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    Just out for a little ride on the mten3 and seen a toy horse 🏇 and thought I might have a little fun ride with it 😁 lol it looked good from behind 😁 Anyway here's the video I captured 😂
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    Now that's a light!
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    Not to necro another old thread, but im necroing another old thread. I wanted to share the first attempt at using my skillset to make a video. This is after taking the advice from this thread and applying it to what I feel I can do best. I still think im closest to @Hsiang's world with how I did it, but just much less polished. I have a lot to learn and I need to shoot to edit more so theres less running around. Make the edit more efficient.
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    I agree with you on this one. Just as tire discussion and tire pressure tip/help is a big subject and that is always a little different to each rider, I am sure this will be even more with susspention. And now you have 2 vaiables to play around or mess up with. But I think this will be similar to how people buy bicycles. Some buy it with full susspension, some with one wheel suspended and some the old fassion style. it all comes down to needs/wants/extra and cost and maintinance. I think also that @UniVehje put it nicely. i likewise choose to buy a susspention model, but my choice on the V11 is due to (for some silly things, not listed here in prioritized order) headlight, stand, more closed bodyshell (very big part of my choice), higher consideration to IP rating, the longer development time (*i will get back to this) bigger battery (i don't need it for 80% of rides i do, but i want it),. * now IM have looked at this before V10 series, dropped it, due to comsumer responce, picked it back up and worked on it for 2 years+. KS triedd to cut corners "lending" design ideas and lost out in court and was forced to start over. This might be good or bad I can't tell. Ijust can't. BUT looking at my KS16X and how that had last minute changes and the issues we have seen people having, I expect the can come issues with a rushed design from KS again. I think @Kuji Rolls said it nicely in on of the first teaser videos of the S18, something like But more of less all of the above has slipped out of dicussion due to looks and spung/unspung marlarky (imho). I think your post @UniVehje just couldn't be more right, at least to what drove my decission to put my money where my mouth is and pre-order the V11. It might be KS will supprise me but they will not dissapoint me again. One this I just have to eat my hat and (hold your horses) give @Marty Backe credit for a long term debate of build quality. I just don't view KS in the same light anymore. I like my KS16X in many regards, but build quality isn't on that list. I have my hopes up for IM. I might be dissapointed, but who knows. The risk of 1st batch is always there. Yet I took that choice.
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    I am going crazy waiting for your V11 review! It's May 21 and I'm losing my mind! ...don't waste anytime with sleeping, or eating, or anything else in life, we need the V11 video so so bad!!
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    In a week or two. Yeah, the unsprung mass discussion is going nowhere. As much as I hate to leave things with so many misunderstandings, there’s no point in continuing that subject. I am also absolutely stoked about the Kuji’s latest clip! It shows a very large and seemingly easily accessible range of motion.
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    My damage report after my 35 mph cutout. Long story short, I didn't realize how low my battery was and cutout. Suffered no road rash and broke my collar bone. My gear saved my life.
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    Given that current baseline is "no suspension", the word inferior barely applies. It is just that S18 suspension is "even better". It will be easier to tune it up for comfort without letting it bottom out. As far as I know 18L was one of the top sellers. S18 is 18L on steroids, it is bound to succeed. While V11 is 27kg. No way EUC this heavy can be nearly as successful. PS i just hope KS did not lie about its weight.
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    You can’t possibly know that! They could be the worst ever or blind everyone or... New rule that many of us have already grasped: Always disagree with someone, no matter how mundane the subject.
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    LMFAO! Then I will go 1.07. ----------------------------------------- To me carving is a way of expressing wheel mastery and control. It can also be an expression of feelings, freedom, art. It can be technical and it can be artistic. Put someone on a EUC and let them ride a bit. Take them to a trail and let them ride there. Then take them back to asphalt. They will automatically start carving... because they now have too much capacity and ability and will need to express it or vent it. And of course there is a time to carve and times not to carve. That has nothing to do with learning to carve it has to do with riding etiquette.
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    You will enjoy it, just quit placing such high expectations on yourself is all. There's an abundance of video with people who already know how to ride and people that are already good at it. Then there's the video of people who learn it so damn fast its ridiculous. What you arent seeing, is the people that are taking a while to learn it. I mean hell, who wants to watch a 6 hr video of someone wobbling and falling off everytime? Anytime you start to doubt yourself, watch one of my videos and take note that Im a wobbly sob and ive got about 400 miles on it now. What keeps me going is that its fun, and ALL of us riders are part of an elite group of people that are willing and capable of even doing this at all.
