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    On the occasion of my 600th consecutive day taking a wheel to work instead of a car, bus, or whatever. Fitting that it is a snow day today given that the (slight) majority of trips have been in October-March timeframe. Six different wheels used at different times ranging from V5F at the start to the 18XL most days today. I figure I'll hit 1,000 in the summer of 2022, depending on vacations and whatnot.
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    Not exactly snow, but the ride home yesterday sure got interesting...
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    Thanks buddy! I just pray all goes well next week. The thought of a neurosurgeon operating on my wife’s spine is a bit unnerving to me.
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    You must first disconnect the last connection in the app. Then click on the Bluetooth symbol. Then it will find other wheels.
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    Many of you probably enjoyed works by Yuri Borodin in our EUC Art topic: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/5895-electric-unicycle-art Some of you also asked if Yuri has his works for sale, and here is the rare opportunity. Yuri offers 2 pieces of his limited edition "Speed" figure. The figure is 4" high and weighs 2.35 lb. Yuri asks $400 per piece. Not cheap, but hey - this is a unique art. If somebody is interested - message me, and I'll help you to get in touch with Yuri and discuss whatever details you need.
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    I'm really looking forward to the MSP for my mountains. I guess it may not have universal appeal though.
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    I get mine on Saturday. Will soon find out
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    With that dihedral angle though... Might be difficult to find someone who even can.
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    @Rehab1 As if my thoughts will make a difference! Go crazy as usual! I was just in a high five mood that day! BTW the NB S2 is very pleasant compared to the Mten3 to carry around in a backpack. (Less than 11kg but an easier form factor, less speedy though)
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    Pico those were some very cool moments! Please share your thoughts during this moment before I let loose with a meme.
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    Had my first proper crash yesterday! I was cruising along a bike path when a cyclist coming in the opposite direction gave me a thumbs up and held out his hand for a high five. Stupidly I took him up on it... CRASH!! I twisted, went down on one side, hit my head and then rolled. My wheel went end over end. I would have been doing around 30-40kph Miraculously I pretty much came away unharmed! I have a friction graze on one elbow and a minor bruise on my hip. My wheel is another matter, the bodyguard saved the shell, but the trolley handle came unlatched and half extended and now won’t extend properly. The mudguard is half torn off I’m going to have to see if I can source some replacement parts for my 16X Going over my gear I was able to assess that my helmet first and foremost saved my life. There is a big scratch on the left side of the forehead. The visor is ruined, so the fact that it was a full face TSG Pass probably saved my face. The top side of my left flex meter wrist guard is badly scratched up, so it definitely saved my hand. The left hand dual-axis knee guard also has some minor scratching. The star of the show was my cordura motorcycle jacket! It protected my elbow as I landed and my shoulder as I rolled. I can see from the wear of the material that it stuck the pavement really hard yet yet the padding on the shoulders and elbow really did their job. I only have a bit of stiffness in my shoulder and a minor friction burn on my elbow. All in all I was extremely fortunate, and I am glad that I invested in a decent amount of gear. I’m feeling very sheepish about the cause of the accident. An impromptu 50kph high-five on a unicycle with a stranger is a shockingly bad idea, and had I thought about it for a second I would have declined. But good manners is so ingrained that I reflexively took him up on it!
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    If you've ever been hiking at Torrey Pines cliffs, it's a beautiful spot adjacent to the Torrey Pines Golf Course. It's about 25 miles and the last section is all trail so it takes at least 2 1/2 to 3 hours to complete the loop. Overall a great tour. According to @Flyboy10 our San Diego EUC Group will be trying out a slightly different version of this route with some minor improvements within a few months. Maybe some of those from the LA (@Marty Backe) or Orange County groups can come on down for an epic ride!
