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    Just don't do it. The last time I returned a high-five he clearly attempted to cause me to lose balance, and I almost did. Scared the crap out of me. Never gain. I usually just give a thumbs up or a virtual high-five.
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    The 18XL is in the House!!! Some observations..... This is the first time I have actually seen an EUC live. I'm blown away how heavy it is...lol. I am smiling from ear to ear. I gave it a try for a little bit, first in the kitchen doing the circle and then in our lengthy 12ft hallway ,rocking forward and back. Shorts are not a smart move right off the bat. I wore some hair off my upper calf area. Clearly you guys didn't tell me everything! This is the best Valentines present ever!!!
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    The day I've been waiting for for the past 3 weeks... Bye-bye sling!
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    Had my first proper crash yesterday! I was cruising along a bike path when a cyclist coming in the opposite direction gave me a thumbs up and held out his hand for a high five. Stupidly I took him up on it... CRASH!! I twisted, went down on one side, hit my head and then rolled. My wheel went end over end. I would have been doing around 30-40kph Miraculously I pretty much came away unharmed! I have a friction graze on one elbow and a minor bruise on my hip. My wheel is another matter, the bodyguard saved the shell, but the trolley handle came unlatched and half extended and now won’t extend properly. The mudguard is half torn off I’m going to have to see if I can source some replacement parts for my 16X Going over my gear I was able to assess that my helmet first and foremost saved my life. There is a big scratch on the left side of the forehead. The visor is ruined, so the fact that it was a full face TSG Pass probably saved my face. The top side of my left flex meter wrist guard is badly scratched up, so it definitely saved my hand. The left hand dual-axis knee guard also has some minor scratching. The star of the show was my cordura motorcycle jacket! It protected my elbow as I landed and my shoulder as I rolled. I can see from the wear of the material that it stuck the pavement really hard yet yet the padding on the shoulders and elbow really did their job. I only have a bit of stiffness in my shoulder and a minor friction burn on my elbow. All in all I was extremely fortunate, and I am glad that I invested in a decent amount of gear. I’m feeling very sheepish about the cause of the accident. An impromptu 50kph high-five on a unicycle with a stranger is a shockingly bad idea, and had I thought about it for a second I would have declined. But good manners is so ingrained that I reflexively took him up on it!
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    But only if you're a 40kg child, have a strong wind blowing at your back and you're riding down Mt. Everest.
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    Sling finally off !!! It's been a long 3 weeks... These pictures were taken 5' after taking my sling off, I'm pretty pleased:
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    My mods : replaced the Nikola pads with slimmer ones 3D printed mud guard (really necessary !) a 'real' rear light for the miserable light excuse that is the embossed GW logo
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    I think Russia is extra price sensitive. But we pretty much know that the V8 is the most sold wheel in Europe and the US, too. Though I'd guess that the wheel percentages tend notably more towards the high end here. @Jason McNeil Any chance for some similar statistics from ewheels? Wheels sold, or at least percentages of sold wheels for the manufacturers and some models? Please
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    Very interesting, particularly the range. Very shortly I will be doing a side-by-side range test with a 1845wh MSX and the MSP. Two riders at about the same weight. I hope your buddy was wrong, otherwise I'll be Ubering home as the MSX rider continues on his way
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    I wonder that too. The recent testing which has now been completed by a buddy in the UK saw rather disappointing range results. Virtually identical to his 100v 1230wh MSX. Very surprising. Whether that can be attributed in part or in full to the 21700 cells or not I cannot confirm. But data is data. Same rider, same route, same temps (around 7 deg C) and averaged out both ways to account for headwind. It could just be that 21700's are more susceptible to cold temperatures than 18650's, I don't know. As has been said, you would have to really want an MSP if you already have an MSX of any variant. As it stands, unless you ride the streets of San Fran or do a lot of off-roading (for which the MSP does have a better tyre) there doesn't seem much point to the MSP. For urban riding, even the benefit of the extra torque doesn't really add up when it's braking isn't matched by the same increase. Certainly reported as worse by the same rider when compared to his 1230wh. This could be simply due to the weight difference, but the MSP apparently didn't inspire confidence and braking distances had to be increased as a result. The upshot is, I will be sticking with my 84v 1859wh and he will be keeping his 100v 1230wh. Due to the potential MSP range issue which I would still like to see more data on, I am not convinced that any non MSX owner looking to buy an MSX/MSP should go straight for the MSP. Whilst it would at first seem to be an ideal 84v MSX replacement, I'm not sure it is (for most people). No doubt the MSP is still a 'good' wheel, that's for sure. But buyers need to choose carefully what they want out of a wheel rather than just thinking the latest one must be the best option, even if just looking in the the 84v class.
