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    Thank you @jimjam.nyc! Nice to hear that I am not the only one cringing. Even worse it makes me feel shame and embarrassment. Also I do agree that speculation (or masturbation as I sometimes call it) is very much part of OUR community. I enjoy our tech talks on this forum and I enjoy seeing others ride as well. Sharing knowledge and experiences and being part of this great community is half of the fun. Maybe we just don't have to drag Jack into it all the time lol. Haha thank you! Out last step is to make some kind of reporting system for this. Perhaps a thread with a topic or poll. Then one could summarise the info and report it to KS as a request or bug fix, etc. Our feedback is only valuable if it is presented in a valuable form. ---------- I just got back form my tropical-potato ride on FW 2.02. I was going down the street where I live and there was a car behind me. The speed limit is this area is 30 kmh but he did not seem to think so. So I silently farted and hit 49.5 kmh upon which I hit a new pothole that I have never seen before. The 16X just floated right over it (I countered like a boss of course) and that was that. 49 kmh pothole completed. I kept on riding and tried to slow down but couldn't because FW 2.02 is just so crazy stable and it carves without accelerating unlike 1.05. With 1.05 I have to hold my breath while carving so that I don't accidentally hit one million kmh mid carve. So now I can slalom like a fool while feeling very secure and maybe I can actually learn to ride properly lol. I continued riding and attempted some hill climbing. I did the same hill I did the other day with Simon (18XL overheated), Fredrik (18XL no probs), MSX 84v (I struggled up). The 16X struggled up.. I had to reposition my legs several times. That is because I don't have side pads. I pulled 16.5A at most lmao. What a joke. I then tried another similar 24-26 degree hill but on the soft mode... no difference really. I won't say that FW 1.05 would fly up the hill... but I can do it with much less effort and repositioning. Perhaps I will do some FW changing and comparison tomorrow. I then did some off-roading. I hit a few unexpected obstacles and almost fell off the front of the 16X. Sort of like if you are on a skateboard and hit a pistacho shell. 16X slowed down faster than my body so I really had to catch myself. This happened twice. On FW 1.05 the forward falling motion from me would cause a fast acceleration and the wheel would just torque over whatever got it in it's way and get back under me. So in the end what has FW 2.02 given me? I can ride the hell out of it at max speed now. Safely. It carves beautifully. It brakes well enough. It is comfortable to ride. I can have a nice riding posture on it and not hunch or lean back all the time. I get around 1km per % unit unless I unleash my final form of pure A-hole rider. So this 16X with FW 2.02 now feels solid. Like a baby Gotway. Which it did in 1.07 as well. Does this mean I never want to use FW 1.05 again? Does this mean I will never try FW 1.07 again? Am I ever gonna dance again? Guilty feet have got no rhythm. So if we look at the release notes what is missing? That the stiffer pedal mode uses more battery? That they changed the riding feel? Did they? Maybe it's just because of the pedals lol. Is 1.07 stiffer? I don't remember. Should I ask them if 1.07 feels stiffer to ME than 2.02? Adapt APP to adjust the front and rear declination Adapt APP to adjust left and right shutdown angle All production fault codes are sent to the APP to facilitate users to lock down the problems Join the total riding time and send it to the APP Optimize charging management. Resume charging after the power drops if do not unplug the charger for a long time. The shutdown time can be adjusted in the app Those are the release notes. Has anyone tested FW 1.07 to FW 2.02 back to back and back and forth, etc and come to the conclusion that there is a different riding feel? Is it just one person? So that would be a n=1 which we are against. Is it several people? Then maybe we have a case lol. And then we could just ask. Hi, several users reported a change in the driving characteristics of FW 2.02 compared to FW 1.07. Could you please include this information in future release notes and perhaps a brief description. We are going out for a late evening group ride today.. so time for me to get ready to roll! I will keep FW 2.02 so I can blast the hell out of all the other riders! Nikola 100v or not! BECAUSE I CAN RIDE FAST ALL THE TIME! KYEEEEKYEKEKEKEKEKE!!!
