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    You forget one thing, and this is the same with motorcycle accidents. It's not falling that will hurt you (well, it will, but not the most), it's suddenly stopping. When you fall at 20mph, how far do you go before stopping? Not that far honestly. Now fall and slide at 40+mph. You will need a lot more space before coming to a full stop. If you have the right technique and some luck (although I know there are riders here that dismiss luck and claim they will always be able to fall "safely" because of "technique" ...) you'll slide it or roll it out fine, until you realise there is an obstacle in the way when still going 15mph. Now, what's 15mph? That's not so fast now is it? Until you slide into a curb, a wall, or a car at 15mph and find some part of your body (or your entire body) needing to absorb the slowdown from 15 to nearly zero. That's when the (permanent) damage is done. That's also why for motorcycles there are race tracks with big run offs. As long as you can fall and slide, and you wear your equipment, you should be ok'ish (with some broken bones if you are out of luck), as long as you can slide to a complete stop. The faster we make EUC's, the bigger the chance that we run out of room before coming to a complete stop.
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    V11 Upgrade Since the Launch Event 1.Pedal Ground Clearance: 195mm to 250mm Angle: 5° to 9° 2.Suspension Travel 70mm to 85mm 3.Pedal Rubber and Sandpaper Combo to Aluminum and Sandpaper Combo 4.Charger Charging Current: 1.5A to 2.5A Charging Duration: 13h to 8h 5.Battery Capacity: 1420wh to 1500wh Cell Brand: Lishen to LG 6.Motor Power: 2000w to 2200W 7.Speed 50km/h to 55km/h 8.Go-home Mode When battery goes below 10%, activate the GO-home mode, the leftover battery can still be used to ride. Come and Join our Telegram Group for more insight. Invitation: https://bit.ly/InMotionTelegram
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    V11 upgrades and changes so far 👍👍 i didn't know they have changed the pedal angle as well as raised it slightly 😊 That's great
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    My Review if they KS S18.. stay to the end. You get two reviews for the price of one. 😁
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    The next MSX add on! How many decades do they still want to use this MSX housing? I'm getting really tired of this constant anticipation and subsequent disappointment. It seems I can safe a lot of money this year....waiting one more year for a suspension wheel.
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    New @EcoDrift article shows the latest state of the V11 (and S18). Not sure if all of this is already known here, but it's a good overview of the improvements they made. https://www.translatetheweb.com/?from=ru&to=en&dl=de&ref=trb&a=https%3A%2F%2Fecodrift.ru%2F2020%2F06%2F29%2Fnovosti-o-monokolesah-s-podveskoj-muki-ozhidaniya%2F
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    Holy crap I'm going to use that one when one day I need to go to court for a speeding violation. "I'm sorry, but I am making the roads a safer place. The faster I go, the faster I will be at my destination hence there will be less time spent on the road. Less time spent --> less chance of having an accident" Pure genius! Now let's find out what the judge will say. Pretty sure they will agree and let me go! And now we are changing the laws of physics. So with this taken into account any vehicle that swerves from side to side (car, motorcycle, bicycle ...) will have it easier to avoid an accident than someone going in a straight line. But you are right on one thing though. It does INCREASE reaction time, because good luck moving left when you are hard carving right, compared to someone going in a straight line.
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    I've argued with @Seba quite a bit about this. He believes in adding an invisible safety buffer so people won't run out of juice by accident. I hate this. Sure, you can turn it off, but everybody I've seen who uses EUC World is fully unaware of this default behavior. EUC World should not have this "feature" enabled by default. If nothing else that would save me endless time in fixing peoples EUC World configurations on long group rides when they start panicking that they are running out of power.
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    That’s true. A doubling in speed requires quadrupling of braking distance. For example at 30km/h with a stopping distance of 6 metres, doubling speed to 60km/h will need a stopping distance of 24 metres! Not many riders know this. When I get my Veteran, and if I think I will be going faster than 40km/h I will definitely be wearing full motorcycle gear, ie cowhide leather motorcycle jacket, gloves, helmets and kevlar riding pants geared for motorcycle use.
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    I cancelled my preorder. Upon reflection I realized a simple fact. I’m too poor to beta test a $2000 item, regardless of my intense desire to have said item and my belief that I’ll get exactly what I’m paying for. This mismanagement of sending out wheels that are preproduction to reviewers and then stating “Don’t you worry we have a fix for everything” is a bit unbelievable at face value. The risk is too high and to sit and wait to see what it really is upon release costs me $0. if you have the money the risk it may certainly worth it. But I cannot risk wobble/body panel destruction/shock clearance on a primary wheel as I will sell my KS16 to partially fund. I will wait to see how this all pans out and go from there.
