to follow later on. Thank you for your support & have a great day, Jason
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    I think you summed it up perfectly. No disrespect @Planemo. I was gonna say the same though. It feels more like a personal thing. More like you find it dorky, or feel a slight insecurity about it (im just projecting ideas now tho, so i may be off the mark). But standing in my neighborhood with a few people and a loud car comes by, looks pretty nice, but is loud af, i see everyones face and they're not happy. They're tired of this person, immediately. I once was riding through town and there was this olllld pickup truck, vintage. Looked brand new though, all shiny and gorgeous so i ride up to check it out. Im not a car person but this thing was beautiful. And everyone standing around it stops and looks at me. Im like "Im here to see the truck!" The owner was like "Screw the truck, what the heck is that?! Thats the coolest thing ive ever seen!" And then i got hit with all the regular questions, rode around. Few people said they wanted to get one (of course none did, lmao). They asked me if i needed to dress the way i did, and i told them, no, but i like doing tricks, hitting the park, doing offroad, and their eyes widened. Mainly on the offroad part. "That thing can hit trails?!" And so the conversation continued. I think the functionality and the fact that, as Darrell stated, they cant even comprehend how we're riding it in the first place, it makes it look cool. We mainly get judged by the onewheel dudes and sometimes the e-skate communities mainly because, they get it and they think their sideways stance is somehow superior even though it doesnt matter at all, lmao. But those are mainly the people i see actually going off about how lame EUC's look, even when it comes to amazing and dynamic riders.
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    Make no mistake, i am the clear cut boss in our household! (I have the wifes permission to say this)
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    Yes - people keep forgetting the safety factor - I too have been sniped by more than one pothole and my soul literally jumped out of my body. There was a tiny micro sinkhole on the road near my house and I hit at night - I landed back on the unicycle with half of my heels off of the back. Closest I have come to a very bad outcome. From what I’ve seen here I wouldn’t have even noticed either of these were I to have suspension. this is the real reason EUCs will move to suspension - much more safe than without suspension.
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    The roads where I live and ride are terrible enough that suspension would be a huge improvement in both comfort and safety. Also lots of fun for jumps, curb drops, stairs, etc. I've been pothole sniped pretty bad, even bent knees and the Monster almost couldn't save me. Also I've been wanting to get into some off-roading, and the S18 seems like just the ticket =]
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    There is a lot of people who own smaller wheels like 16S or V10F or even 18L. Range and power did not motivate them enough to upgrade before, but active suspension might. That is all theorycrafting. Others do that, so i might as well craft smth up. Anyway, Ecodrift told us that there are 3+ times more S18 preorders than V11's. And S18 even surpassed the previous champion - 18L. Wondering what numbers the other dealers have.
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    I wont speak on much of what you're talking about because folks in here are blowing gaskets already, lmao. But. Military? Really? No. Just stop right there. I understand that you dont have a wheel yet and cant get one for your reasons, but, its a bad/stupid idea. And on top of it, no. I would rather not have the military invest in our mainly peaceful hobby and make it tactical and useful in ways for killing people at the will of leaders. Im not gonna dive much deeper as this isnt a political forum, but that idea just irks me so badly. About the dorky thing, for me, when im tearing around at 45km/h and carving or riding down stairs, or going off jumps at the skatepark, no one thinks its dorky. I only have one friend who says she thinks it looks that way, but shes more the type to follow the herd and shys away from her own opinions or anything that stands out. If this became mainstream, she'd be first in line to try it and wouldnt call it nerdy anymore. Everyone else i know loses their mind when they see it. And kids always ask me if im from the future. I think the "dork" factor really comes down to the individual. How you ride, your personal style WHEN you ride. I think most people would think someone like Mickey from evX looks pretty damn cool when he rolls up. Although, it could also be culture in your specific area.
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    That is terribly misleading, I hope they change it.
