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    Hsiang, first I’d like to state that I totally respect you! Yes there may be a cultural split when it comes to high speed performance versus a midrange pace but that’s ok. Your NYC group, including yourself, demonstrate superb riding skills. No one can argue that. But I recoiled as riders volitionally flew past pedestrians, family and kids that jeopardized their well-being. Sadly I’ve seen too many catastrophic child related injuries and death in my career from seemingly innocuous accidents. Kids falling off trampolines, bicycles and diving into pools. Children being catapulted off swings or merry-go-rounds, blasted in the head with baseballs, TV’s and dressers falling on their little heads....etc. Given my background I have a fairly good assumption what could happen if a 160 pound+ rider traveling at high speed encountered a small child in their path. There is not one member on your team that would purposely injure another person or innocent child while riding as I’m certain you would not be associated with them I pray no one ever experiences a heartbreaking outcome resulting from a split second lapse in judgement. Be well!
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    Yep Iam the same.. I DISMOUNT AS SOON AS I SEE A TODDLER IN MY PATH... PERIOD... The toddler doesnt see me, but the PARENTS absolutely do... dont terrorise esp in a park... DISMOUT GUYS.. save that shit for the road please. Other takeaways: SMILE SMILE SMILE , pull down your visor and smile and throw the thumbs up... to youngesters in awe! else youll be percieved as a big bad threat and they may dream badly of you... and thus us. (this is real guys.. we look like cartoon comic bad folk if not smiling.. its menacing... although badass!) . Acknowledge people that enquire about the wheel kindly and with enthusiam... dont fob them off like a jerk too busy... IN A PARK PEOPLE NOT US SHOULD HAVE WAY... BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY. IT BRINGS TREMENDOUS RESPECT BACK AND IT COSTS NOTHNG BUT A FEW SECONDS OR MAX TWO MINUTES SAVING YR BATTERY... c'mon!..
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    Tour de West Coast Finland - 1000+ km road trip on EUCs. What: We are riding from Turku to Hailuoto (a large island near Oulu) on our unicycles during our three week summer holiday. The tour will follow the west coast of Finland and we will choose the smallest roads closest to the shore. We will be sleeping at AirBnB or camping sites. Daily activities will include a lot of riding (40-100 km per day) and checking out small towns, museums and other interesting places. The total distance on the wheels is expected to be 1000-1500 kilometers. This is not an endurance or extreme distance trip. We will have pretty relaxed plan and daily rides are relatively short. The main goal is to have a nice vacation, not to break distance records. Who: I will be riding with @HelRider and hopefully we meet new riders on our journey. Why: I got bitten by a long distance riding bug last summer when I did a couple of longer tours (200 and 260 km, two nights). I enjoyed the freedom of just riding and not having to turn back home. The inspirations to these trips have been @Sebaand Monsieur Flex with the world tour. For this summer I planned much longer road trips all winter. The virus forced me to plan my trip to be in Finland. The west coast is very beautiful and I’ve never been there before. During the spring @HelRider decided to join the trip and we started to make more detailed plans. We also did a couple of practice rides together. How: Wheels: 18XL for me and V10F for her. Charging: I can do 100 km and she can do 60+ km on one charge. We have a 5A rapid charger with us with adapters for both wheels (thanks @1radwerkstat). We will charge at least the V10F during lunch breaks and we have two days when the 18XL might need some fast charging also. Sleeping: We have booked camping cottages and AirBnB’s for the trip. No tents this time. Equipment: I have a 36l Osprey backpack plus a 6l lumbar pack. Weight about 9 kg. @HelRider has a 40l Osprey backpack, weight 7,5 kg. Minimal clothing and equipment. Preparing: The tour is roughly planned and most of the nights are booked beforehand. Daily plans are done on Komoot app and we like to have some freedom to just go where there are something interesting. The wheels are checked to be in good shape. Most important preparations were done on our practice tours where we finalized our choice of shoes, settings, clothes etc. Terrain: Mostly small country roads with asphalt, pretty often gravel and small paths. Navigation: Komoot and google maps The plan: Here’s the initial rough plan for the trip. You can expect to have daily updates on this thread and videos 2-3 times a week. If you have questions, you can post them here and we’ll make a Q&A post or video later.