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    BTW, curious if you guys are using EUC World by chance. If you are, are you aware that by default it adds a 15% dummy-proof margin (my words) to the battery level. So if the app says you only have 20% remaining, in reality you have 35% remaining. You can turn off this dummy margin in the app.
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    Riding the beeps, looking down filming the display, and no protection! Potential Darwin Award winner there.
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    havent you seen the age poll? Most of the guys here ARE 'old stagers' even tho Im sure they wont admit it. Funny how being 'old' continues to go up in age as people come nearer it.
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    This is a bit funny as I think it is pretty cool looking. But I guess that is how it works with many things fortunately 😉. @stephen thanks for sharing the pictures.
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    I don't like the looks, but they sure seem to have made an impressive product.
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    The laws of physics apply to all vehicles. What makes you think a unicycle is any different from a bicycle, a motorcycle or a car? When turning in a certain direction it will take a lot more effort to change it to another direction than when riding in a straight line. Why an euc is an exception to this rule, especially since it doesn't even have a steering wheel/ any steering whatsoever except our body weight is beyond me. Thanks for insulting me.
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    See the App Configurations screen, under the top "General settings" menu. Scroll to near the bottom and click on the "Battery level" menu. Select Standard instead of Optimized. Boom! You've just gained 15% battery capacity I hope this means that your MSP no longer has horrible range and you can stop promulgating that negative image
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    true.. i dont ever like to ride any wheel at below 10% standing at the very least.. generally i will call 25% quits edit: the nikola never once beeped or throttled me down to 10% standing... found that odd as well but could be a contributing factor
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    One aspect that affects the range a lot is when the rider decides to calls it quits. Some people make it crawl until the battery stays at 0%, some people give up when they can no longer accelerate hard at 25mph. Since the throttling behaviour on KS and GW wheels are pretty much the opposites, this can easily cause vastly different range results.
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    The monster climbing the montain
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    Aha, from Jason's email this morning, it was confirmed - the AOY-36RC was discontinued, and that is the reason for the switch. King Song did purchase 700 units tho, so the first 100 orders from eWheels will have the 36RC (thru late May), and later orders (June on) will have the 38RC. It's the new replacement model and is expected to perform similarly, and Kuji and King Song are evaluating it currently. Also cool, they increased the slide tube length, so the pedals can be adjusted up and down by 2cm! The rear fender was previously glued on, now it has proper screw mounting. The production tire is a bit narrower and shouldn't rub, and apparently the "board holder tubes" had some errors, which have been corrected. They have increased the padding thickness at the top from 4mm to 12mm (!) for better contact, should help with stability and comfort.
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    @Mike Sacristan, @Darrell Wesh and @Blicky Te⚡️la : you guys all seem to have mislaid your moral compasses. I don't think you're doing yourselves any favours by continuing with your "reasoning". There is no excuse for riding like that near to pedestrians, especially other peoples children. Absolutely no excuse.
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    So, i wanted to show you all a bit of what ive been working on, now that im finally starting to understand more of electronics and this coding stuff, i thought i should give the rgb controller a go again. I'll add more modes as the days go by, but suggestions would also help
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    Regulating pedestrians seems to be the most effective way of preserving EUC freedoms. It seems to me that killing and injuring pedestrians with no legal or financial penalty is the best way to go. See #1 and #8 https://usa.streetsblog.org/2019/03/06/heres-how-driving-is-encouraged-and-subsidized-by-law/ In my opinion, getting EUCs to be treated exactly like cars are, with liability insurance, would then allow us to treat all pedestrians like the irritating dirt-bags they truly are.
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    Im old in my 40's. I dont expect to live another 20 years. If i somehow do, they BETTER have shoes that let us float and packs that let us fly. Hoover cars will be old news by then I bet even then, we'll be cussing those damn kids and how they cant keep the damn shoes from being a danger to others.
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    Yeah, I think @Gasmantle would have made more sense if he instead said, "Maybe in 3 - 4 -5 yrs time when we are all old stagers ..." 30-years from now is such an unfathomable long amount of tech-time it doesn't make sense to believe EUC's as such will even exist.