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    This is a revolution compared to evolution. Sherman's +10kmh is a marginal improvement over existing gotway wheels (even though it needs progressively more power). Suspension is not a marginal improvement, it is a game changer. Even though it is slower and has less range, it still makes all those faster wheels obsolete. also the metal frame. It does not contribute to speed and such, but it has to be much more solid, has to be the first wheel to allow heavy riders do one-legged riding without tire rubbing on bent shell.
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    Nice range! I have to say, kudos for the self-control of being able to limit yourself to 22 mph for 86 miles...I probably would have managed for 10 at the very most before I said "screw it, this is going to be a real-world, high-speed test" Thanks for the hard work (time and will power) you devote to the community!
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    Btw, about small bumps. When wheel hits the bump, it has to propel it all up, motor, battery, you. All that energy is subtracted from the wheel rotation and then controller has to dispense corresponding amount of energy to compensate for that loss. With suspension however, only the motor is propelled upwards, which translates to much smaller loss of energy. Which in turn, theoretically, should result in considerably higher power efficiency of suspension wheels.
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    Every single one of my long term friends has told me that EUC's are dorky. None of them have the slightest interest in learning/getting one either. However, when out riding, I get LOTS of 'wow' and 'that's amazing' comments. Maybe the (many more) people that don't comment think it's dorky, going by the ratio of people that know me and are open to me all say the same... As you say, I don't care personally, but I think it's a bit of a stretch to assume that the majority of joe public think they are cool, based on what is essentially a very small representation of what you are fed when out riding. I also think theres a lot more people who actively dislike EUC's than we believe.
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    I would love to prove you wrong! I intend to use my EUC (currently a ks16c) as my commuter once I return to work after my summer vacation. I will be upgrading the ks16 so I am waiting to get some real world feedback on these new suspension wheels before I commit to one. atm I am leaning towards the s18. I get 40 km out of my 680wh ks16... and it has done more than 10.000 km.. so adding 400-some wh and I should easily see 60+ km from the s18, which is plenty for me. i would argue that the s18 Would be perfect as your primary EUC as it most likely is a very good commuter AND should excel at off-road pleasure riding. The same arguement can be said for the v11 as well.. it probably is even better as a commuterand more than capable for the off-road pleasures. exciting times are ahead of us, thats for sure!
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    You're pulling the wheel up to far, back injury on the calendar. Pull up and bounce it off your thigh just above the knee like a sack of fertilizer. It's a rhythmic motion like a golf swing with Judo.
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    I think KS and Inno should team up and give ALL forum members a buy one get one free deal for $2k. Buy the s18, get the v11 free. Buy the v11, s18 on the house. Done and done, easy peasey. Hell, that would help get the word out too, right? With ANY luck, I'll get my new wheels, JUST in time to see how the tires do on snow...
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    Day 11, July 8: Vaasa — Pietarsaari After two easy days it felt good to keep going. This day was gonna be hard, though: 105 kms to ride! We left the apartment at 10.45 AM. @UniVehje returned the gloves he bought yesterday in Motonet. Luckily it was on our route anyway. First there was a nice bike lane, then a smaller road next to road E8. But at some point we had to ride on the roadside of E8. We took a shortish pit stop at Tesse’s Café. We had some coffee, recharged the wheels and put on ear plugs. The noise on the higway was awful, but the earplugs helped a lot. Then we kept on riding. We stopped for a little while at a bus stop somewhere about 7 kms before Oravainen. Soon we were in Oravainen and had a longer lunch break. We were halfway to Pietarsaari and had ridden 50 kms so far. Another 50 kms to go and everything felt OK. No aching backs or sore feet. I think I’m getting used to this! We decided to have the next break in Uusikarlepyy, about 25 kms from Oravainen. After that we would have another 25 kms to Pietarsaari. We chose a smaller, nicer