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    As I posted on the Facebook group, I've decided to track my whole experience on the forums. I've been lurking around for some time now, but didn't have a lot of quality info to add, so i kept my mouth shut... And now I figured... Meeeh, you'll deal with it :D. So this happened today... Welcome me to the big boy club. From a ninebot one s2 to the 16x's a long way to go... First impressions - blindfolded and clueless, I'd still know this was manufactured in China. Comparing it to the ninebot experience, it's almost eye-watering: the original King Song app feels like a cheap knockoff of the Ninebot OEM one, the manual is written with Google translate (at best) and the wheel is beeping like crazy when one is trying to set it up with the oem app. Menus, settings, led modes, all of it, is also translated by the same clueless algorithm, which gave birth to the sad sad manual. Enter #EUCworld. My god, what a change in UX that was. (almost) EVERYTHING ruined by Chinese manufacturing disappeared in a flip of a switch, and oh golly what a joy ride wheel it became! @Seba thank you brother, for bringing this amazing wheel to life with your absurdly awesome software. I was using what was WheelLog with my Ninebot One S2 (thanks to @Seba for bringing Ninebot support), and since my white puck failed me (abnormal communication with Battery #1), I've been a bit out of the EUC World, as I had no wheel to ride. Starting EUC World now, with the KS 16X, I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH how far that application has come thanks to that single guy. All of you, not yet using EUC World, do yourselves a favor and start immediately. Also, consider strongly supporting Sebastian. I've been telling him for almost an year now to make the app paid-for, but he won't, as he wants to serve the community. And it's time the community does that right back. We're purchasing wheels costing 2,000$ and up almost every year, so it's only normal to shell 20€ per year for the guy that makes the software, which often (as in my case) makes or breaks the experience. I'm yet to ride it properly in the upcoming days, but my setup experience was a night and day difference thanks to EUC World. Other than that - what I said about the Ninebot experience kinda extends to the materials used too. Wheel is solid, fits together nicely, has no noticeable gaps, but it "feels" hollow in places, meaning it feels like the plastic is a bit thin, or there's no support behind it... IDK how to explain it, it's just a feeling, although I read around, and my friends tell me it's a pretty sweet and solid wheel, that holds good even in some pretty serious crashes. LEDs are not-so-premium looking in person, and the handlebar, although brilliant in design, feels like something that'll give in sometime in the near future. Experience-wise for someone coming from a 14" 11 kilo nimble AF wheel, It's on the heavy side, but (to my surprise) manageable for 4 storey historical building (read 4 meters height of a single storey) stairways climb. TBH One of my biggest concerns upgrading my wheel from the Ninebot One S2 to some of the big guys was that I was a bit worried that i won't be able to lug it around, but it's doable I think. Surely it'll get easier with time and training. Keep in mind I'm 220 pounds, and I have a good body strength. Wheel itself oozes performance feeling, and is nimble as f*ck. Almost as nimble as the Ninebot, weight-feeling being the only difference. I can turn on a dime with it, even tighter diameters than on my s2 due to the much higher pedals. I can scrape the pedal while turning on a spot, and it's still fairly easy to swing it around doing one pedal-scrape to the other pedal scrape. Speed and confidence I can't discuss as I'm not a speed daemon and still haven't ridden it with more than 15-20 kph. I feel the random pedal dip and misbehaving, but I've read that I need to recalibrate it, so I'll do that and then look if it persists as behaviour. One strange thing was that wheel itself feels like it pulls to the right, but I'm pretty sure it's my riding muscles not being used to such weight between my legs (yeah, I know, pun intended). I'm thinking of going for a ride tomorrow to dig into the feeling, and will keep you posted here about it... Like a small journal of sorts. Ninebot One S2 had, to me, THE strongest sense of intuitive unprecedented life-changing human-machine augmentation I've ever experienced in my life. It truly felt like a mechanized part of your body, adding almost super-human like abilities to your own self. KS 16x initially feels like you've just supercharged that component of your android configuration with jolts and jolts of raw, un-pure, untamed energy. All that said, comparing it to the Ninebot One S2 wheel dynamics: pretty different, yet promising and alluring to say the least.... Also 16x has almost doubled it's price both in feeling and experience once coupled with the EUC world app. Consider strongly supporting it.
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    Downgrade feature will be added very soon to EUC World.