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    I dont even go to the mailbox without wristguards and a helmet. Im an illustrator. I break my wrist or crack my skull and my career is over, so i dont risk it. I LIKE that im confident and comfortable because it makes me make smarter decisions without thinking i might die if i make a mistake. I enjoy getting up after a fall and not being out of commission for a month. But then ive only had 2 falls on the road. One i was livestreaming and rode into a pothole like a tosser. This was super low speed. And the second, i was riding in a snowstorm and pulled off too fast. Wheel just slid from under me and i went down. When i ride fast, im hyper focused. If i dont have on all of my gear, i feel completely limited in what i can do and id rather just not ride. But thats just me. I see an accident on every group ride, and sometimes its not the riders fault. I saw a tour de france cyclist ride up right beside one of our E-boarders who was right on the edge of the path (to the right) and shove him. Like full on push in his back and he fell into the bushes while we chased dude down and yelled at him. No amount of speed control, experience, or anything could prepare you for an asshole, lmao. But he just bounced back up and was back on his board after he took the nature out of it. But yeah. I guess, to a degree the safety gear does give you the confidence to survive a hit or a fall, but i dont agree that it directly causes it. I think its just punishment if you do happen to make a mistake, in the form of longer healing times. Now some people might go crazy the moment they put on a helmet, but I think they should work more on their mental restraint and understanding that just because you FEEL safe, doesnt mean you disregard the world around you, haha. Id much rather pep talk myself than deal with the consequences of the fall. But thats me. We're all adults here, its your body, if the fall and the heal times dont bother you, then go for it. XD. Im just too impatient and wanna ride every day.
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    Some posts about the Gotway suspension have been moved:
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    Rofl! This creativity makes this discussion interesting again! Also driving just on two wheels could lift the other two wheels safely above the heads of the children, further increasing safety! Ps.: sorry for supporting this offtopic golf cart derailment...
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    If the golf car was carving so as to gain greater control / driver awareness and the driver was going fast to spend less time on the road then it could be that it would end up driving on 2 wheels thereby halving the amount of road contact and improving road safety by a further 50%
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    Day 2, June 29: Naantali—Uusikaupunki We had a long journey ahead of us and rain was coming, so we woke up before 6 AM. A quick cup of coffee, packing up and off we went at 6.40. We hoped the rain wouldn’t catch us, so we kept riding quite fast. After a 35 km ride we took our only break in a café in Vehmaa. We had coffee and really tasty sandwiches. I recharged my V10F for 30 minutes. The café owner helped us to find a nice road to Uusikaupunki. The remaining 30 km ride was full of beautiful countryside views and not so beautiful countryside odours. Nice ride! We arrived at Uusikaupunki at 9.50 and the rain never caught us. It was too early for a lunch, so we had our third breakfast for today: cheese cake, rhubarb juice and cappuccino. Mmmmmm, tasty... We still had many hours to spend before we could check in to our next accommodation. The rain finally came so we had to stay indoors. We went to three museums: Wahlberg’s house, Sailor’s Home Museum and Naval Pilot Museum. After visiting the museums it was time for yet another coffee and sandwich in Pakkahuone Café. At 3 PM we checked in to Santtioranta Camping. I’m writing this at our small but cozy cabin. The rain has stopped and the evening is beautiful. It’s time to plan our adventure for tomorrow. We’re going to take a detour on our way to Rauma! Kilometers ridden today: 70 Kilometers ridden in total: 90 Riding hours today: 3 Riding hours in total: 5
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    MSP, Nikola, MS V3...: Inmotion actually mentioned on the chat that they did have some rubbing with the H-666 after all. The Kuji demo unit was equipped with the H-666, but he didn’t mention any issues, so maybe the clearance was just too small for mass production tolerances. I had to shave the edges of the H-666 for the MSX as well, so it’s a large tire. I guess I’ll have to buy a few for storage, since some riders are able to wear out the C-1488 in 3000km or so. Actually no, maybe I’ll try to find an even more off-road oriented tire this time! I have actually gained a bit of weight since we met, and I think that recent Michelin photo shoot went quite well...
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    You forgot to add that the golf car was carving ... weaving about from side to side at speed ... so as to spend less time on the road endangering others ... and in an attempt for the driver to gain greater control ... making it easier to avoid an accident ... he was also fully aware of his surroundings ... surely this is better than driving in a straight line at lower speed and being predictable.