road to Uusikaarlepyy. It was still sunny, but dark clouds getting closer and closer. We crossed yet another small and a bit wobbly bridge near Uusikaarlepyy. I’ve got a fun video of it, you’ll see it later. We had coffee and donuts at Café Brostugan, and the rain came. We waited for a while but it seemed that the rain is not gonna stop very soon. So we put on our new waterproof clothes and continued our journey. And then it rained. And rained. It rained for the whole 25 kms. Otherwise we were OK, but the shoes got soaking wet. That’s so annoying! In Pietarsaari the rain finally stopped, but instead of sightseeing we decided to head to our accommodation in Svanen Camping. Tomorrow will be an easier day, “only” about 50-60 kms to ride. So we can go sightseeing then. Kilometers ridden today: 110 Kilometers ridden in total: 669 Hours ridden today: 5,5 h Hours ridden in total: 36,5
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    There are also some negatives to popularity. With it comes legislation. Aside from that, I'm not sure all of your claims are entirely accurate. Euc's use batteries that are mined and put back into landfills. They also use electricity. A bicycle doesnt have this issue. I also am not so sure that euc's are easier to ride than a bicycle, and I am damn sure they aren't safer. I think you have valid points, but for life in USA, I just don't see the majority being able to safely use an euc for everyday tasks. The limitations of carrying things is also of issue. Im on the fence about it. I would like to see the euc remain being developed, but I also am enjoying the niche' it lives in. I laugh each time I hear someone claim that 'anyone can ride it', or that its 'really easy'. Even currently manufactured eucs are already coming out to go insane speeds AND with suspensions. I think eucs ARE slowly getting out there, and at least enough that WE ARE seeing developments. Unfortunately we are seeing both good and bad publicity. I do think the euc will continue to gain popularity, but I also think that something else will fill the general public's need for easy transport, in general. I think there are people out there already, that are trying to push the euc to the masses in a way you describe. I applaud their efforts, but I do think that how eucs are received is VERY region based. I unwittingly promote eucs, everytime I ride, we all do. I mean not to damper your spirits at all, I just think that you are making VERY bold claims about eucs.
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    For a few days I have been using a Fox rampage 2020 which is fairly affordable at about 140$ Small review: The overall feeling is solid and well assembled in spite of some moulding seams and material color differences. The inner lining is thick and comfy. Outer sound is slightly restricted due to the cushioning, maybe on par with the TSG Pass. The weight is about the same at 1Kg. Ventilation is better than the pass but probably not fit for very hot environments. My other helmets are Décathlon Oxello, Fox Proframe, TSG Pass. The Rampage seem to be an in between at a lower price point. If any questions go ahead, there isn’t much to say, it is comfy and seems solid enough for the price. Sizing is normal, head 57, medium size.
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    haha, good one. Glad you didnt get too pissed as I poked the bear . No worries, I let my wife handle mine at times too. Luckily, my wife doesnt care AT ALL about my hobbies. As long as the bills are paid, she'd rather not even hear about it. Hell, I got old toys down here that she still aint seen in years. She spends $$ on trips, I spend $$ on things that make memories LONG after tourist season is over.. Screw vacation, Im ride around in circles and go nowhere!
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    And it is not like it never happened before, all bicycles have suspension but the cheapest(or specialized) ones, all e-scooters have suspension but the cheapest ones. It is long overdue for EUCs to get suspension.
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    I vehemently disagree. I’ll bet in the future all companies provide at least one suspension model. And if they get a new design that is more compact and can fit in batteries (hybrid of the V11 and S18 perhaps?) that almost all EUCs minus cheap ones come with mere basics will have suspension. you must live somewhere with beautiful roads...
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    Interesting! Thanks Ah - the 3.82V (in your example) are the fault. As one already has the percentage of the full capacity, one cannot take the acutal voltage anymore but the nominal voltage (3,6V for ncr18650ga)! So 3.5Ah * 3.6V * 24s * 10p = 3024 Wh is full (100%) capacity. for 50% one has 50% * 3024Wh = 1512Wh...
