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    You are too slow. That's literally the problem. Speed stabilizes you, and you don't have that speed. Riding at walking speed or a bit above is hard. Riding at ~20kph/12mph is much easier, and this is where you should start. Just like with a bicycle, faster is more stable. You're too slow. 5-8mph with a V10 is torture. Also, looks like you are at the beginning of the learning phase. It takes time. Don't expect too much in too short of a time. But really, your problem is: you're too slow. Try this (with the V10 first): Make sure you're not afraid to hurt yourself, damage the wheel, or hit something. Wear enough gear for that, pad your wheel up well enough, and find a place without obstacles or distractions or things that scare you, so you are comfortable and relaxed. Ideally, find a nice, empty, distraction free (no scary curbs to fall on, no parked cars, etc. - it's subjective) but confined straight road. You can use an empty parking lot or so, but ideally you want something more focused and much longer. I assume you can stand still on the wheel while holding on to a pole or wall, and balance/pendulum a little in place. And you don't immediately fall off once you start going from there. So you can start riding from holding on to something, instead of having to step on. So go to that road, hold on to something and step on, adjust your stance if necessary - and then just go. Don't do it cautiously - commit and accelerate. Get up to 15-20kph (10-15mph) speed right away, without much hesitation. Whenever you feel you're getting unstable, speed up (counterintuitively, braking makes it worse). Don't be afraid to lean in when starting - the wheel is powerful and will catch you. Don't be afraid of 20kph or even 25 kph (with the V10 at least, a bit too much for the mten3). You'll find out you can ride once you're only fast enough. Probably you can follow the road for a mile easily because nothing bad happens. Should you have to run off, do not try to catch the wheel, just run off and let it fall on its own (that's what the padding is for - your peace of mind to do that). And you can always emergency-brake by "sitting down" should you need to stop quickly. But you won't be that fast, so all you need to do is keep riding fast enough so you're stable and not so fast you get scared. Going straight and fast is easy, so start with that. Then comes doing curves, free-mounting (though you can do the thing above with free-mounting instead of starting from a pole), and finally you can start fast and then gradually slow down and see how slow you can go before you get instable (because going slow is hard). The V10 is a heavy wheel and maybe (maybe) a lighter wheel (16S for example) would make learning a bit more easy. But you don't buy a wheel for learning, you buy it for riding. And you can learn with any wheel. And clearly, here your problem isn't the choice of wheel, but that you are going too slow. Double your speed, literally. You'll find that you're a much better rider than you may think, you just started at the wrong place (low speeds). Trust your intuition and don't overdo it, but don't be afraid of (moderate) speeds when learning. They are your friend.
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    Having ridden a little with the new firmware 2.0 on my 18L. The top speed tiltback at 31mph is almost perfect. I was worried about it, but even the first time it hit me, It was very gentle and didnt upset my balance (or lack of) in any way. I was shocked that I wasnt shocked at all. I have a single beep set at 30mph and tiltback at 31mph. I ride winding and tight mountain roads with altitude variances, and it seems the limit is serving its purpose. I just ride as aggressively as I feel like and the wheel calmly remind me when Im asking for trouble. I also notice the tilback changes to 28mph or so, as I start getting lower on battery. Again, this tiltback is only an annoyance as it tells me I cant go faster. Hitting tiltback at 31mph thru a uneven mountain turn isnt even anything to fear. Fwiw, I ride in 'hard' mode and have since day one. I also note that the red brake light that goes on while charging, only comes on when the sensor is in darkness. I can get the light to swap sides by rolling the off/charging wheel. The brake light is NO indication of state of charge and stays on whenever my charger is plugged in (and its dark). My trolley handle works fine, its also of the older pressure sensor type. I upgraded to the XL trolley, but the sensors remain. 2.0 must auto calibrate and it works. It is a little sensitive as sometimes it thinks Im lifting the wheel, when Im merely bent over to grab it if i step off a little abruptly. Again, not an issue, works as intended. I havent had any issue with the wheel connecting to EUCW and staying connected thru bluetooth. I use a stupidly cheap and crappy cell phone. Bluetooth range isnt good, but it reconnects without issue. I dont know if this is FW related or just lucky, but it works. Battery reporting seems accurate. Both my wheel and the EUCW seem to be in near agreement with levels I am seeing. For now, I really cant see much reason to ever upgrade. It seems that FW 2.0 is hitting all the boxes I need checked off. Unless some MAJOR development comes along, that enhances power delivery on the same old hardware, I dont imagine I'll ever need to bother logging into the KS app again on this wheel, nor shall I need to roll the dice on yet another fw update. The next logical update after this one, would be another wheel. If the KS18L doesnt fit your needs NOW, you probably need to look elsewhere, as this pony is probably at the top of its classes game atm.