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    Slightly off-topic here, but wanted to jump in to add a quick note: We're working on a new way of providing feedback to manufacturers, as to date, the whole "just tag Jack Kingsong" approach hasn't proved very effective. (Unlike us) he doesn't log into the forum on a daily basis, so when he does, after a week without logging in, you can imagine the chaos of being welcomed by triple-digit notifications pointing to a dozen different posts...overwhelming, to say the least. I think it's best to reduce tagging to the essential. How about this scenario: - A user notices that battery consumption has changed in FW Y comapred to firmware X. Instead of tagging Jack Kingsong, we wait until other users have tried to reproduce that same behaviour. If after a significant enough number of users (not just a couple) have confirmed it (and it's not just speculation), a mod will tag Jack Kingsong so he knows that it's not just a random tag, but something that's worthy of his attention. If no mod is present, tag a mod instead of Jack Kingsong and the mod will study the case and determine whether the info is significant enough to tag Jack. Of course, you can disagree with the mod, I'm not trying to implement a dictatorship, I just think it would be a much more sensible approach that would make the feedback we provide more valuable and the chances of it being taken seriously higher
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    It should certainly be noted that Kuji rides at rim-bendingly low PSI, but yeah, this looks great! I did notice from different videos that the unsprung side of the V11 does seem to bounce more on bigger drops, but it doesn't transfer the bouncing much to the rider. The S18 lost some contact with the ground at times too, from what I remember in Kuji's street video. It's of course gonna happen when you're going fast enough over a big enough bump. I do think the S18 will have a slight edge in terms of maintaining tire contact, but I think the V11 will do a great job. This isn't a, one is bad and the other is good situation. I am sure both wheels will make riding on bad roads much more comfortable, and safer 🙂 Looking forward to more footage and reviews!
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    Now despite what people choose to debate back and forth. I choose to look more that posted video from Kuji above. It clearly shows it works. And it mitigate most of the bumps but also it isn't glued to the surface. This is what I would expect. You also see clearly that the tire is part of the suspension feel. That type of ride would be something my knees would hurt a lot days after if I had to absorb this only in my legs/back and knees. Now to avoid doing this I stand slightly tiptoed on my wheels as I use foot/ankle to a extra suspension body part. But it also comes at a risk of losing grip with pedals. Being able to stand more flat footed should increase my control of the wheel. I can see this as a huge benefits to how I ride and where I can ride compared to my current wheels. I might even be able to ride at higher tire pressure as I don't need the same tire suspension softness anymore. And this could even increase my range options. So bottom line I couldn't care less about spung or unspung ratio. In my simple mind this is nothing but fantastic future to my rides as I see it. And I am so stoked and looking forward for my V11. Sorry I just can't help being excited about this.
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    Excellent idea! I would not want to log in, see 100 notifications. Read through the first three and see my name in the middle of an obscure post where only half of what is written is relevant and the rest links to something else or a quote or a previous discussion. Great idea filtering these requests through the mods. Yes the feedback system doesn't work if we are tagging a representative and asking them to read our subjective impressions as well as act upon them. It would also help if the language and tone used was less emotional, less accusing, etc. We pride ourselves so much on our scientific approach until our feelings get in the way and then we put the burden of proof on the other person. PROVE TO ME THAT FW 2.02 DOES NOT USE MORE RANGE. WHAT DID YOU CHANGE!!! Do we want them to tell us that they changed to banana flavour so that we can say that they are wrong and that it tastes more like a mango? FW 2.03: Changed fruit to other fruit. WHAT FRUIT? WHAT AM I TASTING? IS THIS CHERRY? I DEMAND TO KNOW!!! There is a lot of noise on this forum and that is all fine and dandy as long as we aren't constantly crying wolf. Then we are just training the people who are trying to help to not help us. I think I need to go out and ride now! I'm outta heeeeeeere....
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    Lower unsprung weight is always better. Theres no debate over this simple fact involving physics. That's why we are starting to move into sprung wheels in the first place. The only issue up for debate is how well the suspension is implemented. Because of this sprung/unsprung fact, by default any suspension is generally (I say generally because if the design/components are truly shite then you are better off ditching them and saving the weight) better than none, but theres no doubt the S18 has a better design. This of course doesn't mean it will ride better as that depends on quality of componentry and implementation. Heres something I can tell you though - my ebike, which is fairly high end, fully suspended (with Fox components) with a well designed rising rate linkage system rides unbelievably smoothly over all surfaces compared to a non sus bike. Heres the thing - I often swop out the stock rear wheel for a motorized wheel if I am doing general road riding. The motor wheel is around 4kg heavier. Where this extra weight (unsprung of course) mainly manifests itself is whenever the wheel loses touch with the surface. The best example I can think of is dropping off a kerb - there is a very noticeable 'thunk' (as expected) from 4kg of unsprung extra weight hitting the tarmac compared to the stock wheel. That said, when the wheel doesn't leave the surface, it's not a massive difference. The suspension still works pretty damn well and soaks up me and the bikes weight very well over areas where the suspension can act fast enough. So in short, I believe both the V11 and S18 will ride more smoothly than non-sus wheels, but if you are really throwing them around (up/down steps/kerbs) or have any kind of surface where the wheel is likely to lose contact the S18 should work better. I don't have an axe to grind over either of these wheels as I won't be buying either of them (I need range/speed above all else).