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    Please, I implore everyone to watch this video and re-evaluate your safety gear practices. What am I doing? I'm in the process of getting an additional full-face helmet that I can wear even when cruising down to my local store on a super-quick trip - something small and lightweight - probably without a visor. Within the last 6-months I have been changing my riding habits. I always wear knee pads and wrist guards. I wear my full-face helmet on most rides, however, around town for errands runs, I have often been wearing no helmet. I am determined to correct this and make my minimum gear for any ride be full-face helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards. This video doesn't show the aftermath, but it does show the accident. He was not going fast folks. He has lost all of his front teeth and will be needing bone grafts and reconstructive surgery on his jaw. He was not going fast.
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    I want to address some concerns about the 3P pack issue. We are currently using LG M50T. Each cell is capable of a discharge current of 20A, 3P would result in 60a 60*72v= 4320W. Aka: There is plenty of torque and you will take full advantage of the motor. PS: Please @ me if theres anything I've missed.
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    @Marty Backesaid MSP is the most powerful wheel yet. If that's true, we should be able to measure it, right? Right! Friends and I got ahold of the EUCO demo wheel, and put it head-to-head with the prior high-torque wheels, MSX and MCM5. These runs were timed with a manual stopwatch, over a fixed distance. Notable results: The MSX owner (Rider 1) was fastest up our hill on MCM5, not MSP! But we can see from his current log that he wasn't comfortable taking the MSP to its maximum output. The MCM5 owner (Rider 2) was fastest with MSP, not MCM5! We can see that he committed to an even more aggressive forward lean, and got higher current from the MSP. If you don't use power pads, and weigh 175lb or less, it's physically impossible to even get near the power limits of MSX or MSP at low speeds. None of us were comfortable going up this hill quickly (with any wheel) without DIY lean pads installed. Data: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OxLMZz3fuu_x06lTeh8rQOeYU1oPibda/view?usp=sharing Summary analysis: Video of test: Very fun wheel! Notice something we didn't? Comments appreciated
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    Here are my thoughts in all seriousness, I believe King Song made a smart move here (strategically speaking) by only making the S18 only 20p3s. Keep in mind, they added new suspension which is revolutionary for us in the EUC world. It would be wise for the company not to stick too many batteries in this new unproven product when we all know batteries are not on the cheap thus making its debut at $2300-$2500. If this k18 proves to be a hit (which i think it will be) King Song can always come back and refine/upgrade this new product to appease the the rest of us. I really like this wheel, especially what they are able to squeeze in with the weight of only 22kgms, so there is definitely room here to add weight here, compared to 18inch wheels that are already out . Having said that, I think where they fell flat was probably not their fault, was our expectations of their product. They made a machine that looks rugged AF, so beautifully futuristic, looks like it could tear up the trails but only deemed a beginners/intermediate wheel (per kuji), what a bummer. If I am correct, King Song will eventually come out with an upgraded more powerful s18 (of course KS will never admit to that, because that will impact their current sales), and I'm willing to wait til they do. Let us not forget, this is a hobby for us but it is a business for KingSong. And if I am wrong, I will still enjoy riding my KS16s. Call it cautious spending or whatever on my part.
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    TeMata Peak, Havelock North, New Zealand. "Social Distancing" observed, during Easter Weekend at this Usually Crowded tourist spot, with views over to the mountains and out over Hawke's Bay. (All images had to be scaled down to "Low Res" to allow uploading in one post, sorry)
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    I've created a Q&A to officially answer questions without the need for speculation.
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    Sorry, when you said you had concerns about lugging around the new 16x, I had to do a double take on your profile pic and thought to myself, "are you kidding me?". Nice fun read otherwise.
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    That was in the beginning, now just 10 km if I remember correctly. After 10km you can unlock to 50km/h also with firmware 1.0.7
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    No - in your link the cell was discharged continously with 15A down to 2.5V! Down to 3V it delivered still 3Ah with this 15A. Why? It for sure will deliver 20A - just with less capacity available and only as peak current. And some battery temp monitoring should be established if the design allows this too long. But as peak burden it's no "problem". But yes - it seems to be targeted more for "city riders" than "mountain climbers". Depending on driving style some higher current cells (40T) could have been a better choice... We'll see how the wheel will perform. There will most presumably be a big enough market for this wheel. Just not for people looking for maximum range/acceleration...