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    Summertime in these appalachian mountains is heavenly. Not much for traffic in the back of my hood, its dead end. Summer we get a few lost souls, but you feel lost WAY before you get to the back. At night it seems like where scary movies and dead bodies are made/stashed. I doubt my camera will do much for my planned 2-3am rides, but we will see! Fwiw, it eats an enitre battery on an 18L, to get to the nearest store and back. LOVE IT!
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    Great video! Brave stuff!
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    Hi Guys, I'm new to the scene and loving it. Started on the V8 and looking forward to an MSP next. Thank you all for contributing to this thread and the forum. Dubs
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    Some will tell you "If you're a smoker, why bother wearing a helmet?". I say "If you're not going to wear a helmet, why the hell haven't you started smoking yet?"
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    The BEST compliment I thought I'd never hear. "Vintage". I use analog music equipment a lot, have a plethora of inefficient tubes, and truly prefer dirty vintage a lot. I've been rolling my own Bugler cigarettes for almost 3 decades, others make me ill. I assumed noone would like any of my footage and was prepped to get really trashed about it. Perhaps I'll capture more, promote more of my music and maybe get an epic crash on film eventually. Thank you so much for the kind words! Now, if i could have a dollar each time im told to wear a helmet or quit smoking, I'd be rich!
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    Great post @meepmeepmayer!
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    Looks like a awesome TV series idea. I wonder if Netflix is still in "we'll fund anything" mode...
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    Same here! How am I supposed to smoke with a helmet on? I use a GoPro 6. It has decent stabilisation and I like being able to render the telemetry / gauges. I use the superwide mode for selfie footage and otherwise the narrow/linear mode. The selfie stick is just a cheap $10 telescopic stick.
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    Not really sure how the new video thread system is supposed to work; re-posting this here where someone might see it. 🤞
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    In the past I've posted a couple of videos riding along the shoreline of this lake (Astotin Lake, Elk Island National Park), this is the first time it's been good to ride out on the lake itself. Last summer we did a bit of kayaking in this exact spot. I like this because it shows just how much of a breeze it is to ride on icy surfaces with a big wheel, in this case a KS-18XL. No studs or modifications of any kind made to this wheel before taking it out here.
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    @tvw3 I think your post is spot on. That is why I supported Master @Seba with symbolic beer funds (good old fashion €) but I also decided to help out as translator and beta tester. Then there is the less obvious of supporting people by answer their questions. This frees up time for @Seba to spend time on developing the app and services (in my view). Now your questions on functions and documentation is something that the beta team have discussed. I only got more questions as I translated the 700+ text strings/words used by the app. But I also had same like your questions before I joined beta testers. I would like make a public praise to @travsformation too because from what I have seen he have collected and suggested many good things. How @Seba are able to keep building stuff and changes is beyond me. Partly due to changes, and partly becauseit is first Danish edition on its way I have been going over this now the past week like 4 times now. Hopefully it looks good now and it can go live soon. So thank you for asking questions and giving the feedback above in this thread. It is this kind of encouragement that makes it worthwhile to join and give back to the EUC community. 🍻👍😉
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    Just asked Ian at speedyfeet on his English forum electricpeople.org if he is going to get them. Let‘s see what he says.
