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    May I add one more video to aid the Coronavirus distraction list! Myself and Rebecca (a Onewheel rider) got together in celebration of Women’s History Month to chat about our experiences with our respective wheels. Coming in at 5mins- ish it's the first episode in a series called ‘Conversations with Riders’ where I hope to film more riders in the PET community. Hope you guys enjoy it! If so tilt back on the like button then join the ride and subscribe. If you have any suggestions about who I should film next let me know!
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    10, 14, 16, 19, 17, 22 ... ocd triggered!
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    I've always been impressed by how respectful and amicable the overall vibe on this forum is, considering how varied its user base is---geographically, culturally, socially, etc. The general intellectual and maturity level is also a treat (makes life so much easier for mods too!), and since the subject of coronavirus seems to permeate almost every aspect of our lives at the moment, I'm keen on staying on topic, avoiding political bickering and exploring the subject in such a positive environment. It's not like I think we're going to solve the crisis in this thread (take me to the pub and get a few beers in me and I'll think I can fix the world in 10 min. though!), but I'm a bit fed up with the repetitive, borderline-hysterical discussions I keep hearing around me, and eager to hear read what the EUCers of the world have to say (different perspectives from different corners of the globe), as it's a million-fold more intelligent and interesting than my neighbors' incessant doomsday diatribes... Or in other words, I'm not trying to police anyone. I guess I have my own subconscious agenda for directing the flow of conversation away from culture clashes and towards what I feel is more constructive (aka what my mind is begging me for, for my own sanity's sake). So in short, I'm hardly neutral either, no need to apologize We're all ludicrous, as is this whole situation (if one is inclined to resort to laughter in the face of adversity) It's funny that you mention that you think the measures implemented in Japan are insufficient, as the Spanish press is using Japan, South Korea & Singapore as examples of places where the contagion curve has been smoothed thanks to swift preventive actions. Herd immunity doesn't sound plausible to me based on the figures on the charts above (if they're accurate to begin with). Either the decline being observed is the waiting period between the first small wave and the moment things blow up, or there's another explanation. Perhaps cultural differences like wearing masks to prevent infecting others (always, not just now), a greater sense of social responsibility (which is very apparent in the underlying attitude of your posts---which is a good thing!), or better hygienic habits...?
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    Vox has 3 videos about the COVID-19 that are factually sound and I've always followed the Kinda Funny guys who operate out of San Francisco (ex-IGN editors/writers) they had a really good (from-home discord) podcast about how it's effecting SF, LA and California in general. The true numbers are starting to come out of China and it's been reported that the original estimates were 2-3x overestimated and that a large majority 50 and under only suffered casualties if they had an immune deficiency or some pre-existing condition that COVID-19 complicated to a fatal degree. This of course isn't a black and white stat, starting at late 30s and slowly ramping up in the 40s you have increased risk. Soap and hot water will definitely kill the virus (destroy it in fact if you wash 20-30 seconds), most hand sanitizers won't really do much in normal quantities - the most effective thing you can do is just stay away from other people. You will contract COVID-19, you may not even show any symtptoms but you are contagious. Don't pass it along to someone that will have a serious problem dealing with it. This will run through almost everyone, we just need to give the healthcare system time to keep up with serious cases and help spread the timeline out.
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    Hum to the stranger eye, it seems very French. To the Frenchman: the van on the left has an ad in English the houses behind have a very English architecture . the baguettes are very big and in a supermarket trolley, indicating low quality (good baguette is smaller and in bakery in France) Conclusion: this is not in France, but more probably in UK
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    You have a good understanding of our culture here in Japan. We get along fine without a fine most of the time. 😆 That’s what I meant earlier, when I was talking about social maturity. To give you two examples: 1. it is possible and very easy to get from OSAKA to TOKYO (even by Shinkansen) for less than 4$ US by simply cheating using cheap platform tickets. I know foreigners who live here for a few months, who travel this way. When they get caught, they get a smile and are asked to pay the normal fare, no fine, no police. We understand they still suffer from a culture shock, they are not yet socially mature. The majority of the people here would not even contemplate such a cheat trip. The advantages for society are very obvious. Conductors are not needed for waking up people and checking tickets. (It’s only done in Airport EXpress Trains frequently used by foreigners 🤣) And passengers can sleep during their morning commute without being disturbed. 2. No Japanese would think of parking his car on one of the many conveniently located blue parking spaces for the disabled right in front of our shopping centers not even if they have to walk for 10 minutes, when no other space is available. If you’d decide to park there, it would be convenient for you and would have no consequences. You would not be fined, but we just don’t do that, It is that simple. Freedom does not mean to do just anything you want! That is the opposite of freedom. Freedom in our CoViD-19 situation means to me, that you could go out to meet friends or sit in a crowded bar, BUT YOU DECIDE THAT YOU DO NOT DO IT and stay at home instead. That is freedom! Little things like that add up to a high quality of everyday life and a feeling of security and responsibility. This is not imposed on us by laws and enforced by fines it comes naturally to us due to social maturity which is rooted in “amae”, a feeling of pleasurable dependence on another person. (Parents, teachers, your superiors). You trust them to support and guide you and in return you show them obedience and respect.