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    As someone who often gives/receives high-fives while riding, here's my tip: If you ride in the U.S., chances are the person you are high-fiving will be on your left side. If you are on your EUC, then your high-five will be travelling at least as fast as you are moving. Therefore, I like to turn my left shoulder slightly forward in preparation as you will likely need to counter lean a bit towards the right to keep yourself from being knocked off balance. It also helps to actively swing your arm forwards while keeping your hand limp. You want your hand limp to minimize the force of the impact. You want to swing your arm forwards because if you keep your arm extended to your side, you are already at the maximum range of movement of your arm which means that your body will turn to the left when make impact. If your arms are a bit forward with your hand limp, it allows more give so that your body doesn't absorb the force and turn. I love high-fiving other people as it helps spread the stoke!
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    Hi everybody! This is my first message here! I am a beginning (2 months) euc guy from Finland (Europe)! There are not many (almost none!) euc:s available here and I am looking for an upgrage for my Ninebot One S2 wheel.. I will order online and as I have never seen these two options in real life I am willing to here your opinions about them. Shortly: I love the 14" wheel size! I appreciate the small size and easy storage. I live in 4th floor in a building without elevator.. That´s why I strongly appreciate the lighter weight version in future as well.. I commute about 2 miles one way to work.. This is my main usage.. A decent quality asphalt with only few small "steps" when crossing the road.. Mainly biking lanes. Not big hills.. I appreciate a steady fun ride to work.. The two wheels I am "balancing" between are: Kingsong 14D and Inmotion V5F+ I have few things I have been wondering: (They both hit my "price point" perfectly! I don´t want to spend more money on my second wheel..) The V5F+ is "slicker" thinner and maybe nicer looking.. 14D is a "fatter ball" and V5F+ is more like a "thin egg shape".. Which one is better to ride? More stable? More agile? 14D is little bit faster (which I like). Although I read somewhere that it has "an annoying way" of reducing top speed when battery is 50%.. Does V5F+ do the same at some point? V5F+ is a bit lighter and has still a larger battery capacity.. (This is nice) Also the charging time is longer (5h) V5F+ has a smaller engine power (550W). Does this affect riding a lot? V5F+ handle seems a bit odd.. Is it a sturdy one? I am also worried about the 14D handle as I will be carrying it up and down the stars every day.. 14D does not have a "off button" on the handle.. V5F+ does.. Is this a big thing? V5F+ has a nice "door" for pumping the tire.. I assume 14D has a traditional extension for that. Also I have not been able to find Apps for either of these in Finland.. Only DarknessBot is available.. I assume it is working with both of these? I appreciate your help and oppinions! Thanks
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    Time to ride like nothing happened
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    30-miles would be horrendous (at my 18 to 21 mph average range test). If my testing shows anything like that, than this wheel is guaranteed to be a dud - I won't buy one.
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    I think your math is skewed somewhere. You need to focus on what has been used rather than what is remaining. A 1230wh wheel that shows as 55% remaining means it has used 45%. 1230 - 45% is a 553wh drop (used). A 1800wh wheel that shows as 58% remaining means it has used 42%. 1800 - 42% is a 756wh drop (used). A 1859wh wheel that shows as 70% remaining means it has used 30%. 1859 - 30% is a 557wh drop (used). The point being that the MSP was hitting far lower speeds than the MSX yet used quite bit more power. It also used a lot more than an 84v MSX which was travelling at about the same speed (with a lighter rider on the MSP to boot). To further clarify it, the figures between the 100v MSX and my 84v MSX look about right, given the weight difference between my buddy and me. We are using about the same Wh, despite his higher top speeds on occasion.
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    The word on the street from multiple etailers has been saying this for years, not simply regarding Gotway but rather regarding InMotion in general. The simple truth is that the combination of hitting a ~1k USD pricepoint + 16-24 mph speeds + 16" tire + sub-40lbs + solid trolley handle is a sweet spot for an entry-level short commuter wheel for most adults, which none of the other brands seem to understand. Their offerings anywhere close to that segment either lack one of the core features (too-small-diameter tire, poor trolley handle, etc) and/or are too expensive (by 30+%, $1350+). Until they learn this lesson they're going to continue getting fleeced by InMotion in precisely the largest market segment. (And it's not simply like InMotion is "the budget option" or something. Both King Song and Gotway have cheaper offerings well-under $1k and all along that spectrum--they just don't understand the right combination of tick boxes.) Imagine a hypothetical KS16S refresh closer to $1k or a stripped-down 16" GW Tesla size with MCM-like specs bringing it closer to $1k. Those would be competitive to this largest market as well as building brand loyalty with those buyers who might eventually consider move up to their larger offerings.