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    You really are trying HARD to not acknowledge that someone else may have a point. People die in cars, its been proven. People tend to overreact and cause HUGE pileups and also death, when riding at high speeds tailgating or basic congested roads. Havent you seen the geico commercial? Even something so petty as a squirrel on a highway, can cause accidents. Unregistered, unlicensed and uninsured vehicles do not really belong on highways dedicated for use by legal vehicles. Limited access highways typically have a MINIMUM speed limit, and around here, its 45mph. As a tech for decades, I can attest that sometimes equipment failure DOES cause accidents, and these accidents can involve more vehicles than the single one at fault. Tires do come off, tie-rods do come loose, mufflers fall to the road, brakes fail etc. . . It may not be likely, but tell the widower about how something unlikely, minimizes the value of her/his loss. A LOT of times a simple vehicle failure at speed, DOES NOT end in ANY injury. How likely is injury if an euc cuts out on a congested highway at speed(pot hole, road debris)? Not only for the rider, but for other cars/people too? You cannot argue that euc's have a right to be on highways that already have laws on the books prohibiting it. One thing that REALLY shocks me, when did everyone begin thinking it was a good idea to film and promote violations of law and public safety? Cmon people, be better criminals than that. If you are doing something sketchy, don't admit it and don't provide evidence.
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    @Mike Sacristan, @Darrell Wesh and @Blicky Te⚡️la : you guys all seem to have mislaid your moral compasses. I don't think you're doing yourselves any favours by continuing with your "reasoning". There is no excuse for riding like that near to pedestrians, especially other peoples children. Absolutely no excuse.
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    I didn't even pre-order the S18, but I'm so disappointed that I'm thinking of not pre-ordering the V11 instead.
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    When the V11 was introduced, 3000W was stated as the max output power of the controller. Regarding the theories on the increase to 2200W, worth remembering that the battery, the controller and the motor each have their separate wattage ratings, both maximum and continuous. To assess a wheel’s output power we would have to know most of these six values. Continuous power handling of the motor being the least important one, although for some reason it is usually the only one announced. My guess is that the increase to 2200W was fueled by Kingsong’s similar increase (which doesn’t seem to have actually increased anything), and IM probably just assessed whether their motor could be called a 2200W one or not.
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    I heard that if you can get it up to 88mph, the motor will hit 1.21 gigawatts, and you'll go back in time. I think I read that on Twitter.
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    if you want range not speed you will be sorely disappointed.. my nikola 2100 wh got the same range as my ks18xl lol... you might look at the nikola 2600 wh or some larger msx variant but of course none of them are going to feel like the 16x which is light in comparison to any of those... either get a somewhat similar GW wheel and dont expect to get amazing range, or accept that youre going to have to get something heavier... i would probably say the nikola 2100 is a good balance of speed, weight, maneuverability, and size.. it should get slightly more range than the 16X at equal speeds but also be capable of going much faster safely.. as for the feel of the wheel that comes down hugely to the tire thats on it which for almost every single euc has been more than one so youll get varying opinions on different wheels that can come from the tire being used.... specs dont lie though and you can always swap the tire.... all that being said even though the nikola is the obvious closest comparison i would probably recommend an msp over it... it has a lower centre of gravity and is amazingly actually smaller than the nikola but with that huge tire so it can eat up road bumps... it used to be the obviously more sluggish and less maneuverable of the two, but i think the new MSP with a CYT H-666 tire on it would be perfect for you... and if you want more range there are many variations of the msx out of china with larger battery options... just keep in mind that you would be lucky to even get similar range with an 1800 wh msx/msp as you would with the 1554 wh 18xl/16x so if you want more range youre going to have to get more than 1800 wh.. ESPECIALLY if you plan to go higher speeds edit: also be aware, that in my humble opinion.. NO gotway wheel is comfortable out of the box, and that goes double for someone who hasnt ridden one before... im pretty sure gotway designs these wheels 100% purely for function and ease and takes no consideration whatsoever to comfort, naturally every body is different and different people will have pressure points in different areas, do not expect to take it out of the box and find it comfortable or familiar like a KS or IM wheel, you will likely want to add/remove some padding somewhere and take a while to get used to how it feels physically before you can start to compare it to your KS wheels but once you get used to it it shouldnt be a bother.. but i have pretty much found with every GW wheel that when i initially ride it, it is similar to when i first learned to ride euc.. whereas every KS and IM wheel have been comfortable and familiar right out of the box
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    I just upgraded from KS14D to KS16X 2 days ago and I can't stop thinking about riding now. OMG the 16X can go fast. The wide wheel and weight is something to get used to but I was able to ride much longer and felt much more comfortable on the 16X. Bumps that wobbled my 14D was no longer an issue with 16X. I was having so much fun that I didn't want to go home and kept on exploring my neighborhoods in parts I've never been through because I knew I had the speed and range to do so. Its a good mental relief in a way. Anyhow, I thought I'd share my exuberance of this upgrade. I feel so grateful to be able to have this experience on this amazing technology.