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    Definitely! I love looking at that video. Seems to work just like I hoped.
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    I made a thread about EUC youtube channels and a lot of people weighed in one what they like. I took a lot of that into consideration and finally started my channel with the official content. I hope you guys will enjoy my style of storytelling! This isnt a one off video, its an ongoing thing, so if you like it, if you sub, you'll get more, lmao.
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    I have a V10F with over 1500 miles on it, regularly rode right at the beeps and in hot southeastern weather, and I never experienced that issue even once. I'm not sure if it's because of my lower personal weight (I'm only ~150lbs with clothes but without gear) or maybe because I have a later-produced model, but either way the ubiquity/inevitably of that problem is not as straightforward as claimed. (If I had to guess it's probably a combination of rider weight and ambient temperature, so a potential problem for the combination of heavier riders in warmer climates but not lighter ones and/or in cooler climates.) Honestly it is still the most comfortable and well-built wheel I ever owned, I just wished it went ~5+ mph faster.
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    My KS16X is feeling poorly.....again. First time it was rain damage in power button area. This time I rode it in sunshine like 5km to the mall to shop and as I picked up trolley handle to trolley it in the mall it stopped balancing...not really understanding why I tried to turn it off. And well it came back to life. But showing signs or something was wrong. Despite both KS app and EUCW says all diagnosis are okey. Leds looked like this. I reached out to my dealer. And got it uplifted to ship to him. Today he got back to me. Waiting for new pcb. Now looking at my KS16X and other 2st Bach models and added my KS18L 1st batch issues too I really would think a 2nd time before buying 1st batch KS and also new upcoming products from KS. Yes there you have @Marty Backe. I am not impressed by KS. But it still would not swing me to GW as I don't agree with the faster wheel race they have.
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    Lets change the subject ... the V11 has the best lights on any EUC ever making it perfect for night rides. These lights have good visibility from the side and so will help keep you safe.
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    It is important to me how the V11 will behave when overloaded. 1. If it's like Kingsong / Gotway beeps at 88% and picks up the tiltback. or 2. Stupidly like V10F where it says overload please get out and force you to stop with a huge tiltback and you have to stop and start again. Because after I stood twice in the middle of the intersection and the drivers were honking at me what I was doing as an idiot, I wanted to break the V10F with a hammer (or an engineer who invented it so stupidly). Because it doesn't matter if the V11 has the best parameters in the world, but if it behaves like this when overloaded, it's completely useless. Who has V10 / F definitely understands what I'm trying to say. Here is a video that shows the tragic behavior.
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    Are you looking at this? https://www.ewheels.com/guide-tires-appropriate-pressures-electric-unicycle/ Are you looking at the number for the 18 inch? The Nikola 16x3 tyre has more/higher sidewall than the 18x2.5 and more volume meaning you can get away with lower PSI. 35 PSI is still way too high and you will be riding a razor's edge. With the Nik you could go all the way down to 22 PSI a the low end. 25 PSI would be a good number. 30 PSI would be in the high end. Check the tire on a curb by putting your bodyweight on it at 22 PSI and don't smack into curbs or deep potholes. It would be easier to practice on hard mode. Hard mode is constant. Soft mode is variable with a delay. Soft mode will make it a bit easier in the beginning and then in contrast it will get very hard. Hard mode will make it hard in the beginning and then it gets harder at speed. But at least you are training all the time including in the beginning. Practice putting weight on the balls of your feet but still keeping your heels down. Keep your legs at a slight bend. Let your shoulders roll forward in a slight slouch. If you can.. bring one finger down to the front/top of the Nikola and hold it there. This will teach you a semi-crouch while riding. Anyway... just keep at it!
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    I agree bud, it's a shame as I too hate to leave questions unanswered but some people add a little tetchiness when trying to explain things which is sometimes seen as aggressiveness (although I'm sure it isn't intended). It's also fair to bring up and discuss aspects of suspension design though, but I appreciate that it probably needs it's own thread. In any event, suspension wheels are the way forward, and both of these offerings are awesome in their own way. I am sure it will filter down to *all* wheels at some point, which is when I will really take notice!
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    I agree completely. The 18XL is so well refined! It's my wheel of choice for a commute hands down! So many people overlook this wheel when it's one of the best on the market...