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    I just pulled up an old photo of the iron lung machine that was used back in 1940 /50s for polio patients. Thank God for advancements in medical science. Interestingly today is a reverse of that era where back then parents were worried about their children contracting the polio virus where today kids are worried about their parents and grandparents contracting CV-19.
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    Here's my full range test that I did with @Dave U See the included Time Index so you don't have to sit through all 58-minutes
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    There were nice graphs linked to a few pages ago showing how well social isolation works even when a large part of the population doesn’t play along. The infections spread at a much slower rate, meaning the health care and hospital bed capacities are not overwhelmed with everyone coming in at once. The possibility of actual containment is long gone, and the steps we now take are to slow down the spreading, making it possible for the severe cases to be treated. Having a small number of services and shops open is perfectly in line with the initiative.
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    Maybe I can shed some light on battery problems. I recently went to run some IPS Zero I had long stored and not used and discovered some interesting new facts for me that might help you solve the problem. The battery cells in the IPS are all connected to a control circuit. Formerly I thought it was because of balancing but actually that those are to read the individual cell voltage and not balancing. If I figured this right, the pack cells are charged in series and stops when the first cell hits the highest safe voltage. If the cells are not well balanced then the wheel will die quicker or not fully charge. Solution: once in a while go through fully charging the cells individually with an RC charger. This solved a range issue on one and another wheel going on low voltage warnings even after charging. With aged batteries maybe this has to be done more frequently though esp on aging batteries. What I understood is that charging stops when the first cell hits the max voltage and low battery warning kicks in when one cell hits the lowest voltage. If you have one cell with high voltage and one with very low voltage, it will neither allow you to fully charge all the cells nor give you the optimal range on that battery pack. Hope this helps and solves any related problems.
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    On soft and medium mode the front to back rock solid feeling is very noticeable especially on sharp turns but when on hard mode its almost gone. it doesn't bother me anymore. I received my MSP 5th of March.
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    A better time than ever to sail around on an electric unicycle (public transportation having scaled back, and commerce having cratered), but ironically, a much worse time to have an accident.
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    As this forum has members scattered all over the globe I'm just curious to hear what the food situation is in your country? Here in the UK we have mass panic buying and the supermarkets are largely empty - I've had trouble buying essential items like bread and milk. The UK government keep telling people there is adequate food in the supply chain but shoppers are still stockpiling
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    @Unventor it turns out those who live farther from commodity stores are in luck these times, as shopping offers them a longer ride outside from home. I have less than 2km from town where I get all I need. I felt some fresh wind, too, even living in "deep south" compared to you. Damn, they are right, global warming is bs ;-) https://euc.world/tour/584783450535094 Not complaining though, living in the country we have plenty of post-winter home & exteriors repair/improvement work we can keep ourselves busy with. It eases adaptation when you can keep on with outdoor activity, even restricted.