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    Somehow I missed this one. He really looks wildly out of control. Being fast but straight is one thing, but half of this ride he looks to be on the edge of losing it. Not particularly "skilled". IMHO.
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    If 2 pedestrians collide with each other it will not cause problem. Unless one side of the party decides to make a projectile out of himself by mounting on top of some motorized device. That essentially means that vehicles are weapons. A source of danger. And person who handles weapons has always elevated responsibility. If someone will run into them in EUC that will cause problem for both sides. Yes idiot pedestrian may die but EUC rider will have to live for the rest of their live with the fact that he murdered a person (need to remember that all the time). But I see where you coming from, if pedestrians break the law then why should we care about not speeding around them? THats not how it works in real life, pedestrians represent least danger for everyone and they are not assumed to have any knowledge of walking next to speeding EUCs, some of them have never seen EUC in their life. The only thing you can expect from them is to not jump in front of the car on a roadway or do very stupid things like crossing highway. I know in some EU countries (I never been in Denmark but at least in Netherlands) bicycles have right of way against pedestrians, but it is never the case in USA. The pedestrian can be an idiot, but (sorry for disappointment), you still cannot kill them, and people usually do as much as honk and pass slowly, politely and carefully, that's how things are at least where i live, and we are culturally very far from that changing any time soon.
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    Aha, from Jason's email this morning, it was confirmed - the AOY-36RC was discontinued, and that is the reason for the switch. King Song did purchase 700 units tho, so the first 100 orders from eWheels will have the 36RC (thru late May), and later orders (June on) will have the 38RC. It's the new replacement model and is expected to perform similarly, and Kuji and King Song are evaluating it currently. Also cool, they increased the slide tube length, so the pedals can be adjusted up and down by 2cm! The rear fender was previously glued on, now it has proper screw mounting. The production tire is a bit narrower and shouldn't rub, and apparently the "board holder tubes" had some errors, which have been corrected. They have increased the padding thickness at the top from 4mm to 12mm (!) for better contact, should help with stability and comfort.
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    https://www.facebook.com/groups/electricunicycleclub/permalink/1520483204780090/?sfnsn=mo found these close up pictures of the v11 on Facebook. I like the top down shot, you can really look into the space between the wheel and the ”saddle”(?) looks well enclosed, guess that's where the heatpipe are exposed to the fans?
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    TLTR: Relive tours—I haven’t found the time to go through my GoPro footage yet—from a 150 km, 3-day expedition on my 16X, from my home city, 45 km South of Barcelona (in a straight line), to a coastal town about 70 km north of Barcelona. I’ve included plenty of pics and videos to keep it interesting (and added a custom soundtrack—Relive’s music choices are awful!), and cut it into two videos to not waste anyone’s precious time should you find them tedious to watch. 😉 My (typically) longer-than-necessary description of the “expedition”: Went on a 3-day expedition on the 16X, taking advantage of the fact my girlfriend went to visit her family last week (lockdown has finally been lifted here, we’re in the so-called “new normal” stage). Averaged 70-odd km/day. Modest daily mileage, I know, but this was a late-departure (no early mornings for me), laid-back, long-lunch, Spanish-style expedition. 😉 Also, packed way too much sh*t in my backpack (Insta, GoPro and respective chargers, tablet, portable keyboard…God knows why I thought I’d need all of that), which made the challenge all the more hefty (corny pun intended). Lesson learned… Getting from my city (Vilanova i la Geltrú, 45 km south of Barcelona) past the mountain range that separates it from the southern coast of Barcelona and navigating through Barcelona and the cities that make up the greater Barcelona metropolitan area, past the city and 60 km north of Barcelona to my destination is more challenging than it sounds—avoiding highways and “state roads”, pedestrian-only areas, etc. and sticking only to bike lanes (arggghhh! But the safer bet when navigating uncharted areas) and roads I’m legally allowed to ride on (PLEV laws are pretty strict here and getting caught riding in the wrong places can carry hefty fines and potential vehicle impound). Komoot proved an excellent tool for planning the route, which I tweaked ad infinitum, alternating between OpenCycleMaps and satellite view, and later exporting the gpx to play it on Google Earth and make sure I hadn’t missed anything (the app directing me towards the freeway, for instance-—which it actually had in a couple places). Overall, it turned out well, with the only issues stemming from blocked