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    Tulin tosiaan jousi-ihastuksissani sanoneeksi ettei jousettomia pyöriä kannattaisi nyt hankkia. Ei se taida pitää paikkaansa. Ihan yhtä valloittavia ja upeita nää nykypyörät on kuin puolikin vuotta sitten, ja minäkin oon ajanu vain pienillä lisäpehmusteilla kantapään alla yli 23 000 km. Se on vaan itelle niin tärkeältä tuntuva edistysaskel. Uskoisin että vuoden päästä lausahduksellani on jo paljon paremmin pohjaa. Jos et vielä oo tätä Euco:n videota nähny, kurkkaa läpi. Siinä on erinomainen opetusmetodi, ja tekniikat valmistaa tuleviinkin oppimiskynnyksiin tosi hyvin: Ranteeseen tai kypärään on ne vaihtoehdot, ja molemmilla puolestapuhujansa. Mä tykkään kun kypäräpeilin kanssa näkee silmäkulmassaan taakse vaikkei kättään oiokaan. Mulla on kypärän lippaan ruuvattu lyhytvartinen polkupyörän ohjaustangon päätypeili.
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    I agree with Marty regarding the Nikola. It has great speed, very stable and good range. I feel it’s a little more sensitive to foot placement and tire pressure. For your requirements of talking it up 3 floor that will be awkward due to the width of the handle. Also keep in mind it is a big wheel. It’s taller and wider than my outdated 18XL . I had a very positive experience learning with the 18XL. It’s stable, fast and has the best trolley handle. The Nikola is a beast. If your concerned about damaging the wheel when learning, invest in a EUC Bodyguard from roll.nz . Welcome to the forum and good luck with your purchase!
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    Yeah a few of these threads have really started to suck! Everything is a debate and everyone is all of a sudden a suspension expert 🤮
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    @WI_Hedgehog, I literally laughed out loud. But it's true they'd say it, which kinda makes it also sad. @Phong Vu.... IDK what to tell ya mate. First things first: I've never owned, seen or touched an Inmotion, so I can't comment on that in no way what-so-ever. And now on the question at hand about the 16x: Do I love the wheel - Oh, yes I do. Is it A LOT MORE of a wheel than the One S2? You can bet your ass it is. Is it as gracious, polished, refined and culturalized as it's European predecessor? OH, GOD NO! I've done my best to describe both materials and feeling of the two products in this thread, look for the long posts, but if I've had to summarize in a single sentence or two...: One S2 feels and reacts (for what it's made*) as a high-grade, high-price European tech product. It feels like holding a new Galaxy device - it's refined, great materials, and oozes classiness and astounding build quality. The design (looking back at it now, 1.5-2 years later) probably looks a bit dated (LEDS especailly) when looked at up close, but while you're riding it, or encountering it on the streets it looks like a thing from the future - minimalistic, pure and... well, classy. Low key, but high-tech and classy. It had the same depth of it's white color as my Audi A5 S-line, which I liked ALOT. They seemed like they were a kit, and when you take it out of the trunk most of the people stared Now about the Chinese rebel. Well, that's it. It is a rebel. It feels like a rebel. Feels like a bully, that spent a couple of years in a correctional facility, never got a good education or the better-high-school-or-college treatment and is not university smart, but IS street smart. It's not a white-collar device. Nothing about it "feels" low-key. It's big, heavy, huffs and puffs, and if I had to imagine both of those devices like people, The One S2 would be an average-looking hipster-y 20-something y.o., that has an iPhone, dresses lively and with upper-class shirts and sneakers, lives and works @ some flashy tech-giants office, working off from an expensive office, but is rather cowardly, and has never taken a single risk in his life bigger than not wearing his sunglasses on the morning starbucks-coffee run. KS16x on the other hand is a rather broad-shouldered bully, dressed in cheap, worn out and teared in places jeans, with an old rocker leather jacket, making a living off of reselling cars and hand-watches of questionable origins. With fluff dice and a CD hanging on a chain from the rear-view mirror. He'll have a 2-3 y.o. rooted android device, with cracked screen and pirated Cooked ROM installed. If you're the kind of employer that can influence him, he will (do his best to) follow you, and maybe try to be more civilized in order not to embarrass you in public, but will not always succeed in doing so. On the other hand, if you ask him to show you some fun time, oh god you'll have a blast that night. It'll not be especially (or at all) safe, you will feel un-secure, the situation will not (always) be in your control but you'll be grinning (most of the time, that is. In the other times you'll be saying really fast "...oh-shit-oh-shit-oh-shit-oh-shit..."). I aimed for a short description but I guess I blew it, didn't I? Long story short - it's cheap. It has poor engineering design and horrid construction-stress optimization. It has ABSURDLY CRAPPY oem software. It has HORRID documentation, support, manufacturer feedback/documentation (they released a firmware with notes " test test test" <- and that was the whole text, and their firmwares are always looked at with more than a grain of salt, because nobody knows - are they stable? Is it a beta? Nobody knooowss...), etc, etc .... And I love it. The one thing that bugs me the most amongst all others is that I don't trust it in rain. A KingSong representative, when asked by me if the wheel is water-resistant or at least - weather resistant, replied, and I quote: "Safe in rain. Maybe not heavy rain not know medium rain where you live home, but rain is safe except some rain. Here a video of how we test riders riding in river with it for short time. [ video is 5 sec long, people making a circle in an feet-finger deep puddle ]. See? Water safe, but don't ride in heavy rain. Heavy, force rain not recommended". As I said - it's pretty chinese mate.