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    I wrote a comment in another thread today and also posted some screenshots. Long story short. I switched to FW 2.02 again today. I rode it on the hard mode. I rode like an A-hole half of the time beeping at 45 kmh. 64km and 30% battery left. My riding weight was 68kg. It was a bit warmer out usual today but still +12C that went down to +7C in the evening. FW 2.02 feels very solid and is a lot of fun to ride. Very controlled and fun to carve. This is the first firmware I can ride where my heels can be over the back of the pedals, otherwise I have kept them in line with the back of the pedals. The wheel shifts backward/forward depending on decline/incline. I tried a steep hill and failed terribly. It did not matter to me because I enjoyed ripping around on the wheel doing whatever I liked and it tilted me accordingly. I did the steepest drop ever at a skate park and almost died of a heart attack. I have done an easier one on FW 1.05 and landed on my ass. I did the steepest bowl climb ever at a skate park. Smacked my foot. Died inside. But I completed the jump. Then I did a harder one... completed it as well. Dead inside now. Gonna have a beer.
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    202 it's very smooth and fast it does feel nice that way 👍
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    I do feel that battery consumption is higher with 2.02 as well but it's also much easier to maintain a high average speed. I'm gonna stick with it for now. Believe that once my body gets used to riding the wheel more gently thanks to the increased acceleration i'll be back to the same average speeds and battery life as before. Main benefit it seems will be less fatigue on long rides. I can already feel the increased comfort during the few rides i managed to squeeze in. For seated riding - no longer need to hunch over like i'm trying to squeeze out a turd to maintain +-45kph. For upright riding - no longer need to press down hard with my toes, clamp down on my pads and dry hump the air to get that super burst of acceleration. Would like to take it to my usual root infested, hilly trail and see if there's any compromise in torque. Not easy in lockdown times. One can only wish..
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    The ability to control vertical wheel movement is the be-all and end all. Whether it's for comfort or (in the case of F1) traction. All roads lead to the same place - control. Additional traction is a side benefit of good suspension. Comfort is a side benefit of good suspension. Don't be misled by going down the lines of simply thinking that good suspension is only for race cars. Unsprung weight is bad by default, because you are no longer controlling that weight. It does what it wants. Going back to my ebike wheel example, there is discomfort and a noticeable thud when I drop off a kerb with the motor wheel. With the stock wheel, I just 'float' off the kerb, barely feeling it. That difference is from nothing other than an increase in unsprung weight. And it's not a huge amount by any means (around 4kg)...so maybe even less than the unsprung weight difference between a V11 vs S18? The point being... if I can feel that difference without question on a bicycle...I have no doubt you could feel it on an EUC...especially if the unsprung weight difference is even more..
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    In case of Samsung watches button is not supported. It works only in Wear OS and Pebble.
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    Sorry to disappoint, I have a minimum gear list that includes some form of jimmy cloak at all times. I AM however accepting applications for riders at this time...
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    I’ve read the explanations. I’m now interested in knowing how the people who explain have gotten their knowledge or assumptions. I know that no-one has tested and compared different unsprung suspension weights on an EUC, and I’m pretty sure they haven’t done that in any other vehicle either. And Wikipedia disagrees with you on how unsprung weight affects ride comfort. To be real, nobody said anything about wether less unsprung weight would make the suspension feel smoother or more comfortable. Everybody just said that it would be “better“. One of the reasons I brought up my car tires is nicely underlined by @ShanesPlanet: Even when the vehicle is the same and only the tires and wheels are replaced, there are numerous possible explanations for the better comfort, unsprung weight being quite far down the list as a probability, even in your own response. These two EUCs share only the tire size, absolutely nothing else is the same. Yet you say that Kuji’s preliminary comment “confirms” your theory. That’s quite a leap, and I’m not buying. Sure, you may be correct in the end, but we’d have to dig a whole lot deeper to actually confirm anything. Going a bit off topic, the reason for my new car tires (bigger rim, smaller sidewall) to be more comfortable on slow speed bumps is that the shock absorbers are optimized for this type of tire. A taller sidewall cushioned the bumps more by itself, and the suspension didn’t open the extra valves it’s supposed to when riding into bumps. I’m convinced of this because the same happens when I deflate the tire a bit: it becomes less comfortable, unlike what one would expect.