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    I totally agree. If speed is your game GW is the way to go. I would not choose KS16X that is for sure. But since I ride at 20-35ish kmh range the KS16X suits me just perfect. I love how it handles despite the "follow surface lines" tendency. My KS16X Service history, 1st batch: water entered and damaged power on/off. My KS18L 1st batch: lamp and trolly stems (twice) replacement, structure replacement after a 25ish kmh crash (cover attachment broken off) My V10f service history: wrong sized charge port mounted from factory, clost to impossible to change due to new water seal gluing both innerstructur together (cracked side panels trying to open wheel, my doing). Now it might be interesting to see what Inmotion has installed for 2020. They hinted the wheel coming up first has potential or they will try to get it to 35 mph. More importantl it has a (type of) suspension and is 18" with the widest tyre yet used my Inmotion so 2.5+". Hopefully more to specifics on this late April.
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    Man how could I miss that. I recall I noticed when you his 10k @Marty Backe. Nice try @Rehab1 but Marty only wears Parkranger coloured t-shirts. And use wheels as weights. 😁
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    I tried. No way. You will always be top gun.
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    It's never going to happen. It's part of KingSong's DNA to produce more conservative wheels. If you want to do a lot of high 20's and beyond riding, Gotway is the only game in town. Do you own wheels for their fit and finish or for their riding quality and performance? Everyone is different of course, but for me, fit and finish is way down the list of criteria when buying a wheel. As "heard/seen on the street", I don't see the Nikola as an unreliable wheel. Only the 84-volt version had some issues out of the gate. The 100-volt version has always been a solid wheel. Don't get me wrong, I love my KS16X (and 18XL), but when you mention 30-mph, I have to say something
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    Thank you @Seba! So their app was so bad, it was kicked out of the app stores. Impressive Let's hope this means their new app has some better standard of quality. I wonder why they just didn't hire you or @Ilya Shkolnik long ago if they needed people who can make a proper app.
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    The high-five twisted me. I was expecting a light finger tip style high-five, but he gave me the full solid wrist...
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    Alright first I’ll be honest, I ride my wheel because its totes fun, but if I can claim some green cred why not. So, I thought I’d dive into EPAs Greenhouse Gas Emissions site and run the numbers. 1) On average one gallon of gasoline creates about 8,887 grams of CO2 when burned. 2) In the US vehicles on average produce about 411 grams of CO2 per mile. @ 21mpg on average. 3) 50cc Moped with a 100mile range produce about 89 grams of CO2 per mile. 4) The creation of 1 kWh of electricity produce on average 448 grams of CO2. Nevada has lots of solar, hydro and geo but on average. 5) My 9Bot1 has a 320Wh battery (OMG that’s pathetic) sigh… produce about 10 grams of CO2 per mile (15mi range). 6) The V10F of my dreams has a 960Wh battery produce about 8 grams of CO2 per mile (55mi range). With 178 miles on my 9Bot1 I’ve produced about 1780 grams of CO2 or about 4 average turds (~400 grams). Of note: One Fart produces 0.0063 grams of CO2. What this tells me? I need to convince my wife to let me buy that V10F……
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    Thank you for the advice!. The tire pressure was 25 psi out of the box. I increased it to 45 psi. I'm not sure about the rope/leash. A video I watch by Chooch on YouTube was all in on the leash for learning. There is a Kitesurfing product called the Eel leash which is retractable(similar to a dog leash) that might be good. It can go on a belt and totally hands free until you need to grab it. I did get a Roll.nz cover included with the wheel which I put on today. Really nice product! fits perfect. @travsformation great tip on the dog leash. I will start a new thread when I can get outside. Just being on the wheel a second time this morning has made me feel more comfortable. Even in my little hallway its a workout!
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    I don't remember the fee's of google's playstore but still it's an option, maybe on each version update pop-up a message that says something in the lines of This is a FREE app supported by the users, etc.
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    This thread has been dormant for a while, but I wanted to circle back with an update. As of August I'd given up and downgraded my firmware to v1.11. While I'd sort of gotten used the occasional platform shifting that I was experiencing on v1.12 and and v1.13, I decided I didn't really want to live with it. I saw that v2.0 was available, so I upgraded about two weeks ago. I'm very glad to report that I've gotten about 50-60 miles of riding in since then with no issues. That's enough for me to say that whatever problem I had has been solved in v2.0. It's nice to finally have the benefits of the new firmware, without any problems, even if it took a while. I'm still curious why some 18XLs experienced my issue and some did not, but we may never find that out.
