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    They are indeed... unless you tire up! I have no problem riding over 40km/h on ice and a moderate amount of snow. I do slow down a lot in corners though, since I haven’t yet gotten a proper feel for the grip limits. So far it has just gripped great.
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    If you guys aren't following EUCO.us on instagram or youtube, you should. They received their MSP a couple days ago and testing is in progress. Get ready, the MSP has landed! Live unboxing Sunday Jan 26th at 2pm PST.
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    They must be inside the box, testing.
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    OK. You changed my mind. I just ordered a mountainbike helmet with a chin guard as none of the 10 other helmets I have have a chin guard other than the motorcycle helmets which are too heavy for the EUC.
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    Everyone would be happy and there would be barely any crimes and no war.
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    Have you gone through the usual suspects for vibration? Check for a loose axle nut (use threadlocker if it keeps unscrewing) Check for a broken axle Check for loose pedal arm/column screws that secure to the inner shell (use threadlocker and/or locking washers if it keeps unscrewing) Check for a loose control board (insert pieces of rubber (like pieces of a rubber band) inbetween the board and the shell to dampen/vibration isolate from the shell) Re-calibrate the wheel/gyro with the wheel completely vertical/upright, not leaning at an angle.
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    It was caused by expired SSL certificate. I renewed SSL certificate now, so HTTPS access will work now.
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    WheelLogViewer.net is my old project that I made some time ago to easily view WheelLog logs. Because I found it useful, I shared it with community. It was never meant to be anything more than just a viewer and it's completely unrelated to EUC.World, except of the creator I plan however to move wheellogviewer.net functionality to EUC World, where it will be expanded and used as a viewer in CSV logs section. @buell47 was right however - wheellogviewer.net didn't supported new CSV log format introduced with 1.0.6; I however fixed this now. The only limitation is that location data saved in new format won't be displayed on wheellogviewer.net map.
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    I agree, motorbike helmets are a bit too heavy. I wanted the flip-up function and bought the only full-face bicycle helmet in my big head size with that function I could find:) The mountain bike downhill helmets are very light and solid, so I don't think you'll regret it. Don't know the age of the pictures and clips you have seen, because most adults and all the children are wearing bicycle helmets these days. Norway, my home country, was perhaps a bit slow implementing this, but Sweden, where I live, is very safety oriented. They have probably invented or produced at least half of the safety gear you use in your everyday life:) I was born above the arctic circle with a lot of Sami blood in my veins, and in the Sami language there are over 250 words for different snow conditions. I know snow and ice! I tried to explain the conditions, where the warmer new snow sticks to the colder ice and hard packed snow on the ground, which creates a very safe surface to ride on. There is a lot of friction in new snow if the temperature and humidity is right. Cold air pockets or cold air rivers/tunnels, the even more precise condition I experienced, are a bit more difficult to predict, especially if there are open water not covered in ice nearby. Open water pulls cold air toward its selves, and this creates cold air rivers/tunnels where the air becomes drier and the temperature drops a few degrees, and that was what had happened where the wheel slid out underneath me.
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    Hi everyone! I'm new here I'm moving to Santa Monica at February 1st and I will be happy to find any unicycles drivers there! I'm driving Kingsong 18XL See you soon!
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    Great. Join my Telegram group where many of the Southern California rides are organized. https://t.me/laeucgamesgrouprides Our next Big ride will be Mt Baldy on February 9th. The 18XL will be perfect for that
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    There would be a lot of super smooth and very obstacle-free "bike" paths everywhere. Causing an obstacle on these (trash, ...) would be a serious crime that everyone frowns upon.