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    For future reference, below are my findings from teardown of a Gotway BMS. DISCLAIMER: This BMS was a Gotway design from 2015, originally sold in the MSuper V2. Battery Management Systems from other models and manufacturers vary widely. What can it do? Disconnect the charger ("Charge stop") ... if any cell exceeds 4.25V ("overvoltage protection") ... or if any cell is between 2.0 and 2.80V ("undervoltage protection") Charge Stop can be linked to additional packs, so that a cell problem in one pack can trigger all parallel packs to Charge Stop. Overvoltage protection is a 'latching' behavior-- it does not reset until the charge input voltage is removed. Top-balancing Balance resistors will be connected to any cell that exceeds 4.20V. (Normally this occurs at the very end of a charging event, when the pack is nearly full.) What are its limitations? No overcurrent (short-circuit) protection. Overcurrent in the Charger input (e.g.: short at the charge port) will pass through the Charge Stop FET (rated 200 A pulsed) until some part of the circuit is burned open. Typically the 'weak spot' seems to be the PCB traces between the charging leads and the Charge Stop FET. Overcurrent in the pack output is not borne by the BMS PCB at all- the high current will flow through the leads and cell straps. Bolted shorts will flow huge amounts of current, until the cells themselves become destroyed. No thermal protection. No thermostatic fuses nor temperature sensors are present. Vulnerable to corrosion. Corrosion is likely to cause open-circuits in the connections between the pack and the BMS. If this occurs, Balancing and Charge Stop are defeated. The pack may still charge and discharge normally, but cell imbalance will become progressively worse. Unmonitored, over-voltage cells may cause heating and fires during charging. Unmonitored, under-voltage cells may cause heating and fires during use. How does it work? For each cell, a HY2213-BB3A ASIC is used to connect the balance resistance. For each cell, a HY2113-KB5B ASIC is used to detect over- and under-voltage, and drives the Charge Stop trigger signal. (This device can also monitor current, but that function is not used in the Gotway BMS.) Charge Stop is realized by a FQP50N06 FET, which disconnects the negative side of the charger from the pack. (This device has no built-in overload protection.) How are the packs connected? (The packs inspected were from the Gotway MSuper V2 EUC, an 850wh 5p configuration using 3 packs: 16s1p, 16s2p, 16s2p.) According to my diagram below, only one pack is connected to the charger, and therefore Charge Stop is performed at this 'master' pack only. The two 'slave' packs can trigger Charge Stop using the trigger link connection. If any pack drives a positive voltage across these "HV" and "LV" Trigger Link terminals, all packs will disconnect their Charger input. The trigger link wires are redundant- two "HV" and two "LV" leads are used between each pack, but they are electrically the same circuit. This provides fault-tolerance to open-circuit conditions in the wiring. If the trigger link was broken or not connected, Charge Stop would not be possible, and therefore overvoltage and undervoltage protection will be defeated. Discussion Fast-charging: Charging Input wires could be added to the two 'Slave' packs as well, in order to facilitate fast-charging with use of multiple charging connectors. 1C charging for this 5p configuration is about 13 amps, which exceeds the safe ratings of the single GX16 charging connector, but could be achieved easily by 3 charging connectors in parallel. Aggressive fast-charging at 1C or above is not recommended for these packs, because of the lack of thermal monitoring of cells. Under-voltage: In my tests, I was unable to trigger Charge Stop for the cell undervoltage condition. I had some cell groups disconnected from the BMS, and manually applied various voltages to the BMS cell monitor leads using a potentiometer and 9V battery. I did observe the "overdischarge" output of the HY2113 being driven when the voltage falls below 2.8V, but it did not propagate to the Charge Stop FET. I suspect this irregularity was due to the condition of the damaged and corroded pack and BMS that I was testing; I chose not to abuse a healthy pack to create a cell-undervoltage condition. Backstory: A friend had this old MSV2 that would run but would not charge. He reported a previous instance of a short-circuit and arcing when