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    [Moved the thread to the brand-new, "Which electric unicycle to get?" section ] If he really likes EUCing, I'd say 6-12 weeks rather than 6 months @Gibby If you don't want to spend a lot when deciding whether EUCing is for you or not, going for a 2nd hand wheel is a good idea If I understand correctly, what you're asking is what to look out for in terms of the state of the wheel you're buying (possible hidden defects, etc). For the asking price of the wheel you mentioned, it should be in pretty pristine condition and with little mileage. Thing to ask and look out for: Mileage (ask the seller to show you on the app) Cracks in the shell. Look closely all around (for the asking price, there should be none, and very little, if not zero scratches either) Check that the trolley handle extends properly and stays in place, and doesn't have too much play Ask when it was purchased, whether it's still under warranty, what kind of riding it's been used for, etc Check the tire state and rim (make sure there are no dents, nothing bent) Ask for a demonstration so you can see that it works correctly Battery state is one of the most important things to look out for, but hard to verify until you actually own the wheel, so things like how long since it was last used, where it's been stored, what charge % it was stored at are good things to ask Lights (headlight and LEDs) I'm sure I've left out a few things, I'm sure @Unventor will be able to help you out too and make up for my potential omissions
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    King Song's current app is so bad, it was kicked out of both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This means you cannot get it on Apple devices at all, and would need to manually download it from the King Song website and sideload it on your Android device. They are working on a better app, but it isn't available yet. Luckily, both EUC World (Android) and DarknessBot (Apple) are excellent third party apps that support all functions of King Song wheels and allow you to do anything the official app does, firmware updates and all. The app authors have official support from King Song for this. These apps support other wheel brands, too. So currently you will have to use one of these third party apps for your King Song wheel. They are better anyways, so it's no loss EUC World (Android) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.lastowski.eucworld DarknessBot (Apple) https://apps.apple.com/app/darknessbot/id1108403878 - (Thank you very much to @Seba for the information, see here.)
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    It is funny, but the two videos I have just finished watching this evening were the one you posted which TheTopher made shortly after he began riding, and then this one he made two years later. It answered the question I had, which was "I wonder if he is he still riding without any protection?" I bet that he gave up on grabbing random leaves too.
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    Anyone (still) doing this, make sure the leash is long enough that you have ample room to sway your hands here and there. Otherwise it disturbs you from finding balance, and slows down the learning process. Just look at the hands of any leashless learner. I saw this first hand when a local rider was stuck in the learning process for weeks, and only after removing the leash he could advance.
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    I’m at around 23 000 km, so we’re practically the same! But 7000 km in 10 months should happen pretty naturally. But your upvotes/km rate is 7x that of mine!
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    Congratulations @Marty Backe !
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    Put some air in the tire and give it a squeeze. You will want to play with air pressure soon. It will affect how the wheel behaves. Too high pressure = it turns on a dime nervously and bounces around. Too low pressure = you have to muscle it to turn and it just feels sloppy. Maybe set a low speed limit through the app to feel how tiltback works. I tied a strong string/rope/band to the handle that you can hold while learning. This so that when you need to jump off the thing won't just continue or land on it's side. If you'd like to keep the finish nice and shiny. Now is the time for protective padding. Have fun.
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    I am unsure of the exact time but I recall it as last late summer time 2019. After KS16X release.
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    My 14D, which is my first & only EUC, definitely has a lift sensor. It works very well, makes stairs a breeze - at least until I learn to actually ride down them!
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    Nice to hear your very first wheel impression. I have been riding short at summer time. Two things... The weight yep it feels heavy but most of the time when not riding it you are like to trolley it. And you get used to it, after a while you don't think that much of it. Secound, you will feel things on legs and your body as you start to ride. But you will get use to this too. At first you might get some bruising on your legs as where the wheel touch since your body is not yet accustom to this. It it normal and will be a non issue soon. A few weeks from now that wise smile will become a permanent super grin. 😁 The only grounding will be when you think back why you didn't jump on this before you did. 😉 As for the shorts.... The benafit with helmet is it hides that I am almost 50 years now. Most think I am early 30ish. Not that it matters but I still get many funny reactions. Like when going shopping at a local DIY store. This elderly lady just looked at the wheen then me, saying woha that is smart. I think she saw me riding up to the shop as me meet just inside the entrance. My reply: yep and it can go upto 50kmh... Hope we see more of your new adventures 🙏👍.