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    Hi all. Thanks to those that replied and thanks for the welcome. Being in the engineering world myself, I'm in awe of somebody who can produce something like this as a labor of love. I just worry that without some explanation all that work goes for naught if you can't figure it out. I think all I'm suggesting is something as simple as an annotated screenshot. There are a couple of things that catch my attention and maybe somebody knows the answers: - The screenshot of the gauge on the app page shows a bar at the top that would appear to show the distance traveled along with a yellow dot and a blue dot. What are those? The app (v1.0.9) on my Samsung S7 doesn't have that bar/dots at all, just text distance. Did the app change? Is there a setting that needs to be made? Is it only there when touring is started? Or? - What is the difference between Journey Time and Ride Time? How do you reset them? Is one from the wheel and one from the app? Is there a difference in the definition depending on whether you are looking at the EUC gauge or the GPS gauge? - What's the difference between touring and logging? Both would seem to be collecting data and turning on one or the other seems to overlap in the options. How do most people use it? I thought I was collecting data on my first ride yesterday and found out after the fact I wasn't. Bummer. I guess I should just collect everything and go back and clean up the website database after the fact. What works for everyone?
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    It would have to be a new design. Or some serious side-panel magic with new bulges or whatnot, but that's more like something Gotway would do, not King Song. There's no space for more battery in the current 16X and 18XL. Even the 18XL is just an 18L where they removed the battery casing and (originally) filed down the side panel support struts to make space for the 1600Wh. KS basically had to be forced to do this after everyone cried about the 18L 1000Wh battery after it was revealed. I sure hope they updated their stance on battery sizes with the 18XL's success. KS doesn't rapidly iterate or throw out new models frequently. So I wouldn't expect more battery until they show an entirely new wheel or their next newly-designed iteration, which might be a while (or tomorrow, who knows). - 18XL: that "step" in the battery, increasing its height, is already a battery extension compared to their original plans. 16X: it's full
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    You would not believe how few people break the cover glass on their GoPro HERO cameras, even with the cameras with the 1.0mm thick glass. With the double-thickness glass on HERO8 Black the numbers of customers breaking them is incredibly low. But, perception matters, and people need to feel that they can repair the glass if something did happen. The tempered glass lens and screen protectors can be used as an insurance policy (GoPro HERO8 Black Tempered Glass Lens + Screen Protectors), but it's understandable that people don't want to have a pay for an accessory to feel secure. The GPS antenna is located on the top of the camera. It needs to have a clear view of the sky (line of sight to GPS satellites). Mounting upside down makes it harder to get a lock on the satellites. If you boot the camera (if it's had the battery removed, or if it was previously dead) and then give it a minute to get an initial lock on the satellites outside before moving, you're less likely to encounter issues.
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    Love the vib of this video, with the dangling cigarette, etc That road, next the stream, must be spectacular in the summer, as long as there aren't many cars traveling it with you.
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    I love gusts. Love love love big breezy irregular wind, 30 mph+ at least. How can you not? It's not dangerous nor will it knock you over. You need merely to zig zag a lot, remembering to swivel your hips and keep on top of things (sounds like I'm talking to my girlfriend), and you will absolutely be fine. Your battery will be fine. You run out when the wind gets good (not bad!), and after a few times I guarantee you'll get there. Wind co.ing from the side, no problem just lean over so far it feels like you'll plant your face in the asphalt. The most important thing to remember is this feeling of not knowing how to ride the wind. Because that feeling will be gone, never to return, because once you aquire that wind riding skill, you will never ever doubt yourself in the wind.
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    Rehab is coming along well, thanks! It's been over two weeks since I got rid of the sling & I've moved on to 40 lb resistance bands for pecs/dorsal muscles, 20 lb for rotator cuffs, and and have worked my way up from 2 lb (1 kg) to 7 lb (3 kg) dumbells for deltoids, 2 x 15 reps per day. Started taking the 16X out for short-distance errands after a week (wearing the sling to prevent sudden movements), being extra cautious (and a touch paranoid), I just couldn't take this walking nonsense anymore Am getting a bit more adventurous now...but no trail riding for a at least another month (or at least that's what I tell myself now...). Am trying to train myself to rotate my arms internally whenever I turn or use them for balance, hopefully it'll become muscle memory...can't wait to hit the trails again!
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    Just received the 67-volt Mten3. More to follow ...
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    Tha sums up my impression of the tilt back as well. Major improvement. 2.0 makes me feel so much more comfortable at higher speed, I was hitting 31 mph(27 actually) all over the place last week. I thought I must have forgot to charge and was going slower, but i was maxing it out. Now I want more speed, but will have to wait for king song to upgrade that on a future wheel I guess. As a corollary, I am eating the battery up quicker for the same distance now that I am riding faster. Might have to consider the battery upgrade on the 18l one day.