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    Inmotion v5f handle very useful. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hVQzrVG4JDVvTPL3A
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    Yesterday my wife was posted at the entrance of a Toledo Hospital clinic along with 5 other employees to question arriving patients about fevers, coughs, where they’ve traveled and orally taking their temperatures. Her clinic is currently using, in my view, outdated oral digital thermometers with disposable protective probe covers. The process involves inserting the thermometer’s probe into the patient’s mouth and waiting anywhere between 30-60 seconds for the thermometer to complete the process. The patient then receives a badge indicating they‘ve passed the screening process. The next safety contamination protocol is to eject the thermometer’s plastic probe cover into the trash and then de-glove. This involves carefully pinching each contaminated glove near the wrist while slowing and carefully pulling the gloves inside out towards the fingertips until they drop into the trash. Next my wife disinfects her hands and wrists with Purell, donns another set of sterile gloves and moves onto the next arriving patient only to repeat the entire process again and again throughout the day. Compare this to my facility’s employee/ patient temperature screening process which involves me simply placing the digital non-contact thermometer 2” from the forehead and quickly pressing the device’s trigger. The employee/ patient’s temperature is obtained in a meager 1- 2 seconds. My wife’s supervisor approached her asking where I had obtained my digital non-contact thermometer because they are in short supply. Luckily I already had one at the office before the virus reared it’s ugly head. I’m sure her supervisor is currently combing internet sites for a reputable supplier of these devices without having to pay triple price. My wife ordered one from Amazon a few weeks back but unfortunately it’s coming from China. Go figure. Upon last check the digital thermometer is stuck in Chinese customs.
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    At first I thought these were good info, until I look more at the data. If you just look at the curves they are very missleading and reason to why people get scared at first glance. This is what I both dislike and like. But on on that. There are a few thongs that makes these very very misguiding: Numbers are not listed compared to habitants, so you can have a big numver of cases but if you are 5x as many people it doesn't give a full picture imho. Different cuntreis only test certian groups. So you can have a very high number of unknow infected. In Sweden I don't view the numbers give are a full true number, and now they only test hospital staff regulary and people showing clear sumptoms and that are high risk groups. The level of global spread is different in each country too. And when it got on the radar too. So first impression is the curves spiking very fast....but is that a true picture. I doubt that seriously. This is why I dislike this the more I looked at it. Misleading is not a good thing at all. But on the other hand I think we need to take this much more seriuosly, in that regard putting a scare into to people could be what is needed to get the message across. The biggest problem is while some fall sick feel poorly then get fine again....But the other that don't get so luncy and that are having other deceases (maybe they don't know these yet) could be having big issues after the infection or might not even survive it. I don't think @Toshio Uemura wanted to mislead at all, but it shws sharing info can have different effects. especially since so will twist info into their favour. This is also why I think it is going to be interesting how Mr. Trump will deal with this. Even the great wall of China did hold this back. I doubt Trumps wallk project would be able to do this either. And the end result of how many that didn't make it is a hard number to blame fake news as it is action that keep incection in low numbers. Also those that get hit hardes is the guy on the streets that don't have a home of health insurance. Even in cruntries where I live with free health care, homeless people have a problem here with a pandemic like this. This is a global scale problem. Now we are not on total lockdown at my place. So -i will take my wheel out and shop a few things. Mainly because of the weather. secondly that we could face a much hard lockdown in the next few days. When this happens (note I didn't write if) I will be in same situation like in France, Spain, Italy, Denmark...dohh...I need to ride now, see you guys in a bit. Sorry @travsformation
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    I think this has to do with how the culture, the infrastructure, the government type and how wealthy the ordinary person is in a country/region. The more "modern" and freedom people have the more you can get insights from that area. Now I work for a Japanese company. The company culture is very very different. I dislike to travel long distances and to areas that I don't understand the language to some degree. But Japan would be an exception. Here is a culture and country so very different from how Denmark came to the state we have today. We are so different countries is almost any aspect. Just the level of specialisation of people in Japan is mind blowing to me. In Denmark compared to Japan we are more like Jack of all trades. People makes their own decisions and are not very keen on doing what they are told just because an authority says so. Now this weekend the police have hold press conference stating do not go outside just because of the sun shining and the spring weather. If you do they will fine you. I doubt that the majority would listen. Some would even say the 1500dkr (200€) would be okey to pay that to feel the first real spring day.... In Japan I wouldn't expect this to be needed to fine people. These culture differences is why I think the kujirolls video I posted is so very interesting.
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    Simply amazing production, awesome share, thank you! Your passionate explanation of the feeling it gives you, gave me goosebumps! Watch those audio levels. Some are 'seemingly' louder than others. Its probably not an actual difference in db rather tonality/perception. Film who/whatever inspires you. YOUR interest in it, will propel the content.