probing the charging port. I opened the packs and discovered the two 'slave' packs were healthy, but the 'master' pack (with charging input) was badly corroded, with entire balance leads rotted away. Cells were badly imbalanced (some 0V). And the copper trace between the charger input and the Charge Stop FET had burned and blown open. Since the other two 'slave' packs were in pristine condition and very well balanced, I was able to salvage the wheel by simply discarding the damaged pack, and moving the charging connector leads to a remaining pack. After this repair, I was able to simulate Charge Stop events by manually applying a voltage between the Trigger Link HV&LV using 9V batteries, and observed charging current being interrupted accordingly. Cheers
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    No announcement? Good knobby offroad dual sport dirt mud (keywords) tire option for MSX / MSP / S18 / V11 KENDA 042621434B0 TIRE K262 2.75-14 4PLY 2.75/100-14 Looks quite similar to CST C-186 Ordered one, standby for review... https://www.ewheels.com/product/18x3-tire-kenda-k262-knobbly-msx-msp/
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    It's just a trade-off. The V11 trades a bit of the Nik+'s top speed (~5mph) and range for a much smoother ride (even with his hesitancy to post conclusions, Kuji has already commented that both the S18 and V11 have smoother rides than any non-suspension wheel). If you're utilizing the highest speeds and furthest ranges of the Nik+, then the V11 would be worse in those regards. But if you have a Nik+ (or equiv) but don't quite utilize its highest speed and furthest range and/or only do so rarely, the V11 would be trading those bits at the top end which you're not using (or only using sometimes/occasionally) for a smoother ride all the time. And one could make a similar comparison of the tradeoff for example for an 18XL user (more weight and little bit less range for suspension and bit higher top speed) or other wheels. Again it all comes down to use-case; I know people who fall into either one of those cases who would make a different conclusion/purchasing decision as a result.
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    You shouldn't under estimate the weight of these wheels. Keep in mind a fully loaded suitcase for an air line is around 22Kg and most of the wheels you mention are heavier than this. Would you really be happy lifting it up and down your stairs each day? Is there a storage place in your apartment for bicycles etc that you could use? How long is your commute? Could you consider a smaller wheel like the Kingsong 16S or the Gotway Tesla. There is a 1480Wh battery version of the Tesla out there somewhere which should have a longer range. I weigh more than you and get over 20 miles range on my 16S.
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    To quote myself: "The V11 is about the same weight as several of the Nikola+ SKUs. (My Nik+ is within 2 pounds of the advertised V11 weight.) Now yes the Nik+ is heavy, but that hasn't seemed to put a damper on the amount of positive coverage/endorsement it continues to get, especially from several of the top youtubers (including Marty and Mickey). So either someone believes that both the Nik+ and the V11 are too heavy (which is a fair decision based on your context), or else neither of them are, but the V11 is not some new weight category (which some people keep making it out to be)."
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    Sounds like a couple of girls I know...
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    Not only is it bright but it is on the ground and not in the air. Now since you guys seen it now. I can say I seen pictures from evening-daylifht still that you could see this light cast area still. Now this is the first time I see the rear light in action. Look rather bright but not only that it is see partly from the side as I expected. So combining the headlight and rear light I still think you stand a good chance to be seen. I wear reflex material/bands too plus a blinking light on my torso both front and rear. Now it looks like a vehicle and not a disco show. I like it. A grownup transport.
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    That is definitely the best front light on an EUC ... perfect dipped beam that won't dazzle oncoming traffic and very bright, wide and even beam. Looks like they might have designed it to comply with German STVZO regulations. Rear light is equally impressive.