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    Uploading pictures to the forum server is no real solution - there won't be enough space anyhow. But the forum software allows embedding pictures by just copying a direct link to some hoster:
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    its quite simple.. msx has a larger tire, it will always be a smoother ride and better for off road and absorbing imperfections.. nikola is a smaller wheel, it will have more torque and off the line speed/faster braking and be more nimble.. but the smaller tire will be less capable of dealing with imperfections. the ride of the two is actually very similar once you are actually moving as in on a smooth road they both behave quite similarly. now outwardly, the msx has a good handle to lift, the nikola has a horrible handle to lift, the msx has a useless trolley handle that barely functions, the nikola has a very functional trolley handle.. the msx plastic is thin and brittle and creeks/feels cheap.. the nikola shell is of a much higher quality and feels more premium.. side by side the msx is actually more compact, especially seeing as it is the one with the bigger tire, however its ergonomics are terrible and pedals are not as good.. takes a lot longer to get used to, where the nikola is quite comfortable albeit fat and slightly taller.. however the price between the two makes up for this difference in quality of components.. any wheel can do anything you want it to but as with everything there is always compromise so whatever your primary use case is going to be base your decision off of that.. if you ride primarily off road the msx is definitely safer, if you ride on horrible pot hole ridden roads the msx is definitely safer... if you are primarily going on smooth pavement and clean trails then the nikola is definitely more comfortable.. appearance and ergonomics are a personal preference its hard to say without you trying both but thats my opinion.. neither will leave you lacking in any regard they just have different strong suits
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    Just to follow up on a recent post I made, stating that my helmet collecting is getting out of control, here is the proof (maybe I need some sort of counselling for the issue!!!) This is a New photo I took today including the Newly acquired Bell Super DH and the "Gorgeous" TSG Pro Carbon Trace Edition (which is definitely my New favorite helmet, but yet to be worn!). The two skate style helmets were only used in the beginning stages and DO NOT get used for EUC use now, as I prefer and have always used Full Faced protection ever since I learned to ride!
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    Please, I implore everyone to watch this video and re-evaluate your safety gear practices. What am I doing? I'm in the process of getting an additional full-face helmet that I can wear even when cruising down to my local store on a super-quick trip - something small and lightweight - probably without a visor. Within the last 6-months I have been changing my riding habits. I always wear knee pads and wrist guard. I wear my full-face helmet on most rides, however, around town for errands runs, I have often been wearing no helmet. I am determined to correct this and make my minimum gear for any ride be full-face helmet, knee pads, and wrist guards. This video doesn't show the aftermath, but it does show the accident. He was not going fast folks. He has lost all of his front teeth and will be needing bone grafts and reconstructive surgery on his jaw. He was not going fast.
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    Why would Gotway give Jack King Song a raise? Unless you are implying he is a double agent...
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    I hotdogged the 100v MSX as fast and as far as I could go. I got 25 miles until it wasn't fun anymore. Probably could have gone another 5-8 miles if I babied it. Big difference from the 58-62 miles I got going 20 mph. Stay safe out there!
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    Agree, add one more Pness to this wheel and I think a lot of people will be all over it, pun intended . If it adds 3-4 lbs (give or take) to the total weight, so be it, (battery and modified of body) this would be my dream wheel.
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    More battery please. 1600wh.
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    I just set up and started to use a pebble and it is pretty easy to setup following the youtube instructions and using it is not a pain at all, same as the android watch I tried. Battery lasts for days and it vibrates for alarms too and it only cost me $20 on ebay
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    I think you don't have to worry. KS never puts internal testing firmware into production wheels. Your wheel will have 1.07, I think Jack was talking about some "beta testers" that intentionally took part in new firmware testing program and didn't meant that some new users will take the role of beta testers. So don't be afraid
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    Not a huge deal but it would be nice if it was easier. I assume it's the same for all WearOS devices. May be an easier way, but I navigate to settings and select power off. So, one swipe down, tap settings > system > power off. So 5 or 6 interactions. Holding the power button just reboots the device.
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    When I first saw it, I thought it looks strange and needlessly complicated compared to Inmotion's solution. But I can appreciate that they suspended the entire wheel (sans motor+tire), which looks damn cool if you think about it! Now I'm a fan of the crazy looks.
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    I think @Jack King Songis talking about 20A peak current. You are talking about max. continuous discharge current. 43.65A x 72V = 3142 Watt continuous discharge current Maybe I'm already confused by too many numbers myself, but now I wonder when I ever needed 3142 w continuous discharge current on my 16X? Where is my mistake, I usually wonder why I am so sceptical? At least as far as 3p is concerned, the low capacity/range is still bad, of course. Come on King Song, at least 7.5A charge current. That's my last offer!