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    I noticed greater safety when driving on cobblestone roads. The unicycle is smoother and it does not give small scratches (slips) when the mono is accelerated over the irregularities of the stones. The feeling of being thrown in front of the mono in this situation was very unpleasant.
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    Amazing! Looks so smooth!
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    Yikes. I knew there was a reason I stepped out of this (and the V11) thread. Hopefully Kuji posts more on reddit so I can avoid these threads some more. :-D
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    I don't think so... You can look at this example, same thing happen to the S18:
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    preposterous? The ONLY information he had was how it looked. I had already made a decision, this was merely a visual OPINION. Just as I stated, it 'speaks' to the adventure crowd. Its not silly to think that a lot of opinion IS based on visual aspects. Visually, he recognized it has a similar setup and open frame as a supermoto. I merely asked what he thought, based on a picture. Why does it have to be a bad thing? Neither of us made ANY assumptions beyond a mere preference in image. I have based my choice on other information. I must be the ONLY person in the world that allows my eyes to create a bias, THEN as I learn more about it, I reevaluate it. To be fair, he had never even seen an euc before, so what do you think he was going to have an opinion on, as aesthetics is the only thing he knows. Batteries, power, range, all foreign to him. Geez, take your nuts out of the vice and breathe. Tiny battery, slow speeds haha. Just lke my 18L, fast enough to decimate a person on crash and long enough range to go 30 miles, 25 miles at tiltback speeds of 30/25mph. I am constantly amazed at how someone who prefers one, openly bashes the other. This IS the s18 thread, not the 'i prefer the v11 and people are stupid if they dont agree" thread. Should i repost my little story, over on the v11 side too, so we can get more opinions on the simple fact that my friend thought the v11 looked cool, but the s18 looked badass? He's entitled to his opinion, and I cant argue, the v11 looks cool, the s18 looks badass. Kinda hard to argue visual opinions. Ask any man who's wife seems ugly to you, what he thinks... is he wrong, are you wrong? Who among us really knows that much about it anyhow? I do see a trend tho. People who prefer the v11 are pretty much against the s18. People who prefer the s18, still entertain that the v11 is nice too. And NONE of us really have a damn clue.
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    This is preposterous [ref: so much emphasis on aesthetics over functionality on an enthusiast forum]. When two wheels have similar-enough specs and functionality, then I might make such a decision based on aesthetics. However these two wheels clearly have very different specs and potential strengths/use cases: The S18 may have slightly better suspension but with such a tiny battery that it's only usable short range and/or at slower speeds (because of the relation between speed and battery; and also KS's notorious overreporting of actual speed), and is likely the one someone might choose for primarily off-roading (lower speeds in general, and if the range is sufficient for how long they ride off-road at a time), or perhaps if they only ride low range/lower speed (although at that point then they're just paying for the suspension, because otherwise there are cheaper alternatives that hit those specs). The V11 is in the same battery ballpark as every other 1600Wh wheel (a ubiquitous larger-wheel size), while Kuji confirms the suspension makes it smoother than any other non-suspension 1600Wh wheel. This could be a primary wheel with potentially the best ride quality for someone wanting/needing that kind of range and/or who wants to sustain speeds in the upper 20s mph (again, because of the battery being able to sustain that, and also because KS overreports speeds so the V11 should easily sustain higher speeds). Each of these wheels could potentially be the absolute best at their respective use case, and inferior to the other in the opposite use case. And ultimately anyone choosing one over the other based primarily on aesthetics but wherein their use case is the inverse is an absolute idiot.
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    Yes @Chriull is right ! KS18L/XL is very easy to operate... but you need to remain humble to avoid a faceplant... You must really think to never push your EUC to its limits... Especially if you are not wearing full protections.
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    Thanks a lot @TomOnWheels & @Chriull :) I will try to keep my head cool even after my learning period but it seams to be wishful thinking. Being 45 years old with triple shoulders injuries (motorbike, bicycle, snowboard), I will first try to overcome my fear.