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    @ShanesPlanet I agree with your statements. I have only ridden with 2.0 a couple times now, but it seems to make faster speed smoother. I also set one warning, I think around 25mph and tiltback higher. I personally had a lot of problems when my lift sensors were activated, so I run with them disabled. The upgrade to FW 2.0 on the EUCW app was perfectly smooth for me as well. And yes...I did also note the battery level indication was more realistic. I have gotten used to running my battery down to ~40% and then noticing a drastic performance change. I just so happened to upgrade FW when the battery was showing 50% on the LED's, but the EUCW app showed it was 35% or 38% (can't remember exactly), which makes sense. I tend to always recharge with 3 or 4 LEDs on the wheel. One minor thing....it seems like you have to hold the button down a bit longer to turn it off. Maybe it's just me, but every since installing 2.0, I go to shut off my wheel it it just cycles the lights, so I have to hold it a bit longer. Maybe my imagination.
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    Okay, I'll try to work something up. We should have enough ice around still to make this happen.
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    This is a wheel load indicator. This load is expressed as a percent of highest current defined as a overcurrent alarm. For example you assume that 30 A is the maximal current you won't to exceed, so you set this in alarm settings. Setting this alarm will activate this load bar and it will display current value relative to your highest current alarm setting. Yellow color shows discharge current and blue regenerative (braking current). This bar will be active even if alarms are disabled. Only requirement is to set non-zero current values. Journey Time is the time of entire journey, counting from application start. Ride time is time while in motion. It doesn't include stops. Tour tracking is a feature very similat to what is known from Strava or Endomondo. This works online and allows for live tracking and tour sharing. Data are recorded with period of about 2 seconds and all peaks are filtered out. CSV logging is more like a "black box", recording data with much more details to local CSV file that can be later used for forensics or statistics. It can be also used to create tours offline, which will result in creation of tour just like during online tour tracking. It may be used alternatively to tour tracking and has some pros and cons. When used as a data source for creating tours later It doesn't require Internet/data connection during ride. It doesn't suffer from cellular coverage problems. It lasts longer on battery. As tours are created later, there is no live tracking possible.
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    Excellent summary! I also have trouble imagining how it could get any better than this, aside from a little polishing ans bug-squashing (light modes, etc.)
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    The GPS data is muxed into the mp4 container and comes from the GoPro. I don't think connecting with a phone affects that. My GoPro has a bit of a delay when showing speed and is a bit behind by around -2 kmh. It's good enough still and much better than nothing. Here is a short sample:
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    I may just print this off and put it up at work. Love it.
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    It’s been 2 years. Have at it. Heck @Hunka Hunka Burning Love PS’d a pink bra over my pecs after I posted a photo of my ugly humeral scar. Members were creating tattoos to cover it up. Everything is game.
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    Joke of the day: How many mods does it take to derail a thread?
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    Hi Seba. Nice app. Obviously a lot of hard work there. Good job! Is there documentation anywhere? Like what are all those dots and bars on the gauge? Sorry but it's not obvious to all of us coming into this late. Thanks. Regards, Chip
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    I rode to A&E (1.2km) with shoulder dislocated, and then back to "crime sceen" (1.2km) to photo where my accident happen and then home (800m).By far the brightest decission I have made, but well it went fine. To me it was more a matter to get "back on the horse" asap. I then had 2 days breake (took the car to work), rode again to work and home, then the day (4th day from accident) after that was when the pain set in and my shoulder had decided to take a brake...2 days of sickleave from work. I was told by rehab/medical staff if I had another dislocationg accident within 6 months chances are very slim to recover from it.
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    Hahaha we'll see..I managed the entire 3 weeks while sling-bound, and an entire week after that, so I'll give myself credit for at least having some will power... As to my better half...She thinks it's terribly unwise but knows by now not to waste her breath lecturing me I'm also pretty sure that after seeing that I'm at least taking a cautious-ish approach to riding (you should have seen me riding around with a butchered bright yellow resistance resistance band tied from my wrist to my belt to prevent me from raising my arm past 45º), she assessed the benefit/risk ratio and decided the occasional ride was better than having to put up with me just talking about EUCs all day
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    Maybe it is time for @The Fat Unicyclist to develop pedal gards. that is on abused KS18L/XL wheel. I think it looks like you have some very clean floors...(white thing on right...hoover?)