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    Me too, So many factors are involved. So many misconceptions presented in so many ways. While many stereotypes types do exist, you find that the people behind them are more like yourself than you thought. We just want what is good for our friends families. Respect
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    LOL at the cough and take the bus idea!! should have thought of that. EUC works pretty well for social distancing!
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    I think so too. And I pray that we are right on this.
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    Going out and getting sick IS proactive, waiting to get sick is reactive( i AM NOT advocating either). You are watching too much media. Most of us already had guns and ammo. My house ALWAYS has 24 rolls of paper anyhow. The real worry is food supply and water. Dont let the media's portrayal of the few, confuse you into thinking it is the norm for the masses. People are behaving as usual in the rural parts(aside from the influx of kids not in school, mostly). We are being cautious, but we also still have to live our lives. If EVERYONE goes home, there will be many deaths from lack of services. Going home and hiding in fear of getting sick, is NOT coming together, it is 'every man for himself'. Its a balance we must walk... put ourselves in danger (and others), so society doesnt fail completely, or hide from it all and hope someone else takes the risks to keep the power on, the food stocked, the hospitals working... It is fun to use this disaster as a way to impose your opinions of other people, onto the masses tho.I don't assume to think that I know so much that i can make a fair judgement of what other countries should do. My biggest concern is that once i do get sick, my wife will get sick. As the only two in our home, we will self quarantine (once ill), so we will HAVE to have stock of 2-3 weeks of EVERYTHING, as its a violation of quarantine to go shopping(per my OWN rules, USA hasnt the ability to impose much on us rural folks). Noone will come to call on us. I cant assume that my govt will take care of me, should it get so bad that desperate roamers start to loot. Locked doors and personal protection always seem excessive.... until its too late. Unfortunately, I find your opinions somewhat abrasive. I KNOW my opinions can be and I'll be damned if you dont manage to keep me joining the fray. I think this 'debate' isnt really helping anyone, and I KNOW i probably aint either. Apologies to anyone I offend, just remember that its perfectly acceptable to think Im ludicrous.
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    I rode towards Boston on Wednesday recording part of the return ride on EUC World. https://euc.world/tour/584702469206149 Locally the grocery stores are short on some items... at multiple locations. Yesterday (Thursday), a trip to a pharmacy in Boston by bus/train with a stop for coffee at the hospital area food court found the social distancing rules applied to one public eating area....only a few well spaced tables and much free space....take out food orders are ok. The ride back along the beach on Wednesday found this guy practicing social distancing while having fun. Looks like one of those boards with a flying fin underneath.
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    Testing the new gopro max. No color editing, encoded at 4k then edited in Power Director to export at 1920x1080 30fps. Slightly higher resolution settings and export is possible, but there is a definite point of diminishing returns. My internet bandwidth and usage allowances put emphasis on file sizes. No issues using gopro max on a dated windows system, other than 4k export cap and slow framerates on editing. No music, audio was eq'd with hpf and slight compress/limiting in editor. I prefer a less saturated look than most, so MAYBE this will grow on me.
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    This is the fifth episode of our 77 mile EUC ride through beach and inland cities.
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    Not yet tried pushing a shopping cart standing on an EUC, but I've had indications that it might not be trivial. From another rider who has tried with 2-wheeled trash containers. Small hard wheels are unfit for speeds above calm walking pace and can randomly cause hard braking (that would be a trash-faceplant). If you ask, this came from a discussion about carrying/pushing unusual things riding an EUC. I have tried a wheelbarrow, and found my single wheeled one quite manageable while not/lightly loaded. But when heavily loaded it becomes hard to find lateral balance while starting/stopping. I suggested a 2 wheel wheelbarrow would be cheating, but he assured me it would not. Now, I'll have to try. Since the load I mostly carry in the wheelbarrow is horse poo, I'd better not faceplant. Confinement results in fascinating experiments
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    I knew it: you French People really know your baguettes 🥖 😆 And you have all reason to be proud of this tradition. I have never had anything like it outside of France. On my trips to Paris it was a treat to shop for them every morning. Vive la France! All hail to the baguette! 😊
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    That’s what Gotway has announced, yes. My guess is that the MSP line will expand with a faster model before summer. Or possibly even a new model.