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    Funny how us old-timers, who grew up in a time where safety gear was either totally absent or viewed as a bit unnecessary, still carry a reluctancy towards waring safety gear. My girlfriend had to persuade me to wear a helmet when I bought the Onewheel. I bought a cheap skateboard helmet and felt like a complete fool, but I didn't take it of because of all the children who used to watch me. I switched to EUC's because of range and off-road capability about 1.5 years ago, and added better wrist guard, gloves, knee- and elbow-pads to my safety gear. Last winter the cheap skateboard helmet saved me from a more serious injury. The roads were either hard packed snow or ice, but a new layer of snow had been wet enough to stick to the surface underneath, so the riding conditions were safe. I came down a hill, at not much than walking pace, and at the bottom of the hill the wheel slid out underneath me. I fell backwards and smacked the back of my head/helmet in the ice. Cold air had gathered there, and the snow was dry and light, not sticking to the black ice. I only got a light concussion, but had to spend two weeks in bed listening to audiobooks. The cheap helmet went to the bin and replaced with a new full-face flip-up helmet, and now I wouldn't even consider riding without a helmet.
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    Search on Google "How to make a dead cat" If you are using a Gopro you can also get something like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OJFJPF8/ You will find several videos on youtube where folks make their own or buy deadcats and do before and after comparisons.
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    I appreciate the reply's. @Unventor , The video was very good. It was one I did not see. You and @mrelwood brought up some excellent points about speed. Being a newbie, I'm not sure what I will be comfortable with. I have a fairly good perception of speed from my Hydrofoiling. I'm a free ride foiler ,typically going 25-35 kmh ,carving ,riding waves etc.(racing hydrofoils go over 50kmh) My PEV experience is limited to my OneWheel Pint. I'm new at it as well but I'm pretty good on it ,carving ,riding both ways ( Very experienced on a snowboard, both soft and hard boots). I experienced push back on my first day ,25 kmh. I didn't even feel I was going that fast. My rides since then (only 6 times, winter here) I'm very aware of the speed I'm going and have not had a push back since.I'm pretty happy going around 20 kmh on the Pint. Your advice is well taken about the possible speed I will want to ride regarding wheel choice. I can't imagine wanting to go much more than 35 kmh but I bet everyone has said that...lol @Espen R thanks for the heads up about the new Gotway MSX V2. I have looked at the Kingsong 18XL videos and its definitely one to consider. For what ever reason , I have my self convinced I need a wheel that has a 3" wide tire. Every review says its more stable. Perhaps someone who has experience on both can let me know the pros and cons. In some videos I've watched regarding the 16x , @Mike Sacristan says its a very different ride compared to other wheels. I would think not being able to ride (Me) This would not be an issue?
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    @bigwave , considering your height/weight, I would also look at the Gotway MSX, V2 coming soon, and the Kingsong 18XL, because they are a bit more versatile with the larger wheel diameter, especially off-road. I agree with @mrelwood, a beginner wheel wouldn't satisfy your need for very long. I'm 6"2,5 and 242 lbs, and I ordered the KS-18XL after just a few days on the KS-16S.
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    The 16X and Nikola are both great wheels, and both should absolutely bring a wide grin on your face for a long time. That said, if you’ll take the habit of riding fast (which your past activities do hint for), the 16X falls short. It’s not a safe wheel for your weight at speeds over 40km/h. The Nikola on the other hand is a very fast wheel, and if you lack self-control, you can find yourself at very unsafe speeds very soon. But if you have enough self control not to remove the top speed limit (48km/h), the wheel should practically be as safe as any. As @Unventor mentioned, we often have differing opinions and experiences. Learner wheel or not is one of them. For me a learner wheel wouldn’t have been worthwhile, since I was a careful learner. I don’t think I even covered my wheel, and it only tumbled slowly a few times. OTOH I’ve seen a lot of YT videos where the rider tries to go all in, and tries to learn the hard way. Fly or die. They sure scratch their wheels, even if padded. If you decide to get a learner wheel first, prepare for being done with it in a week. And at your weight you should too, they can’t carry you over bumps or at speed. If you get a mid-class wheel, you’d probably start looking for the top wheels in a month or two anyway, since you might be asking from them a bit more than they are capable. If you have the budget for both a learner and a top wheel, then by all means, buy both. Otherwise I’d stick to your plan of getting a top wheel right away. Pad it up well for a few weeks, and learn with concentration and you are golden. Personally, due to the 16X’s questionable power headroom at higher speeds, I’d choose the Nikola for myself. 16X is more comfortable and a bit more practical, but I do like to ride pretty fast, and I weigh the same as you.