seafront mixed-use paths, many of which were obliterated by Storm Gloria, which caused a great deal of damage this winter. Truly impressive views along the mountain range south of Barcelona, especially on the way down, where the mountains gradually give way to the sea, affording a stunning panorama of the coastline. And fantastic riding from Barcelona northwards, right by the water’s edge. A lot of slow riding on compacted sand paths, which can prove pretty treacherous with their unexpected patches of soft sand (especially when wearing a stupidly heavy backpack and paranoid about yet another shoulder dislocation 😅). Funnily enough, COVID-19 measures worked out to my advantage, as a lot of sea-front roads have been cut off to car traffic to give people more space to walk (so they aren’t crammed together on narrow side-walks), allowing me to make up for the slow riding (there were no pedestrians so I often had two entire, car-free lanes to myself). Higher cruising speeds are especially welcome when the summer sun is beating down on you (if life doesn’t give you a breeze, make your own!) There were no viable seafront routes for the last 30ish km, so I had to go inland, which was a nice change in landscape, riding among fields and through woodlands, with a ridiculously steep climb towards the end, which the 16X managed incredibly well, even with the heavy backpack and no pads. The off-roading was fun, but would have been more enjoyable if my knees hadn’t ached so much from the previous 60 km of mostly slow riding with a backpack heavy beyond reason. A very fun ride, with the pleasant surprise of a local rider spotting me on euc.world’s live map (thanks, @Seba!) and intercepting me to ride along with me for a stretch of the tour (first time ever I ride with someone else!). I look forward to doing more such tours this summer (providing I can do so without melting). With a lighter backpack and the ever-so ambitious goal of managing to set off before noon someday, the world will be my oyster! 😂
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    I don't know about other countries, but in Spain, pedestrians always have priority on shared paths and the speed limit is 15 km/h if I recall correctly. So, if a cyclist hits a pedestrian, it's the cyclist's fault. If a pedestrian blocks a cyclist's way, there's no wrongdoing, it's the cyclist's job to be mindful of pedestrians and pass when safe, dismounting if necessary. Needless to say, pedestrians display a complete and utter disregard for cyclists, other pedestrians and even their own safety that is frankly infuriating. When I started riding I wouldn't have been caught dead riding on the road in my city; now I avoid bike lanes like the plague because of pedestrians' complete aloofness and lack of awareness of their environment. I'm OK with it, I find it safer this way, but I could argue that pedestrians' lack of consideration and knowledge of basic mobility rules have forced me off bike lanes and into a higher-risk scenario where I risk getting hit by a car so I don't have to risk running over their dumb asses. It's my choice, I know, but the point is that I can empathize with the feeling of animosity towards pedestrians. But back to the case at hand, pedestrian priority on shared paths makes sense to me: they're the most vulnerable users, so others should ride with caution around them and speeds need to be within a similar margin, for the same reason tractors and horses aren't allowed on the highway—they’d cause massive pileups. The minute someone's going walking speed and someone else is going 30 mph, we have a problem, so it only makes sense (aside from having distinguished and separated areas for each group) to lower the permitted speed of the faster of the two to generate a safer environment for all parties involved (the carelessness of an absent-minded pedestrian could result in a cyclist or EUC rider getting injured too). Enter context yet again: If I hit a pedestrian while riding on a bike lane, it’s the pedestrian’s fault. If I hit him/her/it when on a shared path, it’s my fault, regardless of the exact circumstances. As the person riding a vehicle (whether it’s an EUC, a bicycle or a pink unicorn) around more vulnerable users, it’s my responsibility to ride at a speed that gives me sufficient reaction time to accommodate to pedestrian’s unpredictability. Pedestrians should, out of civility and basic self-preservation, try to be aware of their surroundings and not be a nuisance to cyclists and whatnot, but can’t be expected to be constantly scanning their surrounding for fast-moving vehicles in a leisure area not designated for such a purpose. Said vehicle-riders are the ones who have to adapt, not the other way around. The distinction being, pedestrians could and should be more mindful out of consideration, while cyclists and EUCists are bound to do so out of responsibility. That’s an important distinction to make. The other important contextual component that can’t be ignored is that such shared paths, parks, etc., are leisurely places where families go for walks, take their kids, play ball and what-have-you. They’re meant to be safe places for them where they can relax and don’t have to be vigilant; it’s cyclist and EUCist responsibility to accommodate their speed and riding style to said circumstances; if that means riding