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    1st batch 16x here and I'm pretty sure I love the 16x because of the cx321 tyre. Still not one issue so far
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    Yes it is a safety feature because that is the limitation of this wheel weither you like that or not. This is also why many here do not recommend the V10 series as most here ride their wheel harder and faster that 25kmh safe speed (that most brand has a factory speeds these day. Any faster at users own risk). I suggest you look at the launch presentation then you will see they have addressed this. But they are not building GW fast wheel.
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    Im certainly not a top speed guy but i am pretty aggressive with acceleration probably due to my size and height i naturally just learn more, iv also never met a hill i can't climb and that includes offroad which i regularly ride with my dogs haha, i too am from a colder climate (UK) so maybe that's the contributing factor to those that apparently overpower it, or maybe it's just like i said originally. The v10s best feature is also its downside to some which is it's safety features. it all depends what you prioritize but for me id rather have a safe wheel more than anything else
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    Get out and set your 16X alarm at 28mph and go carve it while it beeps.
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    I'm going back to 2.02 today after going from 1.05 to 2.02 then to 1.07 then to 1.05 then 2.02 and now back on 1.07 and today I think I'll be looking the 2.02 again😂😂 That's true I haven't give it a good hiding for ages 😁👍
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    Have you checked tire pressure after unboxen it? Wheels are normally shipped with low pressure. Ahhh I didn't see you had checked it. But having it too high is bad too . If you go to downloads, there is a spreedsheat guide to what tire pressure might suit you. I find the result as a guide but i prefer the lower pressure as my knees are bad so my abssortion isnt as good as when I didn't have rheumatic problems in my knees.. Since the V8f have battery at the top it is stable going straght once you get this. But turning it will feel like tiping over once the wheel is learned past centerline, the more you lean wheel the more the top part of wheeel will tip over or so it feels. Since this is a narrow wheel, you can stand much less spead of your legs. In the start I would lean the wheel to the leg I turning away from. but after a while I had trained up my ankles to flip the wheel around without touching it. It came natural for me after a while, not not at first. There is an adaption period between wheels. But the more different once you ride the easier and faster this swaping around becomes.
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    I must admit it's not the best. I will re-iterate however that *all* the wheels behave identically with regards to charging/riding/power/range etc and it would be impossible to tell the difference from these aspects. I just wanted to provide some examples of how differently these wheels can be implemented, even from the same battery builder. As a result, I can fully appreciate how there will always be people who would not want to risk anything that isn't built by the wheel manufacturer, but it is also fair to say that there are others who are techie/savvy enough to look at whats being offered and make an educated decision as to whether it suits them. In the case of the wheel above, even that can be tidied up and will probably give years of service, as the crucial items (battery choice and BMS functionality) are, we believe, OK. That said, we haven't stripped the packs to check spot-welding quality etc so....you pays yer money and makes yer choice.
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    Despite my motorcycle fever lasting for many years, actually getting one never came into fruition. But I have ridden a few for a bit, and drooled over videos for hours on end. For me “motorcycles” and “adventure” sum up to something quite different than a supermoto. I’m thinking Transalp, Varadero, KLE, etc, which are the ones I had on my compare list. But the supermoto aspect of the S18 is clearly visible, and I can see how it speaks loudly to that crowd. But the aesthetics didn’t speak to me, at all. At least not in a nice way. Really? Sorry but that sounds like a comment from someone who has chosen the S18... The last several pages on the V11 thread are all about bashing the “clearly inferior” suspension of the V11, based on traditional race car suspension dynamics, and disregarding all actual clues we have been shown on video. I’m satisfied with being able to choose the one that is a better fit for me. But I do take issue wheel people label either or any wheel as inferior, superior, the best of all times, or the worst ever, etc based on wild theories that don’t hold any water from the get go. It does seem that purely visual buyers will buy more S18 than V11. Remains to be seen how big that crowd was in a year or so. We do have a few clues, but that indeed is where it ends.
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    Not sure, but maybe @Patton250has a 16X first batch CX321 tire on the Nikola. Or did he have no Nikola, or was it someone else or was it nobody? Oh, man, I don't know.
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    Ostin Motonetista tarralla kiinnitettävän laajakulmapeilin, liimasin sen jumppamatosta tehtyyn kiilaan ja siihen tarranauhan, hanskassa tarranauhan toinen(pehmeämpi) puoli. Helppo vaihtaa toiseen hanskaan kun laittaa vain tarranauhan kaikkiin ajohanskoihin.