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    Yeah it's such a large discrepancy that I have to keep a very open mind about it at this point. Obviously there could be a multitude of reasons why - duff cells etc. It will be interesting to see what results you get. I would have expected it to be pretty similar to the range of the 84v 1859wh msx, but it was miles out. The journey ended with 55% on the 100v MSX and 58% on the MSP. And that's with peaks of 40mph on the MSX and only 34mph on the MSP. The same journey for me on the 84v 1859wh (and I am heavier) leaves me about 70% at similar peak speeds to the MSP.
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    I wouldn't high-five anyone riding anything towards me, but I will slow down and fist-bump pedestrians when they want to high-five/instead of high-fiving. High-fives can have a wide range of amount of force which is hard to predict due to how fast it happens, and you're already committed to how much force you put in before you get feedback of how much they're putting in. By contrast most people fist-bump much lighter and slower, and if they try to push through hard to mess with you you can just go limp in the elbow and they get nothing. I figured this out after one or two slightly scary high-fives (although I never went down from it), but after making the switch I've never had any sort of danger/problem fist-bumping people.
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    There is one guy we know that high fives regularly.....Alex Segmuller
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    My EWheels fast-charger went up in smoke Every product has horror stories. Yet it has a 4-star rating out of a totality of over 800 reviews. Not too bad in my book. The standard charger uses less power than a typical light bulb. And worse case, if mine "fried", it's many feet away from my wheel/charging brick. It's just not something I'm going to worry about. But thanks for putting the thought in my head anyways I returned the favor with my EWheels story above
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    It looks like I have finally designed and printed mud guard which seems to work.... ;-) awaiting final tests in heavy rain...
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    It's not high-fiving, but touching a passing leaf or running your fingertips along a metal fence quickly teaches you to keep your hands off everything that may come your way. Here's a nice (harmless) example: Stuff comes at you fast and hard, even the things you don't expect to be much.
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    I have to say that I have significantly reassessed the risk/reward of high-fiving and I will not be attempting it again in the future.This is unfortunate, I agree as it is a good stoke spreading opportunity. However, if we are being wheel ambassadors, the last thing we want people to see is us going down in a spectacular heap from something as innocuous as a friendly high-five. Practice and technique could minimise the risk, at the very least I would recommend slowing right down. The combined speeds that I was high-fiving at would have been 50kph+ You wouldn't high five a standing pedestrian through your car window as you drove past at 50kph!
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    You're damn right. Today I've disassembled Ninebot One S2 for repair. Reason? Almost new wheel failed short after turning on - blown MOSFET. Wheel that was never ridden before, used only for software development. I just turned it on, motor wasn't blocked, no misuse history, handled with real care. BUT IT BLOWN ONE OF SIX MOSFETS JUST SECONDS FROM TURNING WHEEL ON... When I disassembled this device, I was impressed by the quality and workmanship. Everything designed and made to the highest engineering standards, I could even say that King Song and Gotway should imitate Ninebot in this respect. And as a hardware developer I know what I say. But none of my King Song wheels ever failed and I often hear the same from Gotway users. And what about an apparently perfectly designed and built Ninebot? It failed just because I turned it on... Finish or perceived quality doesn't mean that any particular wheel will be better than other.
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    That would mean approximately the following amount of units were sold: Inmotion: V5F - 352 V8 - 709 V10F - 202 Gotway: MSuperX 84V - 152 MsuperX 100V - 44 MCM5 - 169 Tesla - 51 Nikola - 50 Mten - 31 Monster - 18 Ninebot: Z10 - 109 KingSong: 14M - 249 14D, DS - 122 16S - 399 16X - 93 18L, XL - 380
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    Lucky for you there is a website that calculates this all for you and tracks our EUCs as a whole. For what it is worth, I have saved roughly $1200 in gas in the past year. I have a relatively short commute though. That's about as much as the V10F. https://euc.world/
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    You get twisted and you dont have much control in that direction. Two friends (just beginning) thought it would be a good idea to high-five (both on wheels) they did a symmetrical swirl fall, luckily at low speed. Good to hear you made it fairly well in spite of the speed.
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    I am glad to hear that you survived relatively unscathed. I will remember not to high five anyone while I am riding. In return let me pass on a bit of wisdom that I learned the hard way: When you are riding a motorcycle, and find your right hand busy holding an object - DON'T reach across with your left hand to turn the throttle.
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