no faster than jogging pace (this applies equally to those spandex-clad morons who are never held accountable for what in my eyes is reckless riding), slowing down to walking pace or even dismounting in certain situations, then so be it. Which is why the whole “NYC riding” argument means jack-squat to me—because it doesn’t apply here. Pedestrians aren’t vigilant and trying to navigate the urban jungle unscathed, taking calculated risks not to have to wait for the light to turn green because they’re late for work. They’re enjoying their free time in venues where people go to disconnect from that mindset and get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets; that’s why their family walks take place in parks and shared paths, where the general idea is to chill out, ride slowly and enjoy the relative peace & quiet, and not on the busy and congested streets of the city. Riders would do well to acknowledge that fact and know when to snap out of “survival mode” and switch to “chill mode” when riding in such areas. And while pedestrians’ complete lack of consideration can be infuriating, when out of anger and frustration with the 20 pedestrians who previously stepped out in front of you or blocked your way, ignoring your bell and requests for them to please move aside, you become desensitized, generalize and disregard pedestrian safety based on the premise that they’re all inconsiderate a-holes, the person who gets injured by your reckless riding will in all likelihood not be the person who induced your spite in the first place. Generalizing never leads to anything good, and one collective’s faults are no justification for the bad behavior of another. And having said that, I’m not too sure how productive this debate is at this point. The offenders and the mind-set have been called out repeatedly, over the course of 7 pages. What’s the point in kicking a dead horse any further? The offending party isn’t even involved in the debate, so I don’t see this changing anyone’s mind. We can discuss this all day long, but it won’t make a difference. I think the best we can do is lead by example. And hope the more sensible NYC riders will call out similar instances of douchebaggery when they see them. Personally, I’d be inclined to stop and chat with pedestrians whenever I saw that kind of sh*t, to clarify that not all of us ride like that, and to please not base their opinion of the entire collective based on a few adrenaline and testosterone-fueled youngsters, but that’s just me, maybe I am a damn hippie, as many a’friends have told me in the past 😂 We’ll never know how long that philosophy would apply were I to move to NYC, but I value my life too much to even consider riding my wheel in NYC traffic 😅
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    I must say that the layout was an incredibly poor choice and should be reversed.
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    Tein juuri oman postauksen meidän reissusta. Olemme juuri junassa Turkuun ja aloitamme ajamisen siitä. Teemme tuonne toiseen ketjuun päivittäin matkapäiväkirjaa ja pari kertaa viikossa videoita reissusta. Jos asut länsirannikolla ja haluat tavata meitä matkan varrella, laita viestiä!
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    i think everyone's enthusiasm for the S18 is at an all time low. I'm also considering cancelling my preorder.
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    The law is probably identical in Sweden to that of Finland, so: There are two types of shared pathways between pedestrians and bicyclists, always pointed out with a traffic sign. One has the other side for only pedestrians and the other for only bicycles, separated with a painted solid white line. The other type has all pedestrians and bicyclists on the same path, usually without any markings. Some of the pathways are split with a white non-continuous painted line, to split the sides for traveling in either direction, but this is tough for pedestrians since the teaching of walking on the left side of the car road (when no pedestrian path is present) makes some of them take the left side. While I used to be annoyed at pedestrians walking side by side and taking up enough room for me not to be able to pass, I have later been able to look at it from their point of view. The paths are often narrow enough that even just two people walking side by side take most of the width. If I were walking with a friend, would I walk behind him/her just in case a bi-/unicyclist wishes to pass from behind? Would it be a sensible attitude to expect in suburban areas? I think not. But it is far too common to have a single pedestrian (and sometimes a bicyclist) go on the dead center of the pathway, as if they weren’t expecting to meet anyone else on the same path. I admit, I don’t mind if they get spooked from me quietly passing on the left side, since looking at the mirror I always see them continuing on the right side of the pathway. But my speed while I pass them is never above 25km/h, usually 15-20km/h. And that is what the issue is we’re talking about in this thread. No matter how much room the pedestrians take, it doesn’t allow others to be dickheads as well. One’s speed must always be proportional to the situation at hand. “Look what you made me do” has never been an excuse for anything, let alone in traffic.