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    I don't know yet : this morning was the first time I went out since the official confinement bill, and I only went to the bakery. Kind of a cliché thinking of it, carrying my baguettes in my bag. But on a e-wheel and with a full face helmet instead of the béret :-) As for the bread, the disruption was rather on the customer count than the supplies. Usually a saturday at this time there are an average 5-6 customers waiting to be served. This morning I had a single one before me. They were admitting one person at a time in the shop. We will replenish (or try to) other food supplies next week, first we finish old stuff that was piled in the trays and cupboards :-D As far as I heard, there is no particular issue. At worst you won't find your usual products and have to do with a substitute. Nothing to scare me right now. The only shortage I heard about was on TP. Which really blows my mind. Probably people worried about the rare occurences of diarrhea when sick with covid-19. But they got it wrong : if you get diarrhea while couhging your lungs out, you won't make it to the toilets and TP roll... Gonna need new pants first. That one is not the best comparison point, IMHO. Even in France where discipline is not our most prevalent behavioral trait (is that correctly said ? :-) ), this is very rare and such offenders are commonly referred to as **bunch of censored rude names**. In that example, the victim is a weak person, that makes it a social no-no. In other sorts of cheats, the victim is often a company or government structure which can be regarded as some sort of evil, even on wrong or biased basis. What people miss here, is that there is no such thing as lost money as far as companies / governments are concerned, it is always recovered from customers / tax payers / loans that will have to be paid back with interest by customers / tax payers. As you point out with the domino effect leading to intrusive train ticket enforcement. But some people persuade themselves that the others deserve it, that others are dumb to pay and so on... This attitude reminds me of articles about contempt culture in software engineering, but this plague can be found everywhere. At the end, it boils down to empathy or the lack of it, and ask yourself what consequences your actions might beget for others, and if you would like them, would you be at the other end.
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    Developed countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas are surely able to supply the population with enough food. So panic buying and hoarding is stupid and puts even more people at risk. I believe it is a reaction to governments not releasing important information earlier. And this information was available months ago to people who dared to listen and read and look for it. I believe having a one months stock helps to reduce the trips to the supermarkets. But I would not start now to buy such stock at once. we live in an earthquake country, so we have a food stock for two months all year through that we replenish and refresh regularly little by little. (Just buy 20% more of your favourite foods whenever you go shopping and within 6 months you have a reliable and fresh stock for any emergency.) Contemplating the possible outcome of this foreseeable pandemic we stocked up little by little to a 4 months supply as early as January, so we now only go to the supermarket every two weeks for fresh vegetables, fruit and milk. So far food is widely available and plenty, and if panic shopping should start, I won’t need to take part. Toilet paper is still limited (I have no idea why!) but is available for everybody who needs it. So my advice: stock up a little to have supplies for a few weeks to avoid cuing in supermarkets as good as possible, but do it little by little, act moderate.
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    Listen Jack... You really need to chill out. (And with a name like "jack frost" that really shouldn't be to hard) 😤😬😇
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    Weird, I've been trying to learn to ride backwards, now it appears I've been riding backwards ever since I've had the wheel
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    @travsformation several times this week I've travelled to a Boston hospital. Each time , in order to gain entry to the hospital to pick up prescription meds (running out in a staggered fashion), I was required to be screened by answering several questions about COVID-19 and then issued a green visitors sticker. Rather than wait till running out of one med later next week I made and early request on Friday in order to avoid whatever crisis might be looming as time went on in the virus crisis. I was in and out by noon. At 2 pm this batch email was dispatched. "Dear Patient Gateway User, As part of Mass General Brigham's (Partners HealthCare) COVID-19 response efforts, all scheduled non-urgent appointments and procedures will be deferred or shifted to a virtual appointment for the duration of the State of Emergency in Massachusetts. All urgent and essential appointments will remain as scheduled, however, if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please call your health care provider before your visit. For your safety and the safety of others, please do not come to clinic or emergency room unless you have been instructed to do so. As always, if you are experiencing a medical emergency please continue to call 911 or go to your closest Emergency Department. Your provider's office will contact you regarding any modifications to upcoming appointments. Thank you for helping us keep our community safe by limiting the spread of the virus and allowing our teams to care for the sickest patients." On a different note 'Harvard University's commencement will be held online in 2020 and their students (and some other schools) have been asked not to return from spring break....working in classes online instead. Strange times indeed for 2020 so far. I have an appointment in May that seems to be affected by the email message....not sure what to make of it yet in terms of compliance. Someone I used to work with used to vacation in Barcelona...it must be nice! And another managing coworker (from Toronto) would travel frequently to Italy for vacations. Speaking of Canada...the nightly news says that the US/Canadian border is now closed except for specific types of traffic.