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    Kyllä mä itse ottaisin aina isoimman mahdollisen akun. Riippuu toki käyttötarpeesta. Hintaerohan on naurettavan pieni. Jos tuossa on max budjetti, niin en oikein keksi samaan rahaan parempaa vaihtoehtoa.
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    For several years I have worked as a test driver for a large company here in Finland that manufactures tires. So I have collected a lot of data on how the air pressure affects the tire durability. Our electric unicycles are no exception, we can actually affect how fast the tire is worn-out. I have traveled 3000+ km with my Schwalbe Mad Mike tire before I had to replace it with a new one. To make it easier to check the pressure, I have modified a bicycle pump to fit the valve size of my EUC. Products used for the project: - The Z Shock pump - Euro Style Clip-on Connector - Gorilla Glue - 5mm drill Adjust the air pressure to suit you and check it regularly. Drive safely!
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    WHOA, locked knees? Hell no, never ever ever. I musta learned that as a kid skating or something, as i NEVER lock my knees (even just standing in place) and never think about it. Man, helmets, no helmets, please dont EVER lock those knees on an euc. Small bumps, big bumps, you better let muscle and not bone, handle it. Pre-bent knees (even a little) dont bend backwards easily by accident. Whats it gna be? Knees, hips or ankles? You gotta pick one or the ground picks it for you.
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    I would say go for the msx if you ride more off road. If not go for the Nikola. Of all my wheels I have the most time on the msx. It is fairly nimble, climbs well and is fast (but not to accelerate). That’s about all the positive things I can say about the msx. The negative, it’s ugly, not comfortable, horrible trolley handle and looks cheap. I am new to the Nikola but, I love it! It’s fast, responsive, looks good, comfortable, has speakers and a better trolley handle. If you’re not gonna do a lot of off-road get the Nikola. Just my two cents 😏
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    18L is still a fine wheel. In fact, if I found a used 18L with good price near by, I would buy it to ride while waiting for S18 and V11 hit markets. (and sell if after afterwards).
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    Yeah, I don't believe in nagging people to wear gear. We all make choices and are adults. I do to want share safety gear content that doesn't point the finger at anyone in particular but can maybe motivate people improve their safety. I'm far from perfect, but aim to get better.
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    Dude the guy fucked up his face what the hell you talkin about???? We definitely do not need arrogant riders.... I was side tackled by a left-turning car!!! Just getting over my rotate cup surgery... Could have had a concussion if not for my helmet...
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    I just came inside after riding up and down my driveway with no helmet. I fully agree Marty. Even short, slow rides can end up being catastrophic.
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    Anyone who says these things aren't dangerous - I was hit by a courier van when I was going around 40kms an hour. On @The Fat Unicyclist wheel, no less. Three months on crutches. Then reconstruction surgery, and another three months recovering. I still limp today, on a cold morning. You are skiing. On pavement. Around cars. It IS absolutely dangerous. I mean, I love it. I love riding, as much as I loved surfing when I first learned to surf. Its that same feeling - I have to go for a ride every day. Like when I was 14 and used to sneak out on weekends to go surfing. But it is dangerous. Wear gear.
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    Pictures of coronavirus Easter weekend 2020 riding. Empty Autobahn. This is not how it normally looks. This would be the way to Austria and Italy, both have their borders closed. Glorious weather. There's an ACM hidden in the shadow and a view hidden in the distance.
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    Hey George, I'm just messing with you, thanks for being a good sport about it. Enjoy your new wheel!
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    Damn really Kingsong isnt doing their work properly here.. What are they beta testing the new firmware with the new batch users? These are customers that paid for huge load of money for that wheel. We deserve better service or at least some proper description before updating the firmware. One of the staff wouldnt even answer my questions related to this firmware.
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    GPS speed and wheel speed don't tend to coincide precisely (it would be even more dramatic if you had a KS!) But a 3 km/h difference isn't that much...were you going in a straight line? About the 45 km/h alarm, it's always based on the speed reported by the wheel, so GPS shouldn't affect that. If you set it to 45 km/h, it will beep when the wheel speed is 45 km/h, so it's always consistent. For testing purposes, you can always lower the speed to 30 km/h to make sure it works The toggle function wasn't implemented because the regulatory compliance option is somewhat of a last/emergency resort, so you're correct, you have to change it from speed settings. About your issue, try hitting "enter" on the phone keyboard after typing in the number, that should work. This should clarify any doubts about the gauge on the main page: You have a choice between Pebble, WearOS and Tizen
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    All hail to EASTER chocolate bunnies!