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    Kiitos infosta @lepovirta! Toi €2K taitaa olla ihan OK hinta. Löysin täältä forumilta omani, käytetty KS16 Saksasta, tuli alkuperäisellä ja 4A laturilla ja maksoi toimitettuna €300. Tiesin jo viime syksynä että haluan kokeilla tätä lajia, joten thanks @mrelwood, näin kun (luultavasti) hän suihaisi mun ohi kotinurkilla ja se näytti niin makeelta että oli pakko testata. Ostin netistä satasella Airwheelin ja kokeilin sillä... ei mennyt hyvin ja annoin periksi kun talvi tuli. Yritin sisällä leikkiä sen kanssa mutta se jäi vaan leikiksi. Nyt kun kevät tuli niin aloitan harjoitella sen kanssa mutta unohdin sen yöksi autokatokseen ja seuraavana aamuna se ei enä suostunut ottaa latausta vastaan... sillä on 4 lediä ja ne ei syty ollenkaan. En kuitenkaan halunnut antaa periksi joten siksi ostin ton KS16 halvalla... ja olikin hyvä päätös! Tää KingSongi on kulkenut yli 10K km ja heitin tänään kahdet lenkit, 30 minsaa ja 7 km ja äsken 50 minsaa - 15 km, ja akku Darknessbotin mukaan oli vielä 55%. Kaveri joka möi sen minulle sanoi että pääsisin ehkä 35km yhdellä latauksella ja se näyttää pitävänsä paikkansa. Olen vielä ihan super aloittelija... aloitin omalla terassila, rakensin noin 6-7m tuki itselleni ja harjoittelin siellä monta tuntia edes takaisin. Sen jälkeen menin isolle parkkikselle ja siellä pari iltaa vedin isoja ympyröitä ja sen jälkeen riskilla uskalsin mennä viime viikolla ekalle "oikealle" lenkille. On tosi nastaa huomata että se sujuu paremmin joka päivä... tällä viikolla on tultu jo 60 km+ ajeltu ja eiköhän satanen menee rikki nyt viikonloppuna. En osaa vielä lähteä liikkeele ilman tukea. Nolottaa vähän kun kävelee jonkun suojatien yli ja pitää löytää joku tolppa että pääse taas liikkeelle, joten se on kai sitten seuraava asia mitä pitää oppia. En myöskään ole harjoitellut "figure eight" eikä tiukkoja kääntöjä, vaikka nekin alkaa ajaessa mennä paremmaksi. Tavoite on että voisin kulkea kingsongilla töihin kunhan tämä korona hässäkkä vähän rauhoittuu.. nyt osittain lomautettuna teen 4h työpäivät etänä... joten siksi minulla on ollut aikaa mennä keskellä päivää parille ajeluille Olen käyttänyt Darknessbottia koska iphone... EUCwold appi näyttää paljon paremmalta, varsinkin kun sen saa kytkettynä Pebbleen, joka on halpa ja jolla on rittoisa patteri.. Käyttääkö joku täällä se kombo? Olisi kiva nähdä miten se toimii ennen kun lähden ostamaan joku käytetty androidi + pebble pelkästää siihen tarkoitukseen että näkisin parametrit ym ajon aikana. Ja toinen juttu mitä tarvitsisin olisi peili, jotta pystyisin nähdä jos joku tulee takaa kun kännän ym.. onko joku virittänyt semmoinen käteen? pitäisi kai yrittää etsiä täältä?
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    @Onecho Do you get cramps in your feet as well? My feet start to cramp up & I have to stop & walk until I can flex my feet again. They hurt. I learnt to ride via these two youtube videos: & They both have excellent tips to start. From them I've learnt to never lock my knees either. Which brings me to the same issue, my legs start to shake in about two miles because I'm bent at the knee. Perhaps I am bent too much ... I dunno but I have been hitting the gym a bit more & working on strengthening my legs so I can stand longer on the pedals. I've also found when your indoors to try the wall seat as often as you can. Putting your back to the wall, slide down until your thighs are parallel with the floor & hold that stance for as long as you can. This has really helped in standing a bit longer with knees bent. Now I jus have'ta figure out how ta keep my feet from cramp'n up or gett'n stiff.