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    Day 3 of the expedition I decided to extend my stay at the campsite for an extra night so I could go for a day-tour, leaving my backpack behind. What a treat! What was initially going to be a quick spin ended up being 50 km (aka an afternoon stroll ). At the end up the tour it shows a capture of EUC World: 54 km and 54% battery left. That was taken a few seconds after stopping, so the battery level hadn't quite settled down yet; after leaving it idling for a few minutes, EUC World read 57% battery. Really impressive, considering that at least half of the tour (when on asphalt) I was averaging 40-45 km/h. Man, do I love the range on the 16X!
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    Here is a link to the video of it in action!
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    This @EcoDrift article says that Gotway is testing their suspension prototype. Looks like the setup that Inmotion is using (suspension in the pedal columns). https://www.translatetheweb.com/?from=ru&to=en&dl=de&ref=trb&a=https%3A%2F%2Fecodrift.ru%2F2020%2F06%2F29%2Fnovosti-o-monokolesah-s-podveskoj-muki-ozhidaniya%2F
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    I can't wait to see mine IRL 😊 i also like the look ,dang!😁 them lights Mmmm
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    That's one way of saying you can't give a sound explanation for you reasoning.
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    And a few moments ago Liam confirmed first batch ships with CYT C1488 tire. I am not a tire specialist so I don't know if this is good or bad. But it is a tire used on many wheels.
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    Short display of monster clibing
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    I disagree. Emergency braking is important at all speeds. Even when you are cruising "slowly" at 20 km/h, something can suddenly appear in front of you (a kid running out from behind a bush, a driver that didn't look around...) And then you need to stop or at least shed the speed as quick as possible - don't forget you have an almost-30-kg heavy ankle breaker . The twist brings a risk of turning into something, so anything that allows for a better transfer of weight backwards helps.
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    Some would argue the KS16X never had some of its core issues satisfactorily resolved. It still overreports speed and doesn't get anywhere close to its advertised 31 mph. It still has a reputation for cutting out as you approach its max speed. It still suffers from the bait-and-switch of the firmware change to now start throttling at 50% battery instead of 30% as originally marketed and sold. (Imagine buying a wheel and having it downgraded after you've already taken ownership of it.) So what we have is a once-reputable company that rushed their previous product to market to try to keep up with a competitor with poor/dangerous results (some of which were never properly resolved), and now all signs (including by at least 4-5 separate reviewers now) point to a repeat of the exact same situation.
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    I understand the use, but when you start it up for the first time it should simply propose it as "opt in", and if you don't want it you just tap "no" and that's the end of that. Wasn't aware of this either @Marty Backe.
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    Lol well he's actually done 400 km but who cares it's a review and we love reviews 😊😊
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    This mirrors my situation, thoughts and concerns exactly.
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    I just heard back from DNM, and they confirmed that the AO-38RC has a self-adjusting negative chamber. It's not a cheaper shock, it's the model that replaces the AOY-36RC in DNM's product line. Now, it remains to be seen exactly how it performs on an S18, but I don't think it is right to call it a "downgrade." Email text below: Apparently they told Mickey otherwise, though so 🤷‍♂️
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    Very true, But at least we have video proof of the potential top speed over head of the veteran. I personally, thank him for his sacrifice.
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    If averaging 15-20 mph - my MSP speed is a 45 mile wheel with the battery left below 20% (at rest) and a riding low of less than 10%. I have tracked this several times. In fact I did a ride averaging over 20mph (just over, but obviously a lot of my riding was much faster than that to maintain that average) and the range (20% battery at rest) dropped below 40 miles. I'm guessing I could eek out a few more miles on all of these rides by riding careful at the battery below 20% - But there is no way I'd get my MSP speed to go 60 miles unless I averaged like 5-8mph - but that is an educated guess, fully admit. I'm very surprised by this, and watched a lot of MSP torque range tests on YT (including yours). Either this is specific to the MSP speed I have, or the MSP speed has less range than the torque, which again, surprises me. I'd like other owners of the speed version to confirm or deny my findings. I emailed eWheels about this, and Zen got back to me and said his 100v Nik+ is about the same as my speed when he rides it fast. But yea, this isn't a guess - my MSP speed gets far less range than my 18XL when riding consistently around 20mph on either. Edit: managed to quote the wrong post! - I was responding to Marty's comment
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    As marty described this behaviour can be set to "standard". Imho some kind of showing "optimized" charge % already started with wheellog - but there it is not the default setting (?after some discussions?). And for GW wheelog provides everything - if other extra functionality of euc world is not needed/wanted.
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