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    First of my main experience is with the wheels on my profile and tested the Z10 a few times. You will see most advice here goes back to personal preference, not always from the member asking for advice. There are a few things I would share that is my personal opinion. The first wheel is going to get banged up for most people learning. So do ypu want to buy top price wheel or get a learner unit you can use as backup later or resell to get your real wheel. Weight of rider is something you cannot ignore. If you buy a new wheel, I would recommend around 1k wh battery or higher and a 1200W motor or higher. You might not need a trolley handle, but if you get a good trolley, then you find you can take wheel with you much easier than to carry it. A cutoff switch/system is a very nice function. Standard model tip: (I don’t mention Gotway, as my experience is none, but what I read). If you do not know what to get and how you use it, my personal opinion is the KS18L is a great first wheel it is a balance of all, not a master but not handicapped in anyway either. You can argue if the KS18XL is a better choice (yes long term) but it comes down to price/weight for a first wheel. If you want to save cost I found the V10f sold now impressed me a lot at the price I bought it for (at 11.11 1250€). Now the V10f have had pedal issues but should be stronger now. But keep it in mind when riding off curbs. Despite that you can buy it, I would not recommend KS16X as a first wheel Notice on speed. Also some love speed, but I recommend you ride 1000miles first, it is to build up body reaction to bumps, balance reaction. In my case I can say it took me 2500km to get to a point where if I hit something that surprised me, bump or traffic situations, I can deal with this much better now. The way I found this to be the case is last summer whenI hit a "hidden" double speed bum at 25 kmh. That time my legs, back and angels had the needed suspension not to soft nor too hard to deal with it. this first bump wasn't the issue, the second was the real challenge. When hitting it at slightly out of balance still trying to recover. They were about 1-1.5 meters; terrain difference about 4" high, apart under a bridge so I didn't see them in the shadows.. I used to ride at 40-45 kmh, I don't anymore. Now I ride at 30-35 kmh, it makes a hude difference in reaction times and energy you need to dead with. The bumps I mentioned above, I would not be able to do those at 30kmh even today. I have around 4000km in the 2 years I have been riding. Also recommend to look at this. Model wise I do think a little different, but the question on how to pick are solid.
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    For me the best thing about Electric Unicycles is the immense and constant feeling of progression; mastering it with every minute I spend on it. The wheel starts to feel like a bionic augment, and you get so good on it that you almost can't fall off. I have taught myself piano, guitar, violin, drumset, skateboarding, longboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, and coding....nothing even comes close. I imagine the only thing you could compare it to is if from the day you were born you never learned to walk. Then finally as an adult you learned to walk after 18 years of not having that independence....then you were able to run....then do gymnastics/parkour and so on. EUCs have also become one of the most worthwhile investments I've made in my entire life. I feel like the time and money I've spent so far has paid it's dividends back tenfold in how it's shrunk my surrounding areas and allowed me a fun and efficient way to locomote aside from walking, biking, driving.
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    It's frustrating (for me) that Jason always seems to be the last to get new wheels You mean they actually have the wheel but haven't unboxed it yet???
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    Here you go! I did a quick screen capture of both old V8 and new V8F. V8F seems to keep going & spin up quite a bit more after giving a sound and tiltback warning. You can kind of hear by the sound in the video.