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    This sounds like a job for the King Song 18XL. It will probably be fast enough for you for a while (50 kmh), unless you are one of those wheel savants that needs great speed in less than 6 months of riding. The trolley handle is the best for commuting (walking inside buildings, buses, trains). It is noticeably lighter than the MSP, which is better for stairs. It has a reputation for long range. The 2200 watt motor moves my 105 - 108 kg quite easily. Lots of folks off road this wheel and love it. True statement, generally. There is a lot of discussion on the forum that tire type makes a big difference also. I am a new rider (4 months, 2 months riding fairly well around town) that went crazy. I have the MSP and the 18XL. I've often thought to myself that if I was to commute, or travel, etc., the 18XL would be the one to take because it does it all well, and has a high convenience factor (best trolley handle, dual USB ports, dual charging ports, excellent range, strong motor, 18 inch wheel stability, lighter weight). The MSP is more fun I think, but would not win against the 18XL for all the commuting issues. I have no experience with the Nik+, except to say the trolley handle generally gets better reviews than the MSP / MSX / MSS. Have you already crossed the 18XL off your list? If not, give it a look.
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    Don't start to try reverse riding as you are back to zero and frustration again. Even 2.5 years I am not there yet....
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    Why ride, when you can read about what its like to ride.. Isn't it more fun to speculate than to actually ride one of these things? :-) I am kidding.. All joking aside.. i like the filtering feedback idea as well.. When the Q&A SKS18 thread was there.. It was cringe worthy to even read some of the stuff in there.. All though i was sad when it got shut down.. I was kind of happy i didn't have to cringe at my screen for 10 mins a day while i dug through it for actual useful information. We are getting some cool things from KS from direct feedback, and some really good benefits from having jack here. Lets try and keep it going, and not ruin it.
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    I have put on 1000km on my 16X since switching to the Chao Yang. I feel like a bit of my identity is gone haha. When I was on the Nik+ the other day I really had to lean it to get it to turn. The 16X turns so easily now. The tyre is thinner than the CX, it wants to wobble a bit at high speed and this can be solved by leaning my calves against the pads. I can imagine Franks pads would be awesome for those cases. On the CX I did the opposite and always stayed off the sides and just let it do it's little wobble dance freely between my legs. They are simply different and the CYT is better than the CX and some things and vice versa. Still.. there is something about crouching and leaning into curves and hanging off the side of the wheel. And low speed balance and nimbleness. That feeling of floating. Give it a few thousand km and try to look for the benefits of the tyre. Carve it deeper. Run it a bit higher PSI than the CX and just rip it around all over the place.
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    Lower mass accelerates faster and can therefore track the contours of the terrain better at higher speeds. If riding below the speed at which the wheels start to lose tracking then there should (in theory) be little difference between the V11/S18. In my view the V11 is better suited to on-road use and the S18 to off-road use.
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    i had the nikola 2100 with the huge battery on top... zero wobbles at any speed, in fact it was extremely stable... because of its shape? its shape is very aerodynamic if anything, not that this makes a difference at these measly speeds lol, i have never once felt any wobble on a wheel unless it had a very poorly seated tire or it was way too overinflated.. the 84V 2400 monster has an additional 800 wh battery on one side and it doesnt wobble whatsoever, its all in the rider... you need to strengthen those particular leg muscles, adjust your feet and relax.. youre probably just going too fast, you came from a puny little wheel with a puny tire, and youre moving up to the second or third largest euc there is, with a super fat tire theres going to be an adjustment period yes you would absolutely have the same problem on another (bigger) wheel, its not the wheel... until you become a seasoned rider with lots of experience on different wheels of varying sizes there will always be a longer adjustment period for that particular wheel because they all have different centres of gravity, weights, sizes, tires, pressure points and each will put different stresses on different muscles
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    I agree with you, tho Im not sure your point about the Ks18 argument? If someone places ZERO value in suspension, I feel that neither the s18 or v11 is a good choice. The s18 and v11 are very similar, but i think they will each outperform the other in various areas. I would surely hope that BOTH wheels perform great in all areas, even if one of them was slightly better in one. I see both wheels as being great options. I can concede that the v11 has MANY obvious advantages over the s18 on a few areas and vice versa(still just guessing). Of course, the importance of each 'advantage' is completely opinion based (for most of them). Each of us has different things we want from a wheel. Each of us picks and chooses what to focus on and what we can overlook for the compromise. If BOTH wheels perform more than adequately in all areas, it winds up being a pure judgement call. I have little doubt that you cant go wrong with either one. Whichever a person ends up buying, they will more than likely enjoy it and hopefully feel as tho they made the correct choice. IN the end, I only care about how the wheel makes me feel. I also hope that other riders prefer theirs and how it makes THEM feel. Ribbing on people is always fun, and having BOTH of these out at one time, that's going to make this very enjoyable to watch and be a part of. We ALL know that black is the fastest color... prove it aint!