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    The peak visor is weird but it is handy for the mirror. It will be more useful when I am back east where we actually have trees. The XL was fine. I am going to drop the tire pressure a little. I was on desert dirt tracks for about three miles and the wheel gave me a good workout. It got my pulse rate up. I needed to use more toe pressure on the XL. Going uphill on the 16S I could just lean as far forward as needed. With the XL I had to exert toe pressure. Next time out I am going to position my feet further forward on the pedals. BTW, I had the same size pedals on the 16S. The XL seems as maneuverable as the 16S. It's a lot faster, I was comfortable riding in the mid twenties. The range test will be coming up next week. River Mountains Loop trail, 35 miles. This shouldn't be much of a test. I've already logged 46 miles on the XL with the charge it arrived with. It will be more of a test for my feet. BTW, with the visor up the helmet lets you hear what's going on around you. I could hear the wheel talking. I didn't feel isolated. Bruce
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    The Ipswich river and rail trail to Topsfield Beverly airport Deer in Topsfield (about 300 yards away at sunset)🤗 Sheep at Meredith farm, Topsfield Guy with a sidecar
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    Fantomas, as we all know is Awesome, but this **it is Unreal!!!
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    Be carefull with stall current tests - the cables and mosfets are absolutely not designed for such burdens! And from what i read gw wheels have no current limitations... "Additional lowspeed acceleration (bigger motors) are not desirable in future EUC's of this size. We did not perform tests to evaluate heat dissipation of the wheel. MSP is likely to maintain speed on a grade at lower temperatures than MSX, due to its design which includes the stronger motor (same force with less current), and upgraded internal cooling. (Better cooling allows heavier riders to sustain longer climbs in hotter climates.)" So "bigger motors" (more torque per current, less speed per voltage) could be of interest for "mountain climbers" - they don't need additional torque (as you commented in the video - grip/traction is the limit...) but the mosfets stay cooler/cables survive since they have to handle less current.
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    FYI, the video that I just posted today has zero graphic imagery. But it has lots of good content worth considering.
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    Love it And yes, you do have a problem that should be looked into.
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    Have you done and real-world battery life testing for the Ticwatch Pro. Yes 5 hours 30 min my experience brigitnes 3-5( is maximum). Auto brigitness save you many minutes. If i go shop rest etc. I "alt tab" eucworld and let watch save batery own way after i resume ride i push ticwatch pro programable buton to reopen eucworld. I use google pay for my watch. 3-4 hours continuous use no problem at all dont forget i use watch for CURENT alarm to warn me im close to high power consumption 29A this mean watch vibrate often . I use watch like watch ,pay, control BT speaker and Horn. In emergency you can rechearge watch in 10 min 35+% battery(2A powerbank).
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    Great discussion about batteries - I’ve certainly learned a few things! It appears to me that 3p in the KS-S18, isn’t inherently unsafe (the V8 is only 2p), but will likely result in Kingsong employing a firmware with less aggressive acceleration curves to account for the reduced ability of the battery packs to handle current spikes. We should probably also expect speed throttling to start at 50% battery or earlier. This would be inline with Kuji’s video riding the beeps and his comment about the S18 being a beginner/intermediate wheel and not to expect 16X performance. Performance of the S18 will likely be closer to the less popular KS-16XS, the 777Wh version of the KS-16X. They both use a motor with the same 3-cm wide magnets, but the 16XS motor is rated only 2000W vs the 16X 2200W. My guess is that they’re the same motor, but rebadged for marketing purposes. The big difference between the two are the number of mosfets 6 vs 12, the control board, firmware, and the battery pack 777Wh in 20s3p vs 1554Wh in 20s6p. If anyone has seen reviews on the 16XS, it could give us some insight into how Kingsong will handle 3p configuration performance. This gives me some hope that there might be a high-performance 2220Wh KS-S18XL in the future. Do you think there’s room to double the width of the battery packs?
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    There is an option for Customers worried that the 1110Wh pack won't cut it for their needs, King Song have an external 780Wh power-bank, raising the total potential capacity to 1,890Wh, which we have in stock. This would require fitting into an back-pack & having a tether wire trickle charging the main pack @ 3A/84v (there's an output voltage toggle); while it's not perfect, it should be a workable solution. The price for this hardware is $650.
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