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    It seems that you are buying into the EXACT things you are worrying about. Why not buy any number of other proven wheels that have NONE of the worries? Set and forget it is a misnomer when it applied to most things with air in them. Seals will leak down, tires will allow air to escape thru the rubber. A suspension wheel will DEFINITELY be more to worry about and maintain. Personally, for a first wheel for someone who doesnt want the OBVIOUS maintenance and calibrating needed on a suspension wheel: look to proven hard tail designs that are as reliable and 'set and forget' as possible. Why spend more for a suspension that you care not to maintain, while losing range, gaining weight and giving up a great trolley system of previous wheels? Is it because it just LOOKS cool? Being a first wheel, how can a person possibly assume the NEED for a suspension at all? Higher center of gravity, known wobbles, its almost like the s18 is completely NOT a learner or first wheel.
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    My feet have been slipping on the 14S so I decided to try a set of snow studs. I picked this style as I thought that the pointy type would better grip the soles of my riding shoes. My riding shoes have a tennis sneaker type sole. Riding felt disconnected from the pedals. I was conscious of being "above" the pedals which made me feel that I had less grip. Next experiment will be grippy tape on the pedals. On the first ride I lost one of the cleats. Apparently the rubber is distorted by the width of the pedals and the cleats can come out. BTW, I recovered the AWOL cleat. Bruce
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    Did you post that popcorn emoji 3 times in one hour in the same tread? This is almost as dangerous as Ustrides behaviour. It will lead to harder drugs for sure..
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    This is why I enjoy my modular helmet so much. Whenever I stop to talk with people raise the lid to fully expose my face and eye. And when I'm wearing an open helmet I always take off my glasses when talking. I like to put myself in other peoples shoes - I guess that's what's thought of as being considerate. But I still enjoy riding in all of my battle gear. Sometimes I'll throw on the cape which has the effect of negating all the gear because people laugh and smile when they see me
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    i think youve had too much moonshine i can steer any ks wheel around a store with one finger... totally effortlessly and without ever any risk of it suddenly flailing around and smashing into something, i can also lean it up against an object or myself without any risk of it falling.. very useful when shopping, msx trolley i have to consciously keep a firm grip and steer it to keep it upright. i guess youre technically right in that it does take more "effort" to maneuver centred trolleys, in the way that you cant have them accidentally fly off in any direction at mach 10, i suppose someone could learn to control this and take advantage of it haha but personally i would not want to take any gw wheel besides the tesla or mcm5 into a store, would not trust it.... but you say anything else is like riding a toy due to your large size, well im 5'9 120 lbs so that might very well explain it lmao
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    I really wish I had known a lot of this before upgrading from my 18XL to the MSP (in my case the speed). I was expecting more range, and was pretty surprised I got less range on the MSP. I had never ridden a gotway wheel and the transition has been challenging from a comfort pov. I've found some leverage padding on the MSP to be a necessity, while it was just super useful on the 18XL. I also damaged my MSP on it's first crash, and had to get it repaired, where as my 18XL has taken larger hits and still runs flawlessly (though I admit that might just be the luck/bad luck). I love a challenge, and will figure out my MSP - what it is, and how it will be best for me. It's 100v power is super impressive. It has enough torque for me, but it does overheat much faster than my 18XL on very steep inclines moving slow. As far as range, I think the only un-modded gotway wheel that will have more range than the top KS wheels is the Monster 2400wh 84v
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    I've lived and worked all round the world including NY. I also spent a year travelling across round the states by motorbike and tent. I suspect my "assumptions" are fairly accurate. There is absolutely no "reasoning" or "factual information" that can justify endangering children's lives for your own sport.
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    THIS! I was very happy to see questions finally being answered, and by Jason of course. I'm not sure which version my preorder was, but at least we are getting some answers. As tim pointed out, as long as it wasnt a clearance issue, I'm fine with it. The biggest source of comfort is the simple knowledge that Jason at E-wheels is sharing information and is being kept in the loop. Since e-wheels takes care of us, I know its in HIS best interest to be transparent as I'm sure he doesnt want upset customers or to lose $$. Having a local store that has my back on this, makes it MUCH easier to just wait and not worry too much. FOr his sake, I do hope kingsong works the kinks out as much as possible, before shipping the first few units. Hooray for e-wheels and thanks Jason!