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    How did you end up with 2 cx321 tyres lol😊 If you do want to sell them I'm your man👍 The chaoyang tyre is smooth and fast and doesn't wobble and more nimbler but the 321 just has a nice feeling of keeping upright , Anyway if you sell one I'd be happy to purchase,, is it new?👍
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    If this was the case then both KS18L/XL would not be worth looking at. Yet just because it isn't best is class is not the same as it being a bad option. People choose their wheel for different reasons. I am not a suspension master. But I do know that somethings work very different when it comes to EUCs. Also Kuji said himself the suspension is a new thing for him too. Accidents mechanics are very different as an example. It is rare to see an instant faceplant on a mc or bicycle. The road grip is also different compared to a bicycle/mc. If we compare wheel models the Z10 and to some degree KS16X acts different due to the "gyro effect" and that is different on many levels to most other EUCs. Now I have not tested a 22" GW but I am pretty sure that has it's own differences due to rim size and mass. But if are to look at cars then a Paris-dacar rally car vi a Formula 1 car are so different in suspension setup and construction that you can't really compare these. I suspect this not as profound between S18 and V11. But even if S18 should be "better" in suspension area, I am likely going to enjoy my incoming V11. I am for sure not going to chicken out just because of a few first comments. As in the bigger picture. It is still more comfortable ride on either model compared to a "normal" EUC. I am looking forward to see more independent reviews of these new wheels and also for how to disassemble the wheel/maintenance/tirechange videos.
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    Sorry, I couldnt resist. ALL the gear ALL the time, yet you break it down to a list of what gear you wear and when? Shouldnt it be more like... Some of the gear sometimes and all of the gear sometimes? Just poking fun, but surely you see the irony? I know, its just for effect, but it makes me chuckle to see when Im not the only ironic fellow around here. I really need to make a video to promote riding naked... maybe itll catch on?
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    I'm 2.5 weeks into my first wheel. Taking to heart the comparison with learning to ride a bike has helped the most, keeping me from getting discouraged and too focused on conscious technique*. I knew if I made sure to practice multiple times daily, even in short spurts, it'd eventually click. Last week it finally did and I'm happily out f the frustrating part of the learning curve and into the fun region. As you said, it's all about trial and error. *Remembering to turn into the fall has helped a lot as far as technique goes.
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    3/4" epdm foam (11psi) fits snuggly under a rollNZ cover. Cover keeps it on and only requires minimal double stick tape because of traction between the surfaces and pressure of the cover(cheap and easy to remove or adjust with tape, tho caution with rubberized coated wheels).Doesnt even have to look good when a cover hides it! Not very deep, but its enough. I found that my legs dont touch the wheel above the ankle, until near the top anyhow. Its also nice to have 2 pieces, as i can customize the angles. After checking and testing for a while, I honestly don't know how a (one sized fits all) solid pad setup, would be ideal, as it REALLY does matter where you place your feet and what angles YOU prefer. I dont know how/if this could apply to an uncovered wheel.* comfort at speed and downhill braking are much better with the pads, but I'm trying to do w/o them for a little longer. The hardest part BY FAR, was removing the old pad's glue from the shell. Epdm is pretty solid, the neoprene makes it softer and still comfy with minimal pad down the middle.
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    Haha and here I have been working on being humble and open to new ideas for the past year. And failed at both. I am interested in hearing your opinion on 2.02. The firmware changes are very easy. The upgrade to 2.02 introduces the auto shutdown timer adjustability and it defaulted to 1 minute. I changed it to 1 hour. At one point I had to recalibrate the wheel since it started dipping forward when turning left and dipping backwards when turning right. So the gyro was off. We have probably all been there. Downgrade to 1.05 was painless as well. It's great to finally have access to these firmware changes!
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    We are probably all wrong. There’s only a handful of people that have ever tested any kind of one wheeled device with suspension. We are going to have to learn it all and it’s a journey. Nobody has even defined what the goal is and what defines “better”. I know what sprung vs unsprung mass means in vehicles but I’m not convinced it will be a very big deal in unicycles. I’ve never seen this issue brought up in other vehicles when the goal was to have more comfort. Only when the goal was to have more grip when cornering. Of course there’s some effect but for me the bigger deal would be e.g. being able to quickly adjust the settings on the S18. In any case, both will be much better than anything we had before.