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    I agree with you regarding the value proposition of the KingSong line of wheels. They are great wheels but reside at the high end of the price chart. The bang for the buck (Euro ) that Gotway offers is hard to beat. I missed the part about carrying the wheel to the 3rd floor. Unfortunately that's going to be tough for most of the performance wheels. I'm a range guy so I prefer to own wheels with 1600wh or bigger batteries. Batteries equate to weight. Gotway does make a high performance wheel that would be friendlier on your back. It's called the Tesla. I just ordered my second copy of this wheel. You'll sacrifice range and some comfort (smaller diameter and thinner tire) but you'll be less exhausted when reaching the 3rd floor, and your wallet will be less empty. Just giving you options, but I still think the Nikola Plus is the best wheel going right now. Then again mine is a subjective opinion as is everyone's opinion. Finally, we are blessed with an abundance of great wheels. So don't stress too much. You won't go wrong with any wheel that you go with, even the KS18XL
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    I think it looks great. Very smooth. I might have missed it but when his full review be out?
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    Thanks man. I really appreciate you insights. I will do more research about the 18xl. But here in Europe it's a but I didn't like so much the value X money here in Europe €2.5k Vs €1.8k of MSP 100V 1800wh and €1.6k of Nikola + (1800wh). Gotway seems to deliver more them others for money. Tnks man. You is the guy at EletricUnicycles YouTube channel I'm right? I already seen a lot of your videos great content. LOL. Thanks man! You and @Marty Backe made me change my mind. I'm ready to pull the trigger for MSP before deciding ask for help here at the forum. Now I'm seriously thinking at get the Nikola. But I'm had a busy day at work and need some time to think properly. About the bodyguard it's a very good tip. You know if they have worldwide deliver? I'm located in Lisbon/Portugal. I will put body guard in my buying list, with safety gear You guys are awesome. Tnks for your time!
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    NO ONE has said you, or anybody else, is wrong about less unsprung mass = better always. Yes, it’s old and common knowledge. I think we should move on from this. I didn’t know suspension is so heated topic. We are on the verge of a massive improvement on our wheels and all we argue about is which version is slightly better. The two wheels are so different that some differences in suspension feel is not going to be the deciding factor. Let’s focus on the positive. My point was that this issue is not the ONLY deciding factor. Plus it becomes more important at higher speeds and for cornering grip. For our application at these speeds and mostly for comfort there are many other variables also that should be considered. I’m still not convinced a 1.5x difference in unsprung mass is the main variable deciding better or worse suspension in this case. 1.5x variation from optimal preload would probably cause more harm. I’m Now driving a car with magnetic ride suspension system. I can change it with a press of a button. I also used to drive a Citroen with air suspension and it was gloriously comfortable. All these differences are achieved without changing the unsprung mass. And I’ve liked them all. You could argue one version is objectively best, but definitely not for every application. And BTW, it’s the Citroen air suspension feel that I’m personally after in my next wheel (that I chose because of the battery). If you are looking for the tire to track a few milliseconds faster for better grip then you should absolutely go for the S18 anyway as it is lighter. And remember to wear spandex for less air resistance.
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    Amazing! Looks so smooth!
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    preposterous? The ONLY information he had was how it looked. I had already made a decision, this was merely a visual OPINION. Just as I stated, it 'speaks' to the adventure crowd. Its not silly to think that a lot of opinion IS based on visual aspects. Visually, he recognized it has a similar setup and open frame as a supermoto. I merely asked what he thought, based on a picture. Why does it have to be a bad thing? Neither of us made ANY assumptions beyond a mere preference in image. I have based my choice on other information. I must be the ONLY person in the world that allows my eyes to create a bias, THEN as I learn more about it, I reevaluate it. To be fair, he had never even seen an euc before, so what do you think he was going to have an opinion on, as aesthetics is the only thing he knows. Batteries, power, range, all foreign to him. Geez, take your nuts out of the vice and breathe. Tiny battery, slow speeds haha. Just lke my 18L, fast enough to decimate a person on crash and long enough range to go 30 miles, 25 miles at tiltback speeds of 30/25mph. I am constantly amazed at how someone who prefers one, openly bashes the other. This IS the s18 thread, not the 'i prefer the v11 and people are stupid if they dont agree" thread. Should i repost my little story, over on the v11 side too, so we can get more opinions on the simple fact that my friend thought the v11 looked cool, but the s18 looked badass? He's entitled to his opinion, and I cant argue, the v11 looks cool, the s18 looks badass. Kinda hard to argue visual opinions. Ask any man who's wife seems ugly to you, what he thinks... is he wrong, are you wrong? Who among us really knows that much about it anyhow? I do see a trend tho. People who prefer the v11 are pretty much against the s18. People who prefer the s18, still entertain that the v11 is nice too. And NONE of us really have a damn clue.
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    Thank you @jimjam.nyc! Nice to hear that I am not the only one cringing. Even worse it makes me feel shame and embarrassment. Also I do agree that speculation (or masturbation as I sometimes call it) is very much part of OUR community. I enjoy our tech talks on this forum and I enjoy seeing others ride as well. Sharing knowledge and experiences and being part of this great community is half of the fun. Maybe we just don't have to drag Jack into it all the time lol. Haha thank you! Out last step is to make some kind of reporting system for this. Perhaps a thread with a topic or poll. Then one could summarise the info and report it to KS as a request or bug fix, etc. Our feedback is only valuable if it is presented in a valuable form. ---------- I just got back form my tropical-potato ride on FW 2.02. I was going down the street where I live and there was a car behind me. The speed limit is this area is 30 kmh but he did not seem to think so. So I silently farted and hit 49.5 kmh upon which I hit a new pothole that I have never seen before. The 16X just floated right over it (I countered like a boss of course) and that was that. 49 kmh pothole completed. I kept on riding and tried to slow down but couldn't because FW 2.02 is just so crazy stable and it carves without accelerating unlike 1.05. With 1.05 I have to hold my breath while carving so that I don't accidentally hit one million kmh mid carve. So now I can slalom like a fool while feeling very secure and maybe I can actually learn to ride properly lol. I continued riding and attempted some hill climbing. I did the same hill I did the other day with Simon (18XL overheated), Fredrik (18XL no probs), MSX 84v (I struggled up). The 16X struggled up.. I had to reposition my legs several times. That is because I don't have side pads. I pulled 16.5A at most lmao. What a joke. I then tried another similar 24-26 degree hill but on the soft mode... no difference really. I won't say that FW 1.05 would fly up the hill... but I can do it with much less effort and repositioning. Perhaps I will do some FW changing and comparison tomorrow. I then did some off-roading. I hit a few unexpected obstacles and almost fell off the front of the 16X. Sort of like if you are on a skateboard and hit a pistacho shell. 16X slowed down faster than my body so I really had to catch myself. This happened twice. On FW 1.05 the forward falling motion from me would cause a fast acceleration and the wheel would just torque over whatever got it in it's way and get back under me. So in the end what has FW 2.02 given me? I can ride the hell out of it at max speed now. Safely. It carves beautifully. It brakes well enough. It is comfortable to ride. I can have a nice riding posture on it and not hunch or lean back all the time. I get around 1km per % unit unless I unleash my final form of pure A-hole rider. So this 16X with FW 2.02 now feels solid. Like a baby Gotway. Which it did in 1.07 as well. Does this mean I never want to use FW 1.05 again? Does this mean I will never try FW 1.07 again? Am I ever gonna dance again? Guilty feet have got no rhythm. So if we look at the release notes what is missing? That the stiffer pedal mode uses more battery? That they changed the riding feel? Did they? Maybe it's just because of the pedals lol. Is 1.07 stiffer? I don't remember. Should I ask them if 1.07 feels stiffer to ME than 2.02? Adapt APP to adjust the front and rear declination Adapt APP to adjust left and right shutdown angle All production fault codes are sent to the APP to facilitate users to lock down the problems Join the total riding time and send it to the APP Optimize charging management. Resume charging after the power drops if do not unplug the charger for a long time. The shutdown time can be adjusted in the app Those are the release notes. Has anyone tested FW 1.07 to FW 2.02 back to back and back and forth, etc and come to the conclusion that there is a different riding feel? Is it just one person? So that would be a n=1 which we are against. Is it several people? Then maybe we have a case lol. And then we could just ask. Hi, several users reported a change in the driving characteristics of FW 2.02 compared to FW 1.07. Could you please include this information in future release notes and perhaps a brief description. We are going out for a late evening group ride today.. so time for me to get ready to roll! I will keep FW 2.02 so I can blast the hell out of all the other riders! Nikola 100v or not! BECAUSE I CAN RIDE FAST ALL THE TIME! KYEEEEKYEKEKEKEKEKE!!!
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