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    Nice video buddy. I have the 18L as well. Haven't rode it on hard pavement yet. Tomorrow I am going to pad up and just go for it. That looks like a fun way to ride.
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    Not currently, I did put all of my files up on Thingiverse
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    None of these are mine, however I believe in the importance of the arts..in my mind it would fall under “Essential Services”
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    You are right. Thank you for helping me understand that my position was biased not neutral. This is not the place to discuss gun issues. I apologize to whoever feels offended. As to the data. Yes, there are many uncertainties. But it is the only basis for predictions and predictions are needed more then ever to save lives. Some people here in Japan think, Japan might have already reached herd immunity in some parts of the population as early as January, since we have many Chinese people traveling frequently in Japan. It would explain some data, but I guess it is just wishful thinking.
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    I feel the same way about guns, but this forum is made up of people from all over the planet (Americans surely make up more than half), and what makes sense to me might seem ludicrous to others. Your statements are far from neutral, and can lead to polarization and division in a thread about a planet-wide threat. We're all in this together... Why not leave such discussions for another thread/another time? (Just a suggestion as a user, not as a mod) Who knows. People still incubating, not showing any symptoms yet? I'm also wary of the data at this stage
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    When the lockdown started here in Spain there was an initiative, started on social medial, to go go "outside" (stand on front porch, doorway, balconies) at 8 PM to clap in gratitude for healthcare professionals' work. This has turned into a daily event, as it's a way to acknowledge the presence of others---a collective activity despite isolation. A few days ago the Telegraph published an article uncovering that the current king (I refuse to capitalize that word, I'm embarrassed to be living in a monarchy in the year 2020...) is the heir to a €65 million offshore fund of his father's (former king), stemming from Saudi "donations". The current king publicly renounced the inheritance (but of course, that's not legally binding). The day the story broke, another online initiative started: at 9 PM, we were to "go outside", but this time with pots and pans, and bang on them in protest of the monarchy's (royal) corruption, demanding that the inherited money be allocated to public healthcare. Confined in our houses, hearing and reading about layoffs, the financial crisis to come, people were mad and participated effusively. It was quite the site to behold. So for a couple of days, we had solemn clapping at 8 and enthusiastic pot-banging at 9. Now they've started to fuse into a single "event" that's a mix of both. Unsure of whether to clap or bang on pots, it's become and odd medley with an anarchic-festive component including whistling, blasting tunes and horn-honking. I happened to be on my wheel yesterday, on my way back from the pharmacy, at 8 PM. It wasn't planned, I had my GoPro on my helmet only to record the empty streets. It was very different to experience it from street level, in motion, and see it span across the whole city, as opposed to from my balcony, seeing only the neighbors across the street. Had to share: Hmmm....It's 7:20 PM. I think I better get ready, I forgot I need to go to the pharmacy to buy some...mmmm......vitamin C?
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    We (Bavaria) just got curfew'd! Luckily, going out for the essentials includes individual sport and leisure, aka EUC riding (just no group rides allowed....) Also allowed is visiting partners, and of course everyone goes to work like usual and commutes 100+ kilometers every day through half the state like usual, because somehow the virus doesn't infect and spread via people who are working (or something) because "muh economy!!!" But hey, at least the finally closed all in-restaurant tables instead of keeping the restaurants open during lunch time (because, again, the virus doesn't infect people who are working, apparently, and they need somewhere to eat, right?). This is going to last forever with this retarded pseudo-quarantine. Could be over in 2 weeks with a real quarantine.
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    This thread needs to calm down a bit, there is point using words.
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    Today was the first day in ages without storm and rain here in Germany, so i charged my 16X to 💯 and went out for a 80km cruise. First stop was at a marina On my way back i took a break at a very old church They had a memorial outside for the fallen soldiers of WW 1. And WW 2 Best feature of the ride, no police.
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    "This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!"
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    this popped up in my Yt feed i cant understand a word but amazing riding!
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