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    I think there are a few crucial parameters missing from your calculations. 1) Speed. You would get closer to the 16C consumption per km if you rode at the same speed. But trust me, you won’t! 25km/h is scary on the 16C, while it feels slow on any 18” EUC. Increasing the speed increases the consumption exponentially. 2) The modern, much harder riding modes alone take a noticeable slice from the range, as the wheel uses more power to consistently keep the pedals flat on big and small road imperfections. 3) A heavy and powerful 18” wheel will in itself require more power to run. 4) S18 operating voltage range hasn’t yet been confirmed, but based on the recent KS winds, I’d expect 3.15V per cell as the zero point. Your 16C goes down all the way to 3.0V. 5) The rolling resistance of a 18x3” tire is higher than that of a 16x2.125”, already because the large tire has to be pumped to much lower pressure for the same feel and comfort. Since there are so many parameters involved, it’s impossible to say whether the S18 range would be enough for you. But be prepared that it might not be. Edit: As an example, when I went from 840Wh to 1600Wh (= 190%), my range at similar riding purposes increased from 40 to 55 km (= 138%).
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    Your guess was probably correct. It just took a night of drying and it recovered. We already had made all the preparations to ship it back home and continue with a rental e-bike. These preparations and and all the hassle were quite an ordeal yesterday. But luckily we will continue anyway. Shame we missed seeing two nice towns and the museums. The V10F will now have the rain cover every time it rains.
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    Bounce it off my thigh I think I'd get a bruise
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    1) Not really, guess you really have to point it out for your viewers to get it. 3) Ouch. I feel this! Have a 7 month son myself, can't imagine having anymore at the moment. 7) Definitely interested to watch! It's hard for me to imagine how they can miss this problem. Gaaahhh. So JELLY! lol. Congrats. Hope the V11F will be available when my V10F dies....or i can get it while my missus ain't looking.
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    One of the funniest EUC videos I have seen. You lifting the Sherman into the truck the first time with the unexpected awkward body bend was hilarious - Looks like they could easily fix this by extending/modifying the metal tubing along the top of the wheel to offer a grab handle.
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    Regulations dont mean anything will be safer, it just means it will cost more and someone else will get to try to make decisions for you. Regulate, regulate regulate, worse words are hardly ever spoken. Regulation and licensing doesnt prove a person is capable nor does it ensure people will act safely or responsibly. Ability doesnt transfer to maturity either. Look at the skill level of the NYC crew.... their skill doesnt ensure public safety whatsoever, and ALL of them could pass a riding test. Once they regulate and enforce it on eucs, I will quickly liquidate mine and go back to my motorcycle and bicycle. Or just pay tickets and be a criminal. Regulation will put a serious slow down on future developments, as we ALL know how politics like to slow things to a crawl. I know first hand what happens to li-ion and other batteries... They end up in my local landfill.... period. Google doesnt know shit, a bicycle is both easier to learn, easier to ride and safer. Not much fire hazard and bikes dont power themselves down the street. Military on euc? So you're going to promote the image of weaponry on an euc? I thought about practice shooting from my euc, but then decided it may be a horrible combo and portray a terrible image. Euc's use electricity, human bodies use food(yeah yeah i know, but you get the gist). I dont think its fair to compare bicycles to euc as far as efficiency, as we have to eat no matter what. We dont have to plug ourselves into a wall outlet tho. Marty already looks like a damn soldier when he rides What exactly is an "assault rifle'? Im familiar with tactical, rifles. Not sure we should be introducing that into this sport already. Seems like we already have non lethal confrontations on a regular basis. You could definitely help promote the world of eucs, get out you wallet, empty it. Once its full again, send more of it to china. You want to get euc accepted, I guess you have to grease the palms of your local politicians? I'm amazed at your excitement and bias ALREADY. I can only imagine wtf is gna happen when you finally learn to ride one. YOU may be the spokesperson, the position is still open and waiting... You MAY have to figure out how the fact that YOU find it too dangerous to ride bikes or eucs in your current situation, can be mitigated. This admittance somewhat undermines your arguments. I know Im a negative Nancy, but be prepared, as any sweeping changes will be met with much more negativity, its just part of what will have to be overcome.
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