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    I asked gotway about this and they responded very quickly which was cool. Me: Hope your in good health and happy new year!!! I see on the picture of the control board large capacitors that are only rated for 100v with the wheel being 100v and the battery producing actually more than 100v that seems to be a problem. This is being talked about on the forum.electricunicycle.org and a lot of us are concerned about it. Gotway: 100v-160v not just 100v We have launched the 100V version for more than three years, so please rest assured
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    I remember having the same discussion when I first started riding; back then I was in the "know how to fall" camp, determined to transfer my training in martial arts to EUC riding. I still believe that in certain scenarios they can come in handy, but in general I feel that EUC falls are too unpredictable and happen way too fast, and as @Darrell Wesh said, most of the techniques commonly referred to don't tend to transfer well to high-speed falls. I'm not saying they aren't useful at all: a couple of well executed roles have probably spared me some pain in a couple of occasions, but only because they occurred at fairly low speeds and nothing unexpected happened so I was able to predict the outcome and prepare for. Having said that, I don't think rolling is a safe approach for high-speed falls and has the potential to cause much more harm than it prevents; I'm also wary of rolling with the full-face helmet on– on mine the visor protrudes enough that it worries me that if it were to get caught mid-roll it could cause a serious neck injury. Overall, my experience is that falls tend to happen way too fast to have time to react. On my one and only 40 +km fall I suddenly found myself sliding across the asphalt, and it wasn't until I got up that I found out that the cause of the fall had been a speedbump I'd failed to see; it happened so fast that one second you're riding and the next year on the ground. You don't have to be riding that fast either: clip a pedal, hit a curb or a pothole, find yourself having to swerve to avoid an obstacle or a jay walker and it's pretty much the same thing. The unpredictability factor plays a big role too: during a wobble, for example, which direction you'll be propelled is anyone's guess until it happens. Depending on the angle, whether it happens while you're going straight or turning, depending on whether the wheel is tilted to its side and how far, on whether you dismount or are "forcibly ejected", the pressure of your tire… A controlled fall requires being able to predict the outcome and prepare for it (even if it's just half a second in advance) , and in the case of EUCs there are so many variables at play that can change so dramatically (multiple times per second) that sometimes it can be practically impossible to anticipate even the direction of the fall; you can brace yourself for a leftward fall and in the very last millisecond the wheel can twist violently and eject you to the right. Falls are a very humbling experience. Even dismounts (where you think you're escaping the unpredictability of the wheel in favor of a voluntary bail) can turn out very differently from what you'd anticipated. You put your right foot on the ground, expecting to fall forward, but inertia has you fall on your side instead. I consider myself lucky that the times I've fallen my reflexes have been fairly on point (perhaps too on point, as in the case linked to by @Unventor...): I've always been able to land with my hand in front of me, and instinctively keep my arms flexed and my neck and torso bent upwards away from the asphalt. Palms, knees and elbows seem to take the most direct hits, which is why gearing up is the most effective way of preventing injuries. If I were to give any advice it would be to try to prevent falls in the first place by putting your full attention into what you're doing (again: don't be dumbstruck by blondes or sunsets ), to gear up and to try to stay clear of your wheel when a mishap occurs; I've had a few forced bails where I jumped off as the wheel was twisting and landed in front of it, and am glad that I was instinctively able to dodge it because you don't want a 55 lb. wheel hitting you in the leg or ankle from behind... I completely agree that slow speed practice isn't applicable to higher-speed crashes, and I can't imagine anyone voluntarily practicing high-speed crashes either On the other hand, @Darrell Wesh, Perhaps the italicized text above is just friendly banter, but it comes through (at least to me) as somewhat harsh. Remember we're not face-to-face (no smiles, body language, etc.) and written text leaves much space for (mis)interpretation. Perhaps you should give emoticons a try to prevent misunderstandings
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    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and new to the world of EUC. A little background. 60yrs old, 6'0" 210 lbs, very athletic all my life. Currently my main sport is Kitesurfing (20yrs)both water and snow. I've been kite Hydrofoiling for the last 6 yrs as well. Currently ride a Onewheel Pint as well . Played Hockey, Raced Motocross ,Wing Suit(just kidding, NO Wing Suit...lol) Blah Blah Blah.... Honestly ,I had no idea EUC existed a month ago. Since my discovery, I have been obsessed with watching videos and reading the forum here. My need for a EUC is strictly for fun. I don't need one for a commute. Just riding around, carving ,probably mostly on road but not ruling out some off road stuff. I really am so interested in learning how to do it. The challenge of learning how to ride will be very satisfying. So, the wheels I have been very interested in are the Kingsong 16x and the Gotway Nikola Plus. To the experienced riders here on the forum, would these be suitable? Should there be other wheels I should consider? Looking forward to hearing your advice! Thank You
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    Let the speculations begin. @tinawong just dropped a nice little comment on a recent KS18XL Facebook video posting of mine, suggesting that it would be great if I could test their new wheel in 2020. Zero details. Of course we would expect a new wheel this coming year, but it's nice to have confirmation that something definitive is in the works. So what do you think it'll be? Or maybe someone already knows and I'm just out of the loop Although the 16X had a rocky start, I'm loving mine, and the 18XL has a solid reputation. So KingSong seems to be on a roll with their current lineup.