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    This is a really good point. I've played with those before. The Google Earth interface is quirky to work with and takes time to get what you want out of it. You almost need a better tool. The Relive output is tempting to use because it's simple and done for you from the App. But the free version quality is too low to even use in an HD video. As it is, the video I'm using is the "Upgraded" paid version and I agree that the quality is lacking in my opinion. So I'll see if I can find something better at some point, but for now it's the best I can get that is quick and easy. As it is, the post processing takes more time than I'd like. I'm also going to put out a 360 video where you can spin the viewpoint around where ever you want throughout the whole ride. It's not a tiny planet format, but it puts the viewer in control of the scene. The only problem is that you can't mix in regular 2D video with the 360. It's all one or the other and in general, I think viewers prefer the simple 2D (reframed video) approach. Thank you for your suggestions and the good words!
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    Alternating between video footage and the Relive route really puts your ride into context, I like it It might be worth experimenting with Google Earth tours (created from your gpx files), they'll give you more control and yield higher quality "footage". As to 360º video, I love the possibilities it offers but am not a big fan of the "tiny planet" effect, I much prefer a "traditional", non-warped approach. But I understand how the novelty factor can be alluring and that we all have different tastes Keep the videos coming! I really enjoy them (and your signature voiceover) !
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    Between the temperature fluctuations and humidity, I don't think it's a great idea… I understand that scooters take up more space than EUCs, so if space is a concern, may I suggest your wife learns to ride an EUC?
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    I have become more of a NYC type rider and the battery is too small for me. Might be perfect for someone who doesn't push it to 35 mph in-between each stop light. I'm simply replacing it with a bigger battery MSX. The MSX will long be one of the best wheels in the world. I could just buy the batteries but then I'd have extra batteries lying around wasting away. So I thought it would be better to sell this wheel to someone who will enjoy it. I originally bought the wheel because I wanted a taste of what Gotway had to offer. Now I'm ready for more.
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    I guess a proper range test and long distance Hill climb are the only tests left to do. I think the MSP will outlast the 84v in both scenarios but it's only speculation. I was surprised that the MSP wasn't more... well, more! Sounds like this long range uphill test will be happening on Feb 22nd 😉
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    These are the new works by Yuri Borodin. He said he is tired of metal and is trying new techniques. These guys are made of wool! PS. See also Yuri's works for sale here:
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    I think the MSP is a good upgrade from the 84v MSX
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    (This is an old thread, moved to this new forum because there are some nice tricks to be seen!)
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    dear initiator, please examine video posted in the original thread you're referring too IMHO he was going way to fast on cold day (-4 degree) with small battery (only 60% charged) in an rather small EUC machine with a rider quite heavy for V5F...perfect recipe for falling. What to do ? Be careful what you buy to have plenty available power in case you want to go faster.
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    You can order the same thing from Ewheels for ~$95. But to echo the above. $135 has guaranteed that my $2k wheel which has 3k miles on it, looks like new. I should mention that I abuse it to. Tumbled down hills, slammed into pavement and fallen on sharp rocks many times.
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    Can't wait for some Samsung-EUC World love! So I picked up a used Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and a silicone band on Ebay, all for around $35. After working it into the wrist guard it makes for a really cool display. The watch head pops in/and out of the band for easy recharging. Can't wait for the EUC World companion app, I'm donating to the cause! Already tried tracking using the cycle mode and get speed and distance. I don't know what it is but I'm really geeking over a display on a wrist guard; it's like a Nintendo Power Glove, only cooler!
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    Poor @Ash_lee_g, to see a simple question turn into a full length battery discussion Anyway, sorry to chip in on this. I actually do believe this is the optimal way to treat your batteries. However I also agree with @mrelwood, that for the projected use of most EUC_users it won't matter to occasionally keep it at a 100% for a short period of time. Just wanted to add that when I read the manuals, the KS16X specifically says that you should charge to 100% and leave the charger in for a few extra hours in order to allow the BMS to balance. As for the v8, it asks to charge to 100% at least once per month. So perhaps this could be taken as a guideline? That being said, personally I charge my wheels to a 100% unless I will not be using them in the next 24 hours. If somehow something doesn't go as planned I try to never let them at 100% for more than 3 days.
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    your hills will show the best of the wheel, the great benefit of the increased motor size should be less amp draw, in one one word range imho
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    Very tempting. I love his work
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    Selling my 100v MSX 1230wh from ewheels (original box included). Warranty good until April 2020. Only has 800 miles on it. It's taken a few tumbles at low speeds (<10 mph) so it's all cosmetic "damage". Comes with fender/stand from ewheels, GW seat, and 4-amp fast charger. I can leave the DIY Powerpads and Kuji Pads on or take them off if you like. Lights all work great. I added a reflector (sticker) on the back because I ride at night. Range of ~40 miles if you take it easy or ~20 miles if you ride all out. I typically hear beeps around 40mph on this wheel at 100% battery. $1400 Local pickup (San Diego County or Orange County) or $1450 shipped within USA (assuming I can get this figured out with ewheels shipping label) I can't tell you how much I love this wheel but I need to sell this wheel if I want to buy more wheels. PM me here or on instagram @FlyboyEUC. Left Side Front View Right Side Top View Rear View Rear View Reflector
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    Just restating that the ride is now Sunday March 8, 12pm at Coburg Park Reserve.
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    I believe in this video they also compared against the MSX 84v, which would produce a much more noticable difference vs. the MSP.
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    @NMorgadoHere's mine. Sorry I dont currently have a digital scale for you. But looks like my V8F is of a batch thats more or less weighs as advertised, around 32 lbs. There was an earlier batch. Jason emailed sometime Jan 9. Saying that they recieved a limited supply but this batch's weight was 2+ lbs more, coming in around 35 lbs and if didnt mind that he would ship it that same day. Not that I mind the 2+lbs additional weight. Its just that, that particular email for some reason went to my spam folder. I never got to read it till more than a week later... well worked out well in the end. I received mine Jan 27th.
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    Just don't do it if you care anyhow for device. I dont think storing even bicycle on balcony is a good idea (corrosion). Not to mention LiOn batteries.
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    Samsung support is now a priority task, so don't be afraid. And I accept your proposal to be a guinea pi... eekhmmm, I mean beta tester...
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    I wouldn't connect this buzzer directly to the board either way. Fast circuit from paint just to show the idea: That way the on and off sound would be beeped only on the internal buzzer, all other beeps would activate both buzzers. Having a nice DC converter would also allow to install custom high power lights controllable together with the internal ones. (I didn't measure anything yet so this circuit my need some modifications)
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    I wrote a comment on YouTube: Great review! Nice work and nice riding guys! I see this model as a refresh of the 84v. If we look back at just about every wheel so far there has been no magic when it comes to range. A Wh is usually a Wh. Some wheels like the 18XL and 16X going a bit lower into voltage but that voltage running off very quickly. An interesting thing to see was how the 1230Wh 100V compared to the 1800Wh MSP when it comes to voltage dipping. At 04:44 in the clip while getting up to speed (both wheels are fully charged) 100V 40MPH 44% battery or 89.9V MSP 35MPH 72% battery 94.3V Both configurations are 24s4p but the 18650 cells in the 1230Wh 100v are definitely digging deep.Of course there is a speed variation to consider as well but it looks like the 5000mah cells offset the 24s4p so it behaves more like a 18650 24s6p config. Mathematically it all seems sound and comparable to the 1845Wh 100v regarding battery. Minus the top speed but with more torque. I'm sure it will find it's place on the market. Some people don't want to ride at 60 kmh but given the possibility they might...
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    What would you do if you were out riding and found an outdoor trampoline?
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    Lake Yamanakako, below Mt Fuji
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    It's so incredible! My 5 year old daughter had only 4 X 5km riding experience on the EUC. Today we started the first bigger tour (24km) when right at the beginning a big bump came and she didn't hear my warning while she was singing a song. After a short shock we lay in the grass and laughed almost dead.
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    Ground variations, small muscle or steering movements, wind, etc. constantly induce sideways motions that can start a wobble. Usually, the rider dampens the oscillations away quickly and automatically, that's just a normal part of riding. But if the leg muscles are tense (new rider, tired, bad stance on the pedals, unusual thing happening like a wind gust, etc.), that attempt to dampen will be out of sync (your body reacting too late, essentially) and actually amplify the wobbling instead of dampening it (or at least you'll not be able to reduce the wobbling and it will increase by itself). That's the working theory how you get speed wobbles. Stand as relaxed as possible (that comes with experience, 3 hours is nothing - and grabbing the wheel may be counterproductive!) and if you get wobbles, do something that starts a strong and new leg muscle tension like braking (or even accelerating, but braking tends to be safer for obvious reasons) or going into a curve. Your tense leg muscles' delayed reactions is what causes the wobble, so changing the muscle tension is how you can get out of this rut. [TLDR: just brake.] Essentially, everyone has speed wobbles. The question is just: at what speed do they appear? The faster the tire spins, the faster a sideways wobble will grow, so every rider will have a speed at which the wobbling is so violent that he can't balance it. The more relaxed the rider is and the more experience he has, the higher that speed is, and if it's beyond the wheel's top speed, problem solved You can try this for yourself by riding slowly and starting to squat down (tenses your legs). You'll see a wobble appear. That's also why some people get wobbles when braking downhills, the unusual stance tenses the leg muscles too much.
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    Uff, that could be the reason, I'm afraid. I bought my wheel used, and faced this question already several times... If so, is there any workaround?
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    Of course it is possible, but you have to perform scan each time you want to switch between wheels. Does your V8 show in scan results? Please also check if there is no Inmotion app running in bacgkround.
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    Sure, the name MSX Pro was the original name, I suggested taking the ‘X’ out, so this is another variant of the MSuper series, mind you this was before I rode the wheel. MST , T for Torque to get you out of corners faster, than a normal 100v, may be ideal. I am not sure if Gotway gave a lot of thought into the naming scheme, they were probably just looking for something to call their new wheel. so MST is what I would suggest, but hey this is just my opinion based on my experience with the wheel.
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    So glad you added MC and Visa! Thanks again your excellent service to the EUC community!
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    I don’t think a beginning battery failure is ever a good deal. But 96% is admittedly a tough choice at that price, since it is possible that it can be recovered to normal. Risky, but a possible lottery win. I’d have to investigate hands on to estimate the actual odds. EDIT: I want to emphasize that at 1600km this battery has not degraded. The cells have gone badly out of balance. Difference being that degrading happens slowly and somewhat predictably, whereas a badly balanced pack will stress the weakest cells the most, accelerating the imbalance. And when you hit that pothole, it’s up to the weakest cell to keep up. The difference in power can be easily felt.
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    Still trying to work on my video format. The resolution on a re-framed 360 video is only 1080, so it's not as good as a 4k video with slo-mo and other special effects. But it does offer the ability to change the point of view after the fact in post. I guess there are pros and cons. What do you think?
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    I promised you a même!
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    EUCs give us the amazing sensation of flying. However, this experience is dependent on an electronic machine working perfectly in conjunction with maintaining a very small but VERY important area of contact with earth. Because of the latter, certain road and surface hazards that are a nuisance for 2 or 4 wheels becomes deadly with only 1 wheel. As a newer rider, I wanted to share some of my recent experiences with other newer riders. Potholes with water / deeper than expected: self-explanatory. Sinkholes in grass: Like booby trapped potholes but without the subsequent road rash. Random gravel rock or sand: Rude awakening to a peaceful slalom on back roads. Wet paint lines (e.g. marking off bike lanes): This can be unnerving on 2 wheels and can be deadly on 1 (especially if accelerating or braking). It doesn’t have to be raining. It could be morning dew or sea mist (I live by the beach). Unexpected gusty winds: Together with wet paint lines on the road makes a good 1-2 punch. I hope others can chime in with any of their own experiences with “hidden” hazards. It’s always less painful to learn from others’ misfortunes.
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    Just watched the instructional video by Fat-Unicyclist demoing installing the euc cover. I must confess that I am a little disappointed as there seems to be some deception there. The Fat Unicyclist is NOT EVEN FAT!!!!
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