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    So so wrong and this is from experience. I was carving at around 15mph a few years ago.. hit a dip in the pavement when it threw me sideways which resulted in me breaking my leg and my hip in one go. So no... def not safer and at that speed is just stupid. Full stop.
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    Follow up video from modified Monster accident. Not mine.
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    Hienoa, kiva kun pidätte matkapäiväkirjaa! Pitääpä seurailla ja unelmoida samalla itsekin pidemmistä reissuista. Ajelkaahan hyvin! Helsingin suunnalla pidettiin vakiomiitti totuttuun tapaan, kiitokset taas kaikille! Tällaisen reitin @mrelwood meille navigoi tämän kerran ajeluksi: https://euc.world/tour/587946852442068 Paljon on kyllä upeita paikkoja ja ajoteitä täällä lähialueilla eikä keleissäkään ollut tänään valittamista.
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    Motion to rename thread to Shermangate.
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    I just don't see that as the only two choices. Taking up 50% of the path or walking single file. I didn't call the parents disgusting I said it was a disgusting display. One can do something disgusting without being disgusting. It provokes thoughts and feelings in me just as the reckless riding provokes thoughts and feelings in you. And my thoughts and feelings provoke thoughts and feelings in you where my disgust gets called ridiculous. And so the infinite circle is born. With a finger always pointing outwards. Thank You Rehab. Yes... I know the discussion is about whether reckless riding is going to get us banned. What I am trying to do is offer a solution where everyone is part of the problem and part of the solution. I would not get very far in NYC with my mentality. If any city can adapt I am sure NYC can. It is an actual law but there is no fine. I have had many discussions with pedestrians about it but very few are aware of it. Which means people just walk everywhere... including right on the bicycle symbols that are on the bike paths. I have also discussed it many times with Monika and how we should approach it. https://www.sydsvenskan.se/2018-10-15/ny-lag-fotgangare-ska-ga-till-vanster-pa-cykelbanan It looks like they slowed down quite a bit there.
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    Good refresher so we don’t loose sight of the original subject.
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    That is scary fast ... and reckless. I can see that the rider is aware of his surroundings and trying to judge the situation as well as he can (he's not a complete idiot), but his assessment of risk is a huge miscalculation.
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    For those that haven't seen the video clip that the above photograph was taken from here it is :-
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    To call the 2 adults in the above photograph disgusting and irresponsible parents is ridiculous. Any 2 adults would walk side by side, they are holding the hands of the child - are you seriously suggesting they should be in single file? Let's not forget here this is a screen shot of the video with the guys riding at 30+ mph along this path with people walking along.
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    Pedestrians aren't breaking the law by walking down a shared path and they aren't putting anyone in danger. They will move out the way if then know you are approaching. They don't carry mirrors and can't see what is behind them. Yes, its a little bit inconsiderate but you can't expect them to walk single file just so you can ride faster. There is still plenty of space to pass. Pedestrians can be charged for jaywalking so they do have rules to follow. People that are registered blind, deaf, or that have other disabilities need to be safe as they aren't able to act in a way that you would deem considerate.
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    1. Security by obscurity is not a plan I'd bank on. The nicheness of the hobby makes it more vulnerable, not less. One loud grieving family vs an industry that provides very little domestic employment and no lobbying/political contributions. It's a no-brainer for a politician.
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    I can’t believe Mike would throw this heartfelt, serious discussion under the bus. Hey...how about a big posted sidewalk sign: Parents Beware- Silent Vehicles Approaching From Behind At 40MPH.
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    Please...please ...please tell me your being facetious.
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    I don't understand why everyone is pointing their fingers at the riders. What about the pedestrians? What about everyone else? Look at this disgusting display: How much room is left for anyone else? Is this not a shared pedestrian path / bike path that is meant for two way traffic? What gives those two idiots and their child the right to claim half of it for themselves? They don't care about anyone else than themselves so why should anyone care about them? THEY are the ones responsible for their child and this is irresponsible parenting. They are creating a problem for others to solve and then what? Are they going to complain about the solution that was chosen? DON'T CAUSE THE PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH. What happens when this repeats over and over again? Obviously people will stop caring and it will just become a game of chicken not to mention navigating an obstacle course. Actions will cause reactions. And this classic scenario. Hmm an incoming vehicle. Oh it's not going that fast... i'll just cross the street. Does it have to be a motorcycle doing 100 mph? Because it could just has easily been that. Is that a street crossing? Is there a green light or red light? If the Sherman rider is blasting through a red and the pedestrian still decides to cross it is his choice. He obviously looked, measure the speed, measured his pace and crossed. He is an adult. People do the same thing in Stockholm all the time. In New York they do it because if you snooze you lose. In Stockholm people do it but just pretend not to see and play stupid. I can crawl behind someone at 5 kmh and ring my bell 5 times and they won't move. But if I try to cross a crosswalk and it's green for me a car can just as easily rip right through it and kill me.