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    I don't know the customs situation in France, but for Spain, shipping (via DHL, which took 3-4 days) was 30 NZD (about 17€) + taxes were 19€, I believe, so in the end it was about 140€ all-included. I thought it was a bit pricey at first, but seeing how well it protects my wheel and how well made it is (and what a pleasure it is to do business with Kevin & Chrissi), it's definitely worth the money. I now have one for my 18XL and one for my 16X and the day I get another wheel, I'll be getting an EUC bodyguard for it too
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    Loved the music. Reminds me of older tracks from De / Vision and similar. The whole clip felt very vintage. The GoPro not being stabilised adds to this. As do the colours, the fact that you don't wear a helmet and the cigarette. Looking forward to more.
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    Jealous my ass! Wow, you are moving right along! Congrats on your newly found joy. I've a shade over 200mi on mine and still havent gotten overly comfy on it. You sound like a natural. I ride with my legs on the wheel a lot. Seems I steer with my calves more than my feet sometimes. I am impressed you got your muscle tone up to snuff in such a short time! Took me almost 2 mos to quit being sore after short rides. Try the hard setting. Dont let it scare you, its not gna jump out from under you. You may find it works much better, especially if you (like me) ride in softer stuff sometimes. Keep us posted with your journeys!
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    back in 2018 source
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    Another take on the Micro Mobility Winter Games held in Brussels. Really well presented in a clear and structured way, by Méline Moultipass. Unfortunately not fully subtitled in English.
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    another great ride on saturday, 4 riders going from city to the beach and come back, almost 120km done : relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/vMq5dr7XK86 this time exported footage @1080p with 360studio and upscale to premiere later, i like more the other way, directly 4k from 360 studio, even if it takes more time
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    My very first euc video. Gotta set the bar low, so theres only room to improve. Just some random footage from a gopro hero 3. Awaiting a newer camera, so figured I may as well try out a new editing program. Just as I suspected... you can't polish a turd, but you sure can smell one... here's my turd, only took 1.5hrs to upload in meager quality.
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    In that case it's definitely badly named. I thought that "hide" is only for me. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Thx!
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    I'm 5'8 and 220 lbs. I purchased a Mten 3 as a first wheel. After a slow but progressive learning curve I can operate it with nervous confidence. Speeds have not exceeded 5-8 mph. I recently decided to purchase a larger wheel due to the instability I was experiencing with the Mten. My thoughts were that since I have the basics down I would progress faster with a larger wheel. I decided to purchase a V10 because of it's 2K motor and reputation of being a very stable wheel. After a week with the V10 I think I have made a very bad decision. I can go maybe 3 feet before losing control. All the weight feels like its at the very top of the wheel and any degree of off center causes it to fall over. Due to its weight I am not able to recover. The torque feels absent compared to the Mten The Mten is unstable but carry's its weight low and corrections are very easy. Any suggestions would be welcome. Is there a larger wheel that has the same characteristics of the Mten? (weight low and high torque)
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    Anything that changes me from my intended direction is considered dangerous, to me. Wind, holes, sticks, mud. Wind cant be seen. Id have to disagree with you on that. I am sure wind can be mitigated thru practice, but to declare that it cant blow you over and isnt dangerous, may be overstating it. My biggest concern was that I had NO room to zig zag at times. When its a cliff beside you and youre riding the edge at 24mph or when youre riding a narrow bridge, or riding a narrow sidewalk with cars around, wind IS dangerous. Too many circumstances to say with any certainty, that the wind doesnt present a danger. Its also quite nice when its at your back. A big gust of wind that creates an unforeseen change in path by even a mere 6" is still a danger, no?
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    That's not the point, the point is did he represent the product as a V2 with a V3 shell, or did he represent it as an actual V3? As dodgy as GF was when handling my issue, eWheels selling frankenstein wheels hoping their users are too stupid to notice is FAR worse. The only reason he got caught was their customer enlisted someone (me) with a REAL V3 to replace his board (his "new" wheel came with 20 miles on the control board) and when open, it was surprising. And no, eWheels never disclosed it was a V2 with a V3 shell to him.
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