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    Thank yo so much. Reading that made me feel so humbled. I haven't mastered it. Which is great, theres always something new to learn on the EUC. I can't ride backwards yet and only just started riding down stairs and so on. Theres lots for me to learn.
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    I've already done it. As @rainystateguy stated, i have a cover for my gopro. I am planning to make a custom binaural setup mounted on my bag but that'll be a spring project. If you listen to the sound here, you'll hear it. It works pretty well
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    I think you mean KS16X. So the KS16X can be used as a first wheel, almost any wheel can. But it is all about learning curve and intuitive behaviour of the wheel. That is part reason why it feel fun, you need to get the hand of the high speed behaviour. As for 3" wide wheels, some say that is a must, but I seriously doubt that as first wheel. Now sine you already have a one wheel, I would imagine you get the EUC part fairly fast. It you will find why some prefer one wheel and others prefer EUC. Despite "similar" they are yet very different and I am pretty sure you will find an EUC more versatile on how you can use it. Now you could choose a MSX too, but from what I gather most find a KS18XL/L more comfortable especially with xl/Jason pedals. If you get a newer batch it will have digital lift sensor same as KS16X, and it works spot on. The Nikola might be a option too, but I think the KS18XL beats it as a more practical build. The only thing is speed that GW is having high focus on, where KS built with speed as a 3rd or 4th focus area. If you are on android you got great support for KS with @Seba new EUC.WOULD app. It works with other brands too. But now it got full KS support. If you can go to a local meet up and talk to people. Talk all in and stir the pot. But be mindfil that people will lean towards their choice. I would say this though. The V10f is in my opinion a great modern learner wheel. And yes it comes down to how it rides and investment costs. Yet with your one wheel experience I would go for KS18XL. I think there are a Canadian seller or ewheels ship to Canada too.
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    I completely agree with your approach, Seage. We're all different and have different skill sets and talents, and that diversity is what brings about interesting and unique content. Everyone should focus on what they're best at, and as you said, go for it! By the way, I really enjoyed your video! You have good storytelling skills, so those should definitely be the heart of your channel. You also have a good "narrator voice", I think you should put it to good use!
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    Hello guys, I need your experts diagnostic ! I'm using a gotway MCM5 that has a very high frequency vibration (felt mostly in my feets) occuring at about 10-12kph (6.2 to 7.5mph) that dissapears above and under, it seems to be mostly at constitant speed and not during deceleration phases. This vibration is not present if I just lift up the EUC and make it free spin at these speeds. It is not unrideable but not very pleasant and makes me avoid this range of speed. Do you think it's just the motor that has this "resonance" speed or can it be something else ? I saw @Duf mentionning something that could be similar with his 16X but I'm not sure it's the same here. Thanks all for your precious help !
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    Look at me! I can plant my face...
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    I have a Scott motorcycle helmet, which I thought I would use on my hard off-road rides, but 1800 grams vs 1100 grams on my full-face-flip-up-bicycle helmet makes a huge difference for me. My neck isn't perfect after a few knocks in a fairly active life, so 700 grams feels like a ton after an hour hard riding.