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    Yes and no. However the manual does imho not really provide too much/anything usefull. Important is to understand "the overlean" - an unexpected faceplant is not nice. It will take some time for a beginner with a KS18Xl to come into this region, but this limiz is not really intuitive... So the main thing to prevent an overlean is to not burden (incline, acceleration) the wheel at high(er) speeds.
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    I was on 1.05 since it came out, never tried any other FW because i didn’t want to be stuck on a updated FW that i don’t like. After seeing @Mike Sacristan‚s latest video, our wheels are from the same batch, and as he didn’t smash his head on the pavement by the end of the video, i thought I’ll give it a shot. I didn’t ride for long today, but i think i like it.
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    Yup. What I try to say is it's not really a perfect example for unstrung weight as you pointed out. The speed is quite high and the bumps are not small ( it's comparable with the speed and bumps in the S18 video time mark). We still need to see more tests on this. Pretty sure we can have first round review in a week.
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    Just out for a little ride on the mten3 and seen a toy horse 🏇 and thought I might have a little fun ride with it 😁 lol it looked good from behind 😁 Anyway here's the video I captured 😂
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    King Song: Wayyy a minute....you want stronger wheel wif more plastic, but weigh less? You no take math? You no like LED? You serious? You joking? We have best LED! Not space ship like Inmotion! You cwazy. Go take math class. (We add more LED...) Gotway: He thinks their plastic is bad? Veteran EUC: We build EUC like tank--you buy from us. We make best ECU. (No steh-we-oh. We no add steh-we-oh.) You like more better our wheel. Uh, no, we no ship yet...no worry, we make good ECU, berry strong. You like. Inmotion: King Song rip off our suspension idea!
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    Yep, although even on-road a lower unsprung weight could really help, for example a pot hole. The S18 may, just may be able to ride it out if the suspension can react quick enough. The V11 might not... ….but both will still have a better chance than a wheel with no suspension lol.
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    Haha This is because this text was created for Wear OS app, when Samsung app was only existing in my dreams
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    This why I shared the video in this early stage. I also like to show why I chose to support @Seba and why I spend time to help if I can. My investment is limited compared to King Seba. 👍Thank you for the feedback.
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    @Unventor The video is interesting. Is the current video taken using EUC WORLD APP? Are you currently testing beta?
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    Absolutely! There already are two large capacitors in every mainboard to do exactly that, to provide power immediately when required, because the batteries can’t provide the current fast enough for a solid pedal feel. It’s a part of normal operation though, and hence not a basis for a warning. I don’t think that an overlean is too fast for the battery current to rise, unless you ride into a deep pothole. An overlean near the max speed wouldn’t benefit very much from the capacitors either, since the issue is not the lack of current but the lack of sufficient voltage differential. The battery voltage must exceed the motor’s back-EMF voltage for any acceleration to happen. The no-load speed is where the voltages meet, hence acceleration can no longer happen. If one rides close to the no-load speed, only very little acceleration can happen. Solving an issue of a user error is very difficult to do with technology alone, since if you increase the power by any means, it just pushes the threshold a bit higher. But it’s still there. Looking at how many times more power, speed and stability we now have on every (non-toy) EUC compared to just four years ago, the issue is definitely somewhere else than in the wheels’ power delivery.
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    Really cool, but where's the 'revert' or original file? Im no programmer at all, tis why i get so nervous when I muck with any of this kind of thing. Sounds great as a feature, but what if I wind up not preferring it?
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    I received a beat down at work last Wednesday. If everything could go wrong it did. 1)A dad arrived to have his son’s cast removed and another cast applied for his son’s brace. Unbeknownst to me my secretary did not have on her face mask but quickly donned it in his presence. 2) Then the secretary was supposed to take their temperatures and record them but my other secretary had put the infrared temp scanner in her pocket and left. No temp taken 3)Then the father and his son went into the cast room awaiting my arrival. 15 minutes passed before I was able to see them but the guy had left accusing us of not following COVID 19 guidelines. i was mortified to say the least. Every sanity practice I had put into place over the past 7 weeks were botched in an instant. He refused to return or accept my offer that I would travel to his home to perform the procedure. 4)Then he sent me a photo of our cast table accusing that it was not clean. That hit me hard as I cannot see anything wrong except for a few little plaster speckles. None of these incidents should have happened with all of the staff company meetings and virus protocols in place over the past 7 weeks. I’m still bummed.
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