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    You guys have to see U-Strides latest video where he rides a highway in NYC. Now I thought this was hilarious (he survived) because it wasn't intentional. He was in a lane that all of a sudden turned into a freeway with no way out. I'm sure he was sweating it. Here's the video. I started it where he's getting on the freeway. Again, this was unintentional. Imagine yourself in this situation
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    From the Wall Street Journal:
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    nice, well thats great it works so well for you.. consider yourself lucky, and the rest of us disadvantaged haha, i wish i could control it as easily
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    Sort of. But what I am really trying to do is offer a different point of view. Thank you for knowing me that well and for understanding me. You are correct. Phew... now that is not really how I use the phrase "throw under the bus". Maybe that is a cultural difference too. But please try to understand me and what I am saying. Bicycles are silent vehicles too. My EUC is usually less silent as I play music so that others can hear me, I lower and raise the volume according to the situation and I try to spread good vibes. But this isn't about me... this is about us and about understanding. We have always been picking on the NYC riders. To the point of banning them, censoring them, etc. What I am merely trying to explain is that bad behaviour will breed bad behaviour. Yes it is mostly identical. There is even a non-enforced pedestrian walking law that was introduced in August 2018 stating that pedestrians should walk to their left on shard paths. Bikes, etc on their right.. which means they meet other incoming and can have eye contact. Pedestrians rarely follow this and cause bikes to swerve because all of the bicycles are obviously racing on Strava and doing time trials and what not and graze by pedestrians at 40kmh+ using their handlebars as weapons. A single pedestrian, a group of pedestrians, spreading out and claiming half the path or more. Now I can be judgemental and say they are Aholes but I see it as they are just pedestrians who want to go out for a walk and they should be able to do so without risk or fear of getting hit. Thank you for explaining. The problem becomes worse. This means the parents are out walking amongst weapons using their child as a shield. That is a lot of responsibility to put in the hands of strangers. The rest of this post is just some more explaining: I am not saying that if pedestrians break the law then why should we care about them. Of course we should care about them. I am saying that it is human nature and a normal human response to eventually become desensitised. And New York is a perfect example of a desensitised city just as some of the suburbs out here are. Where people talk in VERY LOUD VOICES and with aggressive tones because that is how their cultures are and they introduce those same cultures into Sweden. Which normally consists of quiet people who don't speak their minds. This will be the same situation if it is a bicycle. Bicycles will only have right of way if the pedestrian is jaywalking which includes jaywalking over a bike path. I treat my EUC as a bicycle. I wear the same gear I would wear if I am riding a bicycle. Which means I wear nothing. Because my EUC is not a motorcycle and I refuse to ride it like one or dress like I am on a killing machine. A lot of people complain about me not wearing gear. I want eye contact with pedestrians, I want to be able to smile at them and wave. My riding philosophy is a bit different from others and I believe in evening out the playing field. So my whole point with my original post is that there are different ways to see things. Life is not a mathematical equation even though I sometimes would love it be so. What if NY just painted a white line down that path? Then that path would be solved. Will this prevent pedestrians from walking on the thin crappy bike lines that are on the roads? Probably not. If everyone follows the rules then it would be great. If rules are rarely followed then this will usually cause a chain reaction of rules not being followed as a response.
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    I missed context then. I've seen worse places than NY in that department. Moscow for example. Yes, being aggressive on the road is pretty normal in NY, but pedestrian walks and road have pretty clear separation. People can normally walk fine without expecting their kid to collide with fast moving EUC rider. This is where i would focus my rage and anyone who defends that kind of stuff is out of their mind.
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    "One person's freedom ends where the next person's rights begin". “Do not Do unto others what you don't want others Do unto you.” Pedestrians < EUCs/bicycles/escooters < motorcycles < cars < trucks/buses. Put yourself in the place of the most vulnerable person in every scenario and ride/drive around them like you would like to have them ride around you. Simple as.
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    Mten3 sure has some horsepower 🏇 hope it makes someone smile my girlfreind thinks I'm mental 😂😂
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