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    thats quite a difference.. good to see, hopefully we wont hear of any more cutouts from overleaning/speed on the new V8s
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    Somebody asked me to do a free spin maximum speed test on V8F - wanted to share here as well since you might be interested as well. This essentially involves lifting the wheel and letting it spin up until the warning & eventual cutout. First 2 runs on V8, followed by a couple with v8f. Seems they built a bit more safety margin into the v8f, comparing to v8. With v8, the alarm and cutout are not too far apart. I get the alarm and tilt on V8F, and then it still spins up quite a bit more after (you can hear the sound on video)
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    I’ve seen 10,000w on my Mten3 on darkness bot LOL
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    People learn to ride at 5 or 6, and are far more skilled than anyone here. People prefer to ride to the extent that there are public health campaigns trying to convince people to “get off and walk” People even ride inside public places like shopping centres and Supermarkets. Supermarkets have trolleys with large wheels that can be pushed at 40kmh and for a deposit you can push them home!
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    Mark, what is the top speed and range of your new wheel?
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    I found the limit on 18XL (2000W 2.0) acceleration. Battery: 38 % at rest, probably very low during my extreme acceleration Volts: 71 at rest 45 km (28 miles) and 3 hours of riding before the incident Temperature: +1C (33F) Speed: 42,5 km/h (26,5 mph) I was on the last straight before gettin home. Ground uneven sand path that was frozen. Very good grip. I was riding very hard for all day and enjoying strong accelerations. I wanted to have one more go as the path was straight and empty. I pushed really hard but nothing that I hadn’t done before. I started at maybe 20 km/h and got up to 42 km/h in a matter of meters. I was doing a superman acceleration and hit a couple of bigger bumps. I felt I’ve gone too far as the wheel didn’t follow as quickly. I was already in an extreme Michael Jackson position when I felt a little pedal dip and went down. I’m ok, nothing really hurts. My wheel is ok too, just scratches. I think the Very cold batteries at this point dipped too low to support that kind of leaning. Remember to keep it chill below 50 %. This new responsive feel is too addictive.
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    Törmäsin tuollaisen vakuutus infoon mikä on hyvä tiedostaa vaikkei sitä oikein pystykään noudattamaan. https://www.lvk.fi/fi/vakuuttamisvelvollisuus/usein-kysyttya/kevyet-sahkoiset-liikkumisvalineet/
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    Itsellä käytössä Alpinestar andes v2 takki selkä/rintapanssarilla täydennettynä. Takki on aivan loistava syksy/talvi/kevät ajoon. Irrotettava lämpövuori, mutta vesikalvoa ei takista irrotettua saa, joten kesä käyttöön se ei oikeen sovellu. Painava ja hieman ahdistavahan tuo on liikkumisen kannalta, mutta pari kertaa olen halaillut asfalttia ja kangas kestänyt hyvin. Viimeisin kerta oli väistäessäni hienoja rouvia turkikset päällä pyöräkaistalla palloillessa ja kaistat olivat erotettu mukulakivillä, joten arvata saattaa kuinka siinä kävi palatessani toiselle kaistalle maan ollessa märkä. Arvon rouvat katsoivat kauhuissaan meikäläisen ottaessa teräsmies asennon pyörän päälle ja halaessani pyörää ja siitä kuperkeikkaa ei voinut muuta kuin nauraa kovaan ääneen. Goren vedenpitävät housut eivät olleet niin onnekkaat mutta takki osoitti toimivuutensa. Lompakossa kirpas kerran, mutta testien perusteella osoittautui kelpo ostokseksi. Varusteista löytyy myös tuollainen suojallinen aluspaita jota täydentänyt juurikin eri takeilla kelien mukaan. Aikoinaan mietin, että hommaan heti hieman yliampuvat suojaukset ettei sitten kun siirryn kunnon nopeisiin pyöriin tarvitse ostaa uusiksi varusteita. Toissapäivänä poliisitkin ajoivat rinnalla ja ihmettelivät mikä joulukuusi siellä viilettää. Heti en niitä huomannut kun koitin pimeällä ilman katuvaloja nähdä tietä ja uudella käsifikkarilla, jossa 3000 lumenia kokeilin ekaa kertaa ajoa. Aina auton tai kävelijän tullessa vastaan sammutin "pitkät" pois päältä etten häikäsis muita. Repsikka poliisi näytti peukkua mut pelästyin näyttääkö pysähtymismerkkiä . Sit jatkoivat matkaa . Hallitukselle koitin perustella ensikesäksi uutta pyörää, mutta kuulemma vanha toimii viä . Käsittämätön pyöräkuume päällä. Eli enpä kauheesti varo nykyistä peliä.
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    Ok, I'll try again using my Gmail account. Not too fussed on the same username as it's one of those things where I can never think of a cool one anyway Thanks Edit: yep, worked immediately. Cheers!!
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    Adding: @1Wheeler @3euc @Alsayyad @Ando Melkonyan @Austin @Ben Richards @BlackOutEX @Blueman @captainwells @Chairman S @Coastal Rider @Dave Frear @Dave U @downtown @Dzlchef @enigma35 @Ferreal @Flyboy10 @Flying W @Freewheeler @Gizmo Dork @Ghost @HeavyGoing @Heyzeus @IRK @Jambo @John Wood @Jon Sawa @Josh Morgan @JomMas @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" @Kens @Kimosabi @kingkong18XL @Klin @Kyle K @M22 @maltocs @mango_fpv @Marty Backe @Marvin Ong @Mike Hanna @MikeV @Mushuukyou @n2eus @NBC44 @ndmcc @Nick McCutcheon @NightRider @noisycarlos @Peter Q @Rama Douglas @roghaj @serfy @Shawn Johnson @Sketch @Stan Onymous @Sven @swvision @Tanabe @TedTheAtheist @Terenig @tihoa @Tjtripp @TomM @Unosolo @unowheel @UpDownGo @Questor @who_the @Williepimpin @Yellowman @Yunicyle @YoshiSkySun @zentype Anyone else, please feel free to add additional riders? All riders are welcome.
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    Group rides for June 20 is a go. Join me and others on Telegram "Utah EUC riding group" for details. Will post updates here on the FORUM.
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    Full gear but no helmet. Knee pads, moto gloves, moto jackets and pants. I don’t like how half shell helmets look and full face no one wants to socialize with you. All my gear is inconspicuous except the gloves so I make the hobby not look dangerous. Because of this I regularly get older people smiling and waving as I’m riding helmet less at 30mph next to them on the road.
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    I will be your crash attendant for the next 20 seconds. Please relax and let the asphalt work its way over your body. You will feel some impacts and scattered flesh tearing. Don’t worry this is all part of the process. After you come to a complete stop, move slowly and carefully to make sure you don’t further damage yourself. Thanks you and I hope You enjoy your crash today.
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    Intros and editing shifts with 360 are great. Long rides and conversations while shifting through eye crossing impossible views gives me car sickness. The EUC looks impossible to most people that are not used to seeing them. The added twist of 360 distortion is not needed. I like the smooth transactions of JimmyChang.
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    One thing that I am very tired of is the 360 camera distortion. A short artistic video with 360 distortion can be great but a longer video is annoying.
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    Thanks for such a great app and work, as usual from you! Would it be possible to downgrade the firmware version of KS wheels in the near future also?
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    Crap! I forgot another very important acknowledgement in my last post! @Jason McNeil played an essential role in making this last update what it is. Aside from being the man responsible for us being able to enjoy the XL pedals on our Kingsongs (my no-longer-sore feet will be forever in debt with you!), full Kingsong support wouldn't have been possible without him, so all KS users owe you a debt of gratitude for lobbying on our behalf! Thanks!
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    It's a nice thought but I'm actually negative about adding spikes and such to pedals because I think they raise the risk of serious injuries occurring in a fall. They keep your feet tied more to a wheel. It's better, IMO, to be able to slide off the